Press Release – Ex-INLA Interview Reveals Northern Ireland Conflict is no Celtic Mysticism (11-27)


This press release concerns the second series of interviews (from part XI to part XXVII) with the Ex-INLA fighter Padraig O’Hanlon. For listening to the first series (from part I to part X), please click on this link.

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Part XI – There is still a difference between a Catholic and a Protestant, and between the Irish and the Northern Irish

All these years, Mr O’Hanlon has been believing that the Protestants placed the bomb in the pub, the day before his marriage. In this part, I am trying to talk it out of Mr O Hanlon’s head that the Protestants are responsible for the hostility. That is too simplistic. I provided to him the perspective that there could be a third party.

I am also questioning whether someone is abusing the religious conviction, but it is not clear if Mr O’Hanlon is a confirmed Catholic. Note that he was born without a father. He only declares that he is Mr O’Hanlon who uses several names insists on his 100 % Northern Irish. In this part, he admits not knowing who founded the INLA and the IRA.

When I began to bring into evidence the presence of Belgians in Northern Ireland, he admitted only having seen 2 people (one young person with the family name van Lidth de Jeude and one lookalike of Mr André Azoulay).  See further down.

Later, when they began to murder his former comrades, the one after the other, one of them seems to live in Belgium, and he was murdered in Antwerp.  Much later, Mr O’Hanlon recognized the name and the face of Mr Daniel C. Renson, who he has seen in Belfast and in Antwerp.  So there are more Belgians that he knows from Northern Ireland than he previously thought, not to mention himself.  From the linguistics, I figured out that he was not an Anglo-saxon.


Part XII – Padraig O’Hanlon defines himself as the freedom fighter and a rebel

In this part I am discussing the recent death of the former comrades of Mr O’Hanlon. He was depressed and afraid not for himself, but for doing something really bad to those who he is beginning to see as the people responsible for the killing of Maureen O’Rourke, his wife to be. In this part he also declares that they receive money from people in the USA. The same subject is questioned and confirmed in part XIII, part XVII and part XIX


Part XIII – Mr O’Hanlon Thanks the Irish Community in the USA Their Gifts to the INLA

Padraig O’Hanlon doesn’t know who founded the INLA which together as the IRA were illegally established, he admitted. I asked if (both) were founded by the financiers who visited him and who suggested that he accepts their money.

When I asked how he recruited soldiers, he said that they were doing prospects in the schools. I am taking the liberty to draw similarities with what happens in Belgium. For quite a while, I have been suspecting the schools and the universities to He says they were between 5000 and 7000 soldiers at the INLA. The soldiers and their families were financially supported by the INLA. The money apparently comes from the Irish Community in the United States, he said. In this par he says that they were receiving money in Belgian franks. They changed the money locally. Off the record he mentioned the Bank of Ireland.

In the beginning, they were using the British pound and later they changed over to the Irish pound. Today, Northern Ireland is the only region in the UK which works with the Euro. I have asked the question if the peace agreement has anything to do with the Euro. He does not know. Note that there is question of the Euro, in part XIII.

After the discussion about the Euro, I asked the question again about the whether this was not the true reason for ending the war. Padraig O’Hanlon claims that the Euro has done a lot of good to Northern Ireland (the Irish Tiger – he mentioned off the record).

What did he gain ?   He answered that in Northern Ireland they gained their human rights, like the right to get involved in politics, which was not the case before.  I noted that he himself gained nothing because he had to leave before the peace agreement was signed (Part XV)

I asked more questions about the international banking. I asked how he transported his pocket money when he attended the 1972 Woodstock concert in New York. He said in cash, because he doesn’t trust the banks of the other countries.

In part XIII, he also mentions Martin McGuinness and Bernadette Develine of which he doesn’t know if she is still living. I also questioned him about the role of the church. He mentioned Father Murphy. When it comes to the Vatican, Padraig O’Hanlon does not agree with the Pope.

In this part he mentioned that he was forgiven by a priest for everything he has done in Northern Ireland, and that he is OK now.

I asked him why he left a country that he was fighting for and why he has chosen Belgium as the country for his refuge. He declared that he was not the one who decided to come back to Belgium.

I think a list with the dates of the cease-fires and of the curfews in Belfast, for the period in which he thinks the young van Lidth de Jeude came to Belfast, which is between 1 September 1978 and 31 October 1978. If the young van Lidth de Jeude came during an important cease-fire, perhaps the people who sent him to do the talks are the same people who were directing the entire war in Northern Ireland.

In this part, I recommended to the ex-INLA fighter to thank the American Irish Catholic families who have been supporting the INLA with their moneys. He admitted that they only supported “because of the civil war”. These very strange Catholics in the USA seem to never have cared about the Northern Irish people like Padraig O’Hanlon after the civil war.

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Part XIV – Were Prostitution and Pedophilia Part of the War in Norhtern Ireland

Part XIV is about the women and children, and particularly the pedophilia. I asked if child abuse has something to do with the war in Northern Ireland. It seems that the Catholic church has more to do with this than the Protestants. I was trying to find out if the child abuse, and the passing on of the (new) diseases (previously unknown to ) has anything to do with the war. It is like a Holocaust, targeting the adults (the males in particular). The North Irish

It sounds like this was a war of which the purpose was to make as many widows as possible.  That is how it sounds like to me.


Part XV  –  When the Catholics Gained Their Human Rights, this Courageous INLA Fighter Had to Flee Northern Ireland… Did He Fight for Something of for Nothing ?

Part XV as well as Part XIII are one of the most exciting of all the interviews with Padraig O’Hanlon.  In Part XV he talks about the end of his stay in Northern Ireland, the weeks or months before his departure to Brussels.  Mr O’Hanlon left Northern Ireland before the end of the fights, between 1997 and 1998.

According to him the fights ended when a Peace agreement was signed.  He never read the peace-treaty, but he agrees with it and he believes that it was the reason for the end of the war.  Then why does it take 30 years for signing a peace agreement.

On 28 November 2016, I agreed with Padraig O’Hanlon that he gets a peace agreement for me.  So far, I don’t think he found a copy.  I did and I didn’t tell him that, and I had a look the peace agreement.  The language in the Northern Ireland agreement and the style is exactly like the statutes of the Anna Lindh Foundation.   It contains no names, no places or addresses, no dates, no specifications.  The only clear instructions on that paper are those involving the amnesty for the prisoners and directives for the police.  You will find a full analysis of the Anna Lindh Foundation in :

Urgent Alert to Catch the Godfather of Morocco  The war in Northern Ireland would have stopped with this lousy piece of paper.  Well you will know too who I mean by “the United Nations”, if you go through these extracts from the Belgian Official Journal.

It raises big questions about the reasons for the civil war.   So in this part I am questioning the reasons for starting and stopping the war.   The Good Friday peace agreement was signed in April 1998 and became effective in December 1999.

I asked to Mr O’Hanlon to explain what the reason was for ending the civil war in Northern Ireland.  First he said that it was the signature of the peace agreement, but I don’t believe that a signature on a piece paper can stop the war.

I kept pushing for better answers.  he said that towards the end, they weren’t receiving any more money for purchasing the weapons “from the Northern Irish Catholic community in the United States”.  That is a more accurate explanation.

In an earlier conversation off the records, he specified that they were receiving the sums in Belgian francs.  He afterwards corrected that it was in US dollars.  Still the money might have been sent to Northern Ireland from a lot closer than the United States.   Possibly from Belgium.  It looks like a fiscal fraud whether dollars or Belgian francs, but if the true nationality is determined, then this would.  I am still very curious about who the Northern Irish Catholic community is in the United States.

When I asked if the INLA was an officially registered organization, he said that it was not.  So this Irish community in the USA would be sending money to illegal organizations in the United Kingdom.  When I asked whether it still exist or not, he answered that they still exist a team, but that they don’t exist as an army.

So why aren’t they receiving any funds now ?  Why did the Irish community in the United States stop supporting the former INLA members financially ?  Is it the peace-treaty which was signed ?  No.  It is the Euro and some other mechanisms which the Azoulay must have found for the whitewashing of funds, such as the student grants like the one I discovered in “Is UCL Saint Luc a university hospital of a platform for human traffic ?”

One reason for stopping the fight was that they were simply tired of fighting, Mr O’Hanlon said.  They began to be tired after 30 years of fighting, he thinks.   Then it was because there was fewer money, and that is the reason for stopping the war.   He also said that he was looked for.  They were executing people without any court martial.  He reported that he was on the run.

Mr O’Hanlon fled “when the peace agreement was signed” he said first.  Later he said that he was searched.  He began to flee when he learned about some INLA comrades simply being executed, when they got caught.  He has been believing all his life that he was searched for by the ULDP, because according to him, they had a list of INLA-members, or by MI5.

I was unable to gain clarity of how come he was able to escape. He only told me that they helped him get another identity for fleeing Northern Ireland.  He flew to Belgium with about 10 other combatants like himself.  They could be more.  Upon the question “why Belgium”, he answered, “because of his father in law who was a Belgian”.   This is the man who had never left Northern Ireland. If he was not eliminated, it is because he must have been a brutal fighter who was able to use extreme violence.  Perhaps, they made sure that he was safe for deploying him later somewhere else.


Part XVI – “Belgian State” Mocks With Northern Ireland

Part XVI is about Padraig O’Hanlon’s life in Belgium. It describes his arrival in Zaventem, or Brussels Airport, which is the only part of Brussels which he has ever seen, so far. It describes his first days. I essentially asked questions about his integration in the Belgian society. It seems like he brought a significant amount of savings with which he paid off his mother’s debts, who was receiving retirement money or a widower’s pension.

Everything was going all right until in February 2012, she passed away. He started struggling and he describes how the Belgian State has been making it hard for him to get by (insert to waste articles). He is denouncing how the Belgian State is blocking help for the general people and how they favor only the wealthy. He is not happy in Belgium at all, because he doesn’t feel that he get helped. The only reason why he is here, is for his safety, until recently.

It it worth noting that he said they tried to eliminate him 7 times in Belfast, over the 30 years of time. He received a bullet in his head once. Note that I was very tired and needing sleep when taking the interview resulting in surprising questions at times.

In this part, I attempted to find from him if he could relate in any way the visits of Azoulay and van Lidth de Jeude in respectively 1976 and 1978 and the number of deaths at the INLA. He brought the figures of the IRA. In 1976, there were 53 casualties, in 1977 there were 87, in 1978 there were 218 which is a significant increase. He noted that the higherst number of deaths in the IRA ever occurred in 1978. That is the year when they lost most of the IRA members.

You will that from that moment he began to think that those deaths have something to do with the visit. I believe that this question gradually set him to finally see relationships which he never considered previously, such as the possibility that the bombing in which his preganant wife Siobhan O’Rourke was a deadly victim. This bombing occurred in 27 August 1976. One day before his wedding. It is a date that he will never forget.

This marks also a turning point in the interview, from that point onward, making him more willing to cooperate than ever.

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Part XVII – How would you feel if you discover one day that you have been protecting a monster.

In part XVII, he descibes the identity. They had 3 or 4 different names. They were using false identity papers in Norhtern Ireland, and they cost between 200 and 500 Euro per piece. It was paid with money “from the Irish Community in the United States”, he said. I think it is necessary Now we must get hold of this “Irish community in the United States”.

He said that when arrested, the police was only reacting on the names on the papers. (That is why I believe people were killed – I am drawing a parallel with the practices by the Nazi is )

I rose the question why they were not fighting for the liberation of Northern Ireland with their own names, because I don’t understand why fighting with a fake name would be less dangerous or safer than figting with a true name. That is something which I don’t understand.

May I recommend the authorities all over the world to introduce identity cards with finger prints and DNA records, and to limit name changes, in the future. It will become harder to fake anyone’s identity.


Part XVIII The Position of INLA Concerning Women and Children in the Northern Ireland

The INLA does not attack the women and children of the opposing party, because they are not the Enemy. Only the men are considered the Enemy, Mr O’Hanlon explained. The IRA and the Provos Compared with the INLA kill indiscriminately. He is telling us about cruel attacks on Mother’s Day and on killing children as old as 3 years of age. He assures that the INLA is not so bad as the Provos, but INLA could be as dangerous as the IRA. The INLA doesn’t kill for the pleasure of killing.

He describes the Provo’s (the Provisional IRA) as being extremely violent to the point that they are capable of killing their own members, particularly if they try to leave their army. When in argument among themselves, they just shoot on one another. They go after the people who leave the Provos.

They would go to the extent of making big trouble for the families of those who leave their psychopathic army. They seem like psychopaths who kill for the fun. They have the killer instinct, “. They were considered as outcasts. They got excluded by the IRA. Before the civil war ended two provisional IRA committed a mass killing in a pub, turning a pub into a slaughtehouse totally covered with blood.

The question remains “Where do they get the arms from”. Mr O’Hanlon said they get them from the IRA. He also mentioned that the Provisionals were behaving normally in the beginning with the IRA, later on they began to massacre in excessive ways. It seems like they were behaving normally perhaps until they got hold of the weapons. Here it should be questioned where the Provo’s orginally come from. Are they from the United Kingdom, from Ireland or… from Belgium

He seems to be saying that they are brainswashed by someone else, Mr O’Hanlon. This should very much like ISIL today in Syria and Iraq.

In this part we discuss the hiding places for the weapons in Northern Irelands. He confirms again that part of it are weapons they get from FN in Belgium. Now I am beginning to think that the stock of weapons which they have hidden, is perhaps the stock of weapons is currently being sold the Islamist groupies around the world, such as ISIL, Al Shabaab, Al Qaeda, FIS in Algeria and perhaps also the Polisario. Could this be applicable for the guerilla’s in Latin America ?

In this part Mr O’Hanlon also discusses internal killings, like the IRA killing an INLA member, that Catholics kill other Catholics. My orginal question was “What was the war about ? What it about the Catholic religion ?”, I asked. He said that it was a fight for their human rights.

When looking at his career, he became the 3rd in command 1976, the same year when Maureen O’Rourke was killed. He has met André Azoulay some weeks after being promoted, he told me off the records, upon my question if he rose to the 3rd position before or after the meeting with André Azoulay. He also told me off the records that he never met his predecessor (the previous third in command), but he believes that he was killed in the battle.

Now it sounds like the meeting which Mr O’Hanlon had with the person who we identified as André Azoulay is something very logical. It is possible that the so-called Mr Azoulay wanted to meet his new recruit, to find out who he is, where he is from and how he responds. Mr Azoulay asked questions about the organization to Mr O’Hanlon. Mr O’Hanlon didn’t want to cooperate with Mr Azoulay, not understanding who he is.

In an earlier recording he explained that Mr Azoulay was not happy. I think Mr Azoulay knew already everything about INLA and that he was not happy with having Mr O’Hanlon as the 3rd in command inside the INLA, which I presume is Mr Azoulay’s personal organization, but I could be wrong.

Mr O’Hanlon declared off the records that he escaped 7 murder attempts ever since the meeting with the so-called André Azoulay, of which the first was the bomb attack on 27 August 1976 which took the life of his wife and his unborn daughter.


Part XIX – O’Hanlon Declares INLA Receiving Funds from Hoboken… in USA or Belgium ?

I this part we discuss the funds and we are questioning the deaths which occurred in between the visits to Belfast of the persons who we identified as André Azoulay (1976), Christian van Lidth de Jeude (1978) and Daniel Renson (1982-1989). The number of deaths was increasing each time after every visit.

In part XIX I am checking again the reason for the visit by van Lidth de Jeude when he offered to INLA to accept in which he says that he received the money in Belgian franks. So that is not money coming from the Irish community in the United States of America. When I asked from which state in the USA the money was coming, he said it was from Hoboken.

There is a Hoboken in Antwerp and it is known for the metal industry. My father worked in it, and there was a company shutdown. When I brought to the attention of Padraig O’Hanlon that the money could come from here, he answered that he didn’t know there was a Hoboken in Antwerp.

So the chances are high that it was not the peace agreement which ended the war but the simple fact that they didn’t get any funds for purchasing the weapons. 

Note that the fact that both parties (INLA and ULDP) laid down the arms both at the same time, might be an indication that they had the same sponsors. Because why would any opponent care about the other party being able to purchase weapons or not ?

Again, I sought a parallel with the current terrorist groups which are referred to as the Islamists. We are also discussing false papers and fake names applied on ISIL. I asked if he would be commit a suicide for his country. He suspects brainwash. I suspect drugs, which is yet another good for whitewashing.

He is discussing the list with the most wanted people of the INLA which is property of the ULDP.   Since one month he has been promoted to number two, and now to number one of the INLA, following the disappearance of 6 INLA members within the last 4 weeks.

I inquire about how they get hold of a weapon as a soldier or if they had to purchase the weapons. They contacted a character who is not related to IRA nor to the INLA who the purchasing of absolutely everything.  Apparently they ordered guns by the phone.  One explantion for the end of the fights was the disappearance of this finance character..

My feeling is that this finance character was also doing the purchases and the payments for the ULDP.  I asked him what he knows about the UDLP, how they are sponsored.  He does not know.  The war was about injustice, which is about poverty.  “How do you know that the Protestants were richer than the Catholics ?”   

Mr O’Hanlon didn’t study the opponents (ULDP). Basically they don’t know much about the opponents apart from that they are Protestants. They were presented as Enemy, based on what they were “planning to do”. Apparently an Enemy is a coward or someone who does not approve their actions. That is all.

To me it sounds like a colonization of Northern Ireland by another human branch

The National Bank of Belgium supplies loans to the European Commission, so I read in the Belgian official journal. The same for the United Nations. Could it be that these organizations were created to prevent investigations of the civil wars such as the one in Northern Ireland, so that every time, they feel like whitewashing big amounts of government money, they can do that by start a war and by selling arms ? In the process, they also start a world organization to cover up the investigations. That is how they’ve been making earnings.

It causes me to look at the Hiroshima and the Nagasaki bombings and the financing of the International Atomic Energy Agency by the National Bank of Belgium. Someone is hiding their responsibility. There is a small group of individuals who are functioning in full lawlessness. That is how they want to make money and to get rich. Don’t you think, your Excellency I believe that there are better ways for making money and for becoming very rich.

Until three weeks ago – according to Padraig O’Hanlon who I interviewed – Belgium appeared to be the safest place for Padraig O’Hanlon.

He seems to find similarities with the wars in the other countries. Though he thinks that the wars are “Orchestrated”. That is precisely the word which I used in the Godfather of Morocco.

In another conversation he said that the local people were not involved in the fights, and that it was only between the Catholics and the Protestants.  He sounded like saying that the Catholics and the Protestants are different people than the local people of Northern Ireland.

We also discussed the traitors. He is suspecting a traitor among them, with a connection to Belgium, it is someone from the INLA. It is someone who admitted receiving money for releasing the name, since the last two or three years. He also warns that they might go after the IRA members in the coming days.

He confirmed it is possible that the ULDP has connection in Antwerp. ULDP is possibly funded by Belgium, he said.

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Part XX – Is the Outbreak of Prostitution in Northern Ireland Related to Whitewashing ?

In this tape he mentions about child prostitution in Northern Ireland, it started before the civil war and in the Church. Catholic Priests abused children, he said.

Sometimes he thinks that prostitution is related with the funds of the war business, but he doesn’t know how. He finds that Northern Ireland is relatively safe for the women and that the prostitution is rare. However, he noticed an outbreak of prostitution in Northern Ireland during the fights, and he didn’t understand why. Now he knows that it is for financial whitewashing purposes, just like the pubs.

His pregnant wife died in a bomb attack, the day before his marriage…

just because someone want to whitewash the damned money from fraud.

Mr O’Hanlon and his comrades are convinced northern Irish people, perhaps in the same way like the Nazi were also convinced that they were Germans from the Third Reich. He says that the Nazi never came to the United Kingdom, but I believe that they finally managed to invade the United Kingdom through the Northern Irish conflict.


Part XXI – Mr O’Hanlon Has Seen Daniel Renson in Belfast and in Antwerp

I dropped the name Daniel Renson to Padraig O’Hanlon. Mr O’Hanlon remembered the man with a serious scar on his face. Mr O’Hanlon saw him between 1980 and 1989.  Allow me to insert the CV of Mr Daniel C. RENSON for review.

The scar on Mr Renson’s face – according to Mr O’Hanlon – was not a fresh wound when he met him. According to him, Mr Renson has something to do with the money, but he couldn’t provide any specific detail. He is possibly the one who transports the cash, but I could be wrong.

Padraig O’Hanlon remembers the name Renson as he has seen him in Belfast, where – according to him, he played the rich playboy. There is some truth in it, that Mr Renson makes very big efforts to be attractive and pleasant. Though, here in Belgium, he down plays the rich side of his play boy efforts. Any women who is highly sensorial would immediately feel that his emanation is unpleasant no matter what he does. The description by Mr Padraig O’Hanlon matches the way I know Mr Renson too.

Mr O’Hanlon ignores that Mr Renson is a member of the MR party (Mouvement Réformateur). Mr Renson has contacts with several other political party members and of which many are in the Belgian government.


Part XXII – Mr O’Hanlon Confirms Having Seen Mr Renson.

I am showing the picture of Daniel Renson. He recognized him definitely. He has seen him in Belfast and in ‘t Zand, a pub in Antwerp. He thinks it is possible that Daniel Renson has something to do with the false identity papers. He might be the replacement of the person who was making the identity papers previously in Belfast. Perhaps this could be his occupation and the reason why he is involved with the migrant community in Belgium. That makes sense.

Mr O’Hanlon reported an increase of deaths in the ranks of the INLA, of people who were from Northern Ireland. If I should draw a parallel between the Northern Ireland conflict and the Holocaust, then one explanation for all these deaths could be the identity papers of the Northern Irish or the British. That could explain why a lot of people died after every visit from Belgium.

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Part XXIII – Who has been Liquidating the INLA Fighters these days and why ?

Since a few weeks, INLA people were being assassinated. Today, 5 December 2016, the sixth comrade or the number one who he believed was safe, was killed today. This makes of Padraig O’Hanlon number one.

We are hearing nothing about any liquidations or eliminations in the news. One explanation could be that the people who died were using a false identity and that they can’t be identified. I asked questions about how easy or difficult it is to change identity papers in Belfast. He told me about the man who was doing this so well. Padraig O’Hanlon explained how he got arrested in Belfast with another identity and how they were never able to track him down, because of a fake identity.

Today, Padraig O’Hanlon is wondering who has knowledge of a ULDP list with the names of his comrades. He is particularly surprised that someone knows who they are and where they are. I think that someone knows their true identity and that is why they can be traced.

The chances are that the person who provided to them another identity is the one who knows precisely who they are and where to find them. Perhaps the recent assassinations happened in this connection. Padraig O’Hanlon thinks that it is the Protestants who are“starting the war again”. The man is a cancer patient nearing the terminal stage. He is getting a morphine injection every morning. If it wasn’t the disease holding him back, he would have taken up the arms to fight against the Protestants. He is convinced that it is them going after his comrades.

I think that someone is very scared in connection with the false identities and that he would be revealed. He is killing all the people who obtained falsified papers from him. That is what I think.

Mr O’Hanlon thinks that absolutely nobody in Belgium can find him. It does not dawn on him that he is in the country which for her wealth seems to rely on the false identity of people. It is a country which has had an interest in the civil war in Northern Ireland. Some of them were provided asylum in Belgium, so that Mr Renson could keep an eye on them.

Mr Renson once said that he had a green card. Could you verify if the green card which Daniel Renson claims to have is a real one or a fake one ? If it’s fake, then he will hang. If it is real, then it should be cancelled.

Also in this tape, he also declares that he thinks that Mr Daniel Renson and Mr André Azoulay know each other. He declares having seen Daniel Renson in Belfast between 1980 and 1989.

Mr O’Hanlon thinks that Mr Daniel Renson has seen Niall O’Quinn. Mr O’Quinn is Mr O’Hanlon’s comrade who was assassinated in Antwerp about 3 weeks ago. He suspects that Daniel Renson has something to do with the assassination of Niall, perhaps as the financier or as the executer himself.

He confirms that there is a connection to Belgium with everything that happened in Northern Ireland. Every time there was a visit from Belgium, they’ve been having a significant increase of deaths. That is logical

(so if they search the house of Daniel renson, they will find elements referring to Northern Irish identity papers).


Part XXIV – Mr Daniel Renson is Mentioned

Mr O’Hanlon declares that his phone is being listened into since a few weeks. He explains how he knows that his phone conversations are being tapped.

I recommend interrogations of Mr Daniel Renson in connection to weapons trade to Northern Ireland and to other parts in the world.


Part XXV – Mr O’Hanlon Does not Believe in Car Accidents

The sixth victim, Michael Flanagan, died today, 6 December 2016 following a car accident. He was run over by a car in Belfast. Mr O’Hanlon found the accident suspicious. Since three weeks, Michael took refuge in one of the safe houses of the INLA, where he couldn’t be found, but they found him on the street with other former INLA members.

Mr Flanagan was the second in command. As the first in command also disappeared. Mr O’Hanlon is now the first in command.

In this section, I ask about the uniforms. How did they got hold of the clothes, the shoes and the cars. In general Mr O’Hanlon has no clue about how the orders and the payments were organized technically. He only knows that the cars (unlike the weapons) were shipped to Belfast by boat.

They were using cars made by GM and Ford. That he knows for sure. Again, Mr O’Hanlon thinks that the cars were made in the USA and that they were probably gifts from the Catholic Irish community in the USA. However, why would GM and Ford be shipping finished cars to Northern Ireland

In Part XIX he mentioned Hoboken They mights as well come from Antwerp. From his answers At least his answers show that

His financiers and his bosses were making up lots of lies. He is making up stories about his identity. They are all manipulating one another, and this is how problems never get resolved. He has one goes side: he knows upfront how Daniel Renson, André Azoulay and any of the van Lidth de Jeude are going to respond. They will all deny everything upfront. Nobody

I have also detected the complex of necessarily wanting to lead a large group of people and to give orders. When asked an example of orders he gives, he replies “you know what kind of orders I give… such as the one recently. He didn’t repeat his order, but he gave the instruction to “eliminate” the person he thinks has been betraying the 6 INLA members who died during the past 6 weeks. Not surprising in a country where you have to wait all your life for justice. The people will take Justice in their own hands, in the very end.

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Part XXVI – Mr O’Hanlon Plans to File Murder Case Against André Azoulay

Mr O’Hanlon is now very sure that the bombing in which Siobhan O’Rourke died was an orchestrated bombing by the person who we identified as André Azoulay. Now that the 6th INLA member was killed and that Mr O’Hanlon has become the first in command of the INLA, he is taking big decisions very fast. He contacted his former members in Belfast to conduct searches and to investigate Mr Azoulay as well as to re-investigated the bombing in which his wife was killed. His plan is to file a court case against André Azoulay. He also promises to make revelations about unclean business of FN in Herstal.

He received other news, particularly about a suicide committed by a wife of a comrade. Mr O’Hanlon couldn’t speak of sorrow. He sobbed.


Part XXVII – O’Hanlon Plans to Share Most Shocking News on André Azoulay in Northern Ireland.

This audio is about a family member of a fallen INLA member. It’s the widow of a comrade who was recently assissinated. She had hung herself. Mr O-Hanlon talks about it.

Mr O’Hanlon expressed his determination to testify against André Azoulay at the Court in the Hague. He is definitely making us very curious.

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Naima Mouali, President of the United Chambers of Commerce


Allah Ghaleb will remind humanity of all the configurations specific to the Enemy, while being taught the right ones, which the Enemy shuns just like legal and official things.  The Enemy has a severe tendency to make his own laws that are egoist by nature, unhealthy and unfit for the human beings.  The mentality manifests a lack of values and it will always exist in this category of humans.