Wanted : Lover Boys – Minimum 8000 Euro per Week

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Highlights from the Lavazza dossier which you will find in the letter to the King Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity

The letter to the King Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity is mainly about Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon the President of the Belgium Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Morocco (CCBLM).  This articles describes how the café and restaurant sector in Belgium is linked with the the human traffic among which the massive illegal migration, the need for papers and the prostitution slavery.  


This article is currently in progress

and will be enhanced over the next 24 hours… 

The Information Flow Goes from Cafés to Lavazza and End at CCBLM

In Belgium, cafés play a significant role in the human trafficking.  I suspected this the day I was told about a spy who came to watch me every day at the Web Punt in Antwerp.  The lady’s name is Pascale Jacobs-Geeraert. She lives  top of a café where she spends all day, according to people who know her, if she is not busy on Facebook.  I immediately thought of prostitution and pedophilia.

Today, I think that Mrs Jacobs was sent by Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon, to the Web Punt an Internet service of the City of Antwerp which I used daily.

  1. The first element why I think this is I think this because of its direct relationship with a café or bar on the same address in her home (like Mrs. Ina Valstar who also lives above Sheherazade Lounge);
  2. The second element is her stories of money wires to the Ivory Coast for allegedly supporting her adopted children, while she could be financially supporting a criminal gang;
  3. Thirdly, and his loyalty to Western Union as a remittance service for migrants’ currencies (insert).  
  4. The fourth she tried to make other users believe that I am earning my living through prostitution.  This came after she saw me chatting a few times with a very friendly Jewish user, and also because I don’t chat with her.
  5. The fifth element is that she nicknamed me Miss Lemon, just like my mother used to call me Miss Lemon.  Since I don’t talk to her or anyone else, they came to tell me. How can a woman I’ve never met and never spoken with be able to gossip and use exactly the same expressions?  I pretended as if I didn’t hear anything, time to take pictures of her, and I immediately changed my Internet service point.
  6. The sixth element is that one person from Northern Ireland named Declan O’ Connell also suspects that she was spying on him for someone.   He was shocked when I suggested this could be Lucien Leuwenkroon who was keeping an eye on his through her.

Pascale Jacobs watched over my arrivals and departure times and who I talk to, but so did I.  The information passes through the cafes like the one she lives above, and arrives at the mafioso in Morocco, through the chambers of commerce.  It is an elaborate system that nobody in Morocco suspects.
In Belgium, HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, cafés) is a thriving sector thanks to illegal labour and illegal migrants.  An undocumented woman can easily find work in cafés such as Lavazza or in shisha bars such as Mawazine Lounge and Sheherazade Lounge (renamed the Marrakech Tea Room).  Maybe I was created with financial and housing problems to guide me towards the choice of working in a café. This may be the reason why the Victor 5 homeless shelter did not want to welcome me at the end of 2015.  They want me to accept the job they’re planning for me.
Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon is well known in the Belgian catering industry for his Lavazza brand, and perhaps he dominates this industry with other drinks too.  However, its role should be considered even more important than a mere prince of coffee. He uses hotels and restaurants (and beauty and hairdressing salons and social services, such as the OCMW-CPAS, for other purposes, such as human trafficking.   

Almost all the undocumented migrants (men and women) are forced to prostitute themselves one day “for papers”, sometimes first to a relative (such as a cousin or other compatriot through white marriages, but sometimes also to locals or other foreigners.  Among them are people who specialized in getting women where Mr. Leuwenkroon wants them. Women don’t realize that the meeting could be part of a program that seems to be largely supported by the system I studied well as I grew up in this country. That’s because Mr. Leuwenkroon didn’t study anything, he made the miscalculation of attacking me like one that just arrived from another country by boat like San Cristobal.    


Agents of the sex mafia targeting Moroccan women

So I met in Brussels in a phone shop a Moroccan man named Abdeltif, who had a job in the Belgian army and explained his real work to me.  He himself is married but he has kept his wife and child in Casablanca, Morocco for their safety. She forces him to call her every day, because she is a jealous woman who doesn’t like it when I talk to others,”he told me trembling with rage.  He told me that he worked for the State Security while his job was to “go out” with Moroccan women above all. Hear “destroy their future” or have them where Mr. Leuwenkroon wants to have as many Moroccan women as possible. That is why Abdeltif had protected his wife and child (a daughter) outside Belgium, otherwise the families will avenge the dishonour.  

He quit that job the day he got seriously ill.   He had developed testicular cancer. He was hospitalized, operated on (cut in his testicles) and treated for months.  He had lost a lot of weight. His employer – or protector – had paid for everything, he told me. He sobbed “really I thought they were going to have to cut everything”.  This same employer was kind enough to find him another job as a security guard at Solvay (in Ixelles – rue du Prince Albert, I think).

This must be an employer who is in contact with many companies in Belgium.  He looks like a chamber of commerce chief.

Yet my question is : why didn’t they keep him in the army or give him another role at the State Security ?  

Vrouwenhandel Het laatste Nieuws Vrijdag 7 Oct 2016

Abdeltif doesn’t think of the women he would have infected at the time when the cancer hadn’t broken out on his testicles – including his wife he visited in Casablanca every weekend, and never said he had cancer there.  Like Abdeltif, there are many others who earn huge sums of money, because it earns up to 8000 Euro a week.

Which chap would not “do it” again and again for 8000 Euro a week ?

Abdeltif lived like a prince. He liked to show off with his full wallet when he paid his phone bill in the phone shop.   He had pockets full of money and he had lawyers among his friendships.

He even had the keys to a sumptuous law firm in Woluwe Saint Lambert where he took me once, when I needed to make photocopies and I didn’t have enough money.

I continued to see him in my neighbourhood in Zaventem – a town he knew well – and in other Internet cafés after the unexpected closure of Samo SPRL (by Mr. Samo SPRL) in the late 1980s. Samo Ferman – see his signature on our Charter of Values), to the point that I suspect Lucien Leuwenkroon to be his employer and that his weekly trips to Morocco have been used more to transport cash from Morocco than to see his wife and child.

Between 2011 and 2014, when I was using the Internet in the private apartment of William Birmingham, an American soldier from NATO, I met Abdeslam several times, either right in front of the building door or at the Carrefour Market just across the street from the building at Louvain pavement in Evere (Paduwa).  At that time he was already working as a security agent and he had brought his wife and child to Belgium to live with him. He may have introduced me to make a friendship, but I didn’t show any interest.


I also met a young Lebanese boy named Mohammed (about 30 years old) who had entered into the life of Hajira (24), the daughter of the bakery Dimah, a few months before the eviction of my apartment in Zaventem, at the end of 2014.

Hajira gave me the key to her apartment in Spring of that year.  She occupied a social apartment in a new construction. She was applying for jobs, receiving unemployment pension, preparing exams for the State Jury and taking compulsory Dutch language courses at the Social Development School (CVO) in Zaventem.  I was using the Internet at her house.

She was briefly married.  She divorced while she was pregnant with her only child.  She told me about this new encounter in her class. She wanted a man as tall as her ex-husband, and Mohammed is not a big man.  

I reserve myself to give more details on all the young woman’s private life except the detail that Mohammed and she watched together videos a little “hard” in her bedroom, I also noticed the appearance of blisters oozing on Hajira’s lips like those of fever or perhaps herpes.

Towards the end of 2014, Hajira seemed to have the project in mind to live together with Mohammed in her social housing. In less than a week she had her whole apartment refurbished.

Hajira told me that Mohammed had found a job.  He was to be hired full time with SNCB/NMBS, the Belgian railway company, and that he would have a stable situation, compared to her one-year contract with Sibelga, which would end at the beginning of 2015, she being a Belgian born in Belgium, who spoke much better French than him, and who had just passed his State Jury for the secondary school diploma.  However, it is a very precise and controlled defeat policy:

At that time I understood that Mohammed had been hired by conspiracy not only to get me out of Hajira’s house after the eviction, but probably also to change Hajira’s morals.  His employment with the Belgian railways could be the reward for his work which consists of destroying Moroccan women by sex, and crushing all the other Arabs, and I really hope I am wrong.  

If I am not mistaken, then Mohammed is not with his first Moroccan girl-friiend, and to keep his job at the SNCB/NMBS, he will have to continue to listen to those who initially arranged this job for him, and continue to find new victims especially many Moroccan women, if he wants a considerable salary increase.  This is how Arab men in turn become victims of state-supported human trafficking inside Belgium.
Above all, it was Hajira’s older sister Nasera, who was married to a Belgian man with whom she had two daughters of almost the same age as Hajira, who became worried the night of New Year’s Eve at the end of 2014 that we were going to spend with the whole family, including myself and Hajira.  

She cared about Hajira’s little one, who will not be with his  mother on New Year’s Eve, like the other twelve children. Like me, I believe that she wishes her sister all the happiness of the world, but we are all afraid of disappointment, and that someone is making fun of Hajira with human trafficking, which we do not always know how it sneaks in.   

The best thing would have been to invite Mohammed to join the family celebration on New Year’s Eve and to see if it was love or something else, but hiding him works in favour of the traffickers.  However, bringing home “a guy” does not enter Arab customs whether it is Muslim, Christian or Jewish. However, more openness or exposing a possible “infiltrator” to the whole family could be an adequate response to Sidi Lucien’s “boyfriend” culture, which has benefited from our culture of modesty and shame.  We must try to find a halfway point and accept that a young woman makes her choice while keeping her modesty.
If Mohammed is an agent of the mafia, then he was sent to disappoint and not to make Hajira happy, who revamped her whole apartment for him and who thought she had finally found stability… with the SNCB/NMBS salary.  However, the Belgian mafia wants her to be so disillusioned by the Arabs, so that she would choose a Belgian in the end, who will prepare her for the market in Dubai.

The case of Thai women shows that marriage or coupling with foreign women in Belgium is not for the purpose of starting families, but for other things, such as colonization of the country and the spread of cancer and HIV.
They know that in general, they will not manage to get a Moroccan or an Arab immediately in, but in two steps.  Initially by forced marriage with a family member (a cousin), because it would be less shameful. In a second stage, and once alone, they create financial difficulties for her that a Belgian will come to solve, but not without “something in return”.   

My mother would have liked this configuration for me, given that the arranged for Mahjoub Inerhmi to come from Morocco to Belgium, to “play” the husband.  His mafia did not manage to get me bent over neither with the money from Mr. Daniel C Renson, who know Mrs. Ina Valstar well. They used my copyrights for bending me, that is why I think Mr Renson might have all of it, and I don’t need those copyrights if everything is in my head anyway.  I denounced Mr. Renson to the police before he had the chance to suggest “something in return” and with my copyrights they will have to bend over backwards to pay for the delays they caused to us.
The mafia wants a person like Hajira to change man once again, after Mohammed until she can’t go back, and that’s how the morals change.   Hajira used to wear the scarf until her job at Sibelga.

Since her contract at Sibelga was about to end, and her meeting with Mohammed was just before that, perhaps they were preparing her to open her legs for the renewal of the contract or for a new contract elsewhere.

Once a sex slave, always a sex slave  

To make the Moroccan woman who fall into the hands of gigolos, whether she is an illegal immigrant or not, forget the “love disappointments”, the sexual horrors and the diseases , they have her taste a little hashish, and then she doesn’t know how she finds herself naked with strangers on top of her.  

From one disappointment to another, she ends up in the worst case in the canal where they find her body, or maybe not at all.  To get there, you have to go first of all to the Dutch courses at the Centre for Social Promotion in Zaventem (CVO), or through the social service (OCMW/CPAS) like Renata Bura who would have hung herself while, there was a big hole in her skull.  

In the best cases she ends up in the shops at the Schipperstraat in Antwerp and at the chaussee d’Anvers in Schaerbeek serving anyone today, and tomorrow she is put on a plane to Dubai to “earn much more”.   This is how HIV travels everywhere.

How the mafia spotted Hajira?  Firstly, there is the CVO (Social Development School in Zaventem, whose mayor was Francis Vermeiren) which serves to “integrate” the immigrants.  

Then – and I don’t hide from you how ashamed I am to suggest this – my mother would have played a minor role in this possible conspiracy, if any.  Hajira took me to my parents’ house one night of Ramadan in 2014.

I imagine that the next day Lucien Leuwenkroon had learned everything through Mrs. Ina Valstar, to whom my mother tells absolutely everything and perhaps not with the aim of diminishing my chances. Maybe she doesn’t realize she’s talking into the ears of a mafiosa.  I did indeed talk to my mother about Hajira who helps me with Internet access at home. As my mother or the people she reports to don’t always like it when I find people who help me “we’ll quickly find a darling for Hajira, so she kicks Naima out”.

They found Mohammed for Hajira, and it is possible that he was trained on which speech to hold with her… Like Mohammed and Abdeslam, there are plenty of Moroccans who are paid very well to disappoint the girls in Morocco.   After the disappointment, these girls lose track of “the boy who did this to them”. He’s already on a plane to another country to do the same thing. As for the girls, they become meat for the tourists.

The orchestrator is Sidi Lucien

 We must teach young Arab men to tell someone like Lucien Leuwenkroon to go himself and seduce the women he wants to have in his sex shops.

I knew it was him since 2013, when I wrote “the Godfather of Morocco”.  In another version, I replaced his name later, to avoid legal proceedings against me in Belgium when I did not yet have a solid cases against him, like today, with his participation in war crimes in Northern Ireland and the death of a young woman in Tunisia between 1984 and 1986, who was allegedly pushed out of the window from the seventh floor of a hotel building in Tunis.  


I was encouraged to go to Dubai to “sell jewelry”

Between 1992 and 1996, I attended Arabic literature courses at the Centre Tammouz (Centre d’ arts et de littérature arabe) at 10 rue du Méridien in Saint-Josse, every Saturday afternoon. The founders were Mrs. Hawa Dajabali (Franco-Algerian) and Mr. Ali Kheder (Iraqi).  This centre was subsidized by the French community (thus by the Belgian State).

I think it was the Tammouz centre which curiously promoted the program on Sufism with Professor Fawzi Skalli, who was very expensive, around 3000 Belgian francs (150 euro) to hear Professor Skalli talk about spiriual drunkenness all weekend.

Often I was part of all the courses on the weekend, One day there was a stranger.  His name is Mr. Majid Isa who seems to be very amused. He was doing bacteriological research at UCL Saint Luc.  He’s a Palestinian,

When I told him that I worked as an assistant in a project department at Merck & Co, he told me that he knew many Moroccan girls who earn a lot more money than me just by travelling to Dubai with suitcases full of jewelry and diamonds that they sell to women.  “They leave every week and come back to Antwerp to pack their bags.” When he asked me if I wanted to meet one of them, I said “no thank you”. I thought his idea was dangerous.

Once I met him in the Montgomery metro in Brussels and took his picture.  Maybe I was sent this man to disappear from Belgium, through human trafficking to help the HIV transmission in Dubai. It’s not only Moroccan girls, but also Russian girls who may have a passage in Belgium.  Through the clients HIV is transmitted to Indian girls in Dubai who may have initially sought to become Bollywood stars, and who eventually find HIV to infect the entire Indian continent.


All marriages in my family have been blocked for reasons of human traffic or for keeping out suitors  capable of buying over the whole village

I think Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon is the so-called buyer of the agricultural land of my grandfather El Arabi in Kenitra (Ouled Ziane) that my mother, her sisters and her brother Si Mohammed sold in 2015, while another piece of land has been on hold in Justice since the early 1970s.  I still suspect His Excellency Mr. André Azoulay of this nasty blow in the early 1970s, and that he was receiving instructions from the Belgian State to do that.

I found information that could confirm the link between my grandfather’s farmland and Belgium.  Mr. Lucien Leuwenkroon is the administrator and founder of “Immo Leuwenkroon” in Antwerp, a real estate agency. The Belgian Official Journal has classified Immo Leuwenkroon in the category “trade and agriculture”.  Immo Leuwenkroon was founded in 1984 and dissolved in December 2013, 7 months after I wrote and emailed “The Godfather of Morocco” and “The Coffee Pest in Central America”.

An accomplice could be my mom who also played a role in the weddings. She has nine sisters and one  brother. She’s the oldest. For more than 30 years she and her sister Mina (the mother of Mahjoub Inerhmi) were the only married women.   All the eight other sisters were less likely to ever marry for as long as they were living on the farm of El Arabi in Ouled Ziane.

After my grandfather died, everyone moved to Kenitra because nobody wanted to do the hard work of a farmer.  It was from that time onwards that marriages for other sisters who were already over 50 years old became possible.  There are three of them, two of whom are over 60 years old and they never married. It’s criminal.

All the other marriages are successful apart from the one of Saadia, who was abandoned by her husband after she had her second child with him.  He was a close family member, but the fact that he came from Casablanca where the Belgium Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce is, migt explain everything.  Her children are between 19 and 21 years old and they have never seen their father.

That’s why Dr. Amine Matta was targeted, in my opinion.  Mr. Lucien Leuwenkroon may have seen in him a major competitor, not only to steal all Moroccan women, but also a large part of the agricultural, industrial and academic sectors in Morocco.  I would have made him a very great man if he had less apprehension for Moroccan women. Probably at the Belgian Chamber of Commerce where he was a member, they hijacked his spirit with prejudices against the Moroccan people, to have all his money go to them.


Opportunities for education and employment have also been blocked

Today, by discovering Mr. Lucien Leuwenkroon’s very low level of education in a artcile, I think he would be the one who is very jealous of any talented Moroccan person, including Belgians as well as the talents of my brother and me, already since high school.  He’s afraid we’re coming to take his place. To erase all traces of our efforts, it is possible that he ordered the firing of the Royal Atheneum 1 of at Antwerp in 2001. Meanwhile I found on Linkedin that he has been to that school where he dropped out at the age of 15.

It is Mr. Lucien Leuwenkroon whom I suspect to be at the origin of the closure of KTX (Kénitra Textile) that my brother had built with my aunt Khadija and my mother as an associate, with the aim of exporting Moroccan fashion abroad, as well as to the Gulf countries.  

I also think that it was Mr. Leuwenkroon himself who was behind the trial by the Dutch justice system that bankrupted the Dutch couturier Ben Van Gils in 1996.  Not only was there the possibility of an Eastern expansion in partnership with my brother, but also because Van Gils had factories in Tangier. Perhaps Mr. Lucien Leuwenkroon had targeted the takeover of the factories by a false judicial process, and to always be the only one to dominate Morocco.

Mr. Lucien Leuwenkroon could also be the man behind the fashion shows at Flora’s where my mother met Mrs. Ina Valstar, and behind the deadly cases (such as Rachida Targali (Meknes), Atika and Saliha El Bagdadi (Figuig)) that I mentioned in “A wolf in a lamb’s shirt”.  

It is possible that he was the man Saliha had followed in Casablanca, and that he was killed by HIV-AIDS.  There are women who resist it if there has been an interbreeding with the species like Leuwenkroon in the genes of their ancestors. The gene responsible for HIV-AIDS is CCR5 and its variants such as CCR5-delta 32 .  The interbreeding remains fatal in the absence of this gene. If it was HIV-AIDS, then Saliha did not resist for long like most of the Moroccan people.

He is undoubtedly the man who would have encouraged my niece Hafida Mouali to emigrate to the United States, and immediately afterwards he sent her a Moroccan lover who persuaded her to have a kid with him, whom she now raises alone.  


His business consists of undocumented companies and papers without companies

I counted 535 Lavazza stores in Belgium.  They really exist because I saw one at the Grand Bazaar in Groenplaats, in Antwerp, which has been closed for two months.  The other day on a walk, I found a piece of paper on the ground at the entrance to the shopping mall that I picked up. It was just around Lavazza.  I read it to see who it belongs to and it concerns Lavazza.

But, I can’t find any financial statements for any Lavazza shop in the database of the National Bank of Belgium!  This case is worse than NH Belgium CVBA which could belong to him!
However, I found the Lavazza balance sheets in the National Bank of Belgium under another name, under “Service Plus Import – Export”.  These balance sheets do not reflect the 535 shops in Belgium.

Recruitment of victims for prostitution could also be done through hotels and shops in Lavazza, which are constantly looking for waitresses, cleaners, bartenders, etc., to recruit victims for prostitution.  




Bundeskanzlerin Merkel : How Much Was the Loan from Lehman Brothers Bankhaus AG to NH Belgium ?


Bundeskanzlerin Merkel

Beiliegend ein Brief an Seine Exzellenz Donald Trump, Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten, über die Lehman Brothers Bankhaus AG, die 1998 an European Hotel Ventures Belgium, das eigentliche NH Belgium CVBA, Kredite vergibt. NH Belgium CVBA ist eine Genossenschaft, die aus einer Gruppe von Hotels besteht.

NH-Hotels haben mich 2005 aufmerksam gemacht, als ich Studenten aus Thailand fand, die Praktika in diesem Hotel machten. Sie kamen durch das Erasmus-Programm.

Exzellenz, können Sie bitte das Gesamtvolumen der Darlehen von Lehman Brothers Bankhaus AG an European Hotel Ventures Belgien zwischen 1998 und 2008 veröffentlichen?

Bitte gehen Sie den detaillierten Brief für Sie

Danke für Ihre Kooperation


Naima Mouali, President of United Chambers and Innovation Consultant




Bundeskanzlerin Merkel

Enclosed is a letter to His Excellency Donald Trump, the President of the United States about Lehman Brothers Bankhaus AG supplying loans in 1998 to European Hotel Ventures Belgium, the actual NH Belgium CVBA. NH Belgium CVBA is a cooperative consisting of a group of hotels.

NH hoteles attracted my attention in 2005, when I found students from Thailand doing internships at this hotel. They came, through the Erasmus program.

Your Excellency, could you please publish the total volume of the loans from Lehman Brothers Bankhaus AG to European Hotel Ventures Belgium, between 1998 and 2008 ?

Please go to the detailed letter for you

Thank you for your cooperation

Yours sincerely,


Naima Mouali, President of United Chambers and Innovation Consultant

Lettre au Roi et la Reine de Belgique concernant la conspiration par l’Etat belge contre Dr Matta



Sa Gracieuse Majesté le Roi Philippe I de Belgique, et
Sa Gracieuse Majesté la Reine Mathilde de Belgique

Veuillez trouver la lettre en français à votre attention, je vous prie.


English briefing :


Allow me, Your Majesties, start by sharing with my last letter to Dr. Amine Matta, in which I explain the details that may concern the professional and financial activities of the doctor, which I found in the judgment No. 1214 of 3 March 1996, by the Criminal Court of Justice of Antwerp.

The same details are in my letter to His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco with the analysis of the conspiracy was behind the action in Justice against me on the basis of letters to the brother of the doctor, BécharaMatta.

I have actually demonstrated how they targeted Dr Matta by the lawsuit in 1990, I was unjustly arrested and thrown in a matter of justice for false visas and the undocumented migrants, a matter in which all the Belgian system collaborated voluntarily.

The Flemish farmers’ union Boerenbond (or rather its division of ABB insurance which was taken by the Kredietbank), had constituted civil party in the lawsuit that the Public Ministry (the Belgian State) had initiated. The lawsuit also concerns the black labor market and social security fraud given that a number of undocumented Moroccans were found working as tomato pickers.

As a business, to be a civil-party, because you feel the your business was treated unfairly in matters insurances, there must first be question of a competitor in the legal case with whom the company compares.  There was no competitor to ABB mentioned, even though a few enterprises were named.

Here is the thing, the legal action had as a goal the take-over of all commercial business belonging to Doctor Amine Matta, probably because he was seen as a competitor to the richness of Belgium or perhaps that it bothers some that he was part of the very few millionaires in Belgium and a Lebanese.  They probably Imagined that he could have workers without a contract. They do not like competition, and in the letter to the King of Morocco,I spoke on how they struck a Moroccan-Algerian bakery in Zaventem with a legal case.
To take a case to court, there must first be flaws. As they did not find flaws in my life and in the life of Dr. Matta, they began to manufacture for themselves false bases such as the visa for the brother of Dr. Amine Matta.

I found all the elements for the lies which they used in the sentence by the Criminal Court of First Instance of Antwerp,1996. They would have associated the true elements in the life of Dr. Matta with crimes which another person has prepared, and then to use those crime to accuse Dr. Matta. The other person is called John Vanlandschoote and he said that he was instructed by the Belgian State to commit those crimes.

Here is the excerpt :


excerpt from vonnis
The text says :  “given that the first accused in essence claims to have acted on instruction of the public authorities, so that – according to him – under article 70 of the Penal Code he must be acquitted from all the charges”

As I stepped out of the life of Dr. Matta between 1990 when I was arrested, and 1996, when I was sentenced, and because of this, the effects of this legal action against me, which actually intended serious damage to Dr. amine Matta, were neutralized.

After 1990, they sought to worsen the matter on the basis of other artifacts, both for Dr. Matta and me.

  1. In my opinion, (and I will be brief on what concerns me) they brought over Mahjoub Inerhmi from Morocco with a forged visa, given that he was arrested at Zaventem airport on his arrival.  The falsified visa for Inerhmi Mahjoub, yet still exist in principle since it had to hand in his travel documents to someone in Belgium, before leaving to Holland.  It was a staging in order to have the Court of Justice confirm the false accusations against me for white marriages and the visa forgery.
  2. For Dr. Matta, who is an anesthesiologist at UCL Saint Luc in Brussels, and who is from Lebanon, a country where they cultivate illegally psychotropic plants, they had planned – I think – of accusing him of exporting stolen cars that are stuffed with drugs, in addition to the falsified visa which the Via-Via had arranged for the brother of Dr. Matta.

The element “drug” does not appear in my Justice dossier but they tried to introduce it. Moreover during the search in my room, they opened the mattress and bags of garbage,but they found nothing.

I did not know how to explain to others this nonsense or to claim that the prosecution or the Belgian State attack me on false bases. There were chances that Dr. Matta himself doubted me more than the Belgian State, especially if he notices that when the lawyers themselves do not dare to think that the enmity comes from the establishment that therefore, there must be is indeed a truth behind the charges. Nobody thinks that in a state of law and a democracy such errors can happen.

Without any documents from the Court of Justice I did not tell anyone about my problem. I just got a copy of the judgment in 1996, because before that moment, no lawyer was willing to help me get a copy of the file, so that I wouldn’t know what was in it. Meanwhile, I preferred to keep quiet and concentrate on a different future. They stole that future too.  I am discussing this in a letter to Isitqlal Party, a Moroccan political party to which His Excellency André Azoulay is affiliated.
To prevent that I would show the Court sentence to Dr. Amine Matta, they arranged that he would be busy with a new woman in his life. Her name is Najat Sabir, who was a divorcee, and an adopted child from Morocco by a Belgian family, she has made efforts to come into my life at the same time like in the life of Dr Matta, in summer 1996.


Many Moroccans like my mother, were rolled by these visa situations to help the life of a family member. For humanitarian reasons, they are often willing to pay the price it takes to bypass blockages in the Belgian administration. Now it is a well thought out and a well coordinated trade, to guide foreign citizens to make the fatal choice unaware that they are actually being trapped into law cases.

The massive number of arrests, convictions and all sorts of court sentences such as fines and other penalties by the Belgian Justice of Moroccan citizens amounts to several thousand, with as a results impressive crime statistics for this particular group. These statistics are then used for  convincing the employers not to hire that particular nationality there and for instilling prejudices against Moroccans. Thus the conspiracy against the people of Morocco is a serious matter in Belgium, where all the services of the country participated, with the intention to radicalize the people from this group.  They succeeded in producing an impressive amount of Syria fighters, who understandably would rather die in Iraq or in Syria than to live in Belgium.
Someone had to pull the alarm which nobody wanted to hear.  All the complaints were silenced.  I remember a time that even the Embassy of Morocco in Brussels and the Chaabi Bank of Morocco were not ready to believe that the crime figures among foreigners were false.  They were actually taking sides the Belgian government and institutions, and they too began to punish the Moroccans from their side as well. They trusted in Belgium.

My suggestion to put a definitive end to this situation for citizens of Morocco is the Maghrexit.The HIV element, which I highlighted in the dossier concerning Saliha El Baghdadi will make a lot of Moroccans flee in no time.


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Thank you, Your Gracious Majesty King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, for your kindness and your time.

Please accept the expression of my deepest respect.

Naima Mouali

President of United Chambers and Innovation Consultant

A Revision Is Needed of the Bretton-Woods Agreement …


…according to Disney World standards, this time.

Tourism has been the object of many power struggles during the past 50 years, because the tourism destination countries have poorly deliniated their products and services, and they were relying on the wrong investors for their tourism infrastructure.

For improving the existing, I wrote a letter today to His Excellency Bob Iger, the Chief Executive Officer of the Walt Disney Company for a partnership with the Aurum Helix Group.

Together we must start by helping many countries, like Morocco, redefine their tourism sector. We must delimitate and specify the characteristics of what tourism is precisely and what a country ought to get out of it.

We must organize a conference and propose a charter to many countries, and have it signed, just like they have signed the Bretton-Woods agreement for instance, or the COP, the Paris agreement on Climate Change, of which not everyone is convinced.

By the will of the Almighty, we will achieve an unanimous agreement at least on what tourism is and how they understand it for their countries. We will also convince what their central banks should expect in terms of income and expenses. The aim of the conference is to end the power struggles around tourism for good.

While we have Halal as the standard in all the Islamic countries, we need a standard for building parks and resorts, for managing them, for the hospitality, for the marketing and the selling of the service on foreign markets, and for making the hospitality profitable in full transparency. We need a model.

Disney World and Disneyland are the answer.

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Naima Mouali, President of the United Chambers