Meet One of the Godfather’s Puppets in Brussels


Peep ! My name is Colette.  I am 34 years.   I am from Cameroon and I came to Belgium to become an air hostess.  I am trying this, now after I got bore doing “massage”, if you know what I mean.  I am dreaming of earning big bucks with “massage” on airplanes from Dubai, Doha and Manama.  If I can do this during five or ten years, and I will never have to work a day in my life.

I have only one problem.  I don’t know how to write a CV and motivation letter, because I didn’t study much.  I also don’t know how to find the airlines and who to contact at the airlines.

One of my lovers to whom I give the massage and who I think is a very old Belgian man, told me about some Moroccan girl in Antwerp who knows how to coach young immigrants to find a job.   He said that maybe for five or ten worthless Euro , she will “do it”.   He also said that she is a very poor peasant, but that she has some big plans with the airlines that he wants to know more about and he asked me if I could hear her out.

He knows her well without him ever really meeting her.  He listens to her phone conversations and he is used to hacking her websites and e-mails since decades, without her ever noticing it.  He said to me that she will still not notice anything if I make her believe that I love her and that I am her friend. He indicated to me where she usually goes to and to just bump into her and ask her for help.  Like any Moroccan, she goes out of her way to help, because her religion said that she must do that.  So, he sent me there to become his ears and his eyes for him.

He is incredibly rich, but he never pays me for the massage I do to him in any position that he likes.  So I keep doing better and better with him until he pays me.  He promised that he will help me get the job that I want to do, despite that at age 34 the chances for being a stewardess are getting slim and despite that I am not a tall woman.  He has influential contacts everywhere in the world, only he couldn’t help me write the CV and motivation letter.  The poor Moroccan peasant can do that better.

As I heard that she has no address, I invited her to come to Brussels.  I was hoping that she would stay and share the appartment with me.   She has no income, but I was going to show her how to do massage just like me and help me pay the rent and all the charges very quickly, in this way.

Unfortunately she left too soon and unexpectedly, because she felt that I was abusing her.  She sent me a very upsetting email asking for money to go home and threatening to go to the police if I don’t.  I have been putting up with her a full month, letting her sleep in my place  and in the end she wants to sue me with the police.  What an ungrateful tart!

I had a go at her and here is the full story with everything I told her.

And here is her story about me she is telling to everyone.  

She anyhow went to police.  I knew it.  She wrote to the Belgian King and Queen and to the Belgian Secretary of State for Migration, asking him my deportation.   And then she wonders why everyone is calling her bitch.

Now I don’t know what to do, because anything I do will cause trouble for my old and very rich Belgian lover and for me.  To begin with, my husband and some other lovers will find out, and my old and very rich Belgian lover has a boss who will also find out. What must I do, where can I go, all the more that the sucker never paid me a dime ?

Maybe I better go to police and start talking the truth about my old and very rich Belgian lover, and help the Moroccan peasant get on with her life.

He is the Godfather of Falconplein in Antwerp and I guess I am just one of his puppets.








Happy Throne’s Day Your Majesty King Mohammed VI

Your Majesty King Mohammed VI


Happy Throne’s Day

A while ago I promised a new economy.  In the meantime, our portfolio has increased with an at least 200 billion USD worth Multidimensional Diamond Life Incubator 

The title “Diamond Life” comes from a song by Sade a British-Nigerian pop star who was my idol in the 1980ies, for her simple and very chic cocktail style.  Sade mentions “diamond life” in her song “Smooth Operator”.  

This project concerns the design of tourism concepts for allowing international visitors to experience a diamond life.  This is also a project which will set the standards required in all the tourism business. It aims to train and prepare a Diamond Life hospitality category as well as to stimulate the overall diamond trade in the world, and the growth of the existing sector in Antwerp.

I am advising about this both Their Majesties King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium of this opportunity as well as the Mayor of Antwerp, Bart De Wever who has a vision for New Antwerp.  So how about a new diamond center for Antwerp ?  

I have also advised Qatar about innovative investment combining tourism and precious stones, as this country has a history of investments in Belgium  

The idea came to mind originally when I had a vision to stimulate collaboration among the diamond traders and the jewelers all in one place, to which international visitors should be attracted.  It’s an incubator, so it should not be too expensive for the jewelers to start and grow a business in a highly secure environment, where banks can have their safes.  

My vision of the Multidimensional Diamond Life Incubator would be a jewel for the Trump Towers portfolio, in which you too might be very interested.  I am dedicating the Diamond Life Incubator to all the victims of the wars and terrorism 

(Read more in the Diamond Life Incubator leaflet)  

(insert letter to Trump Junio)

With the Multidimensional Diamond Life Incubator a diamond life will not be exclusively for a small group of very rich people. Given the perspectives of millions of new jobs in the world and the savings which the people will be making in many areas the energy, the transport, the telecoms and the water, most workers will have a residual budget to spend on international travel, on gifts like diamonds tailored to their budgets and likes, or investment in their national golden mints.


Naima Mouali

A Demand for Transparency On André Azoulay’s Travel Expenses !

The head of André Azoulay (picture source : Getty Images)


Your Excellency Mr Saadeddine Othmani, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Morocco,

Your Excellency Mr Habib El Malki, President of the Chamber of Representatives of the Kingdom of Morocco,

Eid Kareem.  Bismillah.

May I ask the Moroccan Parliament to question the travel expenses of Mr Andre Azoulay from the day he left Morocco for seemingly an official trip to Paris at the occasion of the burial of Madame Simone Veil on 5 July 2017, until he is back ?

It’s been since the days of King Hassan II, may he rest in peace,  that Mr André Azoulay has not appeared in a public ceremony as part of the Moroccan Royal Palace and at the side of a member of the Moroccan Royal Family.  Why is he appearing now ?  Why did he go to the funeral of Madame Veil ?  Does he have anything in common with a Jewish who has been in the concentration camp ? Has he got anything in common with the Morocco ? Then why was he wearing a white Djellaba and a red fez on his head… in Paris, and standing near our gracious Princess Lalla Meryam who was wearing a luxurious caftan. She is gorgeous and he might be playing with the optical illusion that he has something to do with her.  I would have pushed him away to go standing much further away from me.  

His daughter Audrey was also there as the former Minister of Culture.  Why was she not wearing a caftan ?  Why was His Excellency not standing near his daughter ?  Is it to indicated that they don’t share DNA

Oh yeah? Do you think he is proud of his fake Moroccan nationality ? Then why was he hiding behind the shoulders of another dignitary?  Doesn’t it look like he was hiding himself from the camera ?  

Was he invited to attend the funeral at Les Invalides ?  Did he receive an invitation or not ?   I am addressing a letter to the French police to verify if Mr André Azoulay was authorized to attend the funeral of Madame Simon Veil or not, if not then he violated France national security.

I bet that he was not invited and perhaps that is why he was hiding in a jellaba and with a fez on top of his head, because that is how he does business.

That is how he worked himself up to the top in Morocco

He knows that he is clowning the Moroccans and entertaining the Belgian government.  I know for sure that he profusely hates all the Moroccans and I will testify against him at court about this.  What I will never understand is why the previous governments of Morocco have let themselves be pushed around by such a highly humiliating character.

There was a time when he was providing so much amusement like a gagman to the Belgian leading class who knows damned well who he is by his real name, and what he was doing in Morocco.  They kept everything quiet.  

At the funeral of Madame Veil he was curiously standing very close to Prime Minister Charles Michel.  The picture above is almost suggesting a Moroccan interfering with Belgian affairs.  Perhaps he wanted to know more about a police report against him, here in Belgium for a violent robbery against someone who remembers dealing with André Azoulay in Norhtern Ireland during the civil war about supplying arms to the fighers and the chaos creators.   In any case, his trip to France makes me wonder if he was mixing private with public interests and Belgian with Moroccan interests like he is used to doing every time.  This time it is over.

The Game Is Over


The Only Way For Tracking Private and Public Interest is the Expense Report

My feeling is that since June 2017, the Mafioso was in Belgium, France and perhaps in the Netherlands too.  NOBODY in Morocco, where he hates EVERYONE, has ever disturbed him for his whereabouts or .  This is why he made of Morocco his laughingstock, involving prostitution of the Moroccan women and children.


l’ll disturb his life like he disturbed mine for more than 30 years

I don’t like him at all at all.  I think he was setting up Miss Colette Dongmo while I was in Brussels.  I think that he is the author of the angry e-mail which I received from Miss Dongmo.  Therefore I would like  and  and I would like to know EVERYTHING about his travel expenses in June and July 2017, and in the context of the Twitter hacking.

I would also like to know EVERYTHING about his possible intimate relationship in which Miss Dongmo may  be sleeping with him while traveling at the expense of the Moroccan government.

I have spend one month with Colette Dongmo in Brussels during which she revealed having recourse to occasional prostitution when under pressure for paying the rent and for her daily survival, like I have witnessed during my stay with her.   She particularly said that Belgian men generally don’t pay her and that she keeps trying until someone gives her the money.

During the first two weeks she was having a severe health problem, possibly related to her promiscuity.  I have sent her to my General Practitioner, Dr Roland Farhi, rue Philippe Le Bon 29, 1040 Brussels.

During my stay in Brussels, my Twitter account (@unitedchambers) was hacked, and Miss Dongmo has been showing interest in projects particularly concerning the airlines and the airport incubators, and the wellness as a driver for business,  which I have never revealed, given her lack of interest in geography, politics and banking for instance.   She is only interested in dressing up fashionably, in making herself beautiful and in pretending that she is an air hostess.   Therefore, I knew that someone was using her for finding out more about my plans for Morocco, which you will find on this link.

A proper tracking of his expenses will reveal where His Excellency André Azoulay has been during the months of June and July, where he was precisely when my Twitter account was hacked, and what he was doing in Belgium, if he came here at all.

I am explaining the full story and everything about Miss Dongmo in my letter to President Donald Trump in which I am requesting a profound investigation of the Twitter hacking, a previous Google Apps hacking and the e-mail communication of Miss Dongmo (


As a former Deloitte Consulting Controller, allow me to help you collect the necessary information which will pinpoint if His Excellency André Azoulay has been making spendings on illicit relationships with Moroccan government money, at least


Guidelines for Procurement, Expense Reports and Reimbursements

Type of expenses :

Air travel, railway travel, taxi, airport transportation and parking, hotel accommodation, vehicle rental or use of personal car, auto-toll (péage in France) meals, insurance, telephone, Internet and mobile communication.  Mr André Azoulay should also report fines, like traffic fines (but don’t reimburse that), the fees of convention or conference.
Business cards collected :

The address book and the order book are most essential to any business.  All the contacts and decisions which an executive makes for a government or a company, in the context of an assignment, are considered property of the government or the company.  This includes the business cards and the decisions that were taken during that assignment.  Check out where he travels to, whom he has met and how many people have had a meal with him where and why.
The Minutes or the Narrative :

It is simply part of the job that a responsible executive supply to the hierarchy minutes of every meeting, even if they don’t read it

Those minutes should contain the date of the meeting, the duration of the meeting, the names of the people who attended and who were absent, the purpose of the meeting and the decisions taken

For his trip in Belgium, we might have to call on witnesses like Miss Colette Dongmo, Mr Abolfazl Beheshti, Mr Daniel Renson who may have seen him and who might be involved in the hacking of Twitter also.  Perhaps he met with Dr Amine Matta.  We might have to issue an official “wanted” (for other reasons) to find the witnesses who have seen or met him in Belgium where he was not supposed to be at the cost of the Moroccan Royal Palace.
Methods of payment :

Check out the methods of payment (invoices, personal credit card, corporate or business credit card, airline mileage and privilege card) not to mention that I am very curious to know which airline he travels with. Did he request a cash advance or is he expecting a reimbursement ?  

All these items should normally appear in the expense report. If  they don’t appear, then change the report so that these items are included.  

The expense report should contain : the date of the report, employee ID, social security number, e-mail address, phone, mobile number in Morocco and abroad, department, position or title, name of supervisor, start date and and data of the trip, cummul of mileage, purpose of the trips, the total hours of meetings attended and where.
Justifications :

Every expense has to be supported by a ticket, a bill or an invoice or with a bank or a credit card statement.  Unsupported or unvalidated expenses will not be reimbursed.

In the case of a Centralized Procurement Unit, you should not reimburse travel arrangements which were not ordered through the approved procurement system.

If your government doesn’t have a Centralized Procurement Unit, let Diversity-Incubator build a global online  procurement unit for you.


Explanation and Argumentation :

This is the stage in which the Moroccan parliament openly discusses every detail of Mr Azoulay’s trips abroad.  Once you have the expense report form Andre Azoulay, you should debate about it if he is not taking the cheapest deals.  He should show concern for the Moroccan government budget.  The chances are that he doesn’t.

You should also make sure that his spouse and daughter are not included because their expenses are not related to creating income for the country. You must put André Azoulay in front of the hard fact :

“You have spent so many millions of Moroccan government money last year, how many millions did you gain for Morocco with that expenditure ?”

The purpose of any public expenditure is to improve the next public budget


Consistency and Tendencies :

When in doubt about Mr André Azoulay’s honesty, you might want to retrieve or ask him to provide his expense reports of the past , and look for consistencies or inconsistencies in relation to his work for the Moroccan government and the Royal Palace.  That is how you will pinpoint him on the true reasons of his job with the Moroccan State.   

Use the opportunity to track ALL the expenses of Andre Azoulay of all the years that he was in service for the government

He was seen in Belfast in 1976 where he reportedly killed two teenagers

It will definitely help us understand why he has been making certain choices.  I suspect that he works for a different state.  The amounts which Colette received on 30 June 2017, such as the 150 Euro of which she paid the SFR / Orange invoice, of which she gave me 20 Euro and she paid 105 to SFR, leaving her with an amount around 25 Euro.   She paid her debt to a girl friend in Brussels with whom she used to live.   And after that she had nothing any more left.  That is where she began to do and say crazy things.  


For more about Miss Colette Dongmo read : The Godfather’s Puppet,

Miss Dongmo is the main suspect in the hacking of Twitter

Consult a copy of the police file. Also read my letter to President Trump about the hacking of my Twitter account on 23 June 2017  

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I deeply thank you Your Excellency Mr Saadeddine Othmani and Your Excellency Mr Habib El Malki, for your infallible cooperation.  

Yours sincerely

Naima Mouali

16 July 2017


Police Report on Twitter Hacking : Suspect N°1 is Colette Dongmo



Afbeelding (2)

The essence of the message on this police report with reference PV nr.: AN.20.LB.083779/2017 – GF d.d. 06/07/2017,  is the following :

“I would like to file a complaint against unknown individuals following to a hacking. On 23 June 2017, I was in the Munt library in Brussels and I started my session at 1400 hours. Opened my Twitter account in which I found three undignified comments which I didn’t make myself. I have made a report about the incident of which I am submitting a copy to you. I suspect a certain DONGMO Colette behind all this given that I have been helping her find a job. I have been using her laptop. I have been staying at her place during one month, on Rossini Street 55 in Brussels from 4 June 2017 till 1 July 2017. She is not registered where she lives.”


Naima Mouali



Cyber criminalité : J’aurais tweeté que “je suis une grosse pute”

Je suis une pute

Il est vendredi le 23 juin 2017 il est 18h25


A l’attention de la Police Fédérale belge  – Section Cyber Crime 


Cher Inspecteur de police ,

Concerne : adresse IP:
J’ai constaté un tweet avec des propos indécents que j’aurais envoyé il y environs 115 minutes.   Je me trouve dans une bibliothèque Bruxelloise.  J’ai démarré ma session à 14h pile.  J’ai ouvert Twitter (@unitedchambers) exactement il y a 45 minutes et je n’ai effectué aucun message aujourd’hui.

Pourtant, il y trois messages (voir ci-joint) qui manquent de dignité et qui ont été postées.  Ces messages disent “qui veut me baiser mettez vos CV”, “je suis une grosse pute” et “venez après l’aid”.

Visiblement il s’agit de quelqu’un de fâché ou d’un jaloux, qui m’en veut pour quelque chose.  Cela m’est arrivé que mes tweets reçoivent des “like” d’un profil avec des photos pornographiques.  Je bloque l’usager souvent pour ne plus faire des envois à mon compte.

Il est aussi arrivé qu’on change les photos dans mes articles sur WordPress en photos avec des vulgarités pour choquer mon public qui consiste de hauts dignitaires.  Les liens sont identiques comme celle qui sont générés par WordPress.

Je viens de désactiver en Twitter une application que je ne connais pas, à la quelle je ne suis pas inscrite, mais à laquelle mon compte Twitter a été couplé.  Je me rappelle pas avoir donné l’accord pour partager les donner avec le compte Twitter.  L’application s’appelle Manetch ( )

Je viens également de changer mon mot de passe partout.


L’endroit où je me trouve vient de connaitre des problèmes de serveur quelques minutes après que j’ai démarré Twitter une première fois, un peu après 14h.   Après 5 minutes, l’écran se fige, et puis tout devient noir chez tous les utilisateurs dans cette endroit.  Un steward est venu annoncer qu’ils travaillent sur les serveurs.

Ils ont redémarré tous les ordinateurs.  Sauf le mien a tardé à redémarré.  J’étais au poste 27.  Il m’ont donné un autre poste numéro 29.

Moins de 3 minutes après que j’ai démarré Twitter une deuxième fois, j’ai eu le problème de nouveau.  Les serveurs ont été redémarrés et le problème s’est reproduit.    L’écran se fige elle s’éteint chez tout le monde.

Est-il possible que quelqu’un hack mon compte Twitter à la bibliothèque publique ?

J’ai partagé mes observations avec la monitrice de la salle concernant le hacking de mon compte sur Twitter qui est survenu presque en même temps comme l’échec des serveurs.  Elle m’a écouté attentivement.  “Non, le problème de Twitter n’a rien à voir avec le problème avec nos serveurs”, elle a dit.  elle m’a dit que d’habitude ils redémarrent les serveurs avant l’ouverture de la salle, et qu’elle ne comprenais pas  pourquoi soudainement aujourd’hui ils ont choisi de faire l’entretient pendant la journée.


Bien que je ne me fais pas de soucis, j’aimerai également signaler la mise hors service de la téléphonie mobile (au 0465 40 15 98) depuis le 19 juin 2017 dans la soirée.  Il s’agit d’un numéro chez Lyca.  Il est vrai que j’ai épuiser tout le crédit d’appel.  Je me suis enregistrée à Anvers. Il y a plus d’un mois.  Normalement je devrai pouvoir recevoir les appels. Or, je ne sais plus recevoir ou faire des appels.


Je vous tiendrai certainement au courant de toute activité suspecte par ordinateur, smartphone ou autre.  N’hésitez pas de contacter, cher Inspecteur de police, si vous avez des questions.


Vous pouvez me joindre par Twitter @nahemamine ou @Unitedchambers ou par e-mail à, ou par le site


En vous remerciant et en remerciant toute la Police Fédérale de Belgique, je vous prie d’agréer, cher Inspecteur de police, l’expression de mes sentiments respectueuses.


Naima Mouali

Raïs Al Sisi: Make Him Fall Before He Makes You Fall


Brussels, Friday 14 April 2017


President Al Sisi, Raïs el Jamahiriya el Masria,


My condolence to the all the people of Egypt, Jews, Christian and Muslims.  Losing anyone hurts all of us.   What happened in Tanta requires a firm response.  

How about just shutting down the Anna Lindh Foundation in Alexandria right now, as a response to the murder of 45 Christians in a Church ?   it probably seems an irrational suggestion because of invisible link between the Anna Lindh Foundation and the DAESH or ISIL ?

Then how rational is bombing a church and killing as many Christians as possible to cause deep religious divisions in the society ?   How rational is it to keep  the Anna Lindh Foundation open on your territory ?   Does it help your country and people in any ways ?   Did it reduce the poverty ?  Did it increase the literacy ?   Than what is it doing in your country ?   

Allow me to recommend to just close it.  Sometimes, you must do like this.  It might help in preventing future attacks that could be much bigger  against your people and against the tourists who love visiting Egypt.


Today, I have sent a letter to Sweden with the same request and to help catch the Godfather of Morocco as well.  His real name is André van Lidth de Jeude.  His name is not André Azoulay.  He is the founder of the Anna Lindh foundation.  He is a Dutch citizen and not a Moroccan also.  


Dear President Al Sissi, the name André Azoulay is mentioned in a crime report of the Belgian Federal Police, in which a witness confirms that His Excellency André Azoulay is a Dutch from a family which has always attempted to enter the noble spheres in Europe.  I is the van Lidth de Jeude’s family which lost reputation and the noble degree in the Netherlands and in Belgium.    

I believe that André van Lidth de Jeude’s individual secret was to elevate himself to the royal class of people and to give back to his family the noble grade.  He tries this by infiltrating the royal house of what he believes is a “developing country” with “backward people”, with the intention to marry a princess and to give some of his “superiority” to them.  

He would then be able to say “I am from royal origin”.  With that, he would have an easier access to the other royal households in the world, particularly in Europe.  He is competing with everyone who has the royal status.  

He would have used his royal status for doing in the royal sphere exactly the same things like he is doing now, which is organizing (white) marriages for the papers to live in the West, like he is doing with the whole of Morocco.  The human traffic (prostitution-slavery) is incorporated.  

You can imagine how much money he would have been making by doing the same trade with the royal human traffic.  I mean with this that he would have been trading – or selling off – the members of the royal family for large sums to his highly criminal friends in Belgium, not only for the papers but for gaining the royal title as well.  

That is according to me the reason why he continues to stick around the Moroccan Palace forever.  Normal people would love to try something different after working as an advisor for four or five years.  He has been in the same job for over 30 years or so.  He does not want to evolve like all normal human beings.   

Morocco has been keeping him alive and healthy, and only God knows for what reason they were giving him so many privileges.  I wouldn’t give any privileges to someone who bosses me around and who prevents me from doing with my life what I want.  I don’t favor his kind of people, because they are profusely intolerant and full of hate against everybody.    I find that people who spread hatred should not be kept around in the Royal Palace.  In addition, he may have bought his way in with blood money produced in Northern Ireland, through which he impressed the Moroccan who thought that he was just very rich, without ever questioning how he got rich.  

It is the case of Northern Ireland which betrays that he was financing the armament and the fake identities for all the militias.  I found two witnesses : one is a crime report from the Belgian Federal Police with his name on it and stating that he was making deals in Belfast.  The other one is a Northern Irish fighter who – just like me – seeks to witnesses against him at the International Criminal Court in the The Hague.

The fact that it didn’t work out for him as he had hoped made him resentful of all the Moroccan people, including the Royal House.

He thought that we were stupid people.  He discovered that the Moroccans are not so stupid as he thought, but he tries to make them stupid by preventing the education for them.  It made him the most dangerous person for our lives.  The Moroccans too are being slaughtered every day in his international human traffic network, just like the Christians in the Middle-East


Today, I announce with pride that he can forget his dreams.  He will never be a Moroccan or a prince.  On the contrary, he will fall very low.    Why do you think he needs to hide so much truth about himself ?  It is because he hates us all.   This means that he is not our friend.

He is our Enemy

The prison is where he belongs.  May I recommend to use my ICC Reference number : OTP-CR-322/13.  Please use it for filing against André Azoulay and André van Lidth de Jeude.


I was born a few weeks before His Majesty King Faruk died.  I am laying all my hope in your hands, dear President Al Sisi, Rais el Jamahiriya el Masria for saving our civilizations.   Please do your people a favor. The truth is that you will rise like a Pharaoh, Egypt will rise like it was once doing when the Anna Lindh Foundation fall.  Make Azoulay fall before he makes you fall with masses of demonstrations on Meedan Al Tahrir.

We make him fall on Meedan Al Tatweer (click to visit my Meedan Al Tatweer)

Thank you.

Salam aleikum fi rahmatu Allah wa barakatu


Naima Mouali

Cold Cases : “They Said She Had Hung Herself”


In the Summer 2015, a few months after I was made homeless by a fake eviction, which was organized by a mafia in Belgium, I asked the people in my neighborhood in Zaventem, if they know anybody who is willing to host me against doing cooking and cleaning for them.   “Mete.  Mete has a very big apartment, he sheltered people before, he is rich enough not to need a rent from you, and he needs help in cleaning”, is what I was told by Lisa, a neighbor in Zaventem.   She organized to meet him at her place and to discuss a room and a visit.  Here is the rest of the story in which I met a despotic young man, who turns out to be a mafioso in the making : 


The Profile of Mete K. the Mafioso in the Making

“I know Mete who has a very big apartment and who hosted people with in difficulties in his house before”, Lisa told me.  “There are inconveniences about co-existing with Mete, for which you need to be prepared, or you will be shocked”, Lisa warned.   He is a bit lunatic, he has been into psychological treatment, his place is filthy, he doesn’t wash, he has a dog who has a priority over everything and everyone, he lets it do everything including pipi and kaka inside the apartment, and he doesn’t share his food.  Do you want me to ask him ?” she asked.

“I can always meet with him, because one never knows, and if I can’t pay the rent, I offer to clean the place”.  “All the cleaners he has had, have ran away”, Lisa continued to warn,  “for example, there was one Polish woman among them, who he hosted, she got deeply demoralized, she ran away like a mad woman from him.   The commune of Woluwe Saint Lambert – who is not so difficult offered a social house to the woman, but Mete continued to have such an impact on the women that she committed suicide… “, I understood from Lisa.   “She was very unhappy and she drank vodka as if she was drinking water, so you could expect that something like that would happen”, Lisa reasoned in a simplistic way, because the suicide could be a cover up.

Mete K. is a Turkish young man of about 40 years old, who lives on Chemin des Deux Maisons 61/21), 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (Mete 0472 48.84.81).   He regularly visits Lisa since quite some years.

The reason for Mete’s visits is also “hash”, which he buys from her, because there is an officially authorized quantity which the people are allowed to buy.  That weekend, when I was at her place, Mete stopped by with his dog to buy hash, and he smelled terrible.  Mete and I exchanged phone numbers. (Mete 0472 48.84.81)  (My phone 0485 85.39.16)


Lisa told me that Mete is a spoilt brat who comes from very rich parents who live in Moorsel (a rich men’s area in Belgium), where they own a very big villa.   His father tried to make a man of Mete, and he bought an apartment for him (on Chemin des deux Maisons).

Lisa has seen the villa.  She described that they have the biggest meeting room she has ever seen in her life, inside a private home.  It’s a room with a very very long table.  (I imagined that this is where they plot – why else do they need a big meeting room ?).

I asked what business the father was in.   “He does exports”, she replied, but she has never been able to answer my question what precisely he was exporting.


Mete Was Eager to See Me Come 

Mete kept asking Lisa, when I was coming.   Last Saturday, “his dream” was fulfilled.   The curious things which immediately rang a bell, was that as soon as I entered the apartment for the first time, Mete asked me immediately to clean the shit of dog (precisely like Lisa told me before).   He started cleaning parts of it, and he let me do the rest.   I came equipped with gloves and with plastic bags, and I did it just to see what he was going to ask me next.

While I was cleaning, I heard him talking in Turkish to someone over the phone about me, because he pronounced my name.  He was doing this every time that I was cleaning something else, like the day when I cleaned the floor of the entire apartment and when I cleaned out the entire kitchen.   I wondered to whom he tells everything that he sees that I am doing.   According to Lisa, it could be his father.

The next thing was to join them to their neighbor who invited them.  That was the clue which made me feel that he was going to show me around (just like Mr Crocodile tried), because perhaps that is how he or his father make the earnings).


Mete and Jean took me to Robert and Bénédicte Lamotte (Chemin des Deux Maisons 63/28), 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. We had a meal together there.

After the meal, Mete explained how we will get organized for the night.  He suggested that I sleep on the couch.   I refused (because the dog sits in it the whole day), I told him that I prefer to sleep on the ground and that I spotted a space in a tiny room, the one in front of which the dog shit was (it was the cleanest place !).  “That is where I want to sleep”, I said (like this, I have privacy and I lock the door behind me).  He was sleeping with Corrine, an elder Belgian woman who also needed shelter.   Jean, a Belgian friend who is hanging around Mete all the time for some strange reason, said that he will sleep on the couch.


He Beats and Insults Women 

When Robert and Bénédicte, and a Moroccan woman named Fati  (0472 86 20 80)  who was there with us, heard that I was sleeping on the ground, they organized two spare mattresses that I put one on top of the other.  Fati as well as those neighbors and Lisa, kept looking after me every evening.

One evening, the neighbors ate pancakes which I made at Mete’s place.  After everybody left, Mete said “In the past, I used to have sex with just any woman, and I wouldn’t know her the next day… Until I met someone who I truly love who did precisely that to me, then I stopped.  Women too use men like sex machines”.   I said nothing because I was not interested in that discussion.  “You know, I am a Bonobo and sometimes a man needs to … ejaculate somewhere”, he continued…. “Can I ask you a question ?” he asked.  He didn’t wait for the answer, he quickly jumped into asking “Are you a virgin or not ?”

I don’t wish to answer your question.  “What do you mean ?… Are you one of those stuck-up people?.. Aren’t you ?… What’s wrong about asking just a question ?…. you are in my house remember…   “I am not answering that question”, then he began roaring about the Islamic bullshit, that I’m a fundamentalist, etc.   I stood up and I said that I am not interested in this conversation. I wished him  good night.   He said nothing.

The next morning, Jean stopped by for a coffee and Mete tried to start the same fight.  I stick to my position.  “I don’t feed stuck up people like you.  I don’t let them use my bath and they just can’t have it their way in my house”, he shouted in a highly nervous way.   I have the right to remain quiet about my private life.  Jean supported that.  Mete almost exploded and then I said that I was going out for a walk.   It was 10 AM.   “I shall be back at 1:30 PM, before Lisa and her friends arrive”.


There are two people who can witness that he has used physical violence against them :  

  • Martine (the girl friend and the neighbor of Philippe Jadoulle in whose place I stayed over during the night of 27 May 2015) told me that he violently slapped her twice when her dog chased Mete’s chicken-hearted dog away.

When Martine told me about it, I said that she should have called the police.   Her answer to this was “If I go to the police, he will come and kill me”.  This problem will never get resolved if all the women deal with criminality precisely like this.


  • Corrine (the old woman who slept with Mete on the night of Saturday 23 May 2015, and who didn’t reappear on Sunday 24 May 2015 at Mete’s house.   He was mad at her.   When she reappeared on Monday 25 May 2015, he slapped her and he chased her out at 11 PM.


I Discovered Blood Against His Walls and Doors 

He is a psychopath.   That is what Kanu told me, when I told him about sleeping on the ground and cleaning the dog shit, and having me clean day and night.  Today I found a possible proof that Mete is a psychopathic murderer.

Today, he requested that I clean the doors.   I started by the kitchen, then the salon, the lavatory, and I moved on to the hall, the entrance door to the apartment and then to the rest.   I started at 8 AM and from 11 AM onwards, I planned to get out for the rest of the day until 9 PM.

After finishing the door of the lavatory, Mete inspected the door and he spotted a large number of small drops against the wall which is painted in orange, at the entrance near the lavatory.   He though that it was the filthy water which I sprayed against his wall.  As the wall looked so damaged, I argued that I didn’t do it, but I felt that he was fishing for something to start an argument with me.

“Yes, you did it and you should be careful not to spoil the walls around here”, he shouted.   “These drops over here are not wet.   They are dry.   Get a paper tissue, press it against the wall, and see if it is wet”, I defended myself.   He immediately gave up and said “oh no, that is not necessary”.    When he disappeared, I tried to clean the spots.   On the orange paint, they look green-greyish.  Once the spots were dissolved and when everything started to come off, it appeared to me that it was actually blood.    My eyes popped.

I first gave it a thought and then I told him that the spots were looking like blood.   Then he came and he had a second look.   As I moved on to the entrance door, I found blood there too, dripping out of the lock, but I said nothing.   I didn’t show him all the spots that I was finding.   Those were for me, to take him by the balls.


He Panicked and Started Cleaning and Washing  

He became nervous.  As I moved on to the other rooms, he took his cleaning bottles and he started doing the same doors that I did, particularly at the entrance.   He opened the door, and started cleaning the fittings of the door in the floor, fearing that traces of blood could be hiding there.

I kept looking for more blood spots.   I found them against the wardrobe, against almost all the doors, there must be some in the floor, in the long corridor which leads to his bedroom.

In the bedroom, when I was cleaning the door, I saw a big stain of old blood, so so much blood and then I realized that a murder happened in that bedroom, in which the person must have tried to flee, and through which the stains everywhere were produced.

Mete went to the bedroom and he started taking out the sheets and the cover.   The mattress was naked with a huge bloodstain.   Lots of blood must have soaked into the mattress.   How he can sleep in a bed like that is something beyond my understanding.   How Corrine slept with him in that same bed, the first night when I arrived is even more beyond belief.   Page Break


Report of Thursday 28 May 2015

I forgot to report to you yesterday, that Mete and I agreed earlier this week that I was going to inform him about how long I need to stay in his place on Wednesday night.   He couldn’t wait that long and I received a phone call from Mete at 3 PM, in which he promptly said “I want to make an end to our collaboration”.    “I want you to get out tonight”, he instructed and he hung up the phone.  “Great” is what I thought, because like this, I don’t have to flee because of the blood that I have seen.

I returned  to Mete’s, to take my luggage in the evening.   He and Jean arrived at his place at the same time like me, at 21h45.   Then I went to the room in which I used to sleep and in which my luggage was stored.   The first thing which struck me was that Mete had washed all the bed covers in which I saw the blood… but he didn’t change the mattresses.  The mattresses which Robert and Benedict gave to Mete were still in the room in which I slept.   So there is a chance that the old mattresses in Mete’s room are still there, for the police to check out.

I walked to the entrance and I said “I am leaving now.  Thanks for what you have done and good luck for the rest of your life”.   Mete came and opened the door for me like a gentleman.   “I hope you don’t mind that I say goodbye to your neighbors Bénédicte and Robert”, I asked.  “You could use the phone and tell them that”, he suggested.  “I want to see them”, I responded knowing deeply that he was hiding something that they were not going to accept.

Just when I walked through the door, Mete asked me to kiss him good bye.  I quickly turned my head away and said “no, I’m not kissing you”.  “Then get lost you peasant !  Go away !” he shouted angrily.  Getting out of there is precisely what I wanted to do, especially after discovering a mattress full of blood.


It’s His Habit to Sink the Women

My plan was to greet Robert and Bénédicte and to go to the police, but things didn’t turn out that way.  Robert and Bénédicte didn’t let me go.   Robert found it undignified that Mete threw me out so late at night.   Robert and Bénédicte both remarked that Mete was lately becoming more and more, erratic and behaving strange the whole day, but they didn’t specify what precisely they noticed.   They were only sad because initially Mete spoke highly about me the day when I was coming, and they assumed that I was a new person in his life.   Apparently, that is how he spoke about me, and I never dated him.  When they met me, they all fell in love with me.   That is why it came hard on them when I came to say good bye already so soon.   It is very clear for them that Mete has a problem, because in comparison with all the girlfriends that he used to have, I am the first who doesn’t drink, who doesn’t use drugs and who simply is independent emotionally as well as physically.  Mete cut is short and Robert started fishing for the answers on the question “why”.   Later on, he learned from Fati that he told her that “I didn’t want to kiss him goodbye”.

“What comes harder on me… are the mattresses which you gave to Mete.” I told Robert and Bénédicte.  “You should take them back”, I suggested.   “Oh no, he can keep them,” said Robert.   Bénédicte said that they were standing in their way.   For the moment, I prefer to think that Robert honestly offered the black mattresses for me and not to replace the stained white mattresses, because when I told him that Mete threw me out, he told me that Mete didn’t say a word about it the whole evening.  Robert and Bénédicte were not aware that Mete had thrown me out, until I told them that.   Mete tried to prevent me from telling the story to them or anybody because the main question which everyone


Robert moved heaven and earth to find me a place to stay right away for the days after he and Bénédicte have left on vacation, this Friday.   He managed to place me with Philippe Jadoulle and his girl friend Martine.  They reported that he did the same to many people who he sheltered, including Fati, when she was struggling to survive.   I asked if he specifically throws out the women.  They never looked at the problem from this perspective.


The Polish-Russian Woman is named “Renata”

Upon this remark, Jeremy Rhoux (0479 337 114) told me the story of his former girl friend, who died a few months ago.  “She is a Polish woman born from a Polish father and a Russian mother, and she was very beautiful.  Through hard circumstances she also became homeless.   Mete took her on as a cleaning lady and he made her clean up the pipi and kaka of his dog, just like he did to you”, he told me.   “My girlfriend got depressed because of the way Mete was treating her.   She had the feeling that life was not for her because she has bad luck all the time.  When she was living in Poland, she went through a major shock which turned her life around and which she was unable to process, ever since.   The shock is that she lost her baby in a car crash.    In Poland, she used to be the director of a museum and married to a successful banker, but after the loss of her child, she began to drink and she divorced because of that.   In Poland she met a Belgian man (I think he said) with whom she married.   He brought her to Belgium, but her drinking behavior in addition to smoking joints led him to throw her out (as if he didn’t know that beforehand).  The girl was on her own, without a job and without a home.”   I think he said that Mete was dating her and sheltering her, and then he presented her to Jeremy.     Jeremy said that the drinking got worse.  She drank vodka straight out of the bottle.  It was so bad that he too couldn’t put up with her.   He kept her until she managed to get a place of her own.

Very carefully I asked what her name was, because he visibly is still in love with her and I didn’t want to sound like I am investigating her case which could be related to the blood that I have seen in Mete’s bedroom.  “Renata” he said.

From the story that he was telling, I didn’t understand for what reason she turned to Mete again after she had a place of her own through the local social housing service of Woluwe Saint Lambert, but the main point which I was looking for in the story of Jeremy is that there was a relation of some kind between her and Mete, after she separated with Jeremy.

Jeremy also reported that she became suicidal after the separation with him (or rather after joining Mete, who apparently is very good at destroying the self esteem of the women).

Perhaps a financial investigation will highlight this fact, because Lisa told me that as soon as Renata started receiving a welfare pension, Mete came after her and he took 200 Euro per month from her.  She has to do sex with Mete and his friends, and she has to give her pension to them as well.  Is it any wonder that from that point onward, the woman became suicidal ?

If this is true, then the police should suspend the unemployment benefits for Mete K. immediately, so that he begins to feel what it is like without any money.

Apparently the case was filed as a suicide and Jeremy Rhoux told me that the case was closed.   Perhaps the case is closed, because the girl is “a Polish immigrant” and “a case of human traffic”, which is the holy lucrative business machine of this country.


Report of Friday 29 May 2015

Jeremy Hroux, the former compagnon of Renata, who gave the full details about her: her name is Renata BURA, and she was living on avenue de la Reine 172 in Schaarbeek (Brussels North).

The owner of the apartment on avenue de la Reine is a Moroccan and he was the first to discover her had hung herself.

She used to have a social house from Woluwe Saint Lambert, and Jeremy confirmed that Mete was running after her every month to take her money.   200 Euro is the amount which he said.   He harassed her so much that Jeremy took back Renata, until she got another address, in Schaarbeek.   According to him, Renata never had a relation or contact again with Mete, but Mete werd nooit ondervraagd.

Philippe also said that Mete is protected by very high up people, given that his father has a business in imports and exports.   Being protected for doing what ?  Mete is a junkie ?  Why does he get protection ?

From Philippe Jadoulle (avenue Mullie 55, 1200 Woluwe Saint Lambert), I learned that Mete ows money to a lot of people, including him.  Mete called him up on Thursday morning to tell him that he had to throw me out from his place too.   Martine and I protested that Philippe should not let Mete decide who  he can bring in his apartment.  “Mete owes me 100 Euro”, he said sheepishly.

Mete will likely owe a lot of money to everyone…. and perhaps this is how he got rich in the first place.   That is why I think Mete is a little mafioso.

Naima Mouali