To Queen Elisabeth II: Who Governs Northern Ireland ?

To Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II of the United Kingdom (click to download handwritten letter in pdf)


Your Majesty the Queen,


I am greeting you with a bow.

I never thought that I would be able to understand the conflict Northern Ireland question at all, if it wasn’t for solving the Islamist violent extremism – which I believe is a product by the same Enemy who previously propagated Nazism, and not at all by the Muslims.

The notion of a “religious war” simply does not exist in Islam, because the words “war” and “Islam” are antonyms in Arabic.  I am sure that all the other religions aim to achieve the same Peace, which Islam means.

It is this conviction which led me think that it was probably not a religious war in Northern Ireland, but something else.  The Catholic and the Protestant religions might have been used to mask a war with a totally different objective.

For understanding the conflict in Northern Ireland, I didn’t have to travel to anywhere.  I am in the right place where all the information is.   A meeting with a Belgian who still wants to be called by his Northern Irish name, provided all the confirmations to the conclusion I made in Allah Ghaleb.


Allah Ghaleb is a book that I am developing concerning the Enemy in facts and figures.  The book aims to capitalize on everything we know about the Enemy during World Wars I and II, and to track him down with finance.  One of the conclusions which I made in the first draft was that World War I and II have never been resolved.  The war cases has never been taken to the Court of Justice, and the perpetrators have never been caught, trialed and judged.  Therefore these wars continued under on a smaller scale a little bit everywhere in the world, with different militias and involving various ideologies, including the religion. Only they are fruits from the very same Enemy, who basically has no religion or conviction.  All he has is the brutality and the money from the European Union with which he survives.

All we need to do for finding the Enemy in modern times, is to analyze the current financial systems.  Allah Ghaleb also encourages financial education at very young age in all the schools in the world for recognizing the Enemy and for avoiding him for good.


This “man from Northern Ireland” declares that his entire family is Catholic, and that he has never known his father.  The startling information is that he has been an INLA fighter in Belfast at least since 1969 until 1998.  He declared having eliminated 182 people over 30 years of time, mostly “Protestant invaders in Northern Ireland”, he said.  It is his conviction and he does not regret having done that. “It was a civil war”, he justified.  He is not prepared to seek pardon.

Listen to the interview

Until recently, he has been living a quiet and peaceful life of a free man in Belgium, receiving a pension and healthcare, and enjoying French fries with mayonnaise.  As he can’t return to Northern Ireland, he is expressing his hatred against President Erdogan.  He is convinced that he is a dictator, who throws innocent people in the prison.   I have no clue how to change his mind, but to say “at least he minds his business” and to ask in what way he is affected by the decisions in Turkey.  A lot of people in this country are despotically preoccupied by the politics of someone else except their own.

That is why I am full of admiration for the people who succeeded in cutting through the cycle of madness in Northern Ireland.  Now the hour of Justice has arrived and measures should be taken to fix the mad behavior in legal text books as a form of a dangerous contagious diseases of which the carriers should be confined.

I have the honor to share with you the interview, which will definitely lead to keeping the British people together, and to a more United Kingdom than ever.  I also have the honor to update you on the latest.

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I am transmitting the exact details about this man to the King Mohammed V Foundation in Rabat and I will notify this by Twitter.

I am available for any further information you might need, Your Majesty Queen Elisabeth.

Herewith I remain,

Yours faithfully,


Naima Mouali

President of the United Chambers