Take Your Demonstrations to 1818 H St NW, Washington DC 

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Dear President Donald Trump,

I am so used to write “Dear President Obama” so often…  At least I hope you didn’t forget this morning that you are now the 45th President of the United States.  Congratulations !

So, how does it feel going to sleep as a regular CEO and waking up as the most powerful man in the world ?  Only you can share something with us about how that feels.  First Lady Mellania could also share how it feels like to be a European lady from Hungary and to become the First Lady of the United States.  

I heard that before you went to sleep last you have signed something to dismantle the Obama Care?  Is this right ?  Why would you begin by making so many Americans unhappy ? Couldn’t you leave that decision until later, like after having created the biggest number of jobs in history, like you said you would do ?  There must be a way for reworking the health care for everyone, and to make it less expensive or attractive for investors, rather than to eliminate it.  

I honestly believe that you will succeed in creating lots of jobs for the American people.  When it comes to this, I believe in you. However, everybody deserves a minimal amount of health care.  You need a healthy population to fill the massive number of jobs, that you will create.  

Without a health care coverage of some kind, you will not find the people to fill the open positions.  They will either be in their beds suffering of an ailment which they couldn’t afford to treat at an early stage and before starting the job.  They will start the treatment at the same time when they have to go to the new job. Instead of working, they will have to take sick leave for a medical operation or for recovery after a surgery.  Your employees will have to stay away from their desks, to take care of a child or a parent who should normally be in the hospital, which is something  they can’t afford.  You will have to bring new and healthy migrants in, and you will increase the risks of illegal migration.  I know how you think about immigration.  

Frankly I think that even the bosses would be happier with something like Obama Care, also for themselves.  You may not know how it is like not have a health care coverage at all, not to afford a dentist and so on.
I understand that perhaps you want to make a cut in one government program to make another government program work, but before signing the disappearance of the Obama Care, I would recommend to make sure that all the people and companies that are established in the United States declare their income and pay taxes.  

The banks have lots of money too. Aren’t there any big banks which you can sue for monopolizing the capital markets, for not paying taxes or for not even declaring their revenues, like every company which is legally established in the USA has to do ?  

Yesterday, I saw on TV that the demonstrators destroy widow shops and everything breakable.  Instead of everyone being angry and doing demonstrations against a President like you, and say “not my president, not my president”, all the demonstrators all over the world and everyone in America should rather shout not my money, not my money.  

As the new President of the United States, who is not afraid of criticism, please tell the demonstrators to go to 1818 H St NW, Washington DC 20433.  That is where they whitewash donated US government money into loans to foreign governments.  It happens at the IMF the World Bank and the IBRD.
They supply loans to poor countries in a fake currency called the SDR which is used absolutely NOWHERE and in no banks at all in the whole world.  This bank of robbers gets repaid the money back in real currency, for God’s sake !  How do you like that ?   
I am sure that they use the repayments of the foreign governments which is in real money like the Euro, the US Dollar and Swiss Frank and the Japanese Yen for whitewashing crime money produced in local currency in the poor countries.  The type of crimes are among others, pedophilia, prostitution, drug trafficking, illegal migration, armed robberies, proceeds from the illegal trade of goods on the black market – like diamonds, gold, ivory, cupper, perhaps uranium and definitely crude oil and embezzled government funds from those poor nations. 
When the foreign government pays back the loans, the criminals, get a small part of it in Euro, in US Dollar, in Swiss Frank or in Japanese Yen, which they take to the bank and they exchange that into local currency of the country where they are.  When they bring US Dollars for instance to their local bank, it looks as if the money was produced abroad, whereas the person never traveled to any foreign country.  When they take money in a foreign currency to their bank, they are technically also relieved from income taxes.  There are very few or no fiscal laws governing the foreign currencies.  Only the IMF pretends to be such a government.  That is how crime money is first turned into another currency and then it leaks out of the poor countries together with the repayment.  In addition, it doesn’t look like the repayments actually go to Washington, but to Brussels, where the governor of the IMF is headquartered.   

The USA is also a victm.  Did you know that the employees of the IMF, the World Bank and IBRD on 1818 H St NW, Washington DC, like Miss Christine Lagarde, the Director of the IMF, does not pay income taxes.  She declared it herself as if she is working for a government. 

The IMF is not a government, it is not a fund, it is not a bank.  It is the very big black whole where the money of the American people disappears.  That is where masses of US Dollars are being devoured.  
The United Nations in New York is another example of a big black hole.  The United Nations is not a mission of my country nor of yours.  They get paid very high salaries and they don’t pay taxes where they live and work compared with the rest of the people in the United States.  In the United States, they obviously get paid in US Dollars. 


Clear figures about how many people are employed with these institutions on American soil, is something which I couldn’t find in any of their financial statements.  The total could be approximately around forty thousand employees on US soil who don’t pay taxes just like Miss Lagarde.  In their financial statements, there are no reports of headcount and reports on EBIT.  Taxes just don’t exist on their planet.  They only exist for the American people.  
You know what else I found, dear President Trump, the exorbitantly high salaries which they award to the civil servants in Belgium, who is the same like the one who governs the IMF, are used for spending in the brothels.  I suppose that the same happens in the USA.

I figured it out when writing a letter to Their Majesties the King and Queen of the Netherlands, in which I questioned why the government and the world of crime are one.  It is the government who supports the prostitution in Belgium.  A book by the Belgian politician Jacqueline Gallant confirms that this is how it works.  It is the same people who govern the IMF the World Bank and IBRD in your country.

That is how the government funds fall in the hands of very dangerous gangs, such as the terrorists, who buy weapons from FN, through which the government funds are whitewashed together with the money from other crimes like prostitution-slavery.  I suspect that the same happens in the USA with salaries from the employees of the above mentioned institutions.  There must be people who are working there who are directly related to crimes committed in the USA such as the shootings in Charleston.

Nevertheless, this whole game of tax fraud combined to the whitewashing of crime money with US abroad, causes several trillions of strong currencies like the US Dollar to circulate in foreign places where the USA has no business and no people, whereas the US Dollar belongs in the USA and with the American people.  This is the money which your government needs for creating jobs.   They eventually use the money for paying terrorists, like the ones who committed the 9/11 attacks.  That is where the health care of the American people is truly going to.  


Instead of chopping the Obama Care for creating the margin of funds you need for the millions of jobs, those trillions of US Dollars should be brought back to the USA. NOW.  IMMEDIATELY.   

I have recommended more or less the same to the French President François  Hollande, this week, which is to verify the 2016 government spendings before deciding cuts for reducing the 2017 deficit.
The IMF, the World Bank and the IBRD on 1818 H St NW, Washington DC, they know precisely where the trillions of US Dollars are hiding.   You should begin by chopping them !    As the most powerful man in the world, please ask the demonstrators to do their demonstrations in front of those illegal financial institutions, not in front of the White House.  Shout “not my money, not my money” and be angry with having giant financial institutions in America which in addition to being illegal they are too big to save.  Keep on demonstrating there long enough until they decide to just stay closed, just like they are today.  

Starting from today, you should begin to act like the Real President of the United States.  Let me help with finding the right words for you.  Make the following announcement on TV,  say : “I decided to keep the Obama Care in place until we have made some fiscal adjustments in the international banking industry”.   You take the paper which you signed yesterday and you rip it  apart in front of the camera, you will become the most powerful man in the world instantly.  You throw the pieces behind your back.  

You give a hug to Mellania.  That is very important. It saya “I care for you“.  Mellania symbolizes the ordinary girl who had nothing and who remembers how it is like not to have a health coverage or any money at all.   You signal that you stand by Americans like her.
That is all you need to do for stopping the demonstrations, for preventing loss of lives for no reason.  Be yourself !  Continue to make yourself understood in your very special way.  Make the whole world feel very sorry for being so prejudiced before you started the job.

You will be loved for it, dear President Donald Trump. 

Sincerely yours, 

Naima Mouali, United Chambers