The Curious Cat Was the ex-Mayor of Zaventem


For His Royal Highness Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the Executive Chairman of the Kingdom Holding Company and the Alwaleed Philanthropies


aanhef Prince Alwaleed

In Letters2KingM6, you will find the story of the Dimah family bakery in Zaventem.  They are partially Moroccans and partially Algerians, through the mother who is at the head of the family. 


Her name is Fatna, and she is a highly generous and sweet woman with a heart bigger than herself.  She is a activist in the mind, but in business she does everything in the name of the Allmighty Allah.  “God is the only reason why this business is still turning”, she taught me. 

This  Moroccan-Algerian bakery shop in my former neighborhood, was a victim of the bad functioning of their accountant who was late in submitting the income statement to the tax authorities, through which they got fined severely.  

The fine was (made up) so high that they started failing the payment of other important bills related to the social security who also began to fine them in merciless ways.  Their most important priority became to keep selling bread and to keep the shop open.  They kept on spending money on the ingredients rather than on paying the bills.


The case went to the Brussels commercial tribunal where the curator had seized the bakery.  The family who was running the bakery was obliged to buy their shop back from the curator for an amount around 30 000 euro.   

The problems occurred around 2008 and in 2013 they were still paying off the fine, every time with the threat of a seizure if they didn’t pay on time. 

They were actually paying the cost of three bakery shops while owning none,

  • There is the one which the curator has taken over on paper, for which they pay the fine 
  • There is the physcial property which they took over from someone else, for which they pay off the bank credit
  • There is the bakery operation which they need to run on a daily basis, for paying the two other virtual bakeries. 

cake-486420_1280_editedFor keeping the shop open they need to buy the basic materials such as, flower, milk, eggs, sugar, oils, butters, chocolate, and fruits, for instance, for which they bought machines, like a brand new oven.  They pay workers, and the maintenance of the machines and the cooling house where they store the fruits, such as the very delicate strawberries, and a stock of pastries. 


Full Story on Transforming Dims Bakery


My conclusion was that the whole of Belgium was making money from this bakery except the Dimah family.  It pushed the youngest daughter in the family who was employed in the shop, to find a job somewhere else.   In this way she could apply for unemployment benefits, when out of work.   At the family bakery, she was simply not getting paid, and this while her parents took her out of school a few years earlier, for helping her brother in the business .

They were working for paying everybody  

That is what I analyzed from a financial viewpoint.  The family in question didn’t develop a technical financial view of the business in this way by themselves, and this is what we need to change in the education system. 

We need more financial thinkers !

They didn’t even suspect the financial conspiracy to bankrupt them, while they were supporting a growing number of bakeries on paper.  

Worse than this : they were actually accepting this situation as a way of life in this country, like many Moroccan families in Belgium who are sinking in debts.  

If they close the shop, they would still have to finish paying off the two shops on paper.  Selling the shop is also a problem, because nobody is going pay the price of three shops while getting only one.

They have no choice but to accept the slavery

What makes the bakery accept giving their money away to the Belgian State and to the bank (which is the same in this country) is that they were using the cashflow for paying emergencies, such as the sudden registered letters demanding an immediate payment, particularly those from bailiff Dirk Duflou, who had a violent argument with the baker.  “Next time when you step in my bakery I will do something to you”, the angry young man shouted to him.

As they delay the payment of one thing to pay off something else,  they resort to paying with the cashflow the delivery to their door of the basic materials, which is also wrong.  This is something which the banks should pay for the business, until the business repays the bank.

With the kind of debts that they accumulated with the late payment of the bills, with the bailiffs, the lawyers and everything which has nothing to do with the bakery, the bank will tell them “NO“, all the more that the curator has already seized everything which is interesting for the banks.    

That is how doing business in Belgium is like


Full Story on Transforming Dims Bakery


I was glad that the mother of the Dimah house spoke to me honestly about the true situation of the bakery.  She also demanded that I don’t tell it on, as it will make the baker look bad.  She was right that they are making her bakery look like he is a very bad one, indeed by creating additional costs unrelated to the talents of the baker.  I am also being made look very bad because I also function with too many restrictions to cope with on one single day.   However, not talking about it is not going to make the bakery look better.  This is not how you solve an investment problem. 

We need to teach our people to talk about their financial difficulties unashamed, instead of being afraid to be laughed at, especially when it is not their fault.  We need to unlearn the pride of hiding a financial problem.  That is one reform of the education system to implement by His Excellency Mohamed Hassad, to whom I sent a letter about the multidimensional investment portfolio.


We need to work on attitudes.  We have an awful lot of work when it comes to the attitude of the Moroccan people.  My upcoming letter to the Istiqlal Party is also about attitude.  That letter will be about the bad attitude of André Azoulay in a leadership position, causing the subordinates to follow his example.
I was too revolted by the bad financial situation occurring to very good people that I couldn’t stay quiet about this.  The situation comes from very bad people with a very good financial situation, such as His Excellency André Azoulay,

How come that the Belgian bakeries are more successful than the Moroccan bakeries ?  How come that they have nicer and warmer shops with employees who wear fashionable aprons with the name of the shop and with colors that match the decoration of the shop ?  How come that they have nicer paper bags for packaging the bread, with the name of the baker printed on it ?  They have nicer boxes for packaging the tarts and for transforming the cakes into irresistible gifts.  Why ? 

The Dimah bakery uses paper bags with publicity for hart association, for eating more pro-corn bread, for the cancer-research, for the animal protection, and for making gifts for the handicapped people.  Buying boxes for them is a challenge especially for the very big cakes like the wedding cakes.  The baker himself does deliveries on foot,

How come that the Belgian bakeries can close for going on vacation during at least three weeks, while the Dimah family can’t escape not even for a few days ?  

Where do the Belgian bakers find the money

to employ more than one worker ?

It doesn’t look like they have to buy their

shops back from the curator, does it ?  


The wife of the baker told me about her salary.  “They pay me, I take it out of the bank and I put it back in the cash flow”.  Employing her costs per month around 1500 Euro to the social security (money for the Belgian State).   More costs are added when defaulting on payments to the social security or when paying late.  This would trigger the same problem like the one they had because of an accountant who failed to send their tax declaration on time to the tax authorities,  Not declaring her employment would lead to the shutdown of the shop by Justice.   

How come that a Belgian baker doesn’t have all these threats ? 
They don’t have to employ anyone illegally, to fear control.   Or do they  ?

They are supported by the banks, who pay the social security and the salaries in advance to the Belgian State.  They don’t get checked, even if they employ illegal migrants, because they pay on time.    It’s when you fail to pay something in this country, that you attract the attention of highly interested people from the public service, like the ex-Mayor of Zaventem. 


The Moroccan bakers simply don’t know that the bank provides this service to the enterprises, so they honestly pay what they can afford to pay to the worker, or they resort to employing students and interns,

I don’t have the impression that the Belgian bakers worry about paying back the banks.  Living on credit is the lifestyle in this country.  

They are not afraid to use credits for masking the problems.  It concerns credits which some never have to pay back, while others prefer to hang themselves, when they are asked to pay it all back. 

In this country you don’t go to jail for unpaid debts and for causing a bankruptcy.  The accountant who didn’t submit the tax paper on time, and who triggered the legal problems for the baker to the extent that they technically lost their shop, while allowed to keep it running, deserves a big fine, but there is no financial Justice system in this country.  They don’t do financial investigations here. 
We need to make sure we develop a strong  financial court system in our countries.


Full Story on Transforming Dims Bakery


cookie-1832199_1280Although I would prefer to suggest to the Dimah baker to leave Belgium altogether and to start a bakery in Morocco, I advised them to sack the accountant and to increase their income, perhaps with one simple thing : to become an importer of cookies in attractive tins and to distribute that to the other bakeries.  The idea is to work out a few themes that are represented by the cookies and the tins and we can work together with China, where they package cookies in tins for ages.  I also thought of a mobile bakery shop, as a second shop, and of e-commerce.       


For this, I sent an e-mail to the Club of Oriental Investors about the financial strain through which Dims Bakery was going and about a business idea to pull up the bakery1000021709_mainThe e-mail must have landed on the desk of the ex-mayor of Zaventem Francis Vermeiren.  A visit of the ex-mayor Vermeiren to the bakery was the principle clue that my e-mails were forwarded to the same person who copies everything I do.   It is somebody in Morocco, given that shortly afterwards, I found the koffiekoek (typical Belgian rolls-  being produced in Morocco, as well as trucks and helicopters for emergency health care in remote areas in Morocco, as that was easier to copy than the mobile bakery.  Morocco committed millions of public funds to implementation of mobile health care services.


Of course I suspected His Excellency André Azoulay who takes any opportunity for drying up the Moroccan public funds, while leaving our people to cripple.  He too is behind the crippling of the Dimah bakery through the ex-mayor, who would quietly make sure that no customers go there (who knows!), and through the Bailiff Dirk Duflou, who seems to participate in scaring the baker with seizure at least once every year. He is the same Bailiff who managed the eviction from my apartment. They are all part of one mafia which stiffles the competition from the foreigners in Belgium, from all possible sides.

This is financial terrorism

The reason why this story of the Dimah bakery is important, is because it highlight the link with the mafia of the strawberries in Morocco and that the ex-mayor of Zaventem has been playing a much bigger role for the Belgium Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Casablanca, for His Excellency Azoulay and for his boss Lucien Leuwenkroon.  Both men and the ex-Mayor may have played a role in the Brussels Airport attacks, but the link between the men is much clearer in the strawberries that grow on stolen farmlands in Morocco, and in the illicite imports in Belgium of produce from Morocco, like the red and the blue fruits, the walnuts, the olives and olive oil,

For learning more about this link through the strawberries, may I invite you to read the letter to His Excellency Minister Aziz Akhanouch, the Moroccan Minister of Agriculture. The strawberries are likely shipped by plane to Zaventem.

In the letter to Minister Akhanouch I mentioned that I learned from others about the Chief of Police in Zaventem owning a farm in Morocco, and spending more time there while apparently he continued getting paid a salary as a police man in Zaventem.  In Belgium the Mayor is the boss of the police. That is how I see a link between the farmland the the ex-mayor of Zaventem.

The link between the ex-mayor of Zaventem and Immo Leuwenkroon is also the farmland.  The link between Lucien Leuwenkroon and the farmland are people like my mother, though this needs to be confirmed,


What will confirm this is the false papers, the human traffic and the illegal migration :

The ex-Mayor of Zaventem must be held responsible for the human traffic and the illegal employment of migrants on his territory, such as the employment of masses of female students from Thailand in the NH Hoteles in Diegem (Zaventem), who were working more than 14 hours a day,  6 days a week for only 200 Euro per month. This is a severe violation against the social security.

It was called “Internship” with the Erasmus program.  The foreign students were sent one day per week to class at Ceria-Coovi in Anderlecht.  A cross-analysis is necessary between what is known about these students at the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and what is known about the same students at the municipality of Zaventem, where they were housed,  If there are mismatches, then there must be something else going on in the municipality of Zaventem which nobody discovered for so far. I do not exclude that they travel with false papers.

You know what happens with the curious cat ? 


It gets trapped !

Unlike the NH Hoteles should be investigated by the social security, unlike the Sofitel Hotel chain in Europe should be investigated in the same way, for detecting social fraud. André Azoulay is the owner of the Sofitel Hotel Chain. They could be employing undocumented migrant workers, just like at NH Hotel Group in Belgium.  It is probably the same.


Full Story on Transforming Dims Bakery

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Lucien Leuwenkroon est l’Orchestrateur, et André Azoulay est son pupitre


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Sa Majesté le Roi Mohammed VI
Roi du Maroc
Président de la Fondation Mohammed V pour la Solidarité
la Fondation Mohammed V pour la Solidarité
3, Rue Arrissani, Hassan
B.P:4253, Rabat, Maroc


Roi Mohammed VI

En référant à ma lettre d’hier concernant Kroon Diamonds, j’ai l’honneur de vous transmettre ci-joint tout ce que j’ai appris ces jours-ci sur Monsieur Lucien Leuwenkroon, le Président de la Chambre de Commerce Belgique Luxembourg au Maroc.  

Il aurait séjourné en Irlande du Nord pendant l’époque des troubles (de 1968 – 1999). Il aurait financé l’armement de tous les belligérants.  Veuillez prendre en considération dans cette histoire un banquier ou diplomat d’origine Luxembourgeoise avec des fonds en francs belges qui aurait trouvé la mort en Irlande du Nord.

J’ai soumis le dossier pour vérification auprès du Ministère des Affaires Intérieures de Belgique.   Mais, c’est avec certitude que je peux indiquer que c’est lui l’orchestrateur dans The Godfather of Morocco, vu son contact avec les entreprises et les banques.

Quant à Son Excellence André Azoulay, il n’est pas innocent, parce que c’est le pupitre de l’orchestrateur, et trois homosexuels ont déclaré qu’il leur aurait transmis le virus du VIH

J’ai des doutes qu’il serait Juif, toutefois avant de juger Son Excellence André Azoulay, il faut d’abord examiner pourquoi il a accepter les instructions venant de M. Lucien Leuwenkroon, selon les témoins.  J’ai notamment détecté un élément très grave en relation avec l’antisémitisme dans le chef de Monsieur Lucien Leuwenkroon et ses consorts soi-disant nord-irlandais auxquels je vous prie, Majesté d’être très attentifs et compréhensifs.  


slave-2614959_1920_editedEn ce qui concerne le Maroc, j’ai demandé auprès de notre Premier Ministre Son Excellence Saadedine Elothmani et Son Excellence Habib El Malki, le Président du Parlement Marocaine un audit sur les formalités d’établir une chambre de commerce au Maroc pour La Chambre de Commerce Belgique Luxembourg Maroc à Casablanca (CCBLM), qui après mon examens me semble illégitime.  


En ce qui concerne la Belgique, je demande un audit de toutes l’entreprise Service Plus Lavazza dont il n’existe pas de bilans séparés pour les nombreuses somptueuses boutiques, une situation semblable aux 13 NH Hotels en Belgique, et donc elle ne paierait pas d’impôts ou de pensions.

Ce sont des entreprises sans papiers, tout comme les personnes sans papiers auxquels les criminels vendent des papiers falsifiés, un sujet sur lequel je reviens dans mon rapport.   La CCBLM pourrait être une plateforme de vente clandestine.

J”ai mentionné son nom dans une lettre aux Majestés le Roi et la Reine de Belgique du 7 février 2018, concernant NH Belgium CVBA, une coopératives d’hotels à Diegem (une commune qui fait parti de Zaventem).  NH Belgium paye des dividendes mais ils ne payent pas les pensions


J’ai également l’honneur de partager avec vous mes courriers au Premier Ministre Britannique, Son Excellence  Madame Theresa May concernant les entreprises d’audit de renom qui auraient fermé les yeux surtout si NH Belgium a pris des prêts auprès de Lehman Brothers Bankhaus en 1998, et à Son Excellence la Chancelière Angela Merkel pour l’avertir d’une possible bulle spéculative sur les bourses allemandes.  

J’ai également informé l’entreprise en question NH Hotel Group SA à Madrid par une lettre à Son Excellence Ramon Aragonés Marín. Pour accentuer notre amitié avec l’Espagne je prépare une stratégie pour Ses Majestés le Roi Felipe VI et la Reine Letizia.


Enfin, permettez-moi Votre Majesté de partager aussi mon courrier au patron de la Deutsche Börse, Son Excellence Theodor Weimer, pour travailler ensemble sur des nouveaux marchés financiers, comme le cas NH Hoteles et NH Hotel Group m’a inspiré de faire cette suggestion.  

Je ne pouvais pas effectuer d’envoi sans penser à notre bourse à Casablanca.  J’ai adressé un mot à Son Excellence Hamid Tawfiki le Président du Conseil de la Bourse de Casablanca et à Son Excellence Karim HAJJI le Directeur Général, en copie.


Je vous prie, Votre Majesté de lire ma lettre électronique ci-joint avec plus de détails sur le passé de M Lucien Leuwenkroon en Irlande du Nord.

Ce serait lui qui était derrière madame Colette Dongmo, l’hotesse de l’air.  Je le soupçonne de m’avoir insulté par téléphone en janvier 2013 et par le piratage de mon compte Twitter l’été dernier.   

J’exige 170 millions de dollars américains pour m’avoir appelé une pute et une salope.

Je continuerai à ajouter des éléments à ce dossier qui est lié à celui pour l’Honorable Procureur du Roi Christian de Valkeneer.


Je vous prie d’agréer, l’expression de mes salutation respectueuses.

Merci.   Shokran wa salam fi rahmatu Allah wa ta’ala wa wa barakatu.

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Naima Mouali
Président des Chambres Unies et Consultant Innovation
Fondateur de Anaccell Corporation
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Sommes Nous Tous Piégés ?


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Sa Majesté le Roi Mohammed VI
Roi du Maroc
Président de la Fondation Mohammed V pour la Solidarité
la Fondation Mohammed V pour la Solidarité
3, Rue Arrissani, Hassan
B.P:4253, Rabat, Maroc


Roi Mohammed VI

J’ai préparé la présente en anglais dans Letters2kingm6, et j’ai l’honneur de traduire pour nos amis francophones :


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C’est un honneur pour moi de vous faire part de ma lettre d’hier à Son Excellence Naftali Bennett, le Ministre de l’Education de l’Etat Hébreu, au sujet de l’éducation des enfants juifs et arabes pour aborder l’enseignement économique par une recherche économique des deux Grandes Guerres Mondiale du siècle dernier, ensemble et de la construire de nouveaux villages pour y vivre ensemble.  

Veuillez trouver mon briefing à Son Excellence le Président des Etats-Unis, pour construire ensemble des tours là où tant de sang est versé, et pour se transformer en une véritable Jérusalem, où tout le peuple vit et travaille joyeusement ensemble.  Nous devons essayer ceci, alors que rien d’autre n’a fonctionné.

Pourquoi est-il si courant d’entendre dire que “les Juifs qui gouvernent notre monde” lorsqu’il s’agit de finances ?  

Si c’est vrai pourquoi je trouve des indications que la Banque nationale de Belgique, régit les gouvernements comme le FMI, la IBRD, la Commission européenne, la Banque centrale européenne (via FMI), la Banque africaine de développement, la Banque asiatique de développement, la Banque interaméricaine de développement, le PNUD et l’ensemble des sous-organisations des Nations Unies ?

Voir la collection des extraits 

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Je suis étonnée des sommes ridicules d’environ 21 000 euros que le gouvernement de Belgique autorise à la Commission européenne pour la mise en œuvre de programmes mondiaux.  

Pourquoi je trouve que le gouvernement belge détermine les montants que l’Union européenne doit verser aux Nations Unies ?

Je viens de trouver un remboursement de la banque Inter-Américaine du développement soi-disant au gouvernement de Belgique. 

Veuillez voir la collection des extraits sur cette page 
Votre Majesté, bien que je soupçonne l’existence de très grandes sociétés fictives en Belgique comme la Banque mondiale qui partage étrangement les locaux de la Deutsche Bank sur l’avenue Marnix 17, à 1000 Bruxelles, je suis aussi venu sur les traces de plus petites sociétés financières comme Leemans Groep, qui offre des prêts pour la construction de logements en dehors de la Belgique, comme au Maroc.


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Dans Leemans Groep il y a des investisseurs silencieux qui apportent des capitaux. Compte tenu de l’absence d’intérêts dans les fonds de roulement de leur entreprise, l’origine de leur capital et l’identité des investisseurs devraient être remises en question.

Je soupçonne définitivement M. François Leemans, au sujet duquel vous trouverez une liste de crimes, que j’ai envoyée à la Cour pénale internationale de La Haye.

Kroon diamondsJe voulais juste m’assurer que M. Lucien Leuwenkroon, le président de la Chambre de commerce belgo-luxembourgeoise et les budgets du gouvernement marocain ne sont pas impliqués dans ce qui me semble être l’un des scandales financiers les plus sales du siècle.

Je sais qu’il est le fondateur de Kroon Diamonds à Anvers (voir extrait pour votre information).




monument-2501317_1280_editedC’est pourquoi j’ai demandé la fermeture provisoire  de la Chambre de Commerce Belgique Luxembourg à Casablanca

Pourriez-vous garantir, Votre Majesté, une très haute résistance contre l’antisémitisme dans l’ensemble de la région Arabe MENA, par l’éducation de nos enfants ?   

Merci.   Shokran wa salam fi rahmatu Allah wa ta’ala wa wa barakatu.

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Naima Mouali
Président des Chambres Unies et Consultant Innovation
Fondateur de Anaccell Corporation
Téléphone: + 1 541 366 4478
WhatsApp + 32 465 40 15 98
Twitter: @unitedchambers @meedanaltatweer

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Catering With the Fist, The Sodexo vs Aramark Case



I lost a contract to teach young Belgian chefs how to cut fruits and vegetables, an oriental culinary art that I believe has a big future, with influences of other culinary cultures in the world.  That is what I thinking when I discovered the artful cut first in the best Thai restaurants in Brussels which are ‘Les Larmes du Tigre” and the highly prestigious “Sukhothai”, which is in the neighborhood of the European Union institutions.   The way they present dishes is godly, just like in Paradise.

carrotYou just can’t believe how they transform a silly carrot into a crown jewel.  “Is this real or is this plastic ? Is this edible”, I asked the first time, when a friend made me discover “Les Larmes du Tigre”.  The friend thought that they were not edible and that they reuse the crafted vegetable for decorating another plate, but I refused to believe that.   What if they re-used it four of five times before you eat it ?


carved-golden-honeydew-2892615_1920I discovered how they do it in a Temple in Waterloo, how simple housewives were producing one piece of art after another, by cutting in the fibre without breaking any of it, and without a plan.  These were mostly women who came through the network of human traffic which starts in the sex tourism in their country of origin and it continues in Belgium where they are used by the Belgian husbands as slaves in the kitchen and in the bed, of course, while they are capable of carving colorful poetry with the simple vegetables. The five star hotels will definitely be looking for someone with the talent to dress up the buffet table in amazing ways.

I decided to reinvent the carving and to influence the international cuisine with this art, which also needs enrichment from the outside.   Download the program here.

Workshops Thai Barbecue

I wanted to hire Moodang a Thai student as a teacher and develop a training program for the youth at risk to become chefs with an exceptional skill and with other skills of added value to help them land a job and to grow.  I wanted to have the Thai artists try their art on other textures so that together we could earn a lot of money in a short time.  Moodang as a student would be able to cover the costs of her university studies.   She was highly qualified by the most prestigious hotel brands in the world such as the Oriental Hotel and Hilton. 

OHAP Apprentice Ship_edited


The slavery at NH Hotel Brussels Airport was gradually destroying the investments of these big brands, simply by shipping students who will eventually learn nothing, the students will be showing to Leo on how the other hotels are doing everything, or the student might end in the prostitution, just like at UCL Saint Luc University Hospital.


Download the full file


We I almost got a contract with Aramark to work at NATO in Brussels, where we succeeded our first meeting and the demonstration of the cutting roses out of potatoes, which made the trainees, the chef and his manager speechless.  

aramark Bernard Claus_editedkoen flamze

Given that we were using a familiar vegetable like potatoes and not a strange fruit that the chefs in Belgium are not used to, one of the young trainees asked if he could have one piece. Moodang gave him one. He took it, and rushed to the kitchen and he threw into the fryer.  He came back to show to us what he made. He gave color to the rose which became a golden flower.


Then the manager asked if he could have it, to show it to the procurement director.  He came back proud, with the sense that his team will likely see their Aramark contracts renewed with this brilliant idea, which will help keep the young men coming to work every day.   

The kitchen staff feel they are learning new things and getting rare skills with which they will continue to win contracts for a long time, and this is what we want.  Working in the kitchen of a big company or a hotel will never be as boring as it used to be, with the freedom to create and experiment.


The Account Manger of Aramark to NATO, Mr Bernard Claus had begun preparing his offer to NATO on that basis, with which he almost beat the competition…. If the idea hadn’t been stolen.  The idea was so successful that through a few jealous people at the Thai Cultural Center – I think – the mafia found out that I was preparing a training program and partnership with Aramark at NATO (annex_20A , 20B , 20C).   it was like I was preparing a bomb.

I had the impression that one Thai embassy staff member was involved in this and a few Belgian husbands  who suddenly wanted to have this job for their wives.  I say “suddenly”, because these women were here many years before I discovered the Thai Cultural Center itself.   It is through this channel that  the idea arrived at Sodexo, a competitor or Aramark.


Sodexo made sure that Aramark and me were beaten out of Nato, so that they could enter and cater food to the NATO officials with the carving of fruit and vegetables.  Instead of passing on the art to others and to feed it with new ideas, they hired two Thai women (who came to the Temple), to cut the fruits and vegetables the whole day, like in a sweatshop.  

While I was working on our offer with Aramark, I learned that the manager at Aramark, Mr Bernard Claus  who wanted to work with us had been fired. I also learned that the contract with NATO for Aramark was terminated.  In the meantime, Sodexo opened a branch in Morocco and not the Aurum Helix Group.


It felt like I was fired too.  Not for incompetence – as they like to think of us like this – but for selling a competence that they are unwilling to value.  It’s a competence that can’t be tied to any loans from the World Bank because otherwise you will recognize Thailand as a highly skilled nation who sends experts to Europe.   It doesn’t match the statistics that the World Bank wants to apply on Thailand. There is no question of Thailand giving any classes to Belgium. Thailand is a supplier of easy women for Belgium.   Morocco is a supplier of hashish, of cleaners and if nothing changes fast then Morocco as well will be labeled as a major supplier of male and female harlots.


Around that period, Sodexo got established in Morocco before I could think of taking Aramark with me to Morocco.   I am planning to fight this case through the United States, even if it concerns simple potatoes and carrots.

This move of Sodexo to Morocco, leads me to suspect the highly violent competition in which the people with the good intention are beaten out with the fist simply because they can define and organize a service for making earnings, is Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon, the President of the Belgium Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Morocco.  The Sodexo branch in Morocco is a proof of this.


I was not aware of the human traffic in that time, but there must be infiltrators of the mafia in the temple.   I have met quite a number of European visitors to the temple who strangely enough also loved going to Marrakesh or who have links with Morocco, like a young French-British couple of which I don’t know the name and a french woman who was born in Fez and whose daughter lives in Thailand with her Thai husband.  Just the unfriendliness with which they were treating me tells that they are linked to Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon who is keeping up a secret slavery system.


invoice Beatrice de WildeThe person who tried to bug me most on the Aramark plan is Miss Beatrice De Wilde of Beauté et Bien-être, a beauty salon which was successful in attracting young Moroccan women with the sugaring, a highly efficient oriental hair removal technique, which slows the re-growth, which makes it more silky and easy to remove, and which makes that the re-gowth feels like satin, and not so rough like the unshaven beard of a man.  Above all it is the cheapest hair removal system existing, also with a big future ahead provided that some clinical improvements are made to the substance to avoid possible blemish to the skin. It was the thing which attracted me to the beauty salon, which turns out a hidden agency for the human traffic of precisely the Moroccan women.


YE alingiMiss De Wilde attended a training session on how to carve fruits how to organize a table setting, and the different ways for folding the serviette.  I knew that she was there to take it all down on instruction of Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon who might share the proceeds from the possible human traffic, through a company in Luxembourg with Mr Joseph Ghyssens, the companion of Miss De Wilde.  

Mr Joseph Ghyssens is an engineer in nucléar energy with Electrabel-Suez des Eaux, and he often travelled to Germany, to Angola and to the Congo.  He is the man who stole the group-purchasing of electricity and who ran off with it to someone. I can comfortably say that he discussed it with Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon, who possibly arranged for Mr Philippe Adwent, a Member of the European Parliament, to get killed with his entire family in an car accident in Poland, in 2005.  

This accident happened in the period when there was question of funding this project in Morocco.   Just mentioning doing something good for Morocco or for the Moroccan people could cost your life. That is how strong the Belgian economy depends on the slavery in Morocco, for getting rich.  Please read more in the Godfather of Morocco.  

The full analysis of the group purchasing of electricity is in a dossier named “Who said that the group purchasing of electricity can be done ?”


They even resorted to sending a business organization named Weekendesk to hear me out, and to force more solutions out of me.  I have beaten them out of the temple, after getting hold of some paperwork from them.  Why would I work with nasty people who were not happy with doing the cooking demonstrations inside the temple, because not only they didn’t like the place, they were also utterly hateful of the Buddhist Monks and they had contempt for the Thai women.  They want me to choose for them, and like them because they are white Belgians and they feel better or greater ? BARRA !  

It is also noteworthy that I met Mr Daniel Renson in that period, in March 2005.  That was in a period when I disconnected with Beauté et Bien-être and with Weekendesk. 

They began to increase the pressure on me through the regional employment office named VDAB.   When all the elements taken together, you can see how the whole Belgian system in absolute, including the neighbors, the electricity board, the dentist, the pharmacist and the workers in the civil service were all contributing to the creation of big disadvantages for my life, because the profound belief here in Belgium is that they fare much better if you are bankrupt.

The mafia in Morocco must have used our plan for generating similar programs involving the demonstration of culinary art, creative and interactive cooking, and teaching new techniques.  Examples are Masterchef, like Thai Barbecue and Prodigy Food & Design with Aramark (2004-2005) who became Cuisiner avec le Chefs at Weekendesk/Bongo, and then Masterchef with all the TVs in the world.  There is also a Lavazza version: Lavazza Coffee Shop Design.

Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon copied me well on all levels here is a table with all the comparisons.

comparison Lavazza AHG

Whether for carving, or sugaring, or henna, or tapestry, or sewing sumptuous caftans, cooking couscous, tiles, or brewing espresso, any skill typical for a country or a civilization, I recommend to protect the technique with certification programs, just like Microsoft has Microsoft Certified Professionals Training Programs, and to have them recognized by the United Nations Alliance of the Civilizations (UNAOC) and United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization   

That would be the answer to the incessant dispute around who will get the job and who has the right to produce earnings with a skill.  

Naima Mouali
President of United Chambers and Innovation Consultant
Founder of Anaccell Corporation
e-mail :
Phone:+ 1 541 366 4478
WhatsApp + 32 465 40 15 98
Twitter: @unitedchambers @meedanaltatweer


Was the Burning of the ArcelorMittal Office Related to a Presentation for a Diversity Incubator ?


To the attention of :

His Excellency Koen Lenaerts
Court of Justice of the European Union
Palais de la Cour de Justice
Boulevard Konrad Adenauer
L-2925 Luxembourg


Silent Hostility Against ArcelorMittal

On 30 November 2010, I attended at the Brussels Chamber of Commerce (BECI) a road show in which a delegation of Moroccan company leaders came to visit Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.  This event is covered in an analysis which I addressed to His Excellency André Azoulay, when I was still believing in him.  

At this event, I was representing United Chambers, the Aurum Helix Multicultural Chamber of Commerce and I have made the observation that the all the movements and the conversations of  Moroccan company leaders were closely watched by Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon, millimeter by millimeter, to know about their next move,

as if they were his prisoners

There were 2 Moroccan companies which deal in civil engineering.   I didn’t receive the business card, I only took the e-mail of ACOMAG which is one of the companies  coming from a list which I found on the AWEX web pages concerning the related Halal Forum event. They said that they didn’t know any producer of stainless sheet in the belgo-luxembourg territory.  

With “they”, they mean the Belgium Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Morocco (CCBLM).   In other words, they were slowly killing the ArcelorMittal steel producer who has plants in Belgium and Luxembourg.  Someone want to keep ArcelorMittal out of Morocco.


I Was Invited to the ArcelorMittal Foundation on 14 June 2007

It was not the first time that they tried to kill the ArcelorMittal company.   I have also been observing a possible hostility against this prestigious Indian-led steel manufacturer in Belgium, of whom I visited the foundation on 14 June 2007, for realizing the Center for Excellence in Diversity Competence and Globalization, our multicultural innovation center or diversity incubator.   Someone was highly disturbed by this project.

The Aurum Helix model of an innovation center provides direct international exposure in two ways : locally through ethnic diversity and internationally through travel and exports, like with Halal Village.

I am against the waste of space, so I decided to make something better for the Muslim entrepreneurs who were excluded from the job market.  In my model the school is incorporated in the enterprise and in the market.

The enterprise laboratory that I designed is the shortcut to working and learning a profession which is aligned with the innovation.


This is why unless it is part of an industrial research center, I don’t think an innovation center should be attached to the universities at all, but directly to the markets.

I have been highly very protective of my own solution even with copyrights, to advance the Muslims, to the point that only one company so far has ever received some detailed descriptions with drawings of the laboratory; which is the Kingdom Foundation.

​I also thought of how to make the innovation center profitable, so not to end up in financial trouble like in the Belgian model.  With me, there is no question of engaging a investor in paying for the real-estate without a profitable plan. I would have someone else absorb the real-estate cost.  This way, I would keep the cost for the start-ups cheap or for free in certain cases, depending on the capacity of the start-up to create revenues.

That is how I thought of a shopping mall.  This too will help in keeping the knowledge and the experience in one place.  It allows starting entrepreneurs to witness business in action.  That will definitely bring them close to the real world, which is the market where they can directly test their ideas of products and services, to understand the functioning and the demands of the customers.  That will be secret of our success. This is what AWEX doesn’t know. Their model is classic because they still try to do business from a campus (like in their partnership with Texas A&M in an attempt to copycat my model).  They will eventually lose money and we will win and make money.


I requested funds for the innovation center to the ArcelorMittal Foundation in Luxembourg, in 2007.  I wrote a letter to His Excellency Mr. Lakshmi Mittal himself, shortly after his arrival in Europe from India, that year.  He loved the plan.  That letter was enough to receive an invitation to go to the foundation and to request the funds I needed.


I Didn’t Know the Plan Was Vetoed by an Uninvited Intruder

The funds never came.   I inquired in 2010, I learned that a Belgian managing director of Sidmar, of the ArcelorMittal group, didn’t like the privileged treatment I received and that he vetoed the project.

His name is Paul Verstraeten and he was with us at the presentation in 2007.  He was not invited or contacted by me, but my e-mails were monitored by a mafia in Belgium, who wanted to know more about everything that the project involved.

The mafia sent Mr Verstraeten.  I didn’t like it when I heard that he was coming too, but I didn’t show it.  Instead, I asked him to pick me up. He did that. I learned more about him driving all the way to Luxembourg,

​On the way to Luxembourg he told me about his trips to Turkey and about a female Turkish student that his family was hosting during one year.  She came through an exchange program.

I would not have found out about that, if I were treating him in a hateful way like he was treating me.   However, I knew that I was dealing with a traitor and the best is to let him finish his mission upon which he will get himself caught.   He also told me that he has projects which the ArcelorMittal foundation was financing. His project was about the re-integration of the ex-convicts in the Belgian society.  It may have served the radicalization purposes

He also told me that the Turkish student was from a very rich Turkish family and I think that is all what interests this man, I believe, given his obvious connection with the mafia.  After keeping me out of ArcelorMittal, he was granted another job in the Belgian  diplomacy.  If I see what he does to me and his boss, I wonder what he is doing with the foreign Heads of State.   I think that it didn’t go down very well with him that he has to work for an Indian family.


2 to 3 Weeks After My Visit the ArcelorMittal Export Office in Liège Was to Ashes


As our project involves engaging ethnic diversity in the international trade for any company, the ArcelorMittal export department in Belgium got burnt down to ashes just a couple of weeks after my visit to the foundation, in June 2007.  This is in addition to the blow to deny access to Morocco of the the ArcelorMittal products.

My feeling was that the fire was set on purposely to slow down the creation of a Center for Excellence in Diversity Competence and Globalization for the outsourcing of export jobs to the ethnic minorities as an additional global distribution channel for any company.


Was the Fire Also Due to CCBLM ?

It is dangerous to relate the fire to the presentation which was held on 14 June 2007, and to Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon, all the more that it was not specified if the fire was intentional or an accident.  Yet, this was not a plant with ovens inside and where fires are inevitable. This was an office without any sources of heat which would make the building susceptible to catching fire.

The other explanation for the fire is that we have found a chamber of commerce which has an issue with Morocco, with all the ethnic minorities and with the ArcelorMittal company since that it goes telling the world that there is no steel company in Belgium and in the Luxembourg region.   

fire-3040939_1920Thus, I am not worried about this region being impacted by the tariffs on steel and aluminum which you have decided recently by your administration, but China will, the business sources say.   Belgium Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Morocco said that there are no steel and aluminium producers in Belgium and Luxembourg, so I don’t understand the response from the European Commission with their list of American products which they want to tax.


Did Someone Think I wanted to steal their jobs ?   

It could be the same man who vetoed the project, who hated that the Indians and the Turkish were richer than him, and that a Moroccan is trying to bypass him with new plans.

The project which I proposed in 2007 has become Halal Village today.  The Halal Village is a hard project (the innovation center) into a soft project (tourism and hospitality).  The Halal Village hospitality doesn’t involve just the flying over of Islamic money but it also involves the flying over tourists, trainees for my innovation center, and even entire shops and business people who are interested in investments and takeovers to develop their domestic economies.  The Halal Village involves also knowledge, fun and well-being.

Halal village_edited

​The same like happened to the ArcelorMittal export division would have happened with our innovation center anyway.  They would set fire to Halal Village, and this is why it will be constructed somewhere else. This also means that the Islamic investment potential, which Belgium needs right away, will be taken to somewhere else.
After that defeat with the ArcelorMittal Foundation, I carried out my plan B, which was to contact the Kingdom Foundation.  At that time, the plan was to prepare the innovation center infrastructure to enable multicultural recruitment, training and brainstorming, to build a network for a fast access to multicultural and multilingual resources  in order to process concrete and profitable projects in the future, like Halal Village.
Unfortunately, a female boss who is working with the Prince took the final decision and rejected the proposal as a whole, but she suggested to forward it to other investors, in less than one day after I had sent it.  As she mentioned OCHA (Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs), I immediately knew she understood nothing of the strategy (I am sorry to say this), and I refused.

You will find the full story in the letter to His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman to bail out His Royal Highness Prince Alwaleed when he was detained in the Carlton Hotel in Riyadh, last winter
orchids-866580_640I have dedicated my life to a solution for something that everyone is also looking for.  Imagine a person like the female boss of Kingdom Foundation would offer the solution for free to the United Nations.  This woman functions in favor of the system that I have uncovered in this paper. Why do the Arab countries disclose their projects to these organizations while nobody in the West does that ?  Why would we give our solutions to them ?

This is the mistake that all the Arabs are making.  For any single thing they want to do, they go to organizations like UNRWA, UNDP, the World Bank, IMF, the European Union, or to Western Foundations.  I am not suggesting to break all the contracts, but to work with your own agenda.

Go to this page and find out who all these international organizations including OCHA is.  They are probably all managed with the credits from the Leemans company.

Sincerely Yours,


Naima Mouali
President of United Chambers and Innovation Consultant
Founder of Anaccell Corporation
e-mail :
Phone:+ 1 541 366 4478
WhatsApp + 32 465 40 15 98
Twitter: @unitedchambers @meedanaltatweer

Instead of Saying “We Want Your Money”, they say “You Are a Bad Student”


His Excellency Donald Trump
The President of the United States

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500, USA



The whole of the Belgian system is an accomplice to the sex-slavery . including UCL Saint-Luc, the university hospital which some are using as a platform for human traffic

gift-bags-2067663_1280_love for sale

The education system in Belgium, for instance is only used to exclude certain groups from the labour market, as the KVH (Katholieke Vlaamse Hogeschool in Antwerp) and the VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) did with me.  That was between 1984 and 1989. The purpose of the exclusion from the labour market is eventually the sex-slavery.

At the KVH (Katholieke Vlaamse Hogeschool – part of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL)), a university for translators and interpreters, they tried to make me triple the first year for half a point.  

I was targeted in particular by Professor Robert Sinjan, an interpreter at the Belgian Parliament.  We knew about it because he was boasting about it and using it as a bait for attracting students whose dream was to do an internship at the Belgian Parliament, and to have them as a reference in view of working for the European Union.

At the proclamation I expressed my disappointment and I asked the management why I was able to get good grades during the year at the point that the other students asked for my help, and not at the final exams.  They told me that they themselves were very sorry they had to make such a decision.  They told me that the decision did not come from them, but from Morocco.

At the time it was very difficult for me to believe that Morocco would intervene in the decisions of the schools in Belgium, to decide my failure, and that the Belgians would listen to instructions coming from Morocco, unless it was someone in Morocco who is a Belgian.   I was puzzled and angry because the message was :

You can’t have a future in our country

That is what they were saying with the grades which which they exclude you from the labor market, while you are at school.  At the KVH or KUL they had at least the decency to provide some indications about where the problem was coming from.


I dropped out of this school with very good foreign language skills which they were unable to remove, like they probably did with my grades.

I have purposely chosen to learn the foreign languages to never depend on Belgium again for my future employment.  As it turned out, my first employment was with Mazda Motor Europe, a Japanese company and not with the Belgian companies as they were contributing to the massive unemployment of the Moroccans and the Turkish people, and also to human trafficking, which is closely linked to employment in Belgium, particularly in the cleaning sector.

This link between the employment and the human traffic  is highlighted in “Who is Selling the Sun to Whom” an analysis on tourism in Morocco, by the case study of Dims a Maghrebi bakery in Zaventem, and Beauté et Bien-être, a hairdresser in Woluwe Saint Lambert.  I understood that the stability of some Belgian employers depends on the income from the human trafficking directly (like some hairdressers) or indirectly (through the banks or the financial institutions like Leemans Kredieten).

The case of Dims reveals incessant harassment with registered letters, visits from the bailiffs and very expensive legal proceedings for a small delay by the accountant in submitting a tax return form to the Ministry of Finance.

baking-1417494_1920Compared to this bakery, they leave the Belgian bakers alone. who hire undocumented migrants, while the Maghrebi bakers are afraid to hire anyone illegally, including students.  Black labour and the employment of undocumented migrants are forms of human trafficking, and many Belgian employers do it.

However, the stock of migrants for undeclared labor and slavery is obviously prepared well in advance through the education in Belgium.


I thought that changing schools and changing cities would also change something about my development in this country.  Forget it !   The problem followed me to the next school, and it is still following me today : 

At the VUB, I was treated unfairly during an exam by Professor Roland Willemyns (Dutch Linguistics), who in his first session told me that my exam was over a few moments after asking him to repeat the exam question.  

In the second session, he asked me for the meaning of two words (overt and covert) which was in a footnote in the big book that we had to study by heart.  I didn’t know how to answer.   

I escalated the problem by letter to the Dean of Faculty whose name – if I remember well  – was Mr Corluy.  I complained that the exam was reduced to just one question related to a footnote.   They did not take any action, but they advised me to study something else as the whole of the council of professors in the Linguistics Department was ganging up against me, to make any further exams with them even harder.  That is how they avenge my complaint against Professor Willemyns, just because I wrote that the interrogation was not evenly spread to cover the full course.   

I took Press and Communication Sciences,  I was exempted from subjects like Economics and Statistics in which I scored above the average.   I was financially bankrupt because you don’t get any student grant after failing so many times, and I combined working and studying.   

Curiously enough, I had tbe best paid student job which the university employment service could attract.  I was working with Coca-Cola and Lee Coopers. These companies were reputed as “difficult to get in”.   Why was it possible for me to get in there and impossible to make it to the second year of the Belgian university ?   His Excellency Jean-Claude Bonnet the French-Algerian CEO of Lee Coopers assured a good income for me and a steady employment during two full summers, while at the university facing the Enemy.

I knew since then that I was dealing with the Enemy,
unless they show to me that they are normal humans


I was not the only student with this problem.  There were Greeks, Turkish and Congolese who also suffered a lot.  They were laughed at because they are immigrants seeking improvement, because they are struggling and because their countries were very poor at that time.  They became the objects of mockery at the VUB.   

Lessons from Mawazine and Panama Papers

Amabilis is from Congo did between 10 or 12 years at least over a program of four years at the university.  At every exam they found a reason to have her re-do the exam or the entire year. I remained in contact with her during those years.  I recommended to her to start developing work experience which is more important than a diploma from a Belgian university. She insisted “I must get the damned university degree”  

The more she insisted on achieving this goal, the further they took her from all her goals, as they did with me and my projects that they found at the copyright house, because I kept everything secret, I didn’t start anything in Belgium and I kept everyone in Belgium away.    

She was over 40 year old when we finally gave her the degree which one  receives when one is 22 years old. Even with the university degree the harassment didn’t stop, and that was what I predicted when I recommended going to work normally.   The higher you rise, the easier life should normally be in a normal country. In Belgium, the higher you rise, the more they slow you down in more powerful ways than before.   

They’ve made her homeless more than once, too. She couldn’t find housing easily and buying an apartment was out of the question, because to get a mortgage, unless she got help from gangsters like Leemans Kredieten, she needed an open-ended employment contract, which she couldn’t get easily. Most of the jobs she held were temporary assignments, by temporary employment agencies.  

She held a few positions as a school teacher.  “what ? After everything they did to you, you are accepting to teach in their schools ???” I asked her with the big surprise.  “Yes, and it is in a school with many migrants, where no or few Belgian teachers want to work”, she explained. “And you want to fill up the gaps they made in their society?” I questioned with the intention to prompt her to become ruthless with them.  “But these kids have the right to schooling… More than half of the class is from your country, Naima. Are you indifferent towards them too ?” she argued. “Not if this were a private school, but in a school funded by the government, yes”. “Well you go and find the money for private schools.  I wish you good luck” she said with a tone that i will never find the money.

That is exactly the reason why I dropped out of the university sooner and I started work in the private enterprises. It is to learn more about investment, something which they don’t teach you at the Belgian universities.


The VUB just started in that period a partnership with the Boston University and this university was attracting Asians, Arabs and Africans…  I was puzzled.  Why are they more friendly with them and so nasty with the migrant children ?   Because of the partnership with the VUB (where they were so convinced that I was a bad student), I did not try the Boston University, all the more that they had professors from the university which hated me.   That is why I was puzzled about the fact that the same professors had totally different attitude towards the international students.

In that period the VUB introduced MBA  programs in English for attracting the foreign students, and this while they didn’t appreciate the students of migrant origin already living  on their soil.  I met black students from Suriname who were studying hospital management.  They were not slaughtering them like they do to the Moroccans, the Greeks, the Turkish and the Congolese.


Professor Willemyns posed a problem to all these foreigner except a Surinames language teacher named Jenny who came to prepare her doctorate degree in Belgium.  She already had a university degree, so he didn’t argue with her…  Or perhaps he was looking to get introduced in Suriname through her, in order to roll all their universities.

She was a very elegant black woman.  If she was able to succeed her exams with him, you can’t call him a racist, can you ?   He only attacks those who are at the beginning of the path and those who he can muzzle.   I studied English and French so that they can’t muzzle me.

The junior and senior students came warning me about Professor Willemyns.  They said that once you get him against you like this, he will make sure you get nowhere with your life.   They mentioned that he was some big and important guy in a powerful organization, but I was not impressed by Professor Willemyns.  Just from the blatant dishonesty and from the physique he has, I had my questions on whether he was a person with a disability. Who does he think he is?

The shape of his body was strikingly disproportionate that if you are born with the right proportions, he will definitely hate this about you.   His chest is really enormously large and sticking out too far from the rest of the body between his neck and his waist. His hips are really very large towards towards the waist and much smaller towards the buttocks.   I was also very amazed at his legs and feet every time when he walked in front of the students to unlock the classroom door. He is short, but the upper part of his legs are much longer than the part under the knee. It is like his legs below the knee stopped growing at some point, while the rest of his body, including his feet, continued to grow  He has an enormous shoulder and enormous arms that were really very muscled and not in accordance with an intellectual job, but more adapted for a construction worker.

I imagined that in his mind could actually be more in accordance with the body (relying on physical strength and much less on the brains).    He was so scary, his head was big and sticking between his shoulders, like he does not have a neck. He has enormous jaws, he was hiding much of his face behind his hair, his heavy beard and behind thick spectacles.   It was like he was doing everything not to be seen, and in my eyes this is the attitude of a hypocrite, of someone who is hiding from us a  lot about himself.

I don’t remember attending many classes with him. His class was empty. The students just don’t turn up and the reason was that he was smoking heavy tobacco, or perhaps shit, including during the class. I remember getting a headache and I never returned.   


I lifted my shoulder when the junior and senior students warned me.  “I am not impressed by this man, it is the reputation of the university which will be damaged if they don’t remove him, and if he tries anything with me.

In some ways he reminds me of Daniel Renson physically. Mentally he is closer to Lucien Leuwenkroon.  The shape of his body takes a lot after the one of Francis Vermeiren, on the latter is very tall.   He could be part of their mafia and their DNA group.  As I said earlier, the problem which I had in Antwerp followed me to Brussels.   Perhaps Professor Willemyns knew about me before I ever thought of going to the VUB.


At the VUB there is Professor Willemyns and Doctor Els Witte (the history of Belgian politics) who massacre the students, as in a slaughterhouse, with fascist grades. It looks like an ethnic cleansing at the university which was reserved for the white Belgians only, at that time (between 1980 and 1990).   I don’t know about today.   Frankly in 1988, I decided to never put a foot on the VUB campus again for the rest of my life. 

In my second year at the VUB, Doctor Els Witte posed the biggest threat to my advancement.   Even when the history is not your main subject or your major, everyone was obliged to attend her classes and her exams.   If for your majors you already had tons of handbooks to study, the history of Belgian politics was simply standing in the way of all the rest.

Doctor Els Witte was giving lectures to audiences of over 300 hundred people.  Her exams were all oral, if I remember well and she did hundreds of students.  She imposed the learning by heart of her entire book which is 600 pages printed in fine letters.   They reduced the number of pages in the most recent edition of September 2016.

We were supposed to remember the dates of when the Belgian government took important decisions, when major events occurred, and the names of the politicians, the people and the organizations which played a role in those events, the context of the events, and what happened before and after the event.

When your subject is languages, like English and French which are not easy languages, and you need to master technically the grammar, learn thick lists of vocabulary by heart, and you must fulfil literary research to understand the art and style of a book, in which you have the remember the content of the book, the life of the author and the context in which the book was published.  When you learn a foreign language, you also learn the history of the country from where the language originates.  I had all this on my plate.  The History of Belgian Politics prevents you from learning the foreign language.

Why do they expect of the students to learn by heart in less than one year the history of their country, which took many years for Doctor Els Witte to learn herself ?


If the politicians themselves are unable to remember every line and every decision in the Belgian Official Journal of last year alone, I don’t know why I was expected to remember all the decisions since 1830.   When in addition to this, you don’t find it interesting, it just doesn’t stick in your brains.

They make the education in Belgium so difficult that
you end up learning nothing.  It does not prepare you for any job,

and even less The History of Belgian Politics 

This course was designed to discourage study.


Though,  The History of Belgian Politics is a very interesting reference book which I will use for studying the mental illness in this country.  I congratulate Doctor Else Witte for all the hard work, because now we have a list of all the absurd decisions which the Belgian government has been taking since 1830.

tell a lie

They wanted me to learn all the absurdity by heart

I understood nothing about the history of Belgium and why this country was so divided.  There is no line or logic which you can trace from the beginning until the end in the history of this country or in the book of Else Witte, apart from the history of the Belgian Monarchie. There, you have a line.  It is the only line which is forcing a logic on all the rest, in this country.

A normal history book projects an unfolding of events, a growth in something, like the growth of an empire, or the growth of an international power and influence, or the rise of an industry or a culture which typifies the tradition of the country, and which is tranmitted from generation to generation.  That is what history is about.  It tells how things have started, how they evolve and how they end.   Growth makes the story easy to remember for everyone, locals and foreigners alike.   It also makes it easy for film makers to produce movies about the history of a country.

Do you find it normal, Your Excellency President Donald Trump, that almost all students score so bad marks for the history of their country ?

I didn’t find a logic and that is the reason why I failed.  I didn’t see the link between one event and another, and studying a list of dates and the names becomes meaningless.  With all the respect for Dr Els Witte, she was not giving any meaning to all the events in Belgium.   I had professors at the Royal Atheneum of Antwerp who were more helpful than her in giving meaning to the historic events, such as the School Conflict which seemingly continues.

A normal history book also places all the political events against the macro-economic and the financial realities that have influenced a certain period.  In The History of Belgian Politics by Dr Els Witte, at least in the edition that I bought in 1984, you will find not one word about the National Bank of Belgium, no explanations on the ups and downs of the Belgian francs; the debts and the deficits.  Only in 2016, they seem to have added a business register.

There was a lot which was left out and an investigation is needed of all the editions of since 1974, when the first edition was published, because there have been far too many re-editions.  It is like Belgium has has had many lives and many different histories.


When Dr Witte asked me at the exam why I doubled my first year (in which Professor Willemyns sinked me) and why I changed course, I replied that it was because of racism.  She probably was expecting that I would discuss with her about her colleague Willemyns.

Upon hearing me say the word “racism”, she boasted out of laughter in front of me.  “Racism ?!  Do you think there is any racism in Belgium ?” she asked   She assured me that there was no racism in Belgium, like the one in the Congo, and even less at the VUB.

If she admits that there is racism in her country, then she will have to change the history in her famous book The History of Belgian Politics.   This is why  an investigation is needed for all the editions of since 1974 and perhaps if payments were offered for changing anything in the truth.   By stating this, I am not throwing any stones on Doctor Els Witte.  Her work is excellent and she was much better than Professor Willemyns


A very large number of foreign students had suffered this form of discrimination, from these two professors, and in the Belgian education system in general and in all age categories ;

I know a Moroccan woman from Taroudant (South Morocco) who in high school manages to get between 95 and 98 out of 100 for mathematics and who completely dropped out when she was asked to double her year, because she had an accident.  She was hit by a bus on her way to school by bicycle.

She broke a leg and remained in the hospital for many weeks. She was one of the best students and very beautiful as well. The school took advantage of the accident to fail all her studies, because you need to complete the secondary education for getting anywhere.   They probably knew that she would choose to drop out rather than to re-do all the lessons and make herself ridiculous with those idiots in the Belgium school system.  


I think, however, that this problem of discouraging students of foreign origin, especially Moroccans, is linked to public budgets for the education, which some want to put in their pockets. To achieve this, they admit a large number of students to allow for a larger budget for the following year.  Once the budget is voted on, they fail a very large number of students to exclude them from the scholarship, the next year. The scholarships come from the tax contributions which the parents paid.

The budget for the students who they failed on purpose is being embezzled and whitewashed, perhaps through the sales of weapons in the conflict zones like Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Congo, Columbia, Bosnia, etc.  


I wonder if the current numerus clausus in the schools of medicine in Belgium is a policy that also aims to eventually embezzle the education budgets.   Instead of simply saying to the students “we just want your money“, they say “you are bad students“. It is the Satanic spirit that has no place in an open and modern society.

However, if that is the way universities and higher education institutions in Belgium operate, which is by crushing the immigrants to the advantage of the Belgians, then this is probably also the way in which the psychopaths succeed their studies, to later become mayors, ministers, CEOs of companies and of big banks, to direct crimes and to go unnoticed.  

This is also how you find a dentist who intentionally destroyed my teeth and my smile, and a doctor who prescribed antibiotics probably to cause the diabetes disease for me.  I have the honour to enclose the file concerning the medical terrorism in Belgium. I eventually survived this type of terror without any medical assistance.

My brother had the same problem like me in the education system, as did many young Moroccans and other immigrants in the Belgian schools.  The education is normally used to build the economy, to distinguish the healthy from the sick minds, and the competent from the incompetent people. The studies serve to prepare the new generation to lift the country up.  

Belgium does not prepare anything with teachers like Roland Willemyns and with courses like the one of Doctor Els Witte, and I already suspected it when I was a student.

Madame Chief ProsecutorThe result is visible today, with mayors like Francis Vermeiren who prepares radicalized people in his municipality and companies with white-collar criminals who artificially try to maintain their grades and qualification which a university like the VUB has made these people believe.   

f9cf74_44f341e38d3347efbf48eed5ad2c435c-mv2_d_1280_1280_s_2This is why they resort to stealing business concepts from the immigrants and from the developing nations to cover up their inability to be creative, and they resort to highly ranked international audit companies to help the cheat, by pasting their letters in the annual balance sheets, with the intention to have the investors focus on the auditor and not the figures in the balance sheet.  One example is Lavazza and another example is NH Belgium CVBA


My father travelled 3000 kilometers to assert a better education for his children in a foreign country.  My father was believing in this country and he stopped believing in his children. That the professors would be cheating in all the schools and universities which we have been to, is something which he refused to believe.   He stopped investing in us.

The Moroccan Strawberry GateMy brother and I stopped believing in Belgium and we started believing in our own efforts to come out of a mess which was imposed on us by fate.  How could we know that all this had something to do with the farmland in Morocco, which they robbed from my maternal grandfather, and on which they grow and export strawberries to Albert Heijn and Delhaize ?  


Like many migrant children,  we found arbitrariness and dishonesty in the Belgian education.  Afterwards, they are surprised that the young people – especially immigrants – in this country no longer have respect for the authorities, like the school teachers, the university professors, but also the police, the Judges or even the Prosecutors because they have had the experience of being ridiculed and cheated on by all these authorities.  This is the gap between Belgians of immigrant origin and all administrations in the country. They make fun of the foreigners in this country.


One consequence because of professors like Roland Willemyns and the disappearance of the respect is that currently, the teachers are so mocked that the schools no longer find anybody who wants the job of teaching in front of a class of young people.   This is because the fist or even the knife are perhaps the only way to get good points and to ensure a future in this country. The power disappears in the face of violence.

Soon they  will laugh at all the mayors and all the politicians also, because of people like Francis Vermeiren, and we will laugh even more at all the Belgian chambers of commerce because of people like Lucien Leuwenkroon, because they have managed to occupy positions of authority through cheating.   Once in that position, they abuse their power until they don’t have it any more because of disobedience or a total indifference towards them.

This is what I advised the Moroccan authority to do, which is not to listen to the transgressors who try to change the wealth and fortune of our country.  You have to develop a total disdain for them. They are people who leave bad marks on the collective conscience. They’re called traitors.

The mistake which Morocco made
was to respect and to obey Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon,
and this is what makes a master of him and a slave of you.

Integrity is important for the future of the whole country, especially in terms of foreign investments unless Belgium has planned its own particular solution. I am thinking in particular of the Euro, by which we no longer see the achievements or the lack thereof by the Belgian people.


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Torture At The Beauty Parlor


Their Majesties King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium


Lettre au Roi Philippe et Reine Mathilde_8 Juin 2017_portfolio multidimensionnel_edited

This story is about a Belgian hairdresser who was possibly paid large sums for injuring my scalp with a sharp rattail comb and subsequently with the chemicals for relaxing the curls.  In less than one year she evolved from someone without a salon, who hired a tiny corner in a nail salon with someone else, in the Matongé, a working-class district, which is highly populated by poor people, of which the majority is from the Congo, to someone with a posh salon in Audergem in an upper-class area of Brussels, where the Belgians live, who became very rich in the former colonies and who built opulent villa’s there.
Her name is Colette Manirakiza.  She is a young and bright Rwanda-born Congolese woman.  She is normally very good in what she does which is hairdressing.  Colette Manirakiza was my Congolese hairdresser since 2005, after I dumped Beatrice De Wilde (of whom the partner betrayed the group-purchasing project, in a period when one Member of the European Parliament and his entire family lost his life).   

Colette used to be gentle with me and the hair grew long and strong particularly with the oils I developed myself (insert).  Technically she can work very well if she wants, particularly with difficult chemical products, like cream relaxers, which very few salons use in Belgium.

We started off very well together, she was listening to my needs, and for as long as she was respecting this the hair grew long and strong.  For example, I forbade using too many heat sources, I preferred to cold dry the hair.


portrait-856125_1280She was trained into using Avlon which is an impeccable brand, by Shereen, a Jamaican hairdresser from whom she took over the business, which was located in a shopping gallery in the high-end of Brussels. When the going went tough, she resorted to a cheaper brand such as Motions, which allowed her to buy large buckets with more profit margin for her.

She was doing well until she was asked to leave that shop as the entire gallery was being refurbished.  She had a hard time making ends meet and she associated with other beauticians, but her water and electrical consumption was so different that the partnerships didn’t work, after which she was totally on her own again to pay the rent for the shop and all the other expenses.  

I have seen her fall deeper into difficulties. She moved to a miserable shop in the Matongé, on chaussée de Wavre, in which nothing was working.   She could not serve more than two people because she only had one washing chair, and thus she was unable to make sufficient income to expand her business or to buy sufficient amounts of hair products, to serve more clients.  She couldn’t charge the price that she wanted because there was no hot running water and no heating also. The only time when you experience some heat is under the drying cap.
Nevertheless, it used to be a pleasure to be taken care of by her, even if at some point she was using her child’s bedroom as a salon, in her very small and humble social apartment, which she shared with her sisters, who were looking after her newborn baby while she serves the client.

She did that for more than a year between 2008 and 2010.   She could only serve one person at a time because there was no space, and no more than three clients per day, .  She couldn’t make enough money to convince the banks for a credit to start her own shop. She has one school-going teenager and she herself was pregnant.  The bills were adding up. During the period of working from home she also had to bear the costs of delivering a baby. She gave birth to a baby daughter in April or May 2009.  

I continued going to her, to encourage her just by being a client, until she tried to involve me in a network marketing club for health products – given that I was creating my own cosmetics – in which I felt scrutinized by highly intrusive individuals.  I eventually dropped her in 2011.
Value Proposal_Anaccell Skin and Scalp Immunity Trial Offer_compressed for webLooking back, she started changing a little towards October 2009, when she noticed a spectacularly fast regrowth of the hair, and also that it was much more elastic, well hydrated and more resistant against the heat than ever before.  That was about one year of experimentations with essential oil preparations which I made for boosting the immune system, through the scalp.  She asked me what it was that was using.  

Given the results, she requested several time if I could teach her about essential oils and how to use them.  I kindly told her that I hadn’t finished studying myself and that some training will be supplied to the beauticians, later when the company is up an running, but not now.  She was interested to know what was in the things I was using, and I advised she should try to do her own research in order to get the best understanding of that.
I wanted to experiment on other people as well and I suggested to work together with her not only on developing products that any client would tolerate through the personalization, but also on giving her the competitive edge to be the exclusive distributor, and to order through the Internet, at any time of the day, and without spending anything on lengthy phone conversations.  

I let her take the decisions in her own time, and I showed her the basic commission scheme which she will be earning on every order.  Her eyes popped. “You will be able to run more than one shop instead of none at all” I said. I prepared a partnership dossier to launch “Native Collection”.   I sent the dossier to the Minister of Economy in Morocco with a request on how to apply for a patent in Morocco.


Anaccell Force_anti hair loss

In a normal world, where business people work together on pushing forward a new concept, she would have said “let’s do it and start now”.   But, in a hell like Belgium, they grill you alive for these kind of initiatives. They will hit you and tear you down like savages.

At the time, I had no idea with whom she was discussing her business.   Today, I could only suspect that she discussed it all with the father of her second child.  She was also discussing things with the bank, which she solicited for a loan to open a shop.
Because I never criticized her, she talked to me about her private life.  So I learned that she was high pregnant when she began “dating” a boyfriend from Togo, if you know what I mean.  The shocking part is that he is not even the father of the baby she was bearing. He was at the same time a salesman in the cosmetics.  He had many salons as clients, and he was making good money.

I had a hard time believing that any Togolese would accept being her “fiancé” while she was about to give birth to the child of another man, unless he doesn’t have any morals… or unless he has seen “money”.
One day, in Summer 2009, I learned she was going on vacation to Togo for 8 weeks with her fiancé.  Today I wonder how an independent professional hairdresser who wasn’t making any money just a minute before, could suddenly afford to take an exceptionally long vacation.   

She hardly gave birth, her baby was only three months.  So I asked “are you taking your baby with you to such a hot country ?”    “No” she answered “my sisters will look after it”. I learned from her that the day after her departure to Togo, they had to take her baby to the hospital with a fever after crying long hours for her mom.  At her return the baby didn’t want to look at her, she couldn’t stand to be in her arms and she would throw up any food her mom gave to her. She was fired as a mother. She found this amazing. It is, but I was not surprised as babies are highly intelligent and they understand much more than we think.  They also know it when the father is missing.
Shortly after she returned from “Togo”, things seemed to suddenly speed up in her life. She told me that she found a shop not far from her house on Place de la Commune in Audergem.  Her fiancé signed with her as the co-owner of the shop to help get the credit from her bank, she told me.  I wondered when she found the time to look for the new shop, if she was traveling abroad, if she was in the hospital just before with a new-born, and she was still talking to the banks for a loan ?  


la santé osseuseShe changed her attitude with me towards October 2009, but I noticed it for real in May 2010, when she advised me to meet some other people who deal with natural health products for the bones (santé osseuse).  I was not so keen on meeting these people, but perhaps they might provide clues on whether to keep Colette or to dump her, if she is conspiring to help other rob the essential oils strategy.

Her life seemed transformed by the new shop, in a really posh area of Brussels, as part of a brand new shopping mall, the equipment was all design, and it came from Italy.  I could see from the very comfortable arm chairs in true leather, that it must have been quite an investment.

The chances are that they never bought anything in Belgium.  Her shop looks very similar to the Lavazza design for the shops.   She had an automated coffee machine for hot drinks (instant soup, coffee, tea, hot chocolate) and she offered the drinks for free of charge, though she didn’t change her hair dressing tariffs much.  Perhaps the coffee machine was from Lavazza after all, but I didn’t pay attention to it.

Her life was totally something else compared with the long period of financial struggle and depending on social aid.  All this in Audergem, an upscale and leafy suburb of Brussels, a few blocks away from the Center for Economic Development of the ACP countries, which is a big organization full of people with afro-hair.  I was so happy for her, and I wasn’t asking too many questions about how she was doing it all, because of her “fiancé”.
Shortly before the opening of her shop, she broke up with her “fiancé”.  She took over the contract to work entirely on her own. In spite of this she could still afford on her own quite a posh hair salon, with the latest seats and mirrors, and with hair drying caps like sitting in a helicopter, with a computerized dashboard of the outside.

Today I think that someone other than her “fiancé” changed her situation fundamentally, and that her “fiancé” was hired to “play the game” to fool everyone, including the tax man, the notary, the bank and me.  Someone must have offered a lot of money to her to do something.
By then, I entirely entrusted my head to her without commenting about my needs, wants and likes.  I just let her do her job, like usual.

At her new shop, she seemed to damage my scalp repetitively with a cream relaxer, no matter how often I tell her to treat the sensitive areas last.  she also started damaging my scalp with a sharp rattail comb and subsequently with the chemicals for relaxing the curls.  It hurts terribly when the cream relaxer touches the areas that previously got irritated with the comb.

Each time I left her salon with small wounds which began to burn hours after the treatment and during days.  The blow dryer also seemed to become hotter and hotter.  When I comment on that she would say “I suggested the dryer cap, and you don’t want that”. Luckily I was going every two or three months, but each time I came out of the salon with blood on certain parts of the scalp, really hurting.   


When I did go, I spent my time with her shouting “aaai, uhu you hurt me !”   She digs holes in my scalp with the comb and after the damage is done she just says “oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you”.   Then she expects me to pay the full amount, which kept rising ever more, every time I go to her. The last time I went to her salon was on 19 August 2011, because I thought I was paying too much money (100 – 120 Euro) for getting so much hurt.

One day after she finished my hair, I pulled up my own lotion to soothe the scalp.  While rubbing it in, I told her that the injuries heal quickly with the essential oils.  Then she asked again “is it possible for you to teach me about the essential oils, because I am really very interested ?”   I guess if I don’t, she will face bankruptcy, because that is what the Orchestrator will do to her anyway in the very end, as a Congolese.  Overall, she was no longer listening to me, like she used to in 2005.  

Despite my protests to be gentle with my head and hair, she continued until I eventually stopped going to her.  I stopped when she began to apply a stronger formula of hair relaxer on me, while the deal with me was to use the formula for the kids, like “Just for Me”.  

When I specifically request a mild formula or a kid’s formula, she would argue and go for a stronger formula, and she kept treating those sensitive areas too soon in the process.  It’s like with the dentist. Once they start working on you, it becomes difficult just to take your bag and to run away.
Today, I am placing her changing attitude against a context of corruption.   I don’t think that Togo was the country where she spent 8 weeks with her so-called fiancé, but Morocco.  I imagine that they were given enormous amounts of money in cash to take with them in the plane to Belgium in addition to subsidies or an easy bank loan, locally in Belgium, to make it appear like the business was built with the bank loans.  

The chances are that she has never been to any bank, but to a private credit broker like Leemans Kredieten, which might ask you, as part of the agreement, to pick up the funds in Morocco an to pay it back to Leemans Kredieten.  This is why Colette could afford a top notch location and hot drinks for free without changing the tariffs for her clients. She could also afford to work completely independent, because it was in her interest to keep out any business partner.  That is how her hair salon has become part of a massive whitewashing engin of money from crimes like human traffic and illegal migration.
anaccell force_editedHer name and address was in a document named “Anaccell Force – Dossier de partenariat.  It was about a hair serum which I invented and which I included in my intellectual property demand to the Minister of Economy of Morocco.  I was using that project as a shield to protect the other projects, so I really didn’t care which salon I was putting down for a partnership.  That was one of the business plans which I filled up with simply anything, to see what will happen to that one too.

I included that dossier with innovation center dossier, so that if they recognize one, they will have to recognize the other also.   If they recognize Anaccell, they will have to recognize Aurum Helix as well. Anaccell was copied by Geomer and by Codage.

All the dossiers must have landed in the hands of the Orchestrator, who is Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon and it could also be that Mr Daniel Renson has served as an agent for arranging things locally in Belgium.

 They were all avenging something that I still ignore today

Therefore, I think she too got paid to destroy me… I mean, if you look at her salon, and the expensive location of it, it says it all.   
I don’t normally comment on other people’s private situation, but this is an exceptional dossier, which helps open the eyes on the kind of black or migrant woman who Lucien Leuwenkroon  and his mafia would support. He supports people who mess up the lives of everyone, including themselves.

Colette  has always been a single mother of two daughters with different fathers.   She never revealed to anybody who the father is.  Perhaps he could be the person who influenced her business and her actions against me.  Perhaps he is the man who paid her not only to damage my scalp, but to also never reveal who the father is, particularly of her second daughter.
For the time being, I am taming the hair with lots of hair pins and with a headscarf.  I identified another hair salon, and I wait for better times to start going there, if I still need to be here, in this hell of a place.

I will report this story to the local Belgian financial police to question together with the tax authorities the investments of Colette Coiffure, to understand how her situation transformed radically in less than one year, starting from Summer 2009.


Naima Mouali
President of United Chambers and Innovation Consultant
Founder of Anaccell Corporation
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