Raïs Al Sisi: In Honor of the Victims in Tanta

handwritten letter to President Al Sisi of 14 April 2017_make him fall before he makes you fall

Brussels, Friday 14 April 2017


Raïs Al Sisi el habib,

My condolence to the all the people of Egypt, Jews, Christian and Muslims.  Losing anyone hurts all of us.   What happened in Tanta requires a firm response.  

What is the use of keeping the Anna Lindh Foundation open on your territory ?   Does it help Egypt in any way ?  

Allow me to recommend to just close it. It might help in preventing future attacks that could be much bigger  against your people and against the tourists who love visiting Egypt. 

Read my extended letter with more advice for you.

Yours sincerely,

Naima Mouali, United Chambers of Commerce