Everything is Destroyed. No Turning Back. That’s Life.

Your Gracious Majesties King Philippe and Queen Mathilde,

Yesterday, I informed my King, His Majesty Mohammed VI of Morocco and President of the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity  that I do not wish the presence of the Belgian State at the New Morocco meetings which I plan to hold in the context of COP22 conference in Marrakech, next month.

It is my obligation to inform Belgium about this as quickly as possible, to avoid unpleasant surprises for the delegations while in Morocco. Finding the words for getting this message accross has not been an easy job for me. I hope you understand how hard it is to take such a decision, particularly when all the members of my family are Belgians. Yet, I must respond with adequate measures, as tough as the ones which the Belgian State has been applying against my existence in your country, since I was a child at school.

As a child I grew up with the impression that Belgium is populated mostly by angry people. Luckily I had friends who counterbalanced the repetitive bad experiences I had in your country. I was suffering very big issues which Belgium actually  has had with Morocco for unclear reasons, and which must be put on the table now, given the threat of violent Islamist extremism rooted in both countries.

My decision comes after I discovered that my residence permit has been revoked, reportedly on 20 June 2016. I learned about it while visiting the social service (OCMW-CPAS) in Antwerpen for solving a housing problem.  Big efforts were made and money was committed in January to regularize my residence in your country. I received an identity card which is valid until January 2021.  I wouldn’t have known about this without a housing crisis that I am going through, like many families in Belgium locals and foreigners alike.

I am taking the case higher. This time, I am doing nothing through the OCMW-CPAS because they are deceptive, they didn’t want to help me when I was living in Zaventem. In Antwerp  they said they don’t want to start a dossier for me, and I don’t know why. The bottom line is that they don’t want to help. They refused to provide a shelter too, recently. I am not insisting on staying in Belgium or on doing anything in Belgium, if this is disturbing the Belgian State, but I think from an administrative viewpoint it would be elegant, clever and superior to keep people traceable by letting the identity papers reach the expiry date mentioned on them. What they did to me is base.

You will agree that something is broken in pieces in definitive ways which no money can mend, your Majesties King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, after more than 33 years of refusals in absolutely all areas of life, like sanctioning me during the oral exams at the university, like imprisoning me for reasons that are unfounded, sentencing me for things I didn’t do, like destroying my teeth and my health, like pulling me out of my house, like sending me to sleep in the street, like giving me an illegal status, and many more things such as frequenlty cutting off the electricity in my apartment in Zaventem… the list is long and this on behalf of the government of Belgium, perhaps as a way to ridicule the inventor of the group-purchasing of electricity which I have never discussed with anyone at the government.

I have let their bad temper come out further with various deposits of copyrights at SABAM, which “the Belgian State” took out with vengeance to make others look great. Those SABAM files must be returned to me, as someone in Morocco was lying about himself to my King at least since 1992, by stealing my plans and letters, by bugging my phone and fax lines, by hacking my websites, and by making my life miserable through the Belgian system.

Mr André Azoulay, the governor of Essaouira in Morocco has played a key role in breaking every Moroccan . He has the strange way of getting rich by disguising himself as a Moroccan and a Jew. He is actually a Dutch and to come across more Moroccan, he employs spies in Belgium to hunt for inspirational plans from every Moroccan.   He uses them for creating momentum, for bribing helpers with careers with those plans, and for climbing up himself the social ladder in Morocco so high in order to pull the strings. The Belgian State was relying on this man for their budgets by hurting Morocco’s interests. Mawazine is an example which symbolizes the crippling business strategy this man applies on the whole of Morocco and on many other countries with money and war. 

You have people in your government who obey his instructions and  who become less efficient in the human relations. This inefficiency is endemic.  This can be proven by the fact that Belgium has always been a country where systematically  the government  first denies during many years their wrong doing against the people of other nations. Afterwards, usually decades after the facts, they end up organizing solemn ceremonies in which they remember the massacres, the invasions, the bombardments, the persecutions, the exterminations etc. They also end up paying out damages to the victims, whereas greed was the initial motive of their action.

You can’t call that an efficient government, but a mafia or a closed community consisting of individuals with a way of thinking which doesn’t evolve. That explains the endemic repetition of tradegies leading to Belgium having to apologize over  to the international community for the horrors committed on foreign communities and to be condemned very often by the European Court of Justice.

Wouldn’t it be smarter just to do things right immediately ? Wouldn’t you think it is better and more human to acknowledge one’s wrongdoing and to correct it instead of covering it up with more injustices, more lies, more conconctions and manipulation, and sometimes even with assassinations to eliminated the people who are likely to tell the truth. Lie upon lie, it becomes obvious that they are the owners of the problem ? Wouldn’t it be cheaper and healthier just to be reasonable ?

You can’t expect the victims not to fight back the Belgian State some day. I can’t allow Belgium to continue hurting Morocco’s economy like this. I will not tolerate that the Belgian State raises funds with my copyrights, and that in addition to this, they send me to live in the street, and they make an illegal of me.

The damages regarding my life in your country are so big that I must respond. I have chosen the moment for doing this, which is now. Given the damage and the help which the people of Belgium has been providing for carrying out damages directly or indirectly against me, among which, teachers or professors, employers, the Belgian public prosecutor, lawyers, people from the tax administrations, bailiffs, neighbors, city mayors, the suppliers of utility services and the social services, my decision is that I do not wish the presence of the Belgian State at the New Morocco meetings which I plan to hold in the context of COP22 conference in Marrakech, next month.  The access for the Belgian State is denied unless the Belgian State corrects all the wrongs with my country and me. Just telling me or my country “I am sorry” will not buy Belgium a way into New Morocco and COP22 altogether.

At COP22 we will open a new era of honesty and fair-play. The era of falsehood and cheat, like the Belgian State has been doing, is over. The way of working of Belgium with all the other countries has to change.

Herewith, I have fulfilled my obligation to timely inform the Kingdom of Belgium of my position.

I am available for answering any question you may have, Your Gracious Majesties the King and Queen of Belgium.

May you and your children live a long and happy life.

Yours faithfully,

Naima Mouali

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