HRH Sheikh Tameem: Too Bad for the Qatar Boycotters. I Solicited Qatari Funds Before the Crisis Started.

Sheikh Tameem AL THANI_24 July 2017_multidimensional portfolio and Diamond Life incubator

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Antwerp, Monday 24 July 2017

Your Royal Highness Emir Sheikh Tameem Al Thani, el habib,

I just realize that this is my first letter to you.  I used to write to your father more.  How time flies.   It’s been four years that you have taken over the power.   Congratulations !

I am so sorry to hear about Qatar’s isolation in the Gulf, and about the accusation of Qatar in terrorism funding, just like they were accusing Iran before.  Well, I don’t believe that Qatar funds terrorism, and I’m glad I am not into politics much.  You know what ?  They can think what they want of you and I, let’s just go to work !

I have the honor to send enclosed our Spring Multidimensional Investment Portfolio including the latest project which is the Diamond Life Incubator, and which I would like you to check out.   I am sure that this project proposal with the Diamonds will cause for me to be called a bitch again very soon.  Did I tell you about my Twitter account which was hacked and in which I would have tweeted that I am a SHARMOTA (bitch in Arabica).

Help me show to them what the sharmota they think I am, can do !  Please help me soon.

Allow me to share with you my letter to Qatar Airways which I luckily sent long before the Qatar crisis.  I will share more over Twitter.

Thank you beforehand, Your Royal Highness Sheikh Tameem, for you help and kind attention.   Send my greetings to the entire Al Thani family.

Naima MoualiUnited Chambers