To HE JC Juncker : Could European Commission verify if André van Lidth the Jeude is a Lawyer ? This might be the most important crack in the history of the Belgian Justice system

Letter to EC President_7 april 2017

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Brussels, Friday 7 April 2017

Your Excellency Jean Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission


With reference to my letter of 9 December 2016, in which I requested a financial investigation of the conflict in Northern Ireland, I have the honor to share share with you a crime report from the Belgian Federal Police in which the financiers of the civil war in Northern Ireland are mentioned. 


In my previous letter I said that I was going to get back to you about the Belgian Justice system.  That is the purpose of my letter today :


May I request the European Commission to investigate just one detail : Georges van Lidth de Jeude.  

Georges van Lidth de Jeude is the man who was my lawyer in 1990, when I was arrested for a whole series of crimes which I never committed.   However, he was then working under a different name “André van Lidth de Jeude”.   I am supplying samples of his correspondence on which with the name “André van Lidth de Jeude – Lawyer” is printed (see annexe 25).

My simple request is to check if this man is a lawyer at all, or if he bought his way into the Belgian Judicial system as a fake lawyer with the intention to roll and the corrupt a lot of people.  I suspect that he is the man behind a great number of cold cases, such as the death of Denise Janssens as well as many women in the horrible prostitution-slavery.

Will Europe close her eyes again ?

Please read my detailed letter, Your Excellency Jean Claude Juncker, and contact me for any further information you may need.  

With thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Naima Mouali, President of the United Chambers of Commerce and Industry