Our Road Show for New Morocco 



This November, we will be running the New Morocco Road Show in Marrakesh as part of the COP22 Conference, which started last week and which finishes on 18 November 2016. 

Last September, we created on Twitter the @Unitedchambers account specifically for the purpose of promoting the New Morocco program for countering the rapid spread of human traffic, the massive illegal migration and the criminality in Morocco.   Click here to view a sample slide show on Twitter.
We are planning to create partnerships particularly with the major tourism brands and the fun parks, to shape together the brands for cities and resorts in Morocco, the partnership agreements with the hotel and catering industries, with the infrastructure developers, and with top hospitality suppliers to train the people who will run in a sustainable way the tourism industry in New Morocco.

Since 2013, I have been studying the Moroccan tourism sector by examining the earnings.  I have compiled all my findings in “Who is Selling the Sun to Whom”. The conclusion was a significant relationship between the tourism trade and the rising trend in transnational criminality, as well as the sophistication of the latter.

What supports my point of view is an economic policy of AWEX, the Walloon export agency, which exclusively supports financially the entrepreneurs of migrant origin only under the condition that their business concerns the tourism, otherwise nothing.   When you go to them with a project concerning tourism, they will give you lots of money…. otherwise you get nothing.   They tried to pull me in this direction, but I never contacted or visited AWEX because I found that they have used my CENEBP concept in a presentation for the Committee of the Regions, in which I also found a slogan with three values : Talent Technology and Tolerance, which I have been using for positioning the multicultural economy.  

Tourism should be directly related to fun, not criminality.  But, requesting to the migrant entrepreneurs to change their ambitions seems an unfriendly way of dealing with economic partners.  That is why one of our programs is to rework the Moroccan tourism sector by developing brands in similar ways like  Euro Disney and Club Med.
At the COP22 conference I will launch a network of business incubators which will take charge of the resorts infrastructure development, the brand management, the international sales and the staff development, as well as for the coordination with the local authorities of the tourism sector in major Moroccan tourism cities.  The business incubator will be an investment center for trade and human capital.

For more details, please have a look at the Halal Village Hospitality Concept which I wrote in the context of an innovative real estate development project for giving value to the forgotten heritage sites around the world.  Please find more information, on the business incubator concept and methodologies on our web site.  

I have always been very concerned about the future of my country Morocco, particularly when I notice that it’s economy and finances are being hollowed out by crooks. The other possible source of criminality might be the migration of many Moroccans particularly to North Europe where certain behaviors are not considered as crimes and remain unpunished, such as the prostitution, which is illegal in Morocco, but perfectly legal in countries like Belgium.
6.1 %  of the European Union population are immigrants, or 30 million people. The immigrants from the Maghreb form the second largest immigrant community in Europe. The Moroccan community is the second biggest group after the Chinese community in Europe.  In 2013, the number of Moroccans entering the EU was way much higher than the number of Chinese according to the European Commission.

According to the Moroccan bureau of planning.  There are about 2,739,051 (2.7 million) Moroccans living legally in Europe.  There are many thousands living illegally in Europe making the total approach 3 million Moroccan citizens.  That is 1/10th of the total immigrants in Europe and nearly 1/10th of the total population of Morocco (34.8 million people).

The proportion of Moroccans in Europe is alarming, and this might be one of the explanations for for the uncontrolled expansion of an informal tourism trade, perhaps consisting of bringing along their foreign friends to spend their vacations in Morocco.  In what way the vacations are spent cannot be verified by the authorities in the same way like in the formal tourism trade.  That is why I believe that this could be a source of criminality inside Morocco like the illegal migration and the human traffic, and a track which remained unexplored by the public authorities.
The major explanation for the migration has been the severe poverty and illiteracy of which the rate was during decades stagnating around 60 % of the population, compared to the rest of the Arab countries where the illiteracy rate dropped steadily.

The high illiteracy rate has earned the Moroccan people a very bad reputation and the label of the least evolved people in the whole of the Arab world, let alone on global scale.  I have witnessed personally the rejection of the Moroccans on behalf of the immigrants from the other Arab and Muslim countries, who have produced more university graduates than Morocco.  It causes division in the Muslim community and the Moroccans to be isolated from the rest instead of being helped.  

The concerns for the education is another reason which caused the Moroccan parents to flee Morocco and to get established in Europe, in the hope to see their children become educated and wealthy.  However, the entire migration evolution, whether legal or illegal, was in fact mafia-generated at source and ending in the ramifications throughout West Europe.  The aim of the mafia was to impoverish the Moroccan migrants more to make them sell their Moroccan real estate to Europeans as the quickest solution for getting the cash for solving their money problems.

In Morocco they were deploying highly oppressive policies against the Moroccan people which were dictated by a political mafia who has a tremendous informal power both in Morocco and in Belgium, where it is based.   The same political mafia has been found to financially govern the European Union institutions and NATO as well.  I have a summarized the findings in “The Godfather of Morocco”, a study that I wish to publish as a book and a movie that teaches everyone about how a mafia operates.


I wish I had good news to share with you about my life in Belgium.  I experienced the huge obstacles in this place, and I am sharing everything in Letters to King M6  (http://allahghaleb.wixsite.com/letters2kingm6 ). I am sharing highlights on the social media like Twitter and Facebook https://twitter.com/UnitedChambers/status/796035520333774849

I am also publishing on that website the solutions for overcoming these obstacles in the future,  which will enhance the  New Morocco, which extends from Tangiers to Laguira.
All the problems that I am sharing with you about Morocco in this letter went undetected and I am wondering if I am the first to make the discovery in 2001, when I began to craft investment projects for Morocco.  My intention was to take advantage of the extensive presence of the Moroccans in Europe, and to make them profitable for my country, by becoming the preferred hubs for Morocco’s economic development.

In those times, I wrote and copyright-protected “Growing Together – A Strategy for Digital Unity” which I sent on 9 March 2001 to the attention of Miss Carly Fiorina, then the CEO at Hewlett-Packard in Palo Alto. I admired her.  

In September of that year, the World Trade Center in New York was blown up, on 9/1, shedding the darkest cloud ever over the Muslim communities around the world.  Raising money for doing my projects with companies like Hewlett-Packard or anywhere in the world was going to be something very hard to do, or “impossible” from that point onward, for any Muslim.

When we as Arabs and Muslims try to raise money, we get accused of intentions to use the money for committing terrorism or for corruption.  Even e-commerce solutions like virtual credit cards and purchasing certain books online was a reason for getting checked out, when you are someone from the Maghreb.  We were deprived of all our freedoms to become developed people.  That was my case in Belgium, where certain politicians were making declarations on “keeping a close eye” on us all the time.  

Wearing the headscarf makes it worse. They label you as an “Ayatollah”, a “terrorist” or a “thief” very quickly.  These words come far too easily out of their mouths, and they can say that with such a merciless anger that any by-stander would doubt about you being an honest person, and would avoid doing any business with you.  

By 2004, instead of experiencing improvements for a better and brighter future for my country and my family, I began to experience violent setbacks, following the announcement of a sample idea for the group-purchasing of electricity.   

The Moroccan embassy in Brussels didn’t seem to love my country and my people as much as I do.  They were not responding to my letters concerning advice on setting up companies in Morocco for the group purchasing.  In the letter I included hints about the type of projects that I wanted to establish in Morocco, where I want to work and live for the rest of my life, given that the whole of Belgium was clearly having an issue with the Moroccan nationality and with the Islamic culture as well. I also thought that the ambassador was going to understand that ideas need investments and that good ideas could come from absolutely anyone.  The people working in the Moroccan administration were not used to Moroccans producing their own wealth.

I thought that Morocco was going to be proud of me, when I introduced the innovation wanted to make my I discovered how ideas for investment were undervalued by the Moroccan politicians, unless they are supplied by so-called major international financial institutions, coupled with the loans and partnership contracts with suppliers from the developed countries.  Morocco was listening and believing that system which they never questioned before.  They were accepting to carry out the programs “because all the countries work with these major international financial institutions for raising their standards upwards”.  As all the countries were working with these international institutions, they must be therefore be doing the right thing, and therefore I am wrong. 

Ever since, I have been delving in the development cooperation financing.  I was simply questioning the fact that a supplier of loans also imposes a program on how the loans should be spent, and why Morocco was accepting the violations of the most basic investment rules of the free market.   Morocco was also accepting the violations of the human rights, which the same institutions were using against the Kingdom of Morocco, when they want.  I am not sufficiently political to talk about human rights.  Let’s talk finance : “why was Morocco accepting the redistribution of their tax money by some foreign financial institution that they don’t control ?” 

That is how, as a former enterprise project controller with major American multinational corporations, I found out that the Moroccan government and people were actually highly exposed to unfair financial practices which were rather aiming to lead the country and the people fail.  It turns out that the international development programs caused the debts and the poverty to increase and entire economies of many countries to fail. http://allafrica.com/stories/201503050604.html    

I thought that Belgium would feel less threatened by my initiatives if I did them in Morocco. I learned from a Moroccan banker, that I was presented as someone who was breaking the rules with intentions to roll everybody.  So, by encouraging the private entrepreneurship to others for coming out of poverty and by aiming to lead by example with the investment projects for Morocco, I was seen as a wrong-doer, and this while all my copyright deposits at SABAM were being violated by an invisible mafia for rolling all the governments in the world. 

A group of extremely dishonest and impolite politicians in Belgium took all my copyrighted papers away and went straight ahead raising lots of investments in foreign countries to raise the profile of Belgium.  By doing so, they prevent that the money would flow to Morocco and to the Moroccan people, if I had funds ffor myself.  My e-mails, my postal mail and my phone numbers were monitored as if I had terrorist plans.  They sent many spies after me to tap into absolutely everything that I was doing. The Belgian State had demonstrated such a fury and has tried to change the opinions about me every time after I had contacted an investor abroad.  

During more than 10 years, they managed to get the whole of Belgium on their side.  All my deposits at SABAM (the Belgian copyrights organization) were systematically published in the Belgian media, and the Belgian enterprises were implementing the innovations without my consent.  They have destroyed the archives. It is as if I had never written or thought about anything.  It is as if I spent all my years being someone’s mistress, whereas I have been working terribly hard, every day and night, thinking on how to get my family and my country out of a very big mess. 

That is where I discovered that a much deeper problem existed in the relationship between Morocco and Belgium.  I discovered a Morocco which has never been in command of their own economy before, and the worst is that they were convinced of being an independent country since 1948, and no longer a colony.  My analysis is that the whole of Morocco was still a colony in the hands of an “invisible” mafia which aims to dispose of the entire Western Sahara.  

The true problem between Morocco and Belgium is the West Sahara.   That is why Belgium felt threatened by my initiatives if I would do them in Morocco.
Apparently, I was swimming against the tide with the innovative enterprise ideas.  That is the feeling I had while living in Belgium, and while I knew that I was doing the right thing for myself and my country, Morocco. Everything that I was doing was experienced as “changing the system”, such as my plans of returning to Morocco and of glamorizing the presence of the millions of Moroccans in Europe.  All I was doing was aligning my country and people with all the other economies in the world.   In Belgium, this was experienced as a threat.  

While I was trying to make our people useful for their country, someone else was doing everything to make our people not useful at all, by forcing them to make earnings with the illegal drug trade, the illegal migration, and the human traffic.  That is someone else’s system which I was trying to change with much nicer jobs.

As a matter of fact, the whole history of the post-World War migration towards Belgium has more to do with sex work and tourism than with the true economic development.  I was supposed to be part of it.  I was supposed to be in the sex business, but the mafia never succeeded in getting me involved in any of their business.  

I was alone to know this in my family and for many years, I fought alone, because nobody understood what my fight was about.  It was about avoiding the prostitution.  I fought alone because the whole of Belgium seemed to agree with His Excellency Azoulay to arrange bad luck for our country and to get me in the prostitution for the tourists in Morocco, so that they can buy diamonds.

The whole program of failures was geared on the prostitution or the sex work (including by the men) is pertaining to the economic and financial development of one man who lives in my country and with whom my people and I have absolutely nothing in common. The whole experience has lead me to the discovery of one individual in Morocco who informally is serving the Belgian State through spying and betrayal.   Formally he works as the advisor to the king of Morocco and against the interests of Morocco.  That is how I found out everything about who was in charge of the Moroccan economy.


The mafia is headed by His Excellency André Azoulay, the Advisor of the King of Morocco.  The man is Dutch and family of van Lidth de Jeude.  He took on a false name and the Jewish identity for penetrating Morocco’s highest spheres, from where he directs the destiny of every Moroccan downward of course.  This is something which I understood very early in life.   I knew that someone was following our family taking unfavorable decisions regarding every single person of our family.  

It took me years of effort to convince my government of this fact, “because I was not trained or prepared by any university” and “my expertise is not recognized” by any of the international financial institutions that Morocco was working with.  Of course, the Belgian State has done her homework very early in my life, by cheating with the school results, like they do with all the migrant youth from Morocco, particularly when both the parents are Moroccans.  The Belgian State also did her homework in Morocco, where she indoctrinated the leadership to believe the opinion of the international financial institutions that cannot be called banks and that are too big to save, the day when they fail.    

Uncovering the hidden agenda, denouncing a criminal mafia and raising the awareness of the Moroccan political class has not been an easy job to do because I was going against the established norms. I found better ways for getting the message across.  It was by tackling the issues in the most scientific way possible.  I presented the criminality as a separate enterprise belonging to someone else, generating large amount of earnings illegally, which are used for financially supporting illegal businesses such as the violent extremism.  

I am now also using the social media such as Twitter and Facebook for sharing my findings with prominent personalities around the world as well as with the international financial institutions such as the IMF, the IBRD, the United Nations, the European Union, the African and the Asian Development Bank, to name a few.  The rest will be published in my books “The Godfather of Morocco” and “Allah Ghaleb, the Enemy in Facts and Figures”.  

All these experiences didn’t stop me from pursuing the path that I traced for myself thanks to the inspiring people such as Miss Carly Fiorina and Miss Geraldine Ferraro, who was the running mate of the former presidential candidate John Dukakis.  All these people were the role models for me because I have in common with them the fact that we are immigrants from the Mediterranean basin.  

The difference is not that I am a Muslima and that they are Christians.  The difference is that they were evolving in an open society which allows them to get ahead, and where it is normal to have a dream, and to make the whole of America proud of who you are. I grew up in a society where they kill off all your dreams and where generally they bring out the worst inside of you, to make absolutely everyone ashamed of who you are and of the country where you are from.       

For circumventing all these obstacles, I have made from the onset the radical choice of avoiding the Belgian State altogether when it comes to raising funds.  I began to developed international financial relationships with major investors in other parts of the world.  I also vowed to never invest in Belgium.   

I must go to the COP22 conference in Marrakesh.  There, I wish to stretching the concept of “clean”,  like in “clean energy” over all the areas of life, including business, finance, trade and human relationships.  I am equally introducing other ways of thinking and reasoning which should lead to scientific discoveries faster than usual, which is necessary for dealing with unknown circumstances, like new diseases such as Zika and like water.


For example, it is believed that there is no water in the Sahara.  Well I think that there might be a big ocean underneath the desert.   How can we know that there is one ?  You think it is a coincidence that the sand in the desert is shaped precisely identical like the waves of the sea ?   What else could explain that the desert looks a lot like sea and that you have oases ?    That is what instinctively gives me the idea to dig very deep to uncover the water sources in the middle of the desert.  Like this, Nature signals to us where we can find our wealth and well-being.  There is still a lot that we have not yet discovered about the Universe and ourselves, on how we can use the full potential of our brain.  All we need to do for finding wealth is to be receptive to the signals of Nature and mankind.  At the COP22, I will present a way for collecting, conducting and recycling rainwater.

At COP22, I would like to present the United Chambers and the public private partnership program which our chamber is currently running, such as “From Mawazine to Panama Papers” http://allahghaleb.wixsite.com/welcome/tenders-partnerships .  The aim of this program is to have a closer look into the financial behaviors to distinguish friends and enemies in financial matters (http://allahghaleb.wixsite.com/welcome/value-added-skills ).  

For example : I have kept records of the setbacks which I suffered in my life in Belgium, which you will find in Letters 2 King M6 (http://allahghaleb.wixsite.com/letters2kingm6 ) on  the AllahGhaleb blog. http://allahghaleb.wixsite.com/welcome/intelligence-services  These records will be made available for behavioral economic scientific research with a global network of universities.  

A specific method named DNA-Business-Finance will be deployed for achieving a fast analysis of profiles and hidden agenda’s.  University students will be introduced in using the method and in transforming the future world economy.   That is what “From Mawazine to Panama Papers” is about.
The pollution of the climate concerns our health.  Since recently I have been pushed to look into the cancer research.  I develop the Anaccell brand for personalized biointelligent cosmetics based on essential oils through which the skin deterioration can be turned around.  I have been asked if the same biointelligent rules with which the efficient cosmetics are structured could change the course of the cancer.   I believe it is possible but a public private partnership for a joint scientific research is needed to obtain conclusive observations.

For understanding more about cancer, I have been observing from close-by one cancer patient, his environment and his lifestyle.  My current conclusion is that the highly polluted environment in his house, the unhealthy lifestyle and the processed foods that he chooses might have triggered the cancer indeed, given that I found various hearths of yeast cultures as well as pollution like dust, cobwebs and insects such as tiny flies.  It is inevitable that the complex combination of all these poisons give rise to aggressive yeasts and microscopic worms which could be at the root of the cancer tumors.   It is actually the pest and it is highly contagious, in my opinion, but I am not a doctor with a degree from a university recognized by one of those “international institutions”.  The complexity of all sorts of filth coming together gives rise to various forms of cancers which cannot resolved by one single drug but by a specific preparation for every kind of cancer.  

At Cop22 I will be putting forward three cancer research strategies : One is a plan to protect the organs of a cancer patience with gold as well as ways for making traces of gold edible.  The second is a biointelligent cross research of plant DNA, human DNA might and DNA of yeasts to understand how they interact with each other.  The third is to apply plant DNA to decontaminate the tumors in human organs, in a similar way like a beautiful flower grows on a heap of manure.  The strategy is to copy the natural cleaning mechanism of flower which allows it to resist the dangerous chemicals that are released during the degeneration or the rotting process.

It is in this respect that I have always been a strong believer in plants cells than in human stem cells when it comes to keeping humans alive.  What definitely helps is to stay as clean as possible, to maintain the standard in your environment in the lifestyle as well as in the relationships. The ultimate aim of the public private partnership of this cancer research is the personalized plant-based drug development.
I need to get to COP22 in Marrakesh, this week for building the public and private partnerships, for raising the funds and for sharing our knowhow with many countries that have been battling with similar problems like Morocco.

All my projects fit into the Convention of Paris (COP).  I have a list of eco-friendly industrial projects ready to be implemented and to employ the Moroccan people differently in comparison with the previous economy which was wasteful.  You will find the projects on this page (COP22 program) (link to WordPress page), which I wish to develop in incubators.  Around the incubators we build educational, industrial and social communities.  

The trip to Morocco, will have to improvised.  I become homeless at the end of 2014, following an eviction from my apartment.  This was followed by the revocation of my residence permit, making me an illegal citizen in Belgium.  Now it has become impossible for funders to send me a check or for the banks to contact me.   

Now my decision is to leave Belgium for good, given the repetitive obstacles, set backs and problems which this country made for me.   I am soliciting for help from governments, companies and individuals to help me achieve the simple target of going home with everything I own.  I need to pay a moving company to take my belongings that have been locked in a storage since two years.  I also need a Moroccan passport and identity card, which were accidentally taken away by a bailiff with the rest of my belongings, the day of the eviction.  

I must do whatever is possible to be in Morocco this November, for the New Morocco Show.    It is my first show in Morocco, where I have all my family who I have not seen for 34 years.
All the Moroccans are struggling just like me and need jobs, education and healthcare.   Please support me with a donation so that together we can work on the transformation of the Moroccan economy….  You will find the budget on ……

You can donate online or you can write a check made payable to “New Morocco at MyCop22” Naima Mouali …… Goto …..  click on the donate button.   Any donation big or small means a lot to me.   Thank you for your support