Open the Age of Multidimensional Development at COP22

English briefing of the letter to Mr Salaheddine Mezouar, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Morocco, and President of the COP22


Dear Minister Mr Salaheddine Mezouar,

Nature is built according to a specific order, without which we would never have invented the watch to know the time, or the compass to know the geographical orientations and locations. The rule on which the universe functions is the law of Nature.

One failure against the set of rules by Nature could cause the collapse of the entire ecosystem. Often human wickedness is the cause of this collapse, either by wars or by a blind search for making profits with no regard to the consequences.  An example is nuclear energy. Another example is terrorism which is linked to the blind pursuit of profits.

Perhaps the climate disturbances we have now, were needed to take awareness of the Law of Nature in some parts of the world which is often industrialized. The human activity should be used to keep alive entire families. Instead of this, the human activity has become a threat to human life and to the mental health.  That is why we urgently have to re-think the industrial logic and to align the industry with Nature. That’s what Aurum Helix Innovation Centers & Incubators does.

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Aurum Helix provides methodologies for a sustainable economic development consisting of enterprises and jobs.  ‘Sustainable’means for us that the company is consistent with the Nature and it follows the cosmic order in all these aspect.  As a result, our methodology to create industrial activity is multidimensional in order to deliver products and services respectful of Nature, which includes the humans, the animals, and the plants.

Unlike the pollution of the air, the land and the water, mental pollution is still the biggest threat to humanity.  Prostitution is such a form of mental pollution. Prostitution is a service of which the cancer and the HIV-AIDS are the  concrete results.  Aurum Helix Innovation Centers & Incubators handles first a clean up our mentality because it is the starting point of all changes.

The tourism sector in Morocco has expanded rapidly. In parallel with this there was opening of the Moroccan market which threw a myriad of ambitious measures concerning the status of the women, but not concerning the prosperity  of the women.  The expansion of the tourism sector was rather being used to hide the desire to clandestinely develop a flourishing market tourism market based on the human trafficking.

To remedy this, the Aurum Helix Innovation Centers & Incubators will set up a tourism related business accelerator to reorganize the tourism sector, to redefine the tourism markets so that the profits flow to the tourism export country and its workers.

The estimated amount for such an tourism incubator is 400 million USD. For each USD invested, the net gain is expected to grow 7 to 25 USD in 5 years time.  It is one of the most lucrative in the whole group of incubators.

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At COP22, I would like to present the Anaccell Corporation, a small business that I would like to run in Morocco and in my own incubator for cosmetics against the disruption of human health by the environment.  One phenomenon which is very marking of this disruption is the cancer rate which globally continues to increase, particularly in the West.  Most probably nuclear energy and the thinning of the ozone layer contributes to the increase of cancer everywhere.

Anaccell Corporation has defined a strategy to slow down the cancer with gold.  That is the Anaccell’s strategy that aims at the increase of the effectiveness of the immune system.  Another strategy to eradicate small tumours is by herbal cell therapies. The therapies will be customized according to the DNA of the individuals for lasting results.

The budget to achieve an incubator of this type for customized herbal cosmetics amounts to USD 2 billion, and the expected growth of jobs (direct and indirect) is 100 per year. The profit potential of the cosmetics could be reach the 17 billion USD annually, which largely covers the cost of the initial investment.

The budget for the research and the development of effective treatments against cancer amounts to 935 million USD. The funds will be used to support research centers that are aligned with the priorities of the Anaccell Corporation, or for which know-how is an added value for the realization of the strategies for eradication of cancer eventually.

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It’s the challenge of cancer which helped the Anaccell Corporation to capitalize on her trust in Nature and her own know-how in biointelligence to embark on research and development to combat the Zika with an organic approach. There must be a disorder at the basis of the Zika outbreak and we will have to commit investments that aim to restore the balance as quickly as possible on our planet.

The required budget provisionally amounts to 250 million USD that will be used for the construction of a private-public partnership for a research laboratory against Zika, following a call for a solution from the White House. The provisional amount needed for the research itself, partiluarly on the relationship between the mosquitoes and the Zika virus is temporarily estimated to 300 million USD. This amount could ris edepending on the mosquito and the Zika virus mutate.  We do not know yet how much it will cost to produce and distribute the solution in a growing number of countries affected by the Zika virus.

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At the COP22 I would like to present the multi-disciplinary aims of our incubator model, because in our model the incubators are also social actors, and they take up the responsibility to develop an industrial and economic ecosystem for the community where the incubator is located. There where an industrial park seeks the cooperation between companies, our incubators are designed to ensure a direct contact with the markets.

The estimated amount per incubator is 225 million USD. For each USD invested, the net gain is modestely expected to grow 3 to 5 USD in 5 years time.  Let me repeat that  I am being very modest.

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Our incubators will be connected to each other around the world to form one digital platform and to create synergies across the world. It’s the Digital Unity project whose purpose is to allow access to the broadband internet to 3.5 billion people currently cut off from the world.

To increase the activities of the network, this tool will be used as tool for a fast response to natural disasters and to prevent the loss of lives. Given its close relationship with the incubators the raising of financial resources by this network of businesses for the disasters can be made very quickly. After the disaster the incubators will help communities to recover.

The estimated budget for Digital Unity is 850 billion USD, given the existing digital divide which is still very important.  The gains for the operators will be as important.

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Another incubator will specialize in the conduction of the electrical energy which is freely available in Nature. Just ask yourself what makes the earth turn around its axis, to realize that there are energies which man has not yet understood to operate with them. A better understanding of these electrical energies will occur during the integration of all the clean energy into a ‘seamless’ power supply technology to feed into devices, into the vehicles, but especially towards the homes and the buildings, in order to avoid several connection points in a construction and to avoid the purchasing of devices that are compatible with one electric energy but not with another.

I work together  on this with Bart Schram a Belgian electro-physicien of Indian origin, who invented a battery that is built on a different dynamic than the one we have known so far. Conventional electricity is based on electromagnetism. The latter requires the construction of distribution networks. This time we rely on the law of gravity to draw electrical energy from the Earth.

With this logic there is no more need to build electric dams if the oceans and the waterfalls could fill this role much better. There will be more need to build nuclear power plants if volcanoes or hot water sources could do the trick. With the new logic there is no more need of very large networks of cables and wires.  With the new logic electricity will cost much less and it will be available everywhere, whereas at the moment the cost of building networks is the biggest obstacle for the access to the electrical energy.

Electricity is necessary for human development. We believe that a change in the logic for the electricity will change much for the climate and humanity, for the better.  This other electric dynamic logic follows the natural electricity logic, while the traditional electricity, the one we know today, does not follow Nature.   It is not natural.  Hence the disastrous climate change.  My colleague will be glad to present its new logic for electricity at the COP22 has to find future industrial partners.

The budget for the clean energy incubator which deals with the development of processors of electricity from the Earth’s gravity and its application in all areas of human life, amounts to 825 billion USD for a period of 2017-2030, given the very large number of populations who, after 60 years of development aid with the major international organizations, have been without any form of electricity.

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The $ 825 billion USD is justified and is nothing compared to the amounts that the others raised on  the stockmarkets in all major capitals of the world and which they have been raising at the conventions of the  international organizations for the economic cooperation, since 70 years to destroy the planet and for depriving a very large number of people of the resources to develop themselves. It was probably a policy to make the people leave their countries, to cause them to migrate to the north, and settle in the country where everyone has access to electricity.

Do you think, dear Minister Salaheddine Mezouar, that the international institutions which previously knew how to cause disasters, will now know how to clean the atmosphere of our planet, how to bring back to the countries of origin all the migrants, how to create decent employment fort his group ?   They didn’t care about eh literacy-rate during the past 70 years.  Do you think that they now will care about the education and the inclusion of the migrants, and about the “fair trade” especially if it will take more than 825 billion USD to restore balance on all levels of life?   Do you think that these institutions know how to evolve from an unhealthy state to a healthier state ?

With the existing  international institutions, we will have to make efforts of austerity again, if we want the freedom of energy.  We will have to assist to new stock and banking irregularities, recessions, periods of high unemployment, famines, droughts, wars, terrorist attacks, injustices and mass migration, just like the situation is which we know today. There is only one word to describe this situation: it is


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And who says that there is no water in the desert or the Sahara? In this case, life should not be possible there also. However, there are cacti and snakes in the desert, and in the Sahara, there are some oases. That’s why another incubator Aurum Helix specializes in access to water and in the decontamination of stagnant waters.

Stagnant water is a key factor related to the mosquito carrier of the virus Zika. Pollution also is.  The water purification systems have so far managed to treat waste water from cities as well as the rivers and the canals, but purify stagnant water seems to remain a major challenge.  It requires a different process.

Mr. Aaron Holmes Sr is an American scientist who has managed to invent a pump to purify stagnant waters so that they don’t attract mosquitoes and so that these waters are no longer a threat to the ecosystem.

Given the large quantities of wastewater to purify, and the large desert areas where water sources are below the surface, the cost by 2020 to 75 billion USD just for the region of Western Sahara, where Aurum Helix will run a pilot project.


That was the summary of our program to help the Kingdom of Morocco to reach the goal it had set to rely by 50 % on renewable energy in 2030.

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Naima Mouali, President of the United Chambers 


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