To HE JC Juncker : Does Europe Close Her Eyes For Armed Conflicts ? 



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To the attention of :

His Excellency Mr Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission


Your Excellency Jean-Claude Juncker,

Last year around this time, Salah Abdesslam was searched for by the French police after the Paris attacks which caused 137 deaths.  They  lost track of Mr Abdesslam during three months. The CIA informed the Belgian police about his presence in Belgium, where he was hiding an leading a quiet life in Molenbeek as if nothing serious happened.

I was not surprised about the searches going wrong, because in 2013 this country refused the extradition to the USA of Nizar Trabelsi, a 9/11 terrorist. The extradition was decided by the European Court of Justice.

Recently, I found someone who the police of the United Kingdom might be looking for in the context of terrorism in Northern Ireland, from 1969 till 1999.  It is a man who admits having killed 182 people in 30 years of civil unrest in Northern Ireland, and he lives a normal life in Belgium.

Your Excellency Jean-Claude Juncker, it is with honor that I attract your attention to an interview of Padraig O’Hanlon, the ex-INLA fighter about this. INLA stands for Irish National Liberation Army and Padraig O’Hanlon is a nickname.  Mr O’Hanlon was the third in command of the INLA army and he has knowledge of the logistics.

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I have conducted this interview in a wider context for resolving the Islamist violent extremism and the international terrorism. I was driven by the conviction that the awful suicide-killings are orchestrated and funded by the same gangsters who were funding the INLA in Northern Ireland, and who are in Belgium. Mr O’Hanlon’s personal story is supporting my supposition and when I can, I will draw the parallel with the Islamist terror, in this letter.

Mr O’Hanlon said to me that the people who he killed were all Protestants.  He was telling me about this, as if it is common place just to go to someone else’s country, to kill their citizens and to come back home living in freedom, in what I believe is his country, Belgium. The moral limits of Mr O’Hanlon have either been destroyed or he may not have any to realize how awful he is by taking the lives of 182 Protestants.  “That is freedom fighting”  he said to me while lifting his shoulders as if meaning “it’s part of it”.

Padraig O’Hanlon claims that he was fighting for the human rights of the Catholics in Norhtern Ireland.  Is killing others a human right ?  Is that democracy ?  He insists that if he didn’t shoot first, he would have been killed.  This would have happened tp him 182 times ?   So far he doesn’t regret absolutely anything. He said that a Catholic priest has forgiven him. He thinks that the Provo’s ( or Provisionals) in Northern Ireland were more cruel after all, given that they were using bombs and the INLA doesn’t.  “The INLA only uses guns”, he said with pride.

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In 1992, the Maastricht Treaty was signed and the European Single Market was a fact allowing the free circulation of people and goods inside the European Union.  In that period, they were still fighting in Northern Ireland and Belgium was still delivering weapons to Northern Ireland under the very beautiful framework of the EU agreements.  I asked questions concerning the INLA resources and all the answers of Padraig O’Hanlon were pointing to Belgium, such as the weapons which INLA was receiving from FN.

Does the Maastricht treaty cover weapons and soldiers as well ?


In Belgium, Mr O’Hanlon has never been arrested for killing 182 people in another European country,  and that is what stuns me in the same way like the murderer of the people at Le Bataclan in Paris, last year, and who was found enjoying pizzas in Molenbeek.  There must be an awful lot more people like Mr O’Hanlon and Salah Abdeslam hiding in Belgium.   It looks like Belgium is a country where the murderers from many countries in the world are granted freedom, health care and social housing and financial social aid.

My simple question is : what is the European Union worth if a subject of one member state of the EU can commit mass murders in another member state of the EU without being arrested for it in his or her country ?   It is here where I have my questions about the European Union and the democracy, because

Padraig O’Hanlon claims that he was fighting for his human rights


If you would ask Mr O’Hanlon if he would pick up the arms in the same way like he did in Northern Ireland, but this time for defending Belgium, his answer will likely be “Belgium is not my country”.  He is from Northern Ireland and he is certainly not a Brit also, so he thinks.  So, he is only into killing people from Northern Ireland if they are protestants.

Do you believe this man is from Northern Ireland ?  He is more likely a Belgian who has been defending Belgian interests in Northern Ireland.  I think he was brainwashed and sent to fight “for the Catholics” in Northern Ireland, just like the young Muslims are brainwashed and sent to fight “for the Muslims in Syria and Iraq”.

In my very first interview, I asked Mr O’Hanlon about his childhood.  You will soon hear this for yourself that he told me two different stories about his childhood, one in Belgium and one in Northern Ireland.  He also admitted that his mother never left Belgium because of a severe mental handicap, Alzheimer and cancer.  Then, he actually has no history in Northern Ireland.

I believe that he began to say that he was an Irish from the moment when he was given a (faked) Northern Irish identity and when he met a young woman in Northern Ireland who became his companion until she died in a bombing.  This makes that he began to defend a territory which was never given to him.  It reminds me of the colonizations in Palestine and in the whole of Africa.  From one day to the next you have somebody embarking on your territory and claiming that it is his country.

He can also lie as much as he wants about him being a very good surgeon, because I found so much putrescence in his house which could, by the way, explain the cancer he has in terminal phase.  For the moment, I only want to believe that he murdered 182 people and that the British police has been searching for him.

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I wonder how many other Padraig O’Hanlons are living in Belgium for whom human lives have no value.  He told me that the INLA counted between 5000 and 7000 individuals who think exactly like him and who were fighters.  They could be more.  The IRA is around 30 000 individuals, he told me, and unlike the INLA it was an illegal organization.

He is hard to find for the Belgian and the British authorities because he has several names,  like many INLA fighters.  With the change of names, his people have been escaping the control of the British police, and they may have managed to blended with the local population in Northern Ireland, or to flee to the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, for instance with the identity of the Northern Irish people, like Padraig O’Hanlon.

Perhaps an explanation for the massive murders in Northern Ireland is the identities of the dead individuals, which they might have used for entering other countries, just like André Azoulay may have entered Morocco like that, without necessarily being a family member of another Azoulay.

When changing names is the way of life in addition to never knowing who his father was (he said), it becomes very hard to trace where someone like Mr O’Hanlon actually comes from or what his precise origin is. Yet, he is sufficiently intelligent to avoid that anyone thinks that he has been to Northern Ireland to fulfill the interests of the “Belgian State”.

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Mr O’Hanlon has an issue with “the Belgian State”, because he lost his pregnant wife, a Northern Irish Catholic woman named Siobhan O’Rourke, in a bomb attack, the day before his wedding, in 1976.  His pain continues today, more than ever.  When he goes to sleep, he continues to think about his wife and daughter, who would have been 40 years, today.

So far, he had been directing his anger on the Protestants of the UDLP in Northern Ireland, believing that they organized the bombing, until I related the bombing to his meeting with someone who looks like Mr André Azoulay, just a few weeks before the wedding.

I was very surprised to hear that because Mr André Azoulay is my compatriot from Morocco.  Mr André Azoulay claims to be Jewish and he works as the advisor of the King of Morocco in the Palace of His Majesty Mohammed VI and the governor of the Essaouira province in Morocco.  Between 1972 and 1994, Mr Azoulay was a Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs.  He has always had an influence in Morocco on the army, the gendarmes, the prison system, the media, the banks, the funds, the government, the political parties, the schools and universities, the post and telecoms, the industry, the interior market and the international commerce.

I explained to Padraig O’Hanlon how Mr André Azoulay is a highly regarded man because of his talents.  When we discussed the possible abuse of the religion and the possible inter-religious efforts by Mr André Azoulay for a dialogue between the Christians, Mr O’Hanlon thought that

Mr Azoulay is not Kosher for pretending to be Jewish to begin with


He also began to think differently when I asked if FN was also the supplier of the weapons to the UDLP, the opponent of the INLA.  He answered “yes”.  He began to trust my opinion more when I sequenced the facts according to the financial details – such as a meeting with a sponsor – that he was giving me, to which he was not paying attention previously, and through which he gradually begins to direct his anger to the financiers of the wars in Northern Ireland.  I am sharing this a little further in this letter.

First let’s try to understand why the civil war started and what Mr O’Hanlon was actually fighting for :


Why was there a civil war between the Protestants and the Catholics in Northern Ireland ?   Mr O’Hanlon was unable to provide a rational explanation for starting the war in Northern Ireland, apart from the fact that the Northern Irish Protestants called in the help of the British Army in 1969, to defend them against the Catholics.

“They shot dead a very young Catholic protester who was throwing stones to the British, during a peaceful march, and that is how the whole civil war started”, Mr O’Hanlon explained to me.  Does it take almost 4000 lives and 30 years of armed battle to resolve the death of one person ?

This reason is very similar to the one for the civil war in Tunisia, in 2011.  That war also started with the death of one desperate green grocer, and the war still continues today.  It is almost identical to the reasons for starting World War I and II, resulting in the extermination of 4 million Jews in Europe, and in 107 million victims world wide over 31 years time.  Was  making 107 million victims in the world the solution to the attack on the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo, in 1914 ?  It has been reported that the weapon which killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was manufactured by FN in Herstal (insert).

So there we have one indication of a Belgian involvement.  FN.  The second indication is the absurdity.  Absurdity is a cultural factor in Belgium, where artists like Magrite earned lots of money by painting absurdity.


Mr O’Hanlon profoundly believes that “the Northern Irish Catholic community in the United States” were shipping 25 million Belgian francs to an illegal organization which was busy destabilizing the United Kingdom. He remembers INLA receiving 25 million Belgian francs.  That was the approximate sum they were receiving every year.

What was the Belgian franc doing in Northern Ireland ? 

Does he think that Belgian francs come from the United States ?  I wanted to find out from him more about who the generous Northern Irish Catholic community is in the United States and in which State they live.  “Hoboken” was his answer.

Mr O’Hanlon said they were effectively receiving money in Belgian franc and that the money was coming from Hoboken in the USA.  Note that there is also a Hoboken in Antwerp, but most probably he was led to belief that this is in the USA.  He explained that they exchanged the money in UK pound and in Irish pound at the Bank of Ireland.

“How about the generous Northern Irish Catholic community is in the United States supporting you today”, I asked Mr O’Hanlon.  He liked my idea a lot.  So, I suggested to him to go to the United States, to thank all the people of the generous Northern Irish Catholic community for supporting him during the 30 years of struggle.  He never thought of thanking them before.

At no moment during his life or during the interview he was thinking that the money was actually coming from Belgium, because Mr O’Hanlon has no clue of finance and banking.  This may concern Belgian Government money which is whitewashed through illegal organizations abroad, such as guerilla’s, militias and NGO’s, but also prostitution and pedophilia, pubs, bars, booze and lounges such as Mawazine and Sheherazad in Antwerp.

The money ends up clean in the pockets of a few people in Belgium, who own shares from FN in Herstal among other companies.  Until recently, the government of Wallonia has been reportedly 100 % owner of FN in Herstal.  The government of Wallonia counts clean and well-bred bourgeois people.

Yet, they could be the same people who have access to subsidies, including money from the European Structural Fund.  They start up non-profit organizations to which they award the subsidies.  They give themselves and / or their associates large salaries which they take to the brothels.  They pay part of the salary to the pimp, who uses it for paying other criminals including terrorists.  It is possible that part of it goes to the bank who invests the money in baskets and in other investment companies.  That is how prostitution supports an entire region.

If there is one reason why they have serious problems with the women in the leadership positions in Belgium and why there is no equal pay for women and men in the same job, it is because a woman is not going to give part of her income to a prostitute.

In 1976 Padraig O’Hanlon had a meeting in his house in Belfast with a man whom we identified as Mr André Azoulay, because Mr O’Hanlon recognized him on TV attending the COP22 conference in Marrakesh last November.  He told me that in 1976, Mr Azoulay flew in from Belgium to learn more “about how the INLA was organized”.

The so-called André Azoulay was actually assessing the cost of operation of the INLA with the intention to ‘invest money’.  His questions were so irritating that Niall O’Quinn, a comrade of Mr O’Hanlon had put his finger on the trigger of his gun if Azoulay continued asking questions in that manner.  The so-called André Azoulay left the meeting very quickly.

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atheneum-getuigschriftIn 1978 Mr O’Hanlon had a meeting in Belfast with a very young person who I identified as Mr Christian van Lidth de Jeude, because I remember the day when the rumor got at school, that he had to travel to Belfast for a few hours, and that he flew back during the night in order to make it on time to the classroom the next day.  Just like Christian, I was a student at the Royal Atheneum 1 of Antwerp (Click on picture to view full school testimony)

Mr O’Hanlon is unable to confirm if the first name of the very young man was Christian.   He only remembers the family name van Lidth de Jeude very well and the demands from the young man.  The young man suggested that INLA drops the donations “from the Northern Irish Catholic community in the United States” and that they accept the money from the van Lidth de Jeude directly.

Mr O’Hanlon specified that they were asked to use the funds for buying the weapons from FN in Herstal. Mr O’Hanlon and his team refused the funds from the van Lidth de Jeude, because he didn’t trust them and they were fearing losing their independence. He felt that they were trying to corrupt the INLA.

Though the van Lidth de Jeude could be the people who were already sending sums like 25 million Belgian francs to the INLA.  Perhaps they approached him the INLA when they needed to modify the whitewashing process.  However, they count on people like Padraig O’Hanlon, who is not a focused person and uninformed when it comes to finance, unlike they count on people who use drugs and who drink, like Salah Abdeslam, as well as on people who are mentally retarded.

This makes that Mr O’Hanlon and his comrades didn’t know who these people were and they refused to cooperate.  They were “fighting for Northern Ireland” and they were not prepared to accept money from anybody else but the Northern Irish community in the United States.  That is how they were brainwashed.

I suspect the white washing of the funds indeed

I suspect that the war is used for the whitewashing of cash money from the Belgian government and from the European Structural Fund.  For the whitewashing of very big amounts, they need several militias, hence the multitude of factions claiming to be part of the IRA and others claim to be part of the UDLP, which is perhaps funded by the same financiers, given that FN in Herstal is the final stop for the money.

Thus the van Lidth de Jeude could be the inventors of the IRA and the ULDP in Northern Ireland.  One branch of this family is in Belgium, which is officially a Catholic country and another branch of this family is in the Netherlands which is a Protestant country.

I suspect that Mr André Azoulay is actually a member of the van Lidth de Jeude family and that “Azoulay” is using a fake name, just like his soldiers are using fake names in Northern Ireland.  Illegal organizations are not an uncommon factor in Mr  André Azoulay’s empire.  He founded the Anna Lindh Foundation which is illegally established in Egypt.  The World Bank / IBRD and the IMF in Washington are illegal banks too, never mind all the NGO’s which they have been funding all over the world, and who must be considered as illegal organizations as well.  You

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I asked Mr O’Hanlon to describe the accountant and the fund manager at the INLA.  He spoke to me about a man who manages the funds and the purchase orders for the military equipment.  He described that he was doing all accounting and placing the orders of absolutely anything alone.  That is how one person holds all the financial secrets.  When I asked if that man in particular was a Belgian, he was hesitant.  He couldn’t answer yes or no  “because they were using more than one identity”, he explained (just like André Azoulay).

He is likely a Belgian because the purchasing and the finance are the most strategic positions in any organization.  An indication which could support this is the purchase of the cars. I asked Mr O’Hanlon about the cars which they were driving in Northern Ireland, just to find any clues that are applicable on the Toyota cars of ISIL.

He said they were using cars made by GM and Ford. Again, Mr O’Hanlon thinks that the cars were made in the USA and that they were probably gifts from the Catholic Irish community in the USA. Why would GM and Ford be shipping finished cars to Northern Ireland if these were also manufactured in Belgium where Ford has a plant in Antwerp and GM used to have a plant in Genk.

I have asked several logistical questions to Mr Padraig O’Hanlon, concerning the supply of weapons, uniforms, shoes, and cars.  During the 30 years of combat, there has never been any  shortages, including money, Mr O’Hanlon reported.  They had everything they needed.  They didn’t need the United Nations because they were very well organized.  The chances are that the supply chain has never been dismantled after the peace agreements, and that it continues to function as a supplier of assistance today for ISIL.

The chances are high that Northern Ireland is still being used as a platform for the whitewashing with the purchases of weapons and cars, uniforms and everything military.  While the British Army might be a faithful client of FN in Herstal and perhaps a technical partner as well, they will likely use the British pound for purchasing the arms.  ISIL possibly pays the purchases with the Euro.  That would be the reason why Northern Ireland is the only region of the United Kingdom which curiously accepts the Euro as a currency.  It is the currency for the criminality.

The war may have ended in Northern Ireland, but the it continues somewhere else because of the related whitewashing.  The chances that Islamic State is equipped and financed through Northern Ireland is very high, and that technically the European Union is funding the whole of it.

Let’s try to understand how and why the war ended in Northern Ireland :


The Good Friday peace agreement was signed in April 1998 and became effective in December 1999.

I asked to Mr O’Hanlon to explain what the reason was for ending the civil war in Northern Ireland.  First he said that it was the signature of the peace agreement, but I don’t believe that a signature on a piece paper can stop the war.  I kept pushing for better answers, he said that towards the end, they weren’t receiving any more money for purchasing the weapons “from the Northern Irish Catholic community in the United States”.  That is a more accurate explanation.

I think I know who the Northern Irish Catholic community in the United States is and I have had a look into the Northern Ireland agreement of “the United Nations”.  Well you will know too who I mean by “the United Nations”, if you go through these extracts from the Belgian Official Journal.  The language in the UN Northern Ireland agreement and the style is exactly like the statutes of the Anna Lindh Foundation. You will find the analysis of it in the Urgent Alert to Catch the Godfather of Morocco.   It contains no names, no places or addresses, no dates, no specifications.  The only clear instructions on that paper are those involving the amnesty for the prisoners and directives for the police.   The war in Northern Ireland would have stopped with this paper.

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Mr O’Hanlon fled “when the peace agreement was signed” he said first.  Later he said that he was searched.  He began to flee when he learned about some INLA comrades simply being executed, when they got caught.  He has been believing all his life that he was searched for by the UDLP, because according to him, they had a list of INLA-members, or by MI5.

I was unable to gain clarity of how come he was able to escape. He only told me that they helped him get another identity for fleeing Northern Ireland.  He flew to Belgium with about 10 other combatants like himself.  They could be more.  Upon the question “why Belgium”, he answered, “because of his father in law who was a Belgian”.   This is the man who had never left Northern Ireland. If he was not eliminated, it is because he must have been a brutal fighter who was able to use extreme violence.  Perhaps, they made sure that he was safe for deploying him later somewhere else.

Based on the possibility that the INLA and the UDLP could be financed by the same sponsor, I am beginning to think that he was shipped out of Northern Ireland because “he knew too much about van Lidth de Jeude’s and Azoulay’s role”.  He has seen them once before.  Should he see them again in Northern Ireland after the peace agreement, then it would be very clear to him that the whole war in Northern Ireland was a financial operation, and that it was not at all about helping the Catholics or anybody.  It was a war concerning the Belgian franc, and he was shipped back to Belgium when the financiers were thinking of replacing the Belgian Franc with the Euro.


In my humble opinion it was the introduction of the Euro which might be the true explanation for the end of the war in Northern Ireland, because they couldn’t use the Belgian franc for committing fraud.  In that period (1996 – 1998), Belgium was upside-down following the capture of Marc Dutroux, referred to as a monster.  It was the time when the families of the abused children were getting pushing the Justice system for finding the responsible people who were protecting Marc Dutroux.

They discovered very huge amounts of money related to the pedophilia commerce (live and on videos). According to the parents, the children were victims of they were of international pedophilia mobs. There were also rumors of videos showing well-known politicians having lots of fun on helpless infants and babies who were squeaking their pain.

The videos got confiscated and they may have been shown to the parents many years later, after the Belgian Justice sentenced that Dutroux was an isolated criminal and that there are no indications that he is part of an international mob.  He alone and his wife, were judged and taken to prison, and nobody else. They reformed the Justice system, they fired a few police, but the case of Nizar Trabelsi, Mr O’Hanlon and Salah Abdeslam show that nothing has changed in this country.  The only thing which has changed is the currency which became the Euro through which the whitewashing of crime money within the Eurozone became harder to trace.

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In my latest letter to King Salman with the milestone I outlined roughly the whitewashing scenario. Thanks to the interview with Padraig O’Hanlon I was able to see how the IMF is linked to the international terrorism.  The governments receive loans in SDR and they pay back the loans in Euro, in Yen, in US dollar or in Swiss franc.   Whether the repayment money arrives at the IMF is another question.  It might be going to illegal militia for the purchasing of the weapons with the same supplier of the regular army.

There is a chance that the purchases of the weapons and the equipment happen through the United Nations (and thus through the IMF) is very high, because of the extensive presence of the United Nations in the Islamic State affected regions, like UNHCR, WFP, UNICEP, UNAID.  The multitude of UN suppliers of humanitarian aid organizations is for spreading the supply of weapons over all these sub-organizations. That would be the only reason why the SDR is exchanged against the Euro.

The Euro and the SDR have lots in common.  They are both currencies covering entire geographic regions with very different economies, different financial ethics and different tax systems, different GDP’s.  It is impossible for the investors to measure the performances of the banks and the central banks with these currencies.  It is by mere comparison that I think the creators of the Euro are the same people who created the SDR

Padraig O’Hanlon is absolutely for the Euro as a money for Northern Ireland.  He prefers the Euro instead of the British or the Irish pound.  But, he is against the European Union.  He said that they have no debts in Northern Ireland.  That is probably true for a small group of people in Northern Ireland, and perhaps this is why many countries in the European Union have very high debts.  Perhaps their money first moves to Northern Ireland and then to Belgium and elsewhere, like Panama.  I am requesting the European Central Bank to check if the Euro’s from all the countries in the Euro-zone are in Northern Ireland.


Like I suspected, the peace agreement was signed because the mafia came up with another configuration for whitewashing of the government money.  It’s the Euro.  Let me explain: I think that in Northern Ireland they change the Belgian Euro into – let’s say – the Italian Euro or the Greek Euro, and they bring that back to Belgium. This does not necessarily require the buying and selling of goods like the weapons and also no war.   That is all it is, and that is why there are no debts in Northern Ireland… but I could be wrong.

This would be logical if the orders for equipment are made in one Euro-zone country and paid in Euro’s of another Euro-zone country.   For the commercial banks and for paying taxes, it doesn’t matter which Euro is used, including outside the Euro-zone.  With the single market, it does not matter which country places the orders.

When the orders and the payments are made in Northern Ireland in Euro instead of the British pound, it becomes difficult to know which Euro-zone country is paying for the arms, because everything happens in Northern Ireland.  That payment becomes a debt at the central bank of the Euro-zone country which issues the Euro-money.  By using the Euro, the trade balance of the British Army remains intact.  In this way, they don’t see if weapons are illegally purchased by the United Kingdom.

It is in this way that the European Union perhaps unwittingly

is financing the Islamist terrorism around the world


There is a lack of transparency concerning the Euro in Northern Ireland, but without the joining the Euro-zone there is no action which the Bank of England or the United Kingdom as a whole can take to correct this situation.

What will help us see who is buying the weapons illegally is the dwindling of the Euro, and a halt in the legal purchasing of weapons from FN in Herstal, the shut down of the IMF and the United Nations Fund.  I have requested to Saudi Arabia to stop buying weapons from FN.

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For the future of the Euro-zone, Your Excellency Juncker, President of the European Commission, it is important to take into account the financial criminality.  Because of this, it is important that every country works with her own (Euro) currency, should the individual European countries want to have economic partners in the rest of the world.

Obviously, Your Excellency Mr Juncker, not all the European economies are the same if one economy is based on fraud and whitewashing of crime money and on earning huge income with weapons, and if in another European economy the people are being killed with those weapons.  Could you please guarantee that this is avoided, in the future.


To end this letter, I would like to focus on the impunity in Belgium, Your Excellency Mr Juncker, and how it causes repetition of the same horrors.  The Dutroux case is the most famous example of impunity which stunned the whole of the world.  It uncovered that a pedophile was protected by the justice system and indirectly by the government as well.

Impunity has been part of the system in Belgium for over 100 years.  There was a time when in nearly every Belgian family, one of the grand-parents had blood on their hands following World Wars I and II, and because of the (forced) collaboration.  I remember the words of the father of a school mate saying “if they had to prosecute and jail all the war criminals of World Wars I and II in Belgium, then this would reveal where Nazism originates from. That is why they have never done it”.

As there were very little pursuits against the NAZI and their collaborators the same problem is re-occurring in other forms.  It is because World Wars I and II were never resolved that the Northern Ireland question, for instance, emerged, and that the world is struggling with the Islamist terrorism nearly in all the countries.

For ending this infernal cycle the European Commission must start by resolving and repair the Northern Ireland question for this to never happen again.

The European Union should not close her eyes on any armed conflict in the world

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The starting point is Mr O’Hanlon.  He said he came to Belgium for the first time in 1998 whereas he was actually returning to the country where he originally comes from, because he also says that his mother never left Belgium.  He plays the Northern Irish, but you will hear from his language that he is Flemish.

I am sure that he is capable of killing anyone with a different opinion particularly about who he is.  In this country he makes everyone believe that his true name is Padraig O’Hanlon and that his Flemish name is not his real name.   For some reason he is rejecting his Belgian identity altogether.  By changing his identity all the time, he continues to escape Justice and his criminality without anyone being able to stop him in a democratic way.

Counterfeiting the total of one’s identity should be forbidden by all the governments


Mr O’Hanlon felt safe in Belgium until three weeks ago, when someone started physically eliminating the ex-INLA members in Belgium and in Belfast.  To date, 6 INLA members died and no news is being reported on them.  I hope that there are police files existing about these individuals, even if they don’t have a name.   For now, It is like they have never existed.

Indeed, the people who were killed, the ex-INLA fighter explained, have more than one identity.  When something happens to them, like if they get murdered, nobody knows for sure who they are.  They die like animals do.

This is unacceptable, because this could cause new outbreaks of violence in Northern Ireland, that are base on errors, such as the Catholics thinking that they are attacked by the Protestants.

As a matter of fact, Padraig thought in the beginning, that it was the UDLP eliminating his comrades, because according to him, there is a list they have with INLA members.  I helped him understands that a third party could be operating and paying others to commit attacks.  When one attack occurred in Antwerp on ……, he began to fear for his life.  By the way, I don’t understand how someone can have others go through such an awful ordeal of being murdered by him, and afterwards he becomes afraid of being himself killed by others.

One day he will find out that it is the INLA itself eliminating the old guard to silence the biggest secrets of last century, which is that the Northern Ireland question was a highly complex Belgian problem involving colonization, whitewashing and highly dangerous forms of interbreeding between healthy and sick Europeans.

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If nobody noticed before that a mafia in Belgium was behind the conflict in Northern Ireland, it is because the press was lying about the Northern Ireland question, Mr O’Hanlon told me.    My conclusion is indeed that the press was lying about the Northern Irish conflict.  They were not telling the truth indeed.  They are still not telling the truth about the international terrorism today also.

I have the honor to share with you my conclusion about the war in Northern Ireland, which that the wars and the civil unrests have nothing to do with the religions, but that they are part of a large scale whitewashing engine.  It was not a civil war in North Ireland.  It was a colonization and a coup d’Etat, in my opinion, organized and financed by evil-minded people who should not be given access to excessive financial resources for doing this, compared to someone else.

Northern Ireland is still part of the UK.  The resistance for keeping the geography in the way the people and their countries want it, will always exist.  More than ever this resistance will become the highest priority for all the countries, now that the awareness of losing one’s country geographically, financially, politically and anthropologically can happen in no time because of the big organizations like UN, IMF and World Bank, and the European Union.


While you are still the President of the European Commission and while the United Kingdom is still part of the European Union, could you please insist with the United Kingdom to check the Moroccans and the Belgians living in Northern Ireland.  Press on urgent reforms of the entire governance, police and justice system all over the United Kingdom, including in Northern Ireland.  Those reforms must start now by sacking the incompetent police officers, and make sure that murder cases and car accidents are filed normally with the police, even if the individual is unknown.

How else will they know that a bigger war might be in preparation ?

Please be in touch with me, should you require further details.

I thank you kindly for your time and attention, dear President of the European Commission.

Yours sincerely,

Naima Mouali, President of the United Chambers of Commerce

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Allah Ghaleb will remind humanity of all the configurations specific to the Enemy, while being taught the right ones, which the Enemy shuns just like legal and official things.  The Enemy has a severe tendency to make his own laws that are egoist by nature, unhealthy and unfit for the human beings.  The mentality manifests a lack of values and it will always exist in this category of humans.