To Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II: A Second Witness Saw HE Azoulay in Belfast

Afbeelding (2)(click to download pdf version)

Brussels, Tuesday 21 March 2017


Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland,

Thank you for your sixty five years of exemplary leadership in the world and congratulations for your Sapphire Jubilee.

I thought to let you know this, as soon as I had news for you, like today :

I found the name of the advisor of the King of Morocco, Mr André Azoulay, mentioned in a report from the Belgian Police. (Mr Azoulay is the man about whom the Northern Irish fighter, Mr Padraig O’Hanlon said that he abused and assassinated two youngsters in Belfast, between 1976 and 1978).

This time the complaint by a victim of a theft with agression.  The victim believes it is a retaliation from Mr Azoulay for blood crmes in Belfast, during the civil war in Northern Ireland.   This time, the victim is a Belgian man.

I have the honor to share the police report with you.

Yours sincerely,


Naima Mouali