Letter to the President of the United States Barack Obama on the Anaccell Strategy Against Zika

Antwerp, Monday, 5 September 2016

Dear President Barack Obama,

I have been listening to your video of 27 August 2016 about the Zika virus.  As a response, I would like to introduce to you the Anaccell Corporation who brings a new medical discipline to the world, which is the DNA-driven therapy. 

In 2009, I created Anaccell Corporation for boosting the economy of Morocco. By tradition they have been healing any disease imaginable with the plants, in this country. The traditional medicine existed in all the civilizations.  Anaccell Corporation aims to capitalize on the indigenous therapies, particularly in Africa.  The plan is to modernize the science, to make it more precise and efficient, and to help the ancient traditions live on forever. For the moment Anaccell produces essential oil-based personalized cosmetics

In Belgium, where I have been living, I have been given an extraordinary rough time during nearly three decades, for every inventive opportunity that I was creating for my country, Morocco. One of the four Belgian governments has an issue with initiatives such as the Anaccell Corporation and with Morocco through which the funding never came.  It caused any further research on parasitic infecrions on the skin, which we started in 2005, to stop.  Tackling microscopic parasites like a fungus, is precisely the story behind the Anaccell brand

There has also never been any transmission of the biointelligent approach which Anaccell uses to solving the infections through a parasite.  It requires a holistic and an organic approach to interrupt the reproduction of the Zika virus in a natural way without harming the humans.  We might have solved the Zika infections much sooner, had they let us continue normally.  

Instead of this, they took hold of the Anaccell brand registration dossier which I sent to Morocco, in Spring 2009.  The information about the Anaccell products got spread further to the big companies like Procter & Gamble, who launched Heads & Schoulders shampoo with mint, comparable to a scalp oil that I had developed which in addition produced as a side effect the reactivation  to a certain extent of the natural hair color on greying hair.  I never revealed the exact composition, but the smell and the cooling effect of the peppermint was a recognizable mask that I was using for hiding all the other ingredients.     

In that same period, L’Oreal commercialized Age Perfect Extraordinary Face Oil containing essential oils.  More brands followed with their oil in order to compete with L’Oréal.

So far, none of all these big brands engaged in personalizing their products.  The gigantic size of their companies is adapted for producing very big masses, and thus they have organizational constraints for producing individualized solutions to the degree of DNA-specific preparations.  

For over 20 years, I have been modeling small-size enterprise solutions and networked solutions.  In 2003, I have expressed my vision for helping the small-businesses win in world where only the very big multinational corporations do. The solution is a collaborative economy and I formulated my vision in a paper named CENEBP, the collaborative enterprise strategy for SMEs in the global economy.   The Anaccell Corporation aims to lead by example in this new economy.  

It is precisely the personalization part which allows Anaccell to make the difference today, when the world is facing the threats of the Zika.  We can do this by creating a variant in our line of skin care to repel the mosquito which carries the Zika virus and to protect the women, whether they are pregnant or not. That is what I wanted to share with you. 

I have the honor to share with you, dear President Obama of the United States the Zika disease control strategy by Anaccell. What Anaccell Corporation has to offer might be helpful in bigger ways than any of the existing big cosmetics brands could do for any woman.  That is to bring forth healthy and beautiful babies. Our biointelligence science will help us stand out from all those who have tried to copy us, before we started.

Thank you for your kind attention, President Obama of the United States. Many people in Europe and in North Africa, and especially I will miss you awfully.

Yours sincerely, 

Naima Mouali

Founder of the Anaccell Corporation 

President of the United Chambers and Innovation Consultant

Attachmentthe Zika disease control strategy.