To King Salman: Northern Ireland Holds Answers to Unfamiliar Islam Extremism


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To His Majesty King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the King of Saudi Arabia, and the Custodian of the Holy Shrine of Mecca and Medina


Malik Salman el habib,

I meant to send the above letter to you 5 days ago with a report on an important milestone in our search for the truth about Islamist terrorism and who the financer is of such an awful trend.  I think we have found him and that is what this letter is about.  I have taken a few days to arrange the information for you, Your Majesty King Salman.

I vaguely remember that the first armed aggression involving radicalism and the killing of one-self was in Lebanon in the 1980ies  All the Muslim countries condemned the act as un-Islamic, given the self-harm which is forbidden in Islam.

In the beginning, the suicide killings were directed to non-Muslims and to the Europeans.  Later the Muslims became the targets.  The Arab and the Muslim nations were startled by an irrational form of Islam which gradually began to taking root.  It was at that time that the Arab leaders should have seen through that someone else, a  non-Muslim, was targeting the Muslims making the religion which work against us instead of for us.  It was someone who was operating with our religion to destabilize all the Muslim countries just with that.  With so many cracks in the operations, we knew that the radicalism was imported from somewhere else.

The question was “from where”

We are being attacked without any Arab being able to do something about the chaos in our countries.   We were right to call the problem “Israel”, but we were blinded by the country called Israel instead of focusing on or a lower state of mind belonging to the Devil or Satan which was being introduced in our countries .  In all the great religions, including in Judaism  “Israel” is the name of a fallen angel.  For protecting our countries in the future, we should train ourselves in recognizing this mind-set and in being on top.

For some reason, Satan was given a privileged attention, and I never understood this.  You will agree that the damage would have been limited if fewer attention was given to Satan, but our leaders were blinded by the masses of money which  Satan was supplying to entire countries, despite the fact that the financial wealth of Satan was faked.  I am talking about the looting of the central banks with the SDR (XDR), the currency of the IMF and through vain government programs.

Accepting fake money caused our region to be cursed to the point that it is damaging our identity, because by accepting the loans from the IMF we not only giving the control of our country and people, but also our money to someone who was using it all for changing our identity and religion. We became “tourism” countries and “banana” republics, and exporters of human bombs.

Our identity has been damaged, Your Majesty King Salman, to the point that it is getting really dangerous for the Muslims around the world.  We are getting killed by angry mobs for our religion.   The by-standers have no compassion with the sufferings of a Muslim when attacked.

I experienced it myself in Belgium where nobody had any compassion for my situation, particularly when a whole government was engaged in depriving me of my future, be it as a professional or as a wife and mother.  “The Muslims too are cruel”, the people said.

The extent in which you and your country will be impacted by Satan depends on how serious you are taking Satan.  I never took Satan serious.  ABSOLUTELY NEVER.   As you see, taking him and his system seriously just for one second, could cost your life.  The suicide bombers are a proof of this, because they followed Satan and his fake wealth.   It is only when you don’t take Satan and his entire system seriously, that you will be able to know what the plans are which Satan has for you.  You will then be able to have Satan under your control much better.


For a while, only Satan knew what he was doing, and no one else did.   One year ago, I gathered the clues for unveiling where the radical Islamism comes from.  I found a number of tracks running up to Belgium.   I have summarized my findings in Friends or Foes of Islam (Part I and Part II).   That is where the irrational and violent extremism comes from.  When they mixed it with Islam, it became “Islamism”.

You will agree that the term “Islamism” is damaging, because the average people confuse that with Islam.   But you see, Satan called it “Islamism”, this word was spread through the United Nations and, we began doing this too.  That is how strong Satan was.

Today, we know more about how Satan does it to have so much money and we will be able to curse him back in phenomenal and in lasting ways.   After that, we will finally be able to improve our image in lasting ways.  You will agree that it is the responsibility of every single Arab, be it a Muslim, a Christian or a Jew, to stop the further deterioration of the Arab and the Muslim image.


First, we start by showcasing our innocence as well as the fact that we have been victims of a disadvantageous propaganda, which aims to reduce profits and wealth which we need for our people.

For example : I was deprived of investment money from the Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia, for doing projects in Morocco.  It’s the projects for New Morocco which I will be conducting in alliance with the COP22.   Satan told the investors that I was planning to use the funds to committing terrorist attacks, and it worked.   It worked because the general public remember the 9/11 attacks and therefore it must be possible that I have such plans.

For convincing the Belgian politicians and for getting them to help him stop the funding for me from the Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia, he used his toxic rumor machine against the Arabs, through which he was spreading that Saudi Arabia was planning to sponsor terrorists like Islamic State  in Belgium.   All he needs to do is to remind the Belgian politicians of Sharia for Belgium of Fouad Belkacem, who is considered a terrorist, and to tell them “you see what I mean”.

The chances are that he financed Sharia for Belgium himself precisely to use it against us, because unconsciously people make the connection with Saudi Arabia when hearing the word “Sharia”.   He succeeds particularly very well in getting the Belgian people believe him, because they are gullible and uninformed about lots of things.

They believed him and they didn’t believe me.   I had investors who first said “yes”, said “no” afterwards.  I didn’t know why or who was changing their minds.   Of course I was determined to find out where the Satan was.  Satan is Mr André Azoulay, the advisor to the King of Morocco.  Belgian politicians told me that he was sending to Belgium all my propositions for the Moroccan government.


I was determined to go as far as I can possibly go in getting Mr André Azoulay fall off his throne.  It is with pride that I can prove the contrary.  It is Mr André Azoulay  who who amasses government funds and who supplies them for committing terrorist attacks.    He has been using all the plans I had for New Morocco for doing this.

This letter is about a former Northern Ireland rebel who has seen and spoken to André Azoulay in Belfast.  This witness is a proof that the adviser to the King of Morocco  has spoken to terrorist groups in Northern Ireland.   He spoke as an investor to the terrorists in  Northern Ireland.

The former Northern Ireland rebel was member of the “INLA”, the Irish National Liberation Army.  When I asked “who is INLA”, he responded, that it is part of the IRA.  He considers himself a Catholic and he has killed 182 people.  He mentioned FN in Herstal, the Belgian arms manufacturer.  He was still fighting between 1992 and 1998, when the European Union and the Schengen agreement became effective.  He was still receiving arms from FN which were shipped on German boats to Belfast.

It does tell something about the credibility of the “European Union”.  To me it looks like it is a mask for big divisions among the people of Europe.  The INLA witness authorized me to published an interview on the United Chambers website, so that you can hear him revealing everything


Who is the former INLA rebel ? 

I have no idea who he is, but I suspect that he is part of the group that we refer to as “Ibn Israel”, a separate human branch that goes around colonizing any country and call it “theirs”.  Another trait of this separate human branch is psychopathy, the warrior spirit, the mental handicap, the Alzheimer in his family, the cancer, and logically HIV, the unlawfulness, the falsifications and name change, to name a few.  His inability to live in a clean way all the time, says a lot about who he is.

In the interview he calls himself Padraig O’Hanlon. The former Northern Ireland rebel has a double identity and Belgian and two Northern Irish, but only one of them must be his true identity.    I kept pushing  for answers about his identity.

He has a Belgian name today, but nothing says that the Belgian name which he is using today is the true one.   It still could be the name of someone who is deceased.  So who is he?   He doesn’t know that himself (anymore), because he was shot in the head during the trouble, he told me.

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The fact that his mother never left Belgium is also very revealing of his true origin.   Another point is the cancer for which his mother had 30 operations for this reason.  He said to me that he had cancer twice. The first time was immediately after his arrival in Belgium and the second time was about 4 years ago, after his mother died.  Anybody can get some form of cancer, but what makes me say that this could be part of a genetic group is the Alzheimer which he said his mother had, and which might be related.  He also said that she was a mentally handicapped for over 50 %, if not 70 %. Perhaps saying that she had Alzheimer is a way for covering up the mental handicap.

He talked to me about the name changes and the identity papers which he has been able to buy in Belfast.   When I asked why he needed to change his name, he said that it was for his safety.  That is the part which I don’t understand at all.  Why would I engage in anything or kill people after which I need to change my name ?  “Yeah well that is civil war, and I know you don’t understand what that is”, he answers.  He was unable to answer the question why a civil war broke in Northern Ireland at all.

The chances are high that he is Belgian, yet he is defending Northern Ireland as if it is his country, still today, even though he can’t return living there.   He is possessive about Northern Ireland “because he gave his blood to this country.  He received bullets in his body for this country.  He would be prepared to kill anyone who suggests that he could be a Belgian.   He is adamant that he is a Catholic too, and a very good one.  However, there is a recording in which you hear that he does not agree with the Pope.


The detail which reveals that he is a Belgian is his meetings with André Azoulay and with someone who I recognize as Christian van Lidth de Jeude.  The interview reveals that Mr André Azoulay, the counselor to the King of Morocco has travelled to a warzone and that he was interested in their terrorist organization.

Padraig O Hanlon recognized him while watching the COP22 conference on TV, a couple of weeks ago.  “I received this man in my house”, he told me.  It suddenly downed on me why we can watch only 2M Monde and Al Maghreb TV through the Belgian cable TV distribution companies.   It is to prevent that a lot  of Belgians would recognize André Azoulay and that they would know him with a different name.  He undoubtedly uses several identities which may include Irish names as well.

Padraig told me that he received in his house in Belfast the man who looks like André Azoulay.  he tried to understand the organization better.  He told me that this Azoulay look-alike tried to figure out who the decision-makers were of the INLA.  The witness (Padraig O’Hanlon) said he flew in from Brussels

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What was the Azoulay doing In Northern Ireland ?  I have asked the question to His Majesty King  Mohammed VI.   Padraig O’Hanlon said that he came to find out everything about the INLA organization.  Therefore, the answer on the question what he was doing there, is that he went to Belfast as an investor.   Why else would anybody be interested in the organization of the INLA, which has never been a registered organization.  In the most recent tape recording Padraig O’Hanlon admitted that he does not know who founded the INLA initially, but the chances are high that it is property of the Azoulay, because based on the business model of the Anna Lindh Foundation, I don’t see him putting his money in anything unless his own.

By understanding an organization, is the same like finding out the cost of operating a militia, how much they need to spend and what their exact needs for equipment are.  The alleged Azoulay was obviously asking financial questions to Padraig O’Hanlon, who didn’t understand at all what the alleged André Azoulay came to do in Belfast.

Mr Azoulay was obviously interested to “invest money” in the INLA, but he didn’t propose the money himself.  I believe he sent someone else to Belfast.  I have identified that person as Christian van Lidth de Jeude, a former school mate of me.  We together attended secondary education at the Royal Atheneum 1 of Antwerp beween 1977 and 1983.  He flew to Belfast for a meeting of a few hours, one night in September or October 1978, two years after the visit from the so-called André Azoulay to Belfast in June 1976. He was 16 or 17 years of age and he was sent when the fights between the Catholics (IRA) and the Protestants (ULDP) were intense.  I remember the whole school condemning the sending of a teenager to a war zone.

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A while ago, I suspected that André Azoulay was a member of the van Lidth de Jeude family in Belgium and the Netherlands.  Now this story is confirming parts of the puzzle concerning the real identity of Mr André Azoulay.  He might be a Dutch or a Belgian and he has the same complex like Padraig O’Hanlon, which is to possess the land and the people of another country.   So in the interview you will hear O’Hanlon referring to a younger one and an older one.  The older one is the alleged André Azoulay.

Padraig O’Hanlon and Niall O’Quinn (possibly a Belgian too with a fake Irish name – and who was shot dead about 10 days ago) have met with the younger one.   He suggested to the INLA to accept money from the van Lidth de Jeude directly and to stop receiving funds from the USA.   Padraig O’Hanlon explains that they were receiving funds from the rich Irish community in the USA.

When it comes to finance, Padraig is not knowledgeable at all.  He does not (want to) understand money at all.  Yet he was the third in command with thousands of soldiers (all Irish) working for him, he told me.   He rose up high very quickly and I am wondering why he has been so privileged.   Perhaps his Belgian origin has played a role, but the man keeps insisting that he is a Northern Irish.

One proof that he is a Belgian is that he met with people who flew in from Belgium and they have entrusted themselves to Belgians in Northern Ireland.  The Northern Irish conflict seems to have nothing to do with the Irish but with the Belgians.  The Belgians spoke to the Belgians about the INLA organization and about big sums, which logically must come from Belgium.  The meeting happened during the time when the Belgian franc was the currency in Belgium.   The conflict curiously stopped when it was decided that the Euro was going to circulate in Northern Ireland.  Why ?

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Because whitewashing of crime money was the heart of the matter, I believe.  Yes, Your Majesty King Salman, I have been able to extrapolate a possible scenario of whitewashing.   The INLA fighter said that his party was receiving money from the Irish community in the United States.  When I pushed for figures, he admitted that the highest amount which they received one year was 25 million US dollars.  He is so vague about who precisely it is in the Irish community in the United States that I have my doubts that the money truly comes from there.   The money comes from a lot closer than the United States.   Possibly from Belgium.

When I asked if the INLA was an officially registered organization, he said that it was not.  So this Irish community in the USA would be sending money to illegal organizations in the United Kingdom.  When I asked whether it still exist or not, he answered that they still exist a team, but that they don’t exist as an army.

So why aren’t they receiving any funds now ?  Why did the Irish community in the United States stop supporting the former INLA members financially ?  Is it the peace-treaty which was signed ?  No.  It is the Euro and some other mechanisms which the Azoulay must have founds for the whitewashing of funds, such as the student grants like the one I discovered in “Is UCL Saint Luc a university hospital of a platform for human traffic ?”

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The possible scenario which I have so concerns the whitewashing of Belgian government funds, which they obtain with plans like the one’s they have stolen from people like me.  The money  is supplied to illegal militia and terrorist groups who use it for buying weapons, preferably from FN in Herstal.

In one of the first interviews, Mr Padraig O Hanlon discussed FN Herstal as the supplier of the weapons to both the ULDP and the INLA.  I would dare say that the British army also buys weapons from FN, otherwise it would be obvious that they supply weapons to militia who destabilize the United Kingdom.

FN is a Belgian arms business in which the government of Wallonia was 100 % shareholder.  However, the accounts of the government of Wallonia disappear at the National Bank of Belgium, where the shareholders get rich with the dividends and where they invest the money in a portfolio of other companies or investment companies, while all the rest cripples under the bullets.

That is roughly spoken the scenario for what concerns the Northern Ireland case. The Northern Irish conflict could therefore be a Belgian one.  This case might apply for all the cases of international terrorism, including Islamic State, Daesh, Al Shabaab, Al Qaeda, Jamaat Al Nusra, Abu Sayaf, FIS, Polisario, etc.

All these terrorist groups are present in your country.  What explains that they are better equipped than your official national army is that they get the real money in their hands for buying the weapons.  They get the Euro, the US Dollar, the Yen and the Swiss Franc.  You and your government get the SDR for buying the weapons for defending your nation.  The SDR is the IMF.  This is the 50/50 approach in which the SDR is used in the white economy and the real currency is used in the informal and illegal economy.  That is how the world was turned upside down.

A boycott of FN in Herstal will cause the world to turn downside up.  Try this, please.  Stop ordering weapons from FN in Herstal.  I am confident, Your Majesty King Salman, that after that we will be able to cut through the confusion about what Islam is and through the hatred against the Muslims, with the Northern  Ireland  case, given that this case involves the whitewashing of crime money including government funds.

letter-to-king-salman-of-9-january-2015-_-abt-reducing-armamantI have suggested to reduce the armament to you, Your Majesty King Salman, two years ago, on 9 January 2015. I had analyzed that 50 % of the business is done legally and 50 % is illegal and being used against your kingdom.

What will also stop the criminality machine is a cut of all the commercial and financial relations with Belgium until the situation is cleared.   I found many indications that the Northern Ireland problem comes from Belgium.  In 2013, I have suggested this to Morocco in The Godfather of Morocco.  I also suggested to call all our people back and that is what the Maghrexit is about.

Imagine where we would be standing today, had my advise been followed.   We would have eliminated a lot of risks and we would be standing much further economically, while right now, we still have to start.  I am not suggesting listening to me.  I am only suggesting to choose the best for our people and to get rid very very fast, next time of unhealthy relationships whether commercial, financial or personal.

I found indications in the Belgian Official Journal of -unhealthy relations with Northern Ireland.  First of all, the Belgian Official journal does not always refer to the UK as the whole of the United Kingdom but as “the UK and Northern Ireland”.   In the conversation with Padraig O’Hanlon, the British are referred to as “the Enemy”. These findings are the same like the one’s in Friends or Foes of Islam (Part I and Part II), only in this case Islam is totally absent.

I also found records of Belgians who married an Northern Irish woman.  Most of the records I found concern inheritance and the tutoring of the heir or the heiress and their wealth because of a mental handicap.   I found records starting from 1998 of a Belgian Foundation supporting Theology students in Ulster, Kerry and Cashel.  That was the year when the they signed the peace agreement.  We must believe that they are our friends.  If they are truly friends, then let them prove it.

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Your Majesty King Salman, it was in our interest to question this man’s business because he could be financing  the Polisario in exactly the same way.   Since the announcement on the Internet of this interview, with Padraig O’Hanlon about 3 weeks ago, 5 of his former comrades were assassinated.   A peace agreement was negotiated and signed in 1998, but it looks like it is not over yet.

I have asked questions to Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom along with

To Queen Elisabeth II: Who Governs Northern Ireland ?

Au Roi Philippe: La Belgique a-t-elle joué un rôle dans la lutte armée en Ireland du Nord ?

To Obama: Why Didn’t the EU Solve the War Crimes in Northern Ireland ?

To King M6: What Was a Moroccan Official Doing in Belfast During the Conflict ?

I have been drafting this letter in a hurry and in highly dangerous and difficult circumstances that are truly crushing me.  Please accept the scenario in this paper, which I  plan to keep improving, until I get a complete picture of the whitewashing puzzle which binds the IMF to International crime such as terrorism, drugs and prostitution.

Herewith I remain,

Yours faithfully


Naima Mouali

President of the United Chambers of Commerce and Industry