Zika Disease Control Strategy by Anaccell Corporation


The Anaccell Corporation is a company in essential oil-based cosmetics that are personalized to support the human immune system.  The Anaccell preparations function in a targeted way to eliminate a specific problem. Our approach is biointelligent and organic, and thus in relation to humans and their immune system, in relation to animals such as the insects, and in relation to the plants, which are our prime material.  With the biointelligence, we aim to bring solutions to the market that are respectful of the biological ecosystems, and which work in lasting ways.

click here for a briefing on biointelligence

Should Anaccell Corporation be offered to solve the current Zika virus pandemic, it would mean to understand how the virus behaves to survive, how the mosquito behaves in Nature and how it can survive while carrying the Zika virus.  It would also mean to know about all the plants that the mosquito dislikes and why, and to research if that plant can be safely used by the humans for keeping the mosquito at a distance, at least.  If it works, we might train the mosquito to never come close to the humans again. Read more about the 5 principle of the Anaccell Corporation.

The essential oils which Anaccell uses in their products are directly extracted from the plants.  There are essential oils that are capable of killing viruses. Though it needs to be verified if the Zika virus can be effectively eradicated with essential oil. The essential oils are very powerful. They kill diseases without killing Man. The pharmaceutical industry doesn’t like the essential oils because the oils can solve practically any disease, including cancer and malaria.  The Anaccell Corporation seeks to compete through cooperation, by shifting the paradigm and by developing a the personalized drug system.

The Anaccell Corporation disease control laboratory develops multi-dimensional immunity systems for targeting pandemics.  The first range of products are the Skin Immunity Systems for external use on the human body.  In the case of the Zika virus, Anaccell Corporation will not only try to keep the mosquito away, but in the case the mosquito has bitten, the victim must immediately apply a high concentration of a solution to neutralize the bacteria and the viruses which have been introduced through the skin.

The second range of products are the Physical Immunity support products taken internally in the form of pills.  The third range of products are the surface control products to remove bacteria, viruses and other pathogens from the surfaces inside a room, such as in the hospitals.  The fourth range involves the areal biodecontamination, a purification system through the spread in the air of a microscopic mist to block the contagion between people. Anaccell Corporation is also developing intimate care to inhibit contagion through sex.  That is what we mean with multi-dimensional. The products are composed to train the human immune system, of adult and infants, to respond naturally to infections.   View the Anaccell products.
The Anaccell Corporation also participates in developing a biointelligent cure against the cancer.  Cancer is the business of everyone.  Anaccell Corporation plans to lead the research in a kind of open source environment for collaboration with many universities in the world.

Recently, I wrote a Letter to the King of Morocco about healing cancer with gold. It has been proven that gold reduces the inflammation in the blood. In the cancer treatment, feeble traces of the gold can be used for preventing the organs near a tumor from being infected.

Anaccell Corporation has been working on a way to naturally introduce nano-particles of gold in the body, and to have those particles absorbed by the body, and how to measure it’s presence in the blood.  In combination with a good selection of the essential oils like those which attract oxygen to the place where oxygen is needed, Anaccell Corporation might be very close to fighting the cancer, and perhaps in a definitive way.

The Anaccell corporation is a DNA-driven pharmaceutical company. When the plant DNA code against the cancer, which in most of the Anaccell products, is transmitted from the mother to the baby, then this reduces the chance of finding cancer genes in the baby. In most cases either the plant or the quantity of concentration in the Anaccell products is appropriate for pregnant women.  This approach can be of great importance for the fight against the Zika and the subsequent microcephaly birth defects.

The Anaccell Corporation is a Moroccan brand, which started off with locally produced essential oil in Morocco.  Give 5 years to stop the cancer with Anaccell Corporation.  Be informed on how Anaccell prepares for getting introduced on the stock exchange. Read the Anaccell letter to the investors.

The current estimated amount needed for the research and development of solution against the Zika is.  300 million USD.  The amount related to the production is under study

Here you can visit the  website of the Anaccell Corporation

Please feel free to contact us for more information

Naima Mouali, President of the United Chambers



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