Water Sourcing at the H2O Center for Excellence


For His Royal Highness Moulay Hassan III

Life First

Water is life. For finding water, we must deploy any kind of mechanics, electronics and technology existing from today and from the past.  Life, in any form, comes first, and this style of thinking and doing in nearly everything is in conflict with the instinct of killing for survival

The first technology or technique is sound human reasoning. The first reasoning is to believe that there is water, because you will not find the water if you believe that there isn’t any. You will begin to find the sources for the water, when you believe that there is plenty of water available.

Finding water in the desert is not as difficult as we think. There are plants like palm trees and cacti, and animals like scorpions and snakes that live in the desert and they need water for their survival. If these animals and plants have the intelligence to find the sources for the water, then man is in principle a lot smarter, or do animals come before humanity ?

Humanity First

Human intelligence should also be helpful and beneficial for the animals and the plants.  However, man is prevented from letting his or her intelligence prevail.  This is mostly because of a person’s attitudes, but also because of the others who deprive a person from her own intelligence.  We need to change this.  For this, the United Chambers provides mental management training for optimizing the human intelligence and drills in new attitudes for creating sustainable wealth. Examples of smart attitudes are invention, investment, management and diversification.

The second technology is understanding.  When you reason well, you will also understand how water is created by nature, which elements bring forth the water. I am too hesitant to share what I believe on where water comes from and how it is formed, because my belief may clash with the belief of those of the established scientists. Finding out more about something depends a lot on what you believe about it and how you think about it.

The third technique is to apply the science and technologies.  Science and technology were created to overcome our human limitations, such as finding water.  For overcoming our limitations, various technologies have been invented to help our search for solutions.

The satellite technologies have been invented to help in the prediction of the weather and for the observation of the sea. That is one area that will definitely help us manage the transformation of rain into drinking water.  Perhaps we can do more with the same technologies.   More investment, research and development is needed in this direction to get optimal data out of what we have today.  We need to think further :

Creation First

We can inspire ourselves on what exists in Nature and re-create objects with a similar function. When it rains, animals and humans hide under a tree with lots of leaves. It caused the inventors to create the umbrella to keep dry one or two people, but not yet entire houses. So far the function of the umbrella was to spread the water and to make it fall on the floor, so that it runs to the fields or the river.

One day, I was asked the question by an American artist and designer named Tobias Miessing, with Mr. Tobias Miessing, a client to whom I taught French at Global LT, and who was sent to me by the Albemarle company, where his wife Isabelle Miessing worked. That was in 2007 and 2008. Mr. Miessing is a painter from Louisiana in the USA and his wife is French.

When Mr Miessing learned that I was a Moroccan, he expressed his interest in learning more about Morocco. He said that his dream was to go on vacation in the desert and to discover how life is there. He said that he has always been interested in helping people solve problems like the water supply. He told me about the droughts in Louisiana and about the storms like Katrina. In this conversation I said that we should invent umbrellas that fall backwards, to catch the rainwater, and that I saw this as a very useful solution for the desert.

These words went all the way to Munawara which is decorated by umbrellas upside down. It also seems to me that the city of Munawara in Saudi Arabia was transformed into a garden of electronic umbrellas, which looks all right for the moment.  I don’t know if that garden will still look like this in 50 years time.

I think this allowed a small mafia to make a lot of money in Saudi Arabia. Part of the money may have been used to equip jihadists of Islamic State and Daech precisely against Saudi Arabia, but starting from the surrounding countries.  However those giant umbrellas are not catching water from the rain, and that is the next challenge which the H2O Center for Excellence will be developing.

The H2O Center for Excellence places

People first

The H2O Center for Excellence will be geared on the following priorities :

  1. Water Conduct Infrastructure Networks Development and Intelligent Distribution Networks
  2. Developing Compact Water Systems
  3. Organic Decontamination of Still Waters
  4. Underground Water reservoir
  5. Reviewing the Water Monitoring Systems and the Financing of Such Systems
  6. Integrate Water Sourcing in Multidimensional Solutions

Our plan is to restore balance


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