Press-Release of Interview with Ex-INLA Fighter (1-10)

Audio recordings from Part I to Part X

Ever since the United Nations were founded, we have been observing a rise of a significant number of territorial questions, such as the Basque question, the Palestinian question, the Lega Nord, the Polisario question, the Tibetan question… Sometimes these questions take a religious scope.  Sometimes the religious scope can make the case turn into a territorial one, and then into a civil war, such as in Northern Ireland and in Lebanon.  

As a child in Belgium, I grew up learning every day about the deaths in these three countries. Lebanon, Palestine and Northern Ireland.  The Lebanese and the Palestinian questions were given the highest priority in our family.  I was totally ignorant about what the Northern Irish question was about.   Though, I noticed that these three questions have something in common.  It was the extreme violence visibly by some psychopaths which they had in common.   It is like the same people were doing the fighting.   Perhaps these three questions are secretly run an managed by the same people.  Perhaps it is the IMF or interests related to the IMF which produced all these questions.  Who knows ?

One year ago, I have asked the question to Mr Padraig  O’Hanlon, who identifies himself as a Northern Irish man, who has been a fighter with the INLA.  I met in a library for war archives in Antwerp.   I was digging for answers about the Holocaust and the subsequent creation of Israel.  During the search, I came to the startling finding that the Nazi were not Germans, but from a business and financial viewpoint, the Gestapo, the SS and all the NAZI movement are rooted in Belgium.  I explained my findings to Mr O’Hanlon who’s hobby is to understand everything about World Wars I and II, he said.  “Possibly”, he answered, “and it wouldn’t surprise me if this was the case”.

The chances are that this is the case given the numerous wars in which the Belgian arms industry has been logistically involved since World War I

The Irish question started in 1969.  I asked him about the civil war in Northern Ireland.  “Do you really think that the civil war in Ireland has got anything to do with the religion or has it got to do with economy and finance ?” I asked. Padraig O’Hanlon shook his head and he was adamant that it is an issue between two religions.   “Perhaps this war has something to do with the interests from the IMF”, I continued.  Mr O’Hanlon was denying all of it, he continued to believe that it was a war between the Catholics and the Protestants.   “Who was making money from that civil war ?” I had asked.   “Nobody” Mr O’Hanlon answered and he continued to think that it has nothing to do with money… until a few days ago, when I set him to review the history of that war, this time from a financial view point.   He then began to see links which he never considered previously, such as the financial links to Belgium.

I am sure the Irish, Catholics and Protestants alike, will see this too and embrace each other quickly, I hope, and prosper together

He is unfortunately not sufficiently well informed in business and finance to help him see the links much better, but with a few elements I helped him re-discovering the North-Irish civil war from another perspective.  Even though I have lots of questions concerning him personally, such as why Belgium is the only country which provided asylum to him, when no other country wanted to, he is determined to get as many answers as possible at least to understand the deaths of his comrades, but above all the loss of his wife-to-be Maureen and his unborn daughter Siobhan, who both died in a bombing of a pub in Belfast, in 1976.

For the moment, he hates the Irish Protestants and the British as well, he declared.  I have tried to change his mind about that, but he doesn’t want to change his opinion.  I hope the day will come when he will find out that others have been using the religion for setting the Catholic people up against the Protestants, and that his wife-to-be and all his comrades have been fighting someone else’s war.  Someone who uses his hatred for becoming incredibly rich.

Further below, you will find recordings of an interview with  Padraig O’Hanlon.

Part I – Who is Padraig O’Hanlon (nickname) 

This witness might provide clues about why and how psychopaths from Belgium change their identity, how they identify with another nation for joining the fights and for dissimulating their psychopathy.

In Part I, I am asking Padraig O’Hanlon about his identity and religion, and on how he became a rebel, when he began using the weapons.

He never knew his biological father.  His stepfather worked at a shipping agency in Antwerp. His real father freed Antwerp as an Irish soldier in World War II.  In this part he seems for have grown up in Antwerp.   

Learn more about how he got involved in the Irish civil war.   

You will also learn on how the emigration of the Irish Catholics to the United States was caused.  Perhaps that is the reason why a civil war was needed.   He accuses the Protestants of invading “Northern Ireland”.

In this part, I am asking the question what the reason for the civil war was about.  He says that he was discriminated.   He was “wanted”.   He also mentions that he has a “partner” named Maureen O’Rourke.

I am also asking about his income, how he had access to money and food.  In his job as a surgeon, he explained how he takes care of the sick and how he executes the very people he was taking of previously.

Click here to listen to Part One

Part II – The Armed Catholic Rebel
Part II is about Padraig O’Hanlon’s  private life as a catholic fighter in Belfast, his career as a surgeon.

His departure from North Ireland, why he was force to leave, and the choice of Belgium “for his safety”.  The involvement of the Church in picking Belgium as a country for his aylum.

In this part explains his upraise against the Protestants and how is prepared to fight for North Ireland… but curiously not for the North Irish Protestants.  They are Irish too.  So there was an element of deep hatred for the Irish Protestants and for the British.   This betrays that he might actually be a Belgian, because in my experience, they have an issue with the British and the British pound…  he is also against the European Union, but he is for the Euro particularly in North Ireland.  hate all the foreigners.

The chances are that Padraig is a Belgian given that his mother never left Belgium.  In other worlds, she has never been in Ireland.  So how can he be born in Belfast or Omagh, if his mother has always lived in Antwerp.  I suspect that he is a Belgian, who denies his origins.  His mother never left Belgium, he said a little bit later.  She was a mentally handicapped.  Though he declared that  he has never been before in Belgium before.

So when I asked him about the British, he turned out hating the British too – as I expected from him.  I apologize for the laughter after Mr O’Hanlon declared hating the British.  I began to laugh because I had expected this reaction from him, simply because  according to me, his unattractive Belgian nature which consists of disliking the others – which he tried to cover-up – emerges  much faster than his Northern Irish nature.  Perhaps cases with his profile are the problem in Northern Ireland which will never disappear when the confusion around the hate-feelings continue to persist.  Sometimes we have to look for deeper explanations for the wars in the world than the religion.

Click here to listen to Part Two

Part III – On How Weapons Are Smuggled

In part III, I am discussing the weapons and the traitors with Mr O’Hanlon.  In this section, he explain that the weapons were delivered by German vessels and that FN was the supplier of the weapons for the Catholics and the Protestants.  Please check out part VI and part VII to find out about the money related to the weapons.  While the faction are “glad” to get weapons, the financiers are glad they could find someone to whitewash the funds for them through the purchase of the weapons.

Click here to listen to Part Three

Part IV – The Press Was Lying About Northern Ireland

Part IV questions the impartiality of the press during the conflict.  I am asking to Mr O’Hanlon who we are supposed to believe.  Mr O’Hanlon criticized the European Union as being the sponsor of civil conflicts in many countries in the rest of the world. He criticised the Belgian social system and wonders what it can do for him.  He advises that the most important thing one can do is to fight for one’s country… Wouldn’t  you agree that simply going to work for your country is much better ?

Click here to listen to Part Four

Part V – Why Were 3 Comrades Killed Last Week ?

Part V discusses his comrades who got shot dead during the week commencing 13 November 2016.   In this part, you will learn on how he automatically opts for taking justice in his own hands, through his former club of INLA fighters

He discusses what he knows about the killings.  He learned most of what happened through Rosy, the widow of O’Quinn.  According to him, she left with the body of her husband to Northern Ireland, and she will never return living In Belgium.

Click here to listen to Part Five

Part VI – About a Visit of van Lidth de Jeude to Belfast

In part VI, I am fishing for the answers concerning the visit of a certain Lidth de Jeude, a very young man from Belgium, between 17 and 20 years of age, in 1978.  I personally know recognize a former schoolmate by this name.  It could be him but I could be wrong.

The curious thing is that Mr O’Hanlon has met and spoken with both men.  It seems like he is the preferred negotiator at INLA.

Van Lidth de Jeude recommended to ILNA accepting funds from them for buying the weapons and to drop the donations from the American Irish.

When you place this fact against the fact in part III, in which Mr Hanlon declares that FN was the supplier for the both the Catholics and the Protestants, then we must think that van Lidth de Jeude  was looking to do something with the funds.  They are not interested in human lives, but perhaps in  the whitewashing of dirty money.

Click here to listen to Part Six

Part VII – About a Visit of Mr Azoulay to Belfast in 1976 

In part VII, I ask if the three victims of last week had seen or met any Belgians before in their lives.  It is in this conversation in which the name “Azoulay” is mentioned.   According to O’Hanlon, Azoulay visited him in Belfast in 1976.

For some reason Mr O’Hanlon is comparing Azoulay with van Lidth de Jeude.  Mr O’Hanlon is referring to “Azoulay” as “an older person”, who came from Belgium and who was not “straightforward”.

Click here to listen to Part Seven 

Part VIII – I Show a Picture of Andre Azoulay to See If He Means Him

In Part VIII, I am showing a picture to Mr O’Hanlon.  It is the picture of André Azoulay (from his Wikipedia page).  He recognizes André Azoulay who he met in 1976.   He also recognized him while watching the COP22 show on 2M TV in the week of 14 to 18 November 2016.

Is it possible that Mr André Azoulay is a peace mediator to negotiate between the Catholic and the Protestants.  He came accompanied by an Irish Protestant possibly from the ULDP who Mr O’Hanlon considers a spy for the ULDP,  who also wants to know more about the functioning of the INLA.

Shaun O’Leary and Niall O’Quinn (the man who was shot in a shooting ranche in Antwerp, and who was deadly wounded. He later died in hospital – reportedly in Middleheim), were also at the meeting with Mr Azoulay.

Shortly after the visit of Mr Azoulay , Maureen was killed by a self-made bomb with no names of manufacturers on it. By reconstructing the facts, Mr O’Hanlon began to wonder about a possible retaliation from his Belgian visitors.

Mr O’Hanlon tells  how surprised he was that they (Azoulay and van Lidth de Jeude) necessarily wanted him to accept money from them for buying the weapons.  He does not understand why anybody would insist that he uses their money and not someone else’s.

Mr O’Hanlon continues to find similarities in the purpose of Mr Azoulay and Mr van Lidth de Jeude in this part.  In his opinion both men share the same purpose and the same country of origin (Belgium) from where they flew into Northern Ireland.   Perhaps they share the same ancestry as well.  Perhaps the young one is a nephew of the older one.

Click here to listen to Part Eight

Part IX – Any Similarity with ISIL?

In part IX, I attempt to know more about the weapons, how they make them and who makes them, with the intention to find similarities with Islamic State.   In this part Mr O’Hanlon discusses his life in HM Prison Maze in the period when Bobby Sands was also imprisonned.  It seems to me that in prison, he was asked the same questions like the  visitors from Belgium.  They wanted to know who are the members of INLA.

Click here to listen to Part Nine

Part X – The Radicalization of the Northern Irish

Maureen was killed in a pub, when Paidrige was celebrating his very last day of celibacy.   He was getting married to Maureen the next day.  It was known by the INLA and by all the friends and comrades of Paidrige.   Paidrige never thought that something terrible would happen on that day,  the most important day of his life.  While the celebration was taking place in a pub, a bomb went off.   It was an artificial bomb.  It took the lives of 17 people.

In part X, I am guiding Mr O’Hanlon into another reading of that bombing, of this very important event, which concerns the lives of Mr Hanlon and his pregnant wife-to-be, is that it was perhaps part of a big radicalization system, which we are witnessing today in countries like Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, Lebanon, Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria, etc.   When you lose a loved one, you become radical, but you will also begin to see anyone as a possible enemy.  It makes people go blind, buy more arms, and organize retaliation fasters…. Without thinking.

Up till now, Paidrige thought that the bombs were laid by the Protestants.  By reconstructing the sequence in which happened, and which Mr O’Hanlon told in earlier interviews, it appears that a third party was playing  By the end of the interview, you will notice how Mr O’Hanlon began to doubt that the Protestants were the perpetrators of that bombing which killed his wife.  He still instists the religion is the reason for the civil war.  Yet, he remembers my words, when we met for the very first time, in the city archives, I told him that all those lengthy wars are a business.

Click here to listen to Part Ten

During all the interviews, I have been wondering what was a Moroccan official doing in Belfast in 1976 ?


Why  Belgium provided asylum to Mr O’Hanlon ?

Perhaps the reason for given asylum to him in Belgium is to keep an eye on him, so that no information ever exfiltrates to the international community, and especially Morocco.

Continue listening  from part 11 to part 27


Naima Mouali
President of the United Chambers



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