A Demand for Transparency On André Azoulay’s Travel Expenses !

The head of André Azoulay (picture source : Getty Images)


Your Excellency Mr Saadeddine Othmani, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Morocco,

Your Excellency Mr Habib El Malki, President of the Chamber of Representatives of the Kingdom of Morocco,

Eid Kareem.  Bismillah.

May I ask the Moroccan Parliament to question the travel expenses of Mr Andre Azoulay from the day he left Morocco for seemingly an official trip to Paris at the occasion of the burial of Madame Simone Veil on 5 July 2017, until he is back ?

It’s been since the days of King Hassan II, may he rest in peace,  that Mr André Azoulay has not appeared in a public ceremony as part of the Moroccan Royal Palace and at the side of a member of the Moroccan Royal Family.  Why is he appearing now ?  Why did he go to the funeral of Madame Veil ?  Does he have anything in common with a Jewish who has been in the concentration camp ? Has he got anything in common with the Morocco ? Then why was he wearing a white Djellaba and a red fez on his head… in Paris, and standing near our gracious Princess Lalla Meryam who was wearing a luxurious caftan. She is gorgeous and he might be playing with the optical illusion that he has something to do with her.  I would have pushed him away to go standing much further away from me.  

His daughter Audrey was also there as the former Minister of Culture.  Why was she not wearing a caftan ?  Why was His Excellency not standing near his daughter ?  Is it to indicated that they don’t share DNA

Oh yeah? Do you think he is proud of his fake Moroccan nationality ? Then why was he hiding behind the shoulders of another dignitary?  Doesn’t it look like he was hiding himself from the camera ?  

Was he invited to attend the funeral at Les Invalides ?  Did he receive an invitation or not ?   I am addressing a letter to the French police to verify if Mr André Azoulay was authorized to attend the funeral of Madame Simon Veil or not, if not then he violated France national security.

I bet that he was not invited and perhaps that is why he was hiding in a jellaba and with a fez on top of his head, because that is how he does business.

That is how he worked himself up to the top in Morocco

He knows that he is clowning the Moroccans and entertaining the Belgian government.  I know for sure that he profusely hates all the Moroccans and I will testify against him at court about this.  What I will never understand is why the previous governments of Morocco have let themselves be pushed around by such a highly humiliating character.

There was a time when he was providing so much amusement like a gagman to the Belgian leading class who knows damned well who he is by his real name, and what he was doing in Morocco.  They kept everything quiet.  

At the funeral of Madame Veil he was curiously standing very close to Prime Minister Charles Michel.  The picture above is almost suggesting a Moroccan interfering with Belgian affairs.  Perhaps he wanted to know more about a police report against him, here in Belgium for a violent robbery against someone who remembers dealing with André Azoulay in Norhtern Ireland during the civil war about supplying arms to the fighers and the chaos creators.   In any case, his trip to France makes me wonder if he was mixing private with public interests and Belgian with Moroccan interests like he is used to doing every time.  This time it is over.

The Game Is Over


The Only Way For Tracking Private and Public Interest is the Expense Report

My feeling is that since June 2017, the Mafioso was in Belgium, France and perhaps in the Netherlands too.  NOBODY in Morocco, where he hates EVERYONE, has ever disturbed him for his whereabouts or .  This is why he made of Morocco his laughingstock, involving prostitution of the Moroccan women and children.


l’ll disturb his life like he disturbed mine for more than 30 years

I don’t like him at all at all.  I think he was setting up Miss Colette Dongmo while I was in Brussels.  I think that he is the author of the angry e-mail which I received from Miss Dongmo.  Therefore I would like  and  and I would like to know EVERYTHING about his travel expenses in June and July 2017, and in the context of the Twitter hacking.

I would also like to know EVERYTHING about his possible intimate relationship in which Miss Dongmo may  be sleeping with him while traveling at the expense of the Moroccan government.

I have spend one month with Colette Dongmo in Brussels during which she revealed having recourse to occasional prostitution when under pressure for paying the rent and for her daily survival, like I have witnessed during my stay with her.   She particularly said that Belgian men generally don’t pay her and that she keeps trying until someone gives her the money.

During the first two weeks she was having a severe health problem, possibly related to her promiscuity.  I have sent her to my General Practitioner, Dr Roland Farhi, rue Philippe Le Bon 29, 1040 Brussels.

During my stay in Brussels, my Twitter account (@unitedchambers) was hacked, and Miss Dongmo has been showing interest in projects particularly concerning the airlines and the airport incubators, and the wellness as a driver for business,  which I have never revealed, given her lack of interest in geography, politics and banking for instance.   She is only interested in dressing up fashionably, in making herself beautiful and in pretending that she is an air hostess.   Therefore, I knew that someone was using her for finding out more about my plans for Morocco, which you will find on this link.

A proper tracking of his expenses will reveal where His Excellency André Azoulay has been during the months of June and July, where he was precisely when my Twitter account was hacked, and what he was doing in Belgium, if he came here at all.

I am explaining the full story and everything about Miss Dongmo in my letter to President Donald Trump in which I am requesting a profound investigation of the Twitter hacking, a previous Google Apps hacking and the e-mail communication of Miss Dongmo (dongmocolette@gmail.com).


As a former Deloitte Consulting Controller, allow me to help you collect the necessary information which will pinpoint if His Excellency André Azoulay has been making spendings on illicit relationships with Moroccan government money, at least


Guidelines for Procurement, Expense Reports and Reimbursements

Type of expenses :

Air travel, railway travel, taxi, airport transportation and parking, hotel accommodation, vehicle rental or use of personal car, auto-toll (péage in France) meals, insurance, telephone, Internet and mobile communication.  Mr André Azoulay should also report fines, like traffic fines (but don’t reimburse that), the fees of convention or conference.
Business cards collected :

The address book and the order book are most essential to any business.  All the contacts and decisions which an executive makes for a government or a company, in the context of an assignment, are considered property of the government or the company.  This includes the business cards and the decisions that were taken during that assignment.  Check out where he travels to, whom he has met and how many people have had a meal with him where and why.
The Minutes or the Narrative :

It is simply part of the job that a responsible executive supply to the hierarchy minutes of every meeting, even if they don’t read it

Those minutes should contain the date of the meeting, the duration of the meeting, the names of the people who attended and who were absent, the purpose of the meeting and the decisions taken

For his trip in Belgium, we might have to call on witnesses like Miss Colette Dongmo, Mr Abolfazl Beheshti, Mr Daniel Renson who may have seen him and who might be involved in the hacking of Twitter also.  Perhaps he met with Dr Amine Matta.  We might have to issue an official “wanted” (for other reasons) to find the witnesses who have seen or met him in Belgium where he was not supposed to be at the cost of the Moroccan Royal Palace.
Methods of payment :

Check out the methods of payment (invoices, personal credit card, corporate or business credit card, airline mileage and privilege card) not to mention that I am very curious to know which airline he travels with. Did he request a cash advance or is he expecting a reimbursement ?  

All these items should normally appear in the expense report. If  they don’t appear, then change the report so that these items are included.  

The expense report should contain : the date of the report, employee ID, social security number, e-mail address, phone, mobile number in Morocco and abroad, department, position or title, name of supervisor, start date and and data of the trip, cummul of mileage, purpose of the trips, the total hours of meetings attended and where.
Justifications :

Every expense has to be supported by a ticket, a bill or an invoice or with a bank or a credit card statement.  Unsupported or unvalidated expenses will not be reimbursed.

In the case of a Centralized Procurement Unit, you should not reimburse travel arrangements which were not ordered through the approved procurement system.

If your government doesn’t have a Centralized Procurement Unit, let Diversity-Incubator build a global online  procurement unit for you.


Explanation and Argumentation :

This is the stage in which the Moroccan parliament openly discusses every detail of Mr Azoulay’s trips abroad.  Once you have the expense report form Andre Azoulay, you should debate about it if he is not taking the cheapest deals.  He should show concern for the Moroccan government budget.  The chances are that he doesn’t.

You should also make sure that his spouse and daughter are not included because their expenses are not related to creating income for the country. You must put André Azoulay in front of the hard fact :

“You have spent so many millions of Moroccan government money last year, how many millions did you gain for Morocco with that expenditure ?”

The purpose of any public expenditure is to improve the next public budget


Consistency and Tendencies :

When in doubt about Mr André Azoulay’s honesty, you might want to retrieve or ask him to provide his expense reports of the past , and look for consistencies or inconsistencies in relation to his work for the Moroccan government and the Royal Palace.  That is how you will pinpoint him on the true reasons of his job with the Moroccan State.   

Use the opportunity to track ALL the expenses of Andre Azoulay of all the years that he was in service for the government

He was seen in Belfast in 1976 where he reportedly killed two teenagers

It will definitely help us understand why he has been making certain choices.  I suspect that he works for a different state.  The amounts which Colette received on 30 June 2017, such as the 150 Euro of which she paid the SFR / Orange invoice, of which she gave me 20 Euro and she paid 105 to SFR, leaving her with an amount around 25 Euro.   She paid her debt to a girl friend in Brussels with whom she used to live.   And after that she had nothing any more left.  That is where she began to do and say crazy things.  


For more about Miss Colette Dongmo read : The Godfather’s Puppet,

Miss Dongmo is the main suspect in the hacking of Twitter

Consult a copy of the police file. Also read my letter to President Trump about the hacking of my Twitter account on 23 June 2017  

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I deeply thank you Your Excellency Mr Saadeddine Othmani and Your Excellency Mr Habib El Malki, for your infallible cooperation.  

Yours sincerely

Naima Mouali

16 July 2017



Police Report on Twitter Hacking : Suspect N°1 is Colette Dongmo



Afbeelding (2)

The essence of the message on this police report with reference PV nr.: AN.20.LB.083779/2017 – GF d.d. 06/07/2017,  is the following :

“I would like to file a complaint against unknown individuals following to a hacking. On 23 June 2017, I was in the Munt library in Brussels and I started my session at 1400 hours. Opened my Twitter account in which I found three undignified comments which I didn’t make myself. I have made a report about the incident of which I am submitting a copy to you. I suspect a certain DONGMO Colette behind all this given that I have been helping her find a job. I have been using her laptop. I have been staying at her place during one month, on Rossini Street 55 in Brussels from 4 June 2017 till 1 July 2017. She is not registered where she lives.”


Naima Mouali



A Strategy for Fighting Prostitution-Slavery with the Market Rules

The United Nations estimates the total market value of illicit
human trafficking at 32 billion US dollars (ILO, 2005).

clothing-34302_640When your country is plagued by criminality such as prostitution-slavery

lace and corsets

which is often controlled by a mafia – and you don’t know how to  curb a rising illegal trend, then you might want to solve the problem by simply applying the rules of the free market.  

The classical rules of the market involve the offer and the demand, the buying and the selling, the pricing, the competition, the jobs, the hiring, the marketing, the image, the positioning, the prosperity etc.  These rules apply on the black market as well as on the regular market. This strategy does not make legal what is illegal.  My personal opinion is not to make prostitution legal, but to hurt the business with rules that match the black market, such as trust-formation and unlawful competition.


santorini-1578463_1280When your country depends on tourism, you might be interested in reading “Who is Selling the Sun to Whom”, and ask yourself if your country is making the earnings it deserves from the international tourism.  Or is another country making the profits inside yours ?  You should check the sales procedures at the hotels.  Find out about the owners and test for your self if they offer “escort services” illegally.  

girl-876698_1280One way for solving the prostitution-slavery is to increase the market price for the service offered, and to have it exceed the one which is practiced by the mafia in your area.   You could also increase the hiring price, to make sure they find no more women who want to work for them as slaves.  Your women are picco bello and they are not under stress.  Their women are hungry and beaten up, and they will change jobs fast.

supreme-court-building-1209701_640A government can do that by the constitution of a very big and fake mafia, which may consist of people from the army forces, including men and female soldiers, and international people, actors and actresses, as well as professional prostitutes.  As the pimps are numerous, you have to be numerous too.  You might also want to invest in rival bars and brothels, to bankrupt the one’s that are owned by the mafia.

love-1137271_1280You could have the fake mafia “embark in the country with the girls for sale”, just like the real mafia is doing it.   It should show on the girls that they are better off than all the other hookers in the market.  The other hookers will ask “how much do you get paid ?” .  A good answer which will make them come swarming is “I get paid 5 Euro every day without working.  For every client, I get 25 Euro for two hours, the boss gets a lot more.  A full night is 500 Euro… I staging-258627_640don’t have to work for the rest of the month. I buy what I want.  We also get checked by the doctor every week, that is why we are a bit more expensive… and we get to see other countries as well… You want see my boss or not ? ”

The mafioso in the international criminal network  will never give between 25 Euro and 500 Euro to any  man or woman of any tourism destination  because what he wants.  That is how he gets very rich to the point of owning banks and supplying loans to entire regions and countries.  He only wants :


amsterdam-2551_1280For 5 Euro You will have all the harlots coming, get some arrested for other reasons than prostitution, like the fact that her knickers were unclean, that the color of her bras and  her string don’t match, that the client found toilet paper still hanging in her but, or that her skirt was not short enough.  Make sure the harlots don’t see the link with the police with the new pimps.

police-710286_1280Once in the police station, question them, “who do you work for ?   How did you end up in there?   What nationalities did you serve ?   What does the client expect you to do ?   Did you ever get a request to travel abroad?    To which country ?  And to do what there ?   Did you ever bring other women into this business ?   Do you get paid for that ?  Why do you do this kind of job ?   Don’t you think that you are giving a bad image to your country when you do these things with the tourists ?   Did you know that this is illegal ?  Then why are you doing it and encouraging others to do this too ?”


They will never come to your country again

Becoming cheap is the worst thing you can do to yourself.  It is unfortunate, but you will all have to become sex mafiosi yourselves.  To solve the problems in your country, you will have to get in there and participate.  All it takes is to know where to start and where to stop.   Apply the income for building the future prisons.   The hookers are not difficult to find.   For them it doesn’t make a difference whether they work for the mafioso or for the government.  In some country, it was almost the same.  Not any more.


They will have to sell everything and leave

Keep doing the business until the situation becomes too expensive for the mafia to stay in your country, and then they will have to go somewhere else to have a profit margin.  They will try to find another country, but absolutely no country will let them in.  That is where I would like to get them, because I am asking all the countries to do this and to exchange experiences. 

Then you can have a good laugh at them

Have several different mafia’s operating and fake competition between them.  The mafia which you need to keep out is only one.  It’s orgin is West Europe.  It has always been the same mafia since the down of time, and their description – how they look, what their interests are and how they behave –  is in all the Holy Scriptures.   They are very famous under the name Satan.  It is the same one which is running this horrible business in all the countries in the world, because they have the means to invest in all the countries, to build hotels everywhere and to corrupt the local governments and police, to have them collaborate with them.   They are not unbeatable.  

mooring-rope-238925_640One danger is that this mafia will resort to enslave the small children instead of the women.  The governments must foresee strategies to make this impossible.  When it comes to children, perhaps a holding a referendum on the capital punishment will definitely keep this mafia out of your countries.

The current estimated amount needed to combat the prostitution-slavery on global scalee is 670 bn USD per year until the complete disappearance

Written by: Naima Mouali, President of the United Chambers,  twitter : nahema@nahemamine