This Was a Bloody Week for the North Irish…


… and a few massacres went unreported

On Saturday 5 November 2016, I took an appointment with Padraig O’Hanlon (a nickname), who was a former INLA combatant, to explain to me what the armed conflict in North Ireland was about, because I don’t believe in wars based on the religion.  I advised the Islamic authorities about my intentions to do that.

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On Monday 14 November 2016 around 5 PM in Belfast, a former INLA rebel (Irish National Liberation Army) was found shot dead in the backstreets of Belfast.   “He was on the ULDP (Ultster Loyalist Democrat Party) list” Niall O’Quinn told his friend Padraig on the phone.   “And you are at the top of the list, because I have seen the list”, said Niall.


On Tuesday 15 November 2016 the second ex-INLA rebel name Martin Cullough was shot in the head in Belfast, in full daylight, when he was coming out of the car.

“What’s going on ?” I asked Padraig O’Hanlon, a former INLA fighter who took refuge in Belgium and who I was visiting him to witnesses about the role of the Belgium in  the conflict in North Ireland.

I was investigating if the Belgian State has played a role in the conflict in North Ireland and if the true reasons for the conflict is the religion, or was it someone’s lucrative business.  I don’t believe in religious wars, because all the religions worship one and the same God.  I do believe in religion or war.  The words religion and war are incompatible.   They are antonyms in the Islamic dictionary.  I also believe that Belgium is the only country in the world where the majority of the people are atheists and openly against God.

The major indication, which triggered me to ask all my questions to Padraig O’Hanlon about the Belgian State’s involvement is the asylum which he was granted by Belgium since 1998.  Mr O’Hanlon admitted having killed 182 people in North Ireland over a period of 30 years.

He also admitted that the Belgian arms manufacturer FN Herstal was the supplier of the arms to the INLA (Catholics) as well as to the ULDP (Protestants).

How in the world was it possible that one European country of which the central bank finances the European Commission, sells arms to rebels or militia inside the European Union ?   What kind of a European Union is this, if North Irish peace deal was almost entirely influenced by the United States and the UK ?   What was the role of the European Union in the armed conflicts in North Ireland ?

Now this confirms that this was someone’s lucrative business after all, which was hiding behind a conflict concerning the religion.   The religion is being used to make the people pick up the arms and shoot on someone from another religion for free instead of paying soldiers to fight the war for you.   By focusing on the religion one might also forget to look at the business and finance.  That is what is happens with the Islamist Jihadists, they are prepared to pick up the arms for defending their religion, completely forgetting that they could be serving another interest.

Click here to listen to “A Witnesses Tells About the Role of Belgium in the North Irish Conflict”


“They are coming closer”, Padraig O’Hanlon started fearing for himself and he burst in tears.  “I’d rather go to the hospital to put me to sleep for good”, he sobbed.   He thought that he had nothing to fear in Belgium, before.  He doesn’t anymore.  “They don’t know how to protect people in Belgium, they are useless”, he criticized.

My feeling was that the trouble comes from Belgium in the first place, who was obviously seeking to increase their income with the sales of weapons, by hiding behind other people’s identity.  Perhaps they are now making it look as if these killings come from the UDLP, to get the Catholics in North Ireland take up the arms against the Protestants.  That is how it usually starts.   It always starts with unverified information upon which someone impulsive takes a foolish and dramatic action, usually very fast, and in the heat of the problem.  Padraig O’Hanlon seems to be a little like this.  He is ready to go back fighting again.

That is why it is important that the press reports about the killings of this week in North Ireland.  This could be a third party operating.  The UDLP might not know about any INLA members being eliminated at this time.  Everybody has the right to know what is happening and if the bodies are being handled in a dignified way, no matter what they committed in the past.  

We are dealing with human beings and the hatred must stop somewhere.

But, why this ?  Why Now ?

While he speculated that the ULDP was running quickly through the list of INLA members to be eliminated, I was thinking of something else :  I think it is the elimination of the witnesses concerning the sales of arms to the different factions in North Ireland. It is not supposed to be known, just like who is delivering arms to the ISIL and DAESH.  That is where the sudden upsurge of killings come from, I think.

Click here to listen to “A Witnesses Tells About the Role of Belgium in the North Irish Conflict”

This time is different.   The risk today is that this very old conflict of Ireland will eventually move to Belgium.  That is what I said to Mr O’Hanlon.


On Wednesday 16 November 2016, Niall O’Quinn, the Irish comrade who lives in Antwerp and who informs Padraig O’Hanlon about everything concerning their organization was shot here in Antwerp in a shooting ranch (a place where people practice the use of arms).  His wife Rosyne called up Mr O’Hanlon in the afternoon of Wednesday, between 2 and 3 PM.   Mr O’Hanlon informed me immediately.  He said that Niall’s wife was in panic and fearing for his life.    At that moment, he was told by the wife that Niall was still alive, that he was wounded in the arm by a lost bullet. Mr O’Hanlon was not sure Mr O’Quinn had died.  When I asked where Mr O’Quinn was, he said that he was taken to Middleheim hospital.

“They should contact the police to investigate if was a lost bullet or something else”, I argued.  “No” said Mr O’Hanlon, “we have our own men in Ireland, and this is accidental”. “Coincidence does not exist.  Someone must have pointed the gun intentionally on him instead of the cardboard shooting target in the ranch”, I protested, “I would rather think that his wife is being told things in careful words… because she is his wife”.


On Thursday 17 November 2016, in the afternoon Padraig O’Hanlon announced the death of his closest Irish friend in Belgium Niall O’Quinn.  “He is dead… you were right it was not an accident. It is a hit-man who was sent.  They have seen the hit-man and we are going to take care of him ourselves.  We don’t trust the Belgian authorities and they will not investigate because someone very high-up decides about sending the body to North Ireland without further investigation.

They are going to keep quiet about this. Padraig O’Hanlon also insisted on letting the INLA take care of this, just like the ULDP is taking care of the people on the list. “It is illegal to operate like militia, you must let the army, the police and the court of Justice take care of all this” I opinionated, “because that is why the civil war took decades”.

Niall is the third victim in 4 days time, and nothing has been said in the news ?  They could kill thousands of people like this without anyone ever noticing anything.

In fact, I would like the European Commission to investigate this as well as the IMF! Otherwise this place will become just like the Wild West.   Where is this European Union with her freedom of the press, her democracy and her fair Justice system ?

Is there a European Union directive which says to keep quiet the massacres ?  Who might be this person who is very high-up blocking the investigations ?  And why would anybody listen to such an instruction instead of doing their job correctly ?


I don’t agree that a silent massacre is going her in the heart of Europe and that the press is keeping it all quiet. That is why I am going ahead with sharing what I know at least with my King, His Majesty Mohammed VI of Morocco, to show what the European Union of today and the Euro is worth and why the Brexit was a natural consequence.

According to Mr O’Hanlon, his three comrades are being burried in Belfast on Saturday 19 November 2016.

If I were a Northern Irish, and my people are being massacred like this, I would ditch the Euro instantly.  I would take that kind of impulsive and dramatic action very fast.

Click here to listen to “A Witnesses Tells About the Role of Belgium in the North Irish Conflict”


Naima Mouali, United Chambers of Commerce