More North Irish Claim Having Seen Godfather of Morocco in North Ireland between 1974 and 1984


We therefore award 2 000 000 (two million) Euro cash to North Irish witnesses against the man on this picture, for his possible role in Northern Ireland civil war between 1969 and 1999, making around 4000 Irish victims.

He currently operates under the false name André Azoulay in Morocco.  However, two INLA fighters were shown other pictures of this man, including his own Wikipedia page. Both INLA fighters confirm to have had a brief meeting with this man in 1976 when he was very interested to learn more on how the INLA operated and who was funding it.  He left very disappointed because of lack of interest to talk with him.  The reason being that he didn’t tell his family name.   His first name is presumably “Alexander”.  They have never seen him again after 1976.

He might have used a different name in Northern Ireland.  One witness speculates that Azoulay may have fled to North Africa after a failed coup in North Ireland, much earlier than 1969.  

If you too have seen this man in Northern Ireland, let us know

We would like to find him

Contact us through the form below. Send your full details and tell us where and when you have seen this face. Did you speak to this man ?  Tell us what he said and what his name is. You will receive 2 million Euro if you can tell us his true name, his nationality or his country of origin.


Naima Mouali, President

United Chambers of Commerce and Industry