President Trump: King Kong Wants Dr Matta’s Money With My Plans

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Oregon, Wednesday 12 July 2017


Dear President of the United States, Mr Donald Trump,

Allow me to start by wishing you and all the people of the United States a joyfull independence forever.

I heard on the news that you decided during the G20 meeting in Hamburg (Germany) that the USA will stay out of the Paris agreement, despite that the whole planet has voted to create climate caliphates everywhere ?   Please take more time to read my previous note about the importance for the US companies with a climate deal.


My note of today is a request to open an investigation in the hacking of Twitter and Google :

Enclosed, I am sending a letter about the hacking of my Twitter account (@unitedchambers) which happened during my recent trip to Brussels.   I made the trip following a call from Miss Colette Dongmo, a young woman from Cameroon, who came to Belgium in the recent years.  She said she needed my help for building her CV and for finding a job as an airhostess.

She turned out to be a spy who is seemingly remote controlled by His Excellency André Azoulay, the advisor to the King of Morocco..

The elements which make me say this are : UCL Saint-Luc, the threat that I will be arrested again and get in trouble with the Justice like 28 years ago, the insistence to know more about all my projects and whether I have any money or nothing at all; the slander on my Twitter page which suggests that i am a hooker, the disabling of my phone number (0465 40 15  98), an angry e-mail from Colette Dongmo who doesn’t know how to use a computer or the e-mail, and maybe also the unhelpful attitude of the police in Brussels, who didn’t want to receive my case.

The other indication which make me say that His Excellency André Azoulay was steering Miss Colette Dongmo is that the hurtful words on my Twitter page (@unitedchambers) appeared two days after I sent my letter to Dr Amine Matta, who works at UCL Saint-Luc and who couldn’t help falling in love with me 29 (twenty nine) years ago.   I was arrested and imprisoned following my meeting with him, as if it was my fault that he loved me.   My defense lawyer at the time who was Mr André van Lidth de Jeude asked me to stay out of Dr Matta’s life.  Apparently, following to Miss Dongmo’s words, I am on my way to being arrested again.  

In the attached letter, I am explaining the full story as well as the discovery of the hacking.  This is the second time that I’ve been cyber attacked.  The first time was in 2012 on Google Apps.

It is also the second time that I am being called a bitch. The first time was six year ago, in 2011, when I advised the Qatar Investment Authority to have a second look at the sales proposal of Dexia BIL in Luxembourg.  The price which Belgium was proposing was too high for the kind of debts the bank was having  and it looked like it was containing a bail-out for the whole of Belgium, for Qatar alone to pay.  On top of all the unfairness there were some strange manoeuvering going on in which the Belgian government was bailing out the Dexia, which is a situation in which the investor and the owner of the bank are the same people.  I sent a quick note to the Qatar Investment Authorities with all my observations.  I was called a bitch because I was right.   

Today, I am called a bitch again because I am making Dr Matta aware of schemes here in Belgium, and because the Enemy thought we would never wake up.  What if we do ?  What will the Enemy do then ?

Given my partnership with the Twitter company to create a social card buffer, I am considering this as an attack on Twitter as a whole.  It would be very useful to determine if the hackers were in Belgium and if they are insiders to the company.  If so, MOVE the Twitter company (and Google) to somewhere else.  Please don’t give terrorists the chance to raise funds by hacking into other people’s property.  In any case Belgium is the most expensive country for telecommunications and for creating returns on investments with internet companies.  In this country, we are paying for being hacked and bugged. 


The other thing which I would like the CIA or the FBI to investigate is a witness of the theft of the farmland of my grandfather El Arabi Bouhammou, in Kenitra (my letter of 26 May 2017).  The witness is Colonel Selam SADKI.  He lives in Kenitra. Colonel Sadki is a friend of our family and he became direct neighbor of my grandfather.  My aunt Fatima was an employed with the Sadki family for over 40 years, since the age of 12.  Apart from the fact that she has never been to school, we have never had a complaint on how well she was treated by the entire family.  She is now a hairdresser while all the other aunts became traditional dress makers (caftans).

Colonel Sadki was known to be kind, benevolent and prepared to defend the weak.  He did more good than harm to our family.  I remember that he suggested to my grandfather to help him solve the illegal occupation of the farmland if he lets him take over the piece of land.  Perhaps he had the intention to arrange an amicable buyback by my grandfather afterwards.  There was obviously reluctance on behalf of my family particularly against people in authority.  Though I think if managed well, it could have worked out.  If I was protected by Colonel Sadki, my life would have been very different than the one I have today in Belgium, in which I am followed and chased by people who might be directly linked to the theft and to the strawberries which they are growing there.  I used to join his family on vacation in Moulay Bousselham, where he has a summer house at the beach.  

Colonel Sadki was sent on military missions to areas where no other colonel wanted to go, such as Laayoun and Semara (West Sahara).  He might provide clarifications about the armament of the Polisario.  Today, he might be willing to reveal the things which at the time could have cost him dearly.  

In this context, dear President of the United States, may I please request your help for a high quality property defense lawyer who can solve this case with me and with the government of Morocco ?


I thank you deeply for any help which you can provide to this real estate case.  Together, we wil make very beautiful things there.

Yours sincerely,


Naima Mouali, President of the United Chambers