President Vladimir Putin: My Tribute to the Victims of Saint Petersburg

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This letter was posted on Twitter to President Putin on 1 October 2015.  Back Then, I had analyzed that the war in Syria is a financial one, and much less a political one related to President Bashar Al Assad and his opponents.  It turns out that it was a financial war indeed related to the sales of bootleg crude oil in the region, for buying weapons and for allowing the whitewashing of embezzled government funds through the sales of the weapons.

Here is my letter again, with a new request :



Dear Mr President Putin

Did you know that the armies which the Russians fought in the Balkans between 1914-1918 and in the Caucasians and the Ukraine in 1940-1945 were not Germans ?   I am sure that the Russians made the same observation when they captured a few soldiers from the camp of the Enemy.  They might have discovered too that they were not Germans.  There is a high chance that they  were Belgians.  That is what I discovered recently, when I was researching to understand the cause of World Wars I and II, and if I was dealing with the same Enemy still today, here in Belgium and in Morocco.

In Wallonia, during the World War II there was a collaborator named Léon Degrelle of Rex (a movement of collaborators with the Enemy from 1936 to 1943) who was sent to fight with his highly violent troops in the Soviet Union, against the Russians.  In 1943, he came back alive and unharmed.   After the war, he fled from Belgium, so not to be found and to esape the repression

I am summarizing my discoveries in a book called “Allah Ghaleb”.   it is a book that I wrote in the context of a global campaign as a response to a blackmail against the Kingdom of Morocco by two French journalists who asked for 3 million Euro or to publish the secrets of my country.

Well, unless I get seven thousand seven hundred seventy-seven billion Euro in exchange for the non-publication of my book, full of secrets like the one above, that the Nazi could be Belgians, I will go ahead and publish it too.


That a Head of State is being approached in this way is unacceptable.  In my heart I know that you agree with me, because you are the only Head of State who is defending President Bashar El Assad, and I know that you are doing this for the principle.  In this respect, I want to express my admiration for your leadership on the international scene, and to be the only one for doing this.

I am supporting your position from a financial perspective.  The war in Syria has no other reason than a financial one.   When all the Syrians leave the country, then all the reserves of the Bank of Syria are left available for the enemies of Syria and/or of Bashar el Assad.  There is only one person who knows everything about the Bank of Syria and who can guarantee the reserves and the future of the Syrian people for the moment until they return.  That is President Bashar el Assad, like him or not.   One needs firmness in a region with a rival state harboring enemies, just nearby.

Finance should take the highest priority, and when it comes to this it is in the interest of all the countries to endorse the President Assad. When it comes to democracy, President Assad should produce fewer civil victims, but then again, what is democracy ?  It is bankruptcy.   I’m living in the heart of Europe and in all my life, I have never seen the color of democracy and any human right what so ever, for so far, and I am writing about it my book Allah Ghaleb.

For further information about the book, allow me to refer to the letters to Mr President Obama and to the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in the link attached.


Allow me to ask two things from you :

Is it possible for you to help me find more information about the Enemy of World Wars I and II ?   Perhaps what will help is to answer the question why the USSR needed an Iron Curtain.  I am beginning to understand the value of such curtain, when I see how crooks came to dominate our planet.

  1. In the letters to the US President and to the United Nations, I mentioned a number of projects for my country Morocco which got stolen.  The thieves raised money for terrorism with my business plans.  They found the funds. I never did.  While you are at the United Nations, could you please help Morocco raise as much money for my projects as the thieves were able to do for terrorism around the globe.  I wanted to start 13 years ago, and I was delayed, because I was spied upon all my life and someone who is related to the National Bank of Belgium was telling to all the funders not to finance any of my projects.


Now I have to catch up fast, and as it is a globalization project, I need a company and a residence in every country, in which I can receive people like you.  I need an airplane and sufficient money for paying three pilots, I need a car in every country, I need a team of ICT people who can write software for a digital Iron curtain for protecting my web sites, because my websited were hacked into by the looters.   In my book Allah Ghaleb I explain who the looters are.


Please, follow me on Twitter (Nahema), so that I can send to you the draft of the book and all the documentation, which I am proposing to the  publishers this week.  You will find more information about Léon Degrelle and Rex in it.   I am also seeking sponsoring for my book and for the campaign against the blackmail on King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

Please share my letter to all the other Heads of State while you are there.

I thank you ever so greatly, dear President Putin, for everything that you do for my country.  I hope to see you in Russia soon.  Please pass along my greetings to your family and to Vice-President Medvedev.

Yours sincerely,

Naima Mouali, President of the United Chambers of Commerce and Industry