It Takes a Biscuit Tin to Solve Terrorism


For His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco and Commander of the Believers

Beloved KIng Mohammed VI

Aid el Adha Moubarak Said

Attached is a letter which I addressed a few days ago to the King Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity on Facebook, and which describes the general situation of the Moroccan immigrants in Belgium. It is concerning the Maghrexit.

This present letter is a briefing which puts into evidence the political leadership which creates difficulties in the lives of the Moroccan people by using the Belgian institutions.  This letter outlines the reasons for a rapid intervention of the King Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity to the Moroccans in the European Union among other local groups, and why a Maghrexit is needed, rather very soon.

In the French version, I have mentioned so many reasons ranging from a financial and an economic nature, such as the remittances and the high rate of unemployment, to the personal security and the wellbeing of the Moroccan immigrants, particularly in Belgium, where evolving  toward the violent extremism is a fact.

In this English briefing, I would like to focus on solving the problems.  One of the them is the violent extremism.  For a good solution, we need to define the problem well.   The problem is that the migration and the related development aid were a set-up, to get as many Moroccans leave their country, for others to occupy their properties.

The farmland of my grandfather is one example. The death of Fatoum el Morabit, in which an entire hospital system conspired is another one, which should also be viewed in the context of getting hold of her beautiful house in Tangiers, which her daughter Fatima Boulaïch was going to inherit.


There are more than 4 million Moroccans living abroad. It is highly likely that the Moroccans Jews and their Muslim compatriots who are residing illegally abroad, are not included in the official total of the Moroccans living abroad.  The true total must be between 7 and 9 million.  The migration and development aid plan was to get as many Moroccans out and to bankrupt Morocco, because the Western Sahara is a gigantic opportunity for agriculture which a very hostile mafia wanted for herself and for free.

One death which could be connected to this ambition is the apparent car accident in which the French MEP Philippe Adwent perished.  I was in contact with his Assistant Miss Dominique Rambaud, who is also a French, about the group-purchasing of electricity.  Miss Rambaud was involved in freeing the prisoners in Tindouf. The full story is in the Godfather of Morocco.

Unlike the prisoners of Tindouf, there is apparently 80 % of the prisoners in Belgium who are Moroccans.  They tried very hard to get me in prison too on false basis concerning falsification of visas, without success.  It was the game of a mafia and it appears to be the one which is also concernés with any land and property in Morocco.   I was condemned, because of the unwillingness of the lawyers to defend me correctly.  On the contrary, they did their best to push me more into it without scruples.

The juridical dossier was full of mistakes which took me 25 years to clear.  I had to do it by myself because the préjudices against the Moroccans are so strong that no Judge in Belgium would contest. Today, I can prove that I have always been innocent, something which the lawyers didn’t want to do.  The whole of the Belgian system was supporting an evil mafia, and I don’t know why.

In the letter to the King Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, I am explaining this story with the Belgian justice system, which happened as a consequence of the encounter with Dr Amine Matta, who is from Lebanon. His hometown is right at the border with Israel, where the colonization still continues today, most probably with money which is whitewashed in Belgium. It is an indication that the colonization history never ended. It is still going on just like in the whole of Morocco, and that is what the migration  of all the Moroccans to Europe and the related development aid was all about, with Belgium and with the “international institutions” like the World Bank, the IMF and the United Nation subsystems, that are Belgium also.

I struggled alone to find all these thruths and to find the strongest possible legal arguments for overthrowing the grounds upon which the accusations against me were based.  It was an application for a visa of somebody who managed eventually to obtain his visa quicker through another channel.  The person is Bechara Matta and he was in Belgium during the moment when I was arrested, questioned, and when I received a conditional condemnation of two years of prison.

I would have had to effectuate the previous sentence as well as any new condemnation, if I were arrested again for anything criminal.  Apparently it very easy to get arrested when you are a Moroccan in Belgium.  It only takes a good lie.  That is when I decided to absolutely forget Belgium.  I sacked all the Belgian friends around me for as far as I could help it. I remained in the country throughout the trial which took 8 years.  I was condemned to pay a fine of 2400 Euro (100 000 Bef).  They didn’t want to clear me, and it was all lies.  Today, I can prove it and I found the people who premeditated the plot for me. It’s the Mayor of Zaventem.  That was the other channel through which Mr Matta had obtained his visa. I was arrested, imprisonned and condemned for nothing… My whole life was destroyed because someone in a power position thought he could make money by playing games like this ?  The whole of the Belgian system was supporting this model.   

Imagine you could cure cancer, would you start by curing the people of a country which did something like this to you ?

It’s the corruption of the entire Belgian system which makes this country very expensive to support. Would you invest in a system lils this one?  Well I was making sure they would only lose money on the corruption of everybody.


I’m a survivor, but there was the murder of Miss Denise Janssens in this law case, which remained unexamined and unresolved, and which everybody forgot.  I can only think of three reasons why she was killed.  The first reason is because Miss Janssens witnessed in my favor.  She told to the investigators that I was innocent.   By telling the truth, the mafia was not going to make the big money, which they were possibly hoping to obtain from Dr Matta.

The second reason is that by killing a witness in my favor, they made sure that the lies against me are maintained. I understood from the beginning that was the true idea behind the setup was that I would be filed as a convict for the rest of my life, through which the chances for staring a company, for getting a bank credit and for all the things which require security clearance are impaired in Belgium.

The third reason is a rivalry between two competitors.  My mother knew Miss Janssens, and  there has always been a distance between them.  My mother brought back every year from Morocco  a pack of henna powder for both Ina and Denise.  Perhaps Ina was seeking to dominate my mother so that she could earn most of the money from spying.

It wasn’t until Ina invited me to her place on 27 March 2015 and accused me afterwards of wanting to commit a theft at her house that I realized that she must part of the gang who plotted the false accusations against me concerning the falsifying of visas and passports. She must be one of the people who premeditated the legal trouble for me.  The henna is the other  element which indicates a link to Denise Janssens.  Miss Valstar did not create the plot alone, but she might be able to tell who the others are, if she were questioned.

In the letter to my brother of 9 August 2016, which I shared with a larger public, I had mentioned that Ina is one suspect for spying on our family, for her possible involvement in the plot to get me arrested en imprisoned, and perhaps in the murder of Miss Denise Janssens as well. Miss Janssens was killed for nothing. That is the reason why the murder was not investigated. 

3 weeks later, on Monday 29 August 2016 Miss Valstar gave a biscuit tin to my mother, through which I was able to make the connection to an export and distribution  project that I had in mind with a Algerian-Moroccan bakery in/Zaventem concerning biscuits made in Morocco in tins made in China.  I applied for investments with the Orient Investors in December 2013 and my application may have reached the Mayor of Zaventem.  The Mayor not only made his first visit to the bakery in that period, he might have prompted De Cuyper, a convenience store in the area, to display tins to indicated “buy them here” or perhaps “involve me”.   Robbing the plan is what they were after, most probably for the funding of terrorism.

Apparently, Miss Valstar knows more if the biscuit tin is saying “the Mayor of Zaventem assassinated Denise”.  I can’t help feeling that the tin was her reaction to the content of the letter to my brother, because it contained my intention to re-open the criminal justice dossier with the new elements that are proving my innocence and that provide the possible motives behind Miss Janssens’ murder, given the henna which my mother used to bring from Morocco for both women.   If so, how come she knows anything more, what else does she know and why didn’t she tell the police about it ?  She is supposed to know the Belgian law which requires to declare crimes.  In any case, it looks like Mayor Vermeiren and Miss Valstar are closely connected. Another connection is the farmland of my grandfather which my mother sold last in very curious circumstances which I explained in Allah Ghaleb.  It occurred direcly after the eviction from my appartment in Zaventem which I explained in the letter to Minister Anis Bisou.

In the letter to the King Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, you will find many more serious elements which link the Mayor of Zaventem to Miss Valstar, such as the arrangement of a visa for my nephew Mahjoub Inerhmi and his illegal migration to the Netherlands, in 1993. I am in the process of gathering more clues  such as the shut down of the KTX textile company of my brother and the Court case in the Netherlands against the fashion maker Van Gils in 1996, who received a fine of hundreds of millions of Dutch guilders to pay including the seizure of his manufactures in Tangiers.  

It is this detail (Tangiers) which leads to believe that André Azoulay was part the plot, because he is a Dutch member of the van Lidth de Jeude family. This makes the link to a mafioso in Morocco, because since when is a sentence by a  Dutch commercial tribunal valid in Morocco, especially if development aid was the agreement ?  Didn’t Mr Azoulay make sure there are no trade relations between the Netherlands and Morocco ?  We must therefore consider any seizure in Morocco by the Dutch court as an operation by a mafia of Azoulay.

I have also witnessed slavery Zaventem territory.  During the times when I working as a French teacher in a Thai temple, where I tried to launch the Thai barbecue workshops, I met highly competent hospitality students from Thailand who were employed at the NH Hotels in Diegem.  They start working at 5 AM, they stopped working at midnight, and they had only one day off.  I was startled at how such as a slavery could exist in Belgium.  Isn’t this the country which funds the ILO ?

The student came through the Erasmus Mundus program and on the only day off they attended classes with the Erasmus Hogeschool on the campus of Ceria-Coovi (see page 5 on this link).  They were about 50 crammed in one appartement in Landbouwstraat 30, in 1930 Zaventem.

It is very similar to the sexual exploitation model of the foreign students at UCL Saint-Luc. The victims came through the Panacea Mundi program which is similar to my United Colors program which I wanted to do with the Universite Libre Internationale and with the municipality of Molenbeek, which they blocked. “They” is at least Francis Vermeiren, the Mayor of Zaventem.  Nearly all the people who are mentioned in the Mgoldex dossier have a link with Sint Stevens Woluwe in Zaventem. It looks like the Mayor of Zaventem is a very busy man.

With one Thai student, I nearly won a deal with Aramark and NATO to train the Belgian hospitality students into a value-added skills such as carving decoration with fruits and vegetables.

Mayor Vermeiren  has links with the Netherlands where the travel arrangements for the Thai students were being organized. One of them, who wanted to stay in Belgium, and who was taking the steps to extend her identity card, showed me an e-mail with threats that she was receiving following her decision to stay. They promised that she was going to have lots of trouble with her university in Bangkok and her family too.  I was the one who coached her into ignoring the threats and in doing what she wants. She succeeded in getting the extension of her ID card and she got herself enrolled at the Université Libre Internationale.

Today, I know who was behind the Sodexo coup d’État at the NATO headquarter where Aramark was beaten out with an iron fist, through which Mr Bernard Clause lost his job as the account manager for NATO at Aramark.   It was the Mayor of Zaventem. 

His link with Sodexo appeared again last year when I thought to sleep in the Antwerp University Hospital, a few days before I had found a better solution. I bumped into a helpful Moroccan names Hafid Kaddouri. He is labor union delegate and a little bit irrational about the fight for the labor rights. He goes to most of the demonstration and he proudly showed me photos of pickets with burning tires. He likes to challenge the police and I felt that his union likes to use him to heat up the violence with the police forces.  He used to be Belgium’s table tennis champion and He wants to be a champion at the labor union as well.  I let him help me but I quickly noticed that he was suggesting the mafia solutions to me, such as Doctors Without Borders and he became somewhat despotic with me.  He told me about the corruption of unionists inside Sodexo involving very large sums, very big cars and other perks and they created huge problems for him at Sodexo because he was not prepared to accept corruption money. He told me how they broke him in pieces at Sodexo.  At that moment I began to think of Sodexo being a recruiter of extremists who they make violent and dangerous in the job.  The link to Morocco is a Sodexo subsidiary in Morocco since 2006 or so.   

Mayor Francis Vermeiren seems to be the one in this country who thinks he can advance an economy in this way.  The person who must have informed him about any plans with NATO must be my neighbor Sonia Meylemans.   All the busses were on strike that day.  So I requested if she was willing to drop me an my Thai friend at the NATO headquarters.   Sonia Meylemans used to run a club for walking, which I believe was subsidized by the Zaventem municipality.  She caused me a lot more trouble that you can read about in “Meet the Neighbors”.

When elements like human traffic, slavery (thai students), illegal migration (my nephew), prostitution (Renata Bura), drugs (Mete Karvak) come together, then we must expect the worst things from the Municipality of Zaventem and from Mayor Francis Vermeiren.

This brings us to the other issue which I would like to highlight in this letter, which is the violent extremism, because this is affecting all the countries. When the attacks involve the second or the third generation of Moroccans who choose to commit terrorist crimes, and they are related to Belgium in some ways, then these are conclusive indications that all of it starts in Belgium.  So far, we found the soldiers who carry out the attacks, and the commanders were believed in Iraq and Syria.  

Toyota is the clue which shows thar there is a commander much closer and which directly connects Zaventem and Islamist terrorism. Could we suspect the Mayor of Zaventem of playing a role in the Toyota cars for Isil ?   Could it be a business between Toyota Technical Center and the Municipality of Zaventem ?  It is already a suspicious municipality and the Mayor should be the first suspect in the mass attack at Brussels Airport, but the Belgian law does not functions like that.  They do not tend to hold a person liable for how a business or a project is run by that person.   

All the above dysfunctional social relations might have been avoided, had they investigated properly the death of Miss Denise Janssens in 1991.  Only in this country, they don’t like the truth to prevail. The Brussels attacks would never have happened, had they resolved the murder of Miss Janssens 25 years ago.  The lies prevail in this country.  Lies and corruption are of big economic importance.  

The truth eventually comes out in unexpected ways, like with a biscuit tin.  Justice will be done, it only takes time it also takes very hard work to come on track of a commander in Belgium, who was known for being a Nazi.

It looks like the evil and the dark forces have vanquished in Morocco, Your Majesty, if losing is all that the Moroccan  people have been doing in absolutely all the areas.  Morocco is supposed to be an Islamic country free of elements that are countering the human progress, but obstacles is all there is. How come that the Satans get everything done and we never do ?

How come Morocco has let it come this far ?  The answer is really very simple.  It is that Morocco was not investing directly in her people and that Morocco never investigated how the central bank of a partner country functions.   I hope that by now, you have experienced how much of a financial risk it is to work with let’s say “the central bank of Belgium”.  

The risk is to lose the whole of Morocco.  That is my verdict.

Proposal for a Partnership with the King Mohammed V Foundation
Poverty is the main theme of the King Mohammed V Foundation.  That is why I am sending my proposition to, You, Your Majesty King Mohammed VI, for the following valuable investment basket of around 40 innovative companies, in the fields of clean energy (1), health care and disease control (2), pharmaceuticals (1), cosmetics (1), transports and car manufacturing (2), aeronautical manufacturing, logistics (1), tourism and hotels (10), Internet and information technology (5), mobile telecoms (1), satellite communication (1), high potency agriculture (3), business and innovation consulting (1), finance and banking (1), real estate construction and architecture (1), incubator and laboratories (1), education and education systems (2), water purification and irrigation systems (2), and climate technology (1), press and publications (1), frozen foods, bakery & biscuits, coffee and tea (3), and fashion and luxury products (1).

This represents a total of 24 industry sectors for the moment, and 14 incubators.  I believe that developing eco-systems around each of these sectors, with an incubator in the middle, is the way forward should help achieve a plan for 300 000 jobs in 5 years, in the private sector.  The public sector can boost the target to reach much higher figures.  I am particularly thinking of the police and the military sector who can benefit from the developments in a number of sectors.

Each incubator produces 25000 jobs in the first 4 years and at least 25000 indirect jobs.  Every employment in the incubator should be supporting at least two other employments outside the incubator and for every dollar invested a minimum of 2 dollars of net income should be generated.  The aim is to have a much bigger impact.  We want to be reasonable about our current capacity.  The capacity increases with the exports of all the goods and services represented on this list and by attracting the foreign companies. Existing foreign and companies may also participate in developing innovations in our nation and economy.  

Our current calculation reveals that the absolute maximum of an incubator is 300 people, and between 30 and 60 SMEs internally.  The externally number of companies is much higher.  We can only start with one at a time, to fine tune our methodologies.

Our intention is not to replace a mafia, but to accustom the population to sound competition in an open market. 

Yours sincerely,

Naima MoualiPresident of the United Chambers