Could This Be His Last Christmas ? 

This is an English summary of the content of the letter of  30 December 2016 to the Dutch Head of State.   Click here for the Dutch version 

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands 

At the end of 1990, I was arrested by the Belgian State and charged with forgery of visas, passports, white marriages intended for illegal migrants, illegal migration and even terrorism. 

After my release of custody, I received a suspended sentence of two years of jail. The sentence  becomes effective when arrested again for similar wrongdoing.  

The arrest warrant at the end of 1990 was based on letter which the judicial police found in my room concerning a visa for Bechara Matta, of which I was preparing a demand about ten months before the arrest. They didn’t find any visa at my place, but they used the letters to justify the arrest for falsifying visas and passports, among other things.  Bechara Matta is the brother of Amine Matta, then a young and wealthy Lebanese doctor with a successful luxury cars export company in Brussels.

They arrested me at a time when Bechara Matta had already arrived in Belgium.  He and his brother Amine were never interrogated.  They never knew that I had been arrested, taken into custody and pestered by the whole Belgian judicial system.  My arrest was out of envy for Mr. Amine Matta and his business and his very big success which didn’t go down with a very large group of people inside the Belgian State.  They just can’t stand it when a dark person makes it in an infallible way in their country.  They were probably looking in every way to get inside his business.  They also can’t stand it when two Arab people get along with each other, and that a difference in the religion is not an obstacle.  The envy was also directed against me being a poor Moroccan girl and a Muslima.

In the context of my relationship with this person, for which I had a very high esteem, I undertook the task which he entrusted to me, which is to gather the necessary information and to contact the Belgian authorities about a visa for his brother Bechara in Lebanon.  I was not going through any other channel.  The official channels remained unresponsive to all my demands to the point that I stopped trying after two months.

They have chosen my family and me to cause damages to the Lebanese and his business.  To give strength to the previous false accusation by the Belgian Public Prosecutor, and to turn the suspended sentence which was based on Mr Matta’s papers into an effective one, the real culprits of such crimes as described above, decided to bring across my nephew from Morocco with a apparently a fake visa.  My family and I didn’t know about this, because we don’t expect the government to engage in faking their own visas for their citizens.  

The discussion to bring across my nephew started somewhat directly after my release of custody.  For my father there was no question bringing across any nephews, but my mother was curiously insisting on doing this.  She was either believing or supporting the accusations by the Belgian State.  Or, perhaps she was being brainwashed by the people in the migrant women association Flora, with whom she discussed everything that happened to me.  One of them is Ina Valstar who I am discussing her later in this newsletter.

Mahjoub Inerhmi came eventually to Belgium at the end of 1991 or 1992.  He was arrested upon his arrival at the airport of Zaventem (Belgium), and nobody including himself knew why.  He was released when my father went to pick him up and he paid a fine for him. He was free but that does not mean that his files were clean.  I think he was freed with the expectation that he was going to return to Morocco after three months.  

The real culprits are a very large group of people who acquire wealth through fraud, extortion, forgery such as the falsification of identity papers, robbery murder, drug trafficking, such as marriages and prostitution, terrorism, embezzlement of state money and private capital, illicit arms trafficking and terrorism, colonies or illegal occupations, and all forms of slavery, including pedophilia.  

In the letter to the King and Queen of Holland, I outlined the connection between the government and the world of crime.  They are certain politicians, because they are part of the Belgian government, and their names must be in this list of mandates.  I have no clue who precisely participated, but we will know more when their helpers in the civil society such as Flora and Miss Valstar get arrested and interrogated.

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The Criminal Court of Antwerp, which had launched my arrest warrant, had informed the defense lawyers that the real culprits are a very large criminal network involving many countries in Europe were not found.  Hundreds of Moroccans were arrested in similar context, involving Moroccan doctors who had given care to their compatriots who arrived illegally in Belgium.  It caused many Moroccan families to go bankrupt with the fines and the expenditures related to the legal procedures and the lawyers.  It was a dark period in which the Belgian State was were filling the prisons with the Moroccans and staining their certificates of good conduct.  So many Moroccans were caught in this, while  the judicial investigators insisted that they were unable to locate the brains behind the forgeries.

One of my lawyers (Nadine Wolf) had already understood that the real culprits were selecting the Moroccans with competencies that precisely match their criminal activities and that one could used for criminal purposes, such as a highly skilled profile with multiple international languages, for example. That was my case.

The simple fact that I am a Moroccan national was the ideal asset for someone who was in control of the whole list of crimes that I described above, who was steering all of it from Morocco, and who hides behind a false identity.  It was in my interest not to go to Morocco until the whole thing is resolved.  I have not done since 1987.   In this way, the only link with Morocco would be my nationality.  

Twenty-five years long I have been looking for the real culprits which the Belgian Justice is unable to find, and I think I’ve found them :

One of them could be Ms Ina Valstar. Mrs Valstar played a role in the transfer of Mr Inerhmi both Belgium and the Netherlands. This is something which the Dutch authorities should confirm.  

About her, I learned recently that she was wanted for years by the Dutch police for the murder of two minors in the milieu of prostitution. She was allegedly a director of a brothel with a clients who literally sexually mutilated the women who were (forced to) working for her, until they bleed to death, as happened with a 13 year-old child.  If they survive it would be without ever being able to use their two legs to walk with the pain, or to feel anything at all in that part of their body with the person they love.  She was running that sort of slaughterhouse.

Placed in the context of international terrorism. One explanation for the cruelty in the alaughterhouse-brothels could be that they use the women as objects for training the extremist fighters and soldiers into destroying the women with rapes.  While you might think that they practice this somewhere in the jungles and deserts of Africa or Asia, I think we shoukd nearby and accept that they actually practice these things in the brothels of Belgium, in this peaceful country of democracy and freedom.  I think that explains the deaths and also the mixture of age.  They take any woman at any age and from any nationality.   

The newspaper article from Het Laatste Nieuws below shows a link between human traffic, prostitution, illegale weapon trade, drugs, and illegal migration. It’s about the shut down of a brothel which is located near the port of Antwerp, or at least near the very busy canal named “Schelde”.  One can imagine that big boats arrive with men wanting to be trained in devouring the women.  I remember that there was a time that big boats full of women from Thailand, the Philippines and Ghana were arriving for fulfilling only one purpose : sex-slavery.   Today, we know more.  It’s not for the entertainment but for military purposes, and perhaps these things happen on the boats, or “off-shore” to put it in business terms.


 De zevende hemel moet sluiten in schipperskwartier_31 december 2016_Het Laatste Nieuws

Ina Valstar had fled from the Netherlands in 1983. She lives in Borgerhout (Antwerpen, Belgium), where they probably had her run her business again but in such a way that she couldn’t be found. They had her find the victims for a very complicated network of people who bring trouble to the life of a woman until she gives way and obeys someone.  Then the woman becomes their captive until she is ripped apart, or until she dies.  I am a survivor of such practice in the sense that they have complicated my life really very much, but I wasn’t giving way or obeying anybody, including my mother.  The people who fall in it, are usually people who need their friendship.  I couldn’t care less about their friendship.


I kept them out of my world and they also didn’t succeed into getting me to sleep with one of them in my bed or his bed.  I was defying them like Fidel Castro does, until they evicted me from my home.  That was their coup d’Etat just to lead me on a path to sleep with them… and that is how they get caught instead of me.  They got caught because of the only they have : their asses.

Ina Valstar met my mother at Flora association for migrant women in Antwerp, where my mother  took sewing lessons. Ina worked as a volunteer and possibly without a contract so not to be found, and perhaps also with the possibility to deny that she worked there, should she ever get caught.

The whole of Flora clung to my mother because of the Dutch language which she could speak well compared to the other women of the first generation of migrants from North Africa, in that period.  I think Flora is closed, because they shouldn’t try to push around the current generation of Moroccan women, whether in Europe or in North Africa.  

So Miss Valstar understood all about what my mother told her.  As soon as I wanted to lead a quiet private life in Brussels, all forms of progress were being thwarted by my mother in a devious way which was not typical of my mother.  

I think Ina influenced my mother, possibly to get me come back home, and eventually to Ina’s violent world.  I never liked Ina because of an ugly coldness which she naturally emits and an also because of an unpleasant voice that she has.   She cackles like rooster which makes you not want to listen to her or be with her at all.  You can view her picture in an article entitled “Some Chit Chat About a Pretty Afternoon at Home“.

She is not an inspiring woman at all, with no new ideas to share, but something makes my mother be around her all the time.   I think she was making my mother slick and her tongue so sharp and capable of misleading everyone into marrying me off to a nephew, for instance.

If the Dutch police investigators can determine that it was Ina Valstar’s decision to bring my nephew to Belgium, then it is Ina Valstar who deals with the white marriages intended for illegal migrants, and with illegal migration, and not me.  It was her job and it is still to couple women to men and to throw the young women off their true path, in order to become victims of cruelty in the brothels.  An additional indication would be that she has contacts with existing brothels today still, and of which the owner might be the other guilty culprit in my story.

Learn more in the long letter to the King of Holland


The other culprit could be somebody in Morocco, which helped my nephew get an entry visa for Belgium.  My nephew never said a word about his experience with the Belgian consulate in Casablanca.  Perhaps he has never been there and maybe he never filled out any form or  he never submitted any demand for a visa at all.  Perhaps that is the reason why he got arrested at the airport.

I suspect that His Excellency André Azoulay has given a helping hand to my nephew. A direct link between the two men is not obvious.  Perhaps there are intermediaries and my nephew was probably instructed to never say anything.  There are other dossiers which indicate a direct relationship between Ina Valstar and His Excellency André Azoulay.  A sample dossier is the Van Gils case that I am describing at the end of the detailed version of the letter to His Majesty.  There therefore an indirect relationship between my nephew and His Excellency, if not a direct one.  

mawazine-dead-or-aliveHis Excellency André Azoulay is the advisor to the King of Morocco, and he has the last word on who gets a visa for Europe and who does not.  He has the last word on everything in Belgium including on who to imprison and who to release – among other things.  It is rather through this channel that Mr Inerhmi would have obtained a falsified visa for Belgium, with the intention to  deceive his niece, my mother and himself who would be jailed all three of us for the falsification of a visa and the arrangement of white marriages for illegal migrants.  The three of us one thing in common: agricultural land of my grandfather on my mother’s side. Mahjoub’s mother being the sister of my mother.

Mr Inerhmi arrived in late 1991 or 1992, with a visa for a tourist.  My mother told everyone that he wanted to pursue an education.  The real intention was he would marry me so that I would be under his surveillance rather than living on my own in Brussels.  My mother was believing that I was living honestly, studying and working very hard.  The intention to marry me with him was kept a secret, but I found out about it through friends.  


Mr Inerhmi arrival was during the period of the judicial troubles against me which started in late 1990 and was completed in late 1994. I knew it was no coincidence that he was brought to Belgium at that time. It seemed that marriage was needed for something else.  It seemed to me that they needed it to use the possible forged visa for Mr. Inerhmi as material evidence that the crimes that I was accused earlier at the end of 1990.  Marrying him or being arrested together with him, let say during an identity check,  would turn the suspended sentence which I received end of 1990, into an effective one, increased with more years of prison for being found “guilty” a second time.   That is what I saw coming.  It would have worked had I sticked around my mother. That’s the first hypothesis.

A second possibility was maybe to negotiate a release on bail, such as selling or giving a piece of real estate in exchange for a release.  The bailout would be the agricultural land of my grandfather in Morocco.  But for this, the allegations must first be just and fair, not unjust and unfair like in my case.  For putting the farmland at stake, we need to be numerous to be sentenced to jail, and not just one person.

In this case, my mother and Mr Inerhmi should also be arrested in order to drive the fines so high, to blackmail my whole family with an “all or nothing” approach, meaning to pay, and if we have no money, to sell the agricultural land, or to cripple in the jail for two years or more, given an accumulation of violations by an illiterate and ignorant mother and a nephew who is not so clever also.


Mr Inerhmi stayed about three months with my parents while I was hiding in Brussels, where I have lived since 1989. Just before the expiry of his visa, my father asked Mr Inerhmi to go back to Morocco otherwise  he would have him taken away by the Belgian police. To our surprise, Mr. Inerhmi declared that he was going to the Netherlands, where he has “friends”.  It appeared to us that he began to follow a totally different plan than the “studying” which my mother and him were fooling us with.

The fact that suddenly there was a nephew from Morocco after my arrest, the rapid speed in which he obtained the entry visa for Belgium while we never thought that he would be eligible for one in the first place.  The fast that he was arrested upon his arrival in Brussels, and that he would come to study in Belgium at the age of 20 and without a word to Flemish or French, and his subsequent choice to rather venture in the Netherlands as an undocumented migrant than to return to Morocco went a little too far.   Concerning him there was a snake under the grass.  My mother and her nephew thought that they were being helped by people who can be trusted.  They remained silent about who the people who are who they were helping to ruin us.

The highly venomous snake is His Excellency André Azoulay, the adviser to the King of Morocco, who basically has something against our family, maybe because we are from the Moroccan Sahara. That’s where he wants not more but fewer Moroccans.

My nephew lives in Arnhem and he appears happy.  Mr Inerhmi has enjoyed a regularization campaign in the Netherlands, which must have taken place between 1998 and 2004. His relationship with a Dutch woman called Janine, with whom he has a son, might have helped him in getting regularized and in buying a house, I think.  He dumped her directly after that.  He become a Dutchman too and he has a second child since this year, this time with a Moroccan woman.

Learn more in the long letter to the King of Holland

It’s not just my family who has been affected in this way by the “Belgian State” intentionally issuing false documents in order to sue the family involved, to request very high sums, and to severely punish with an all or nothing attitude.  

The Matta family was also targeted.  In 1990, Mr. Bechara Matta had eventually received his entry visa for Belgium by a different route, because I did not get cooperation from the Belgian authorities.  Mr Matta told me he obtained the visa “via via”.  The “via via” could be a corrupt politician because Mr Matta said he  paid 20 000 Belgian francs. Could this concern a falsified visa ?  It sounds like it.

I think of this as the third possibility is that the successful export business of luxury cars in Brussels of wealthy Lebanese physician and his property in northern Lebanon. He comes from Mhattat Bahmdoen a town that lies on the border with Israel and where they do not want more but fewer Arabs, obviously. 

For achieving fewer Arabs in that area, they would like to achieve this by scaring the people  away with civil wars first.  Then they manages the get the people to flee preferably to a country like Belgium where the whole society is engaged in the bullying and the impoverishment of the foreigners, so that they would sell their land to bail themselves out, when facing legal trivialities like the falsification of visas.

The entire Belgian company collaborated with “the Belgian State” because of unhealthy economic interests abroad such as wars and weapons, including the war in Lebanon, the colonization of Palestinian land, the battle for the Western Sahara, as well as Northern Ireland.

For this reason, the phone Dr. Matta was undoubtedly bugged because I had none. I felt that I was being followed since I got in touch with the High Commissioner for Immigration in the context of the visa for Bechara Matta.  So they are going to Belgium to work: with spies, by eavesdropping, with informers, traitors like Ina Valstar and also with killers.


There is in this dossier one death, especially Denise Janssens, who tried to protect the Moroccan girls against human trafficking. When she was alive she spoke to me about a visit she had of a mafia  who suggested to her to select Moroccan girls for them to marry with Israeli military soldiers, which she refused. Denise Janssens had a shop in esoterica, selling herbs, incense, essential oils and astrology services.  She was successful and she had an very thick address book of clients.  Ina Valstar knows about Denise Janssens through my mother who bought henna in Morocco for both women.  Denise Janssens was found murdered in the canal, one year after she was arrested in the same criminal justice dossier like mine.  Today I think that she has seen Mr André Azoulay, and for keeping this quiet, she had been murdered.

The Belgian courts, the police and the lawyers all took side with the murder(s) of this woman, who’s case was left unexamined by the Belgian Public Prosecutor.  In Belgium there are people who are convinced that they economically survive better with this criminal policy, there are also people who are not completely convinced that this is a sustainable economic policy. 

I’ll show you in the last hypothesis how sustainable this policy is which consists of the confiscation of the property and the businesses of the foreigners :

   Learn more in the long letter to the King of Holland


A final possibility or hypothesis is that I was lured into a trap with the intention to be arrested a second time through a marriage with my nephew, to end up in prison and to prevent me of  filing for damages and of requesting a  compensation from “the Belgian State” for that first arrest.

If their plan was the seizure of my grand-father’s farm land with futility, then I’m going to seize all ABSOLUTELY ALL that the “Belgian Government” holds anywhere in the world, with all the stakeholders, and claim the compensation for the policy of the “Belgian State” ruin others.  In this way their policy becomes bearable for all and not only for them.

That is how karma works

In order to catch the perpetrators of the very huge list of delinquencies, to take them to Justice and to make them pay, including the smuggling of illegal migrants into the Netherlands through Belgium, I need the hard evidence. It is to demonstrate to the official Belgian State, which is represented by His Majesty King Philippe and Her Majesty Queen Mathilde that I bear no responsibility in the forgery of visas, passports, in marriages to illegal migrants and in the illegal migration which I was accused of, at the end of 1990, that I have wasted my entire young life working for lawyers who were not prepared to find the true perpetrators and to accuse their own employer of committing  the worst violations against the human rights. It is to demonstrate in a quantifiable way the degree of stress of living under the threat to serve a prison sentence of many years at any minute, because the police is too corrupt or too lazy to verify my innocence.  It is to demonstrate that I have found the real criminals, thanks to the cooperation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 

It is above all to show that if I have achieved something, that it is thanks to myself and not thanks to the Belgian State, and that the whole world agrees with me on this point, at least.

The stealing of the land of the poor Southern farmers to the detriment of European farmers, the human trafficking through white marriages and mass illegal immigration into the Netherlands and the rest of Europe via Belgium is a secret economic policy. It is a system which binds together the money, to the sex and to the violence.  The violence has to be taken out of it. 

The secret of success of the system is His Excellency André Azoulay, who dressed himself up as a Moroccan and a Jew.

I suspect he is an ordinary Dutch peasant and a member of the van Lidth de Jeude family, and  a close relative of Mr André van Lidth the Jeude who was my defense lawyer when I was arrested in late 1990.

Could I ask the Kingdom of the Netherlands confirm this information to Morocco?

Thank you, Your Majesty.

Very Merry Christmas.

Naima Mouali

United Chambers

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