They Said the Streets Were Paved With Silver and Gold

This article is about the gigantic cheat and deceit by  social and health care system in Belgium.  Belgium has the most extensive social system existing on the planet, taking care of absolutely everything basic such as housing, medical care, including the financial support for the unemployed, the disabled and the sick, the old and the students.

When I ask any immigrant why he or she came to Belgium, they answer that in this country they give you money, they give you a house to live in, “they have many more hospitals and schools for the children than in my country” and “the medical care is either free or refunded”.  That is why Belgium is better than my country” they answer.  “Here in this country, you have ‘rights’, you know… They give you your ‘rights’… It is not like in my country or in your country Morocco… If you don’t have money to corrupt let’s say the police man or the clerck at the municipality, you get nothing done, whereas here in Belgium, you don’t have to do that for getting something done.

They believe that the Belgian government is going to help the masses of Moroccans, Ethiopians, Syrians, Egyptians, Iraqi’s and Nigerians get ahead with their lives with the social help ?  If the social help were an investment, in that case Belgium would have been a Jewel in the heart of Europe.

The social help is a carrot and stick approach

I never believed in the State of Providence (SoP).  I think the SoP was a policy by the very mafia of illegal migration and international human traffic, because this idealized picture of a perfect social situation is what causes migrants to drown with masses in the Mediterranean.   This mafia is supposed to be secret, but their own carelessness has led to revealing who they are.   It is a mafia inside the National Bank of Belgium, which is financially ruling all the international organizations such as the European Commission, the European Central Bank, the United Nations, the IMF, the World Bank, the WHO, the ILO, the WBG, NATO, IAEA, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, European Investment Bank, IBRD, EBRD, Interamerican Development Bank, the  European Agency for Nuclear Research, the International Red Cross, the Federation of the International Red Cross, the OPEC fund for International Development, the Food and Agriculture Organization, the United Nations Procurement Unit, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the UNESCO, the UNIDO, UNICEF, FIFA, UNHCR, OCHA… just to name a few.  With all these organizations and more, it looks like they have a CETA or TTIP agreement of their own.  Perhaps this is why they don’t need another one.

By choosing a Jewish person to lead each of these organizations (as they often did in the past), they hope the world will turn against the Jews because “they would have taken everyone’s money”.  We are not blind and we are not crazy :

On this link you will find a few extracts from the Belgian Official Journal confirming my observation. It is through these international organizations that Belgium spreads around her perfect social model, and she is one of the countries who also uses these mechanisms for doing international business while no other country does.    In a letter to Chairman of the Board of the Alwaleed Philanthropies, a major international humanitarian aid contributor I noted that Belgium uses the United Nations for instance for the extraction of copper and other minerals, and for developing the ivory trade.   

In that letter, I mentioned that unlike there is an OCHA (Organization for the Coordination of Humanitarian Aid)  at the United Nations, unlike they have an OCHA in Belgium with a totally different purpose than humanitarian aid. The OCHA in Belgium is concerned with the training of haven workers.  When I was writing the letter, I was suspecting that the funds which OCHA raises at the United Nations for humanitarian aid go directly to supporting the OCHA training center in Belgium and to many other things as well, such as the banks.   That was in April 2016.  Please consult the letter for further information.

Meanwhile, I discovered a second example : unlike you have an FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) at the United Nations, unlike I found an FAO in Belgium .  It is a fund for labor accidents.  My suspicion that the funds which FAO raises at the United Nations for meeting the food and agriculture targets go directly to supporting the FAO in Belgium, is getting stronger.  Without verification by a higher authority, I could be very wrong.

One way of verifying is the big size of the Belgian social model.   Perhaps the funds for development and humanitarian aid go to supporting the Belgian social system, given that the funds of all the above mentioned international organizations arrive in Brussels.

This Belgian social system is what makes your citizens criticize and betray your countries.  The political refugees are welcome Belgium.  They get social support and housing a lot faster than  I do.   It is because of this extensive social model in Belgium that your opposition leaders complain about not having sufficient schools, hospitals, roads, water infrastructure, access to electricity and telecom.   It is because they compare with Belgium who seems to have absolutely everything for everyone.

The opposition in your country does not see the phenomenal amounts of contributions Belgium receives from all the countries in the world through OCHA, FAO etc. to have plenty of hospitals, masses of doctors, social tariffs for everything, social housing, unemployment benefits, allowances for the disabled, and sor forth.


… And What Do You Have in Your Country ?

You have political opposition. You have political opposition from big mouths who don’t see the financial opposition of Belgium against them, which causes deep divisions in your country.   At least you don’t have a corrupted social system.


What to Be Done ?

When you know where your financial contributions likely end up, then you must agree with other contributors to take action together for getting your contributions back, and to supply them directly to the populations who have been in need for such funds for far too long.

I am calling the international humanitarian aid contributors to organize a tender for hiring audit companies to verify the governor of the IMF and the World Bank in Brussels and to hunt for your international contributions.

When that is done, you should turn around and ask Belgium : “what happened to the wonderful democracy in your country ?”


Is the Belgian social model true or is it deceit ?  

Is the Belgian social and health care system really the best ? That is precisely what this article will investigate.  It might be one of the biggest illusions in the history of mankind.   It reminds of the lovely and powerful Hooverville song by The Christians, which goes “and they promised us the world…  they said the streets were paved with silver and gold… like fools we believed every last word they say…”   Just read the story and examine the pictures, and you will be convinced that it might be an illusion.

Photo Series 1

When the public shelter Victor 4 refused to provide a sleeping place for me, one Turkish young man offered to stay with him in something like a cowshed near a loud and busy highway (picture 6 from left to right).  The Turkish young man has a Belgian residence permit.  The shelter service for the homeless refused to give access for him, and he was just released from the hospital where he had an operation for a hernia in his back.

He was actually still bleeding and wearing a bandage.  He was released because he would cost too much for the hospital to keep.   When he joined me to the police, to witness against the shelter who refused to host me, I noticed he could hardly walk.  Instead of taking a rest, he changed his plans and he walked me to the police station.  He did his best to look after me until the morning light.

I asked him why he didn’t stay in the hospital.  he answered that they couldn’t keep him.  If the shelter for the homeless (Victor 4) has an issue with the young Turk for refusing him, is one thing, but that the hospital has an issue with keeping him in until he get better is another thing.  He should at least have access to a shower at the hospital before refreshing the bandage. I asked if he could use the shower at the hospital.  While a surgeon approved this suggestion for him, a nurse was opposed to it if he is not a resident at the hospital, he told me.  I insisted that he returns to the hospital, and that he tells to the surgeon what the nurse said to him.  He shook his head and waved his hand with resignation like saying “let’s drop it, there is no use trying”.  In a way he is right because in Belgium you have to fight for anything, even for taking a bath.  I am talking about “best health system in the world”.

Now we should ask ourselves where the “best health system in the world” is in the case of the young Turk.  The young Turk is supposed to be laying on his back in a special bed for surgeries on the spine.  It is a bed with a hole in it to allow blood to fall into a recipient, right underneath the bed.   Instead of this, the hospital told him to go after 2 nights, the Turk told me. That is about the time needed for the narcosis to thin out. It was thinning out and he began to feel the pain for real.  What has this Turk got to tell about Belgium to his friends and family, or to the municipality in Turkey where he comes from ?  I have kept the details of this young Turkish man, because he is a witness of Victor 4 sending me away.


What Does Belgium  with the Cancer Funds ?

The circumstances lead me to meet a Irish family who opened their house for me. I couldn’t find a better solution than to accept the offer of an elder man, who means to be helpful and do well.  He has one spare room for a student or someone like me. He does it with a full understanding of my situation. He is aware of my legal status and I am grateful for that although his place is not welcoming at all as you will see from the pictures.  I just took the temporary solution.

There is an explanation for his conditioning.  There might be an explanation for his cancer in the belly.   There is a part which he can resolve with goods habits.  There is another part for which the government can be held responsible.  He is a cancer patient in terminal phase.

He is living without any form of medical support, because he can’t afford it. He used to receive morphine injections every morning to ease the pain related to the spreading cancer throughout his body. A one month supply of morphine costs about 90 Euro for him, he told me.  90 Euro from his own pocket for not feeling pain, that is unacceptable.  The rest is paid by the healthcare.  Yes morphine seems to be that expensive.  

Every month he gets between 150 and 200 Euro to live with as a mediation service “manages” his funds.   If he buys the injections he will not be able to enjoy his life which is getting shorter.  He cannot spend much on soaps, detergents and cloths, let alone to wash his clothes in a launderette. That is why his clothes lay on a heap under the staircase (8) as you will see on the picture .  With his authorization, I took photos of the disgraceful condition of his entire home.

His intestines are hollowed out by the cancer.  He looks like 9 months pregnant, really having his belly pointing upward instead of downward like in a normal weight gain.  You can tell that his belly is swollen because of inflammation, just like the belly of a dead man. Though he does n’t eat much, he gained a lot of weight he said, and he doesn’t know why. The reason is the tumor which leads a life of his own inside his body. That is what is gaining weight.

Photo Series 2

While finding some safety, a bigger danger was luring.  It’s the danger of getting poisoned by the horrendous lack of hygiene.  It really is more dangerous than in areas in Africa because of poor access to water. If any, it causes malaria.  Here in “the heart of Europe” the water is in excess.  It seems that certain people don’t know how to use it.
When the man of the house goes to the toilet he expels blood. I didn’t see it, but that is what he told  to me a while ago in the library where I know him from.

Is cancer really an unknown disease ?

He said he was a surgeon in the past. I don’t know how much I should believe of that but I keep polite about it.  I only asked him if he knows where cancer comes from.  He answered “I don’t know.  I didn’t have it in Ireland.  I got it directly after coming to Belgium”.  His mother is Dutch.  She was  operated 30 times.  She had Alzheimer and cancer as well.

Is there really nothing that can be done about it ?

If it has already been scientifically proven that pollution triggers allergies and cancer, then there must be a link between his lifestyle and the type of cancer this man has.   If I am right, then cancer is something we can overcome, with education.  Though the man is highly educated, he says, because he used to be surgeon.

This man doesn’t know how to take care of himself and his house. What struck me when I came in the place the first time was the high number of tiny flies and moths.  The old man never noticed the flies and moths until I arrived. I was stunned when he told me that. Spraying Flytox doesn’t help much as the little flies continue to appear. The flies come from somewhere.  At night I can’t sleep as they zoom around my ears just like in The Summer. The answer is from the bin.  In his place the bin is



The Art of Breeding of Cancer Tumors

I found too many bad habits which might explain the terrible cancer.  I noticed for example that he doesn’t wash his hands after using the toilet. This is a man who expels blood. He has only one sink working.  It is the one in the kitchen. It is his lavatory too.  The one in the bathroom is out-of-order, he told me first.   He was not using the sink in the bathroom simply because he was too lazy to remove a thick cloth which was tucked in it and which turned green with mold. After using the toilet which is upstairs, he runs back to the living room to read the newspaper or to the kitchen to prepare tea.

When he comes back to the room, I sometimes  open the tap and politely offer to pour liquid soap in his hands.  He then gladly  washes his hands of course. Yet he keeps forgetting to do it by himself… and then he kindly wants to offer tea.  I let him prepare it, and then I don’t drink it.


Cancer is About Decay or Decomposition Like the Rotting of Household Waste 

With about 200 Euro a month he has other priorities than to buy the “government sponsored plastic bags” for throwing away the household waste.  I definitely agree with that.  In Antwerp the plastic bags for the household waste cost 8 Euro for a roll of 10 bags of 60 liters, if my understanding is right.

I used to have a hard time getting rid of household waste when I was living in the damned Zaventem municipality where the waste bags cost about 40 Euro per role of 20 bags of 80 liters (20 Euro for 10 pieces, but you must buy a role of 20 pieces because they expect you to put out one bag per week).  It’s a Gestapo price for throwing money away in the bin.

I made small packs and moved the bin to an apartment building with a private community container.  Of course, I knew a family in such an apartment building who allowed me to do that.  A shop keeper in the area didn’t mind me to throw in his private container too.  I was doing it with the strange feeling of having to depend on others for getting rid of household waste.    It is almost like depending on others for going to the toilet.

I made sure I was organized to get the organic waste (from fruits and vegetables) out of the door.  I was throwing that away in public bins on my way to UCL Saint Luc, in tiny paper bags for 1 or 2 croissants.  I kept around empty bricks of milk and plastic bottle of laundry liquid in big black plastic bags which I saw piling up…  I was awaiting funds from the OPEC countries and get rich to pay the dustbin bags in Belgium.  I eventually was evicted and liberated from the worries about the waste.

The cancer patient doesn’t even want to buy any black bags.  He simply stores the bin inside his cupboards with the normal food and leaves it to rot.  He stores freshly bought bread with rotten bread (see picture).  This is in addition to not washing the hands after pipi.

Yet he tackles the waste problem in an unexpected way.  He stores the unconsumed bread back in the cupboard where he stores the fresh bread.  He throws the other waste on top of the wardrobe  in small bags from Carrefour. This explains why his clothes have a smell.

My coat too began to smell like his. I didn’t want to hang it in his wardrobe, but he wants to be a gentleman and he insists on hanging it up nearly in his cupboard.  I let him do until I discovered what causes the smell.

I was alone one morning.  I wanted to take my coat out of the wardrobe, in which he respectfully stored it, I found out why my coat began to smell like his.  He was not only hiding the waste on top of the wardrobe but also inside. The small plastic bags from Carrefour were filled with rotting waste looking black greenish with mold.


He has no plans doing anything about it in the near future.  The bin is part of the furniture just like the cancer is part of him.  That is why I am convinced that there is a direct relation between both.  The cancer might be part of his identity.

Perhaps the household waste is where certain types of cancer come from while other cancers could occur despite good hygiene.  I am adamant that other cancer can be transmitted from human to human through oral mucus and sexual intercourse (in the case a clean person has sex with someone unclean).  The probability exists that cancers can be transmitted through the pets as well, unlike rats and mice can spread diseases into the house.  There is no harm in loving pets.  Loving pets is making them happy by giving it freedom to run in open air, on grass and sand. It is to pay attention to the food it gets which must be fresh.  Pet’s would not eat food which has been contaminated by another rotting food.

I think that there are cancers which shouldn’t be existing at all.  Perhaps the origin of cancer is not so unknown as was previously thought.  One  of the origins is filth, in my opinion.  Filth is pollution.   If we deal with cancers from the environment properly, such as getting rid of household waste, I am sure we could save lives. 

The house has never cleaned, the carpet is full of hair and dust.  I was wondering how he gets so much hair just to fall on the ground.  When I saw a hairdryer, I knew that is what causes his hair to fall.  It is when he blows it dry that the hairs get spread all over the place… With very few hair left, I truly wondered why the hell he goes through the trouble to dry his head at all. He seems like caring a lot more about his façade than about his general environment. He never cared to wipe,  vacuum clean or get rid of the carpet at all .

Photo Series 3

The amounts of bacteria are sufficient for causing self-contamination, particularly when not washing the hands often enough. By living in this way, he may have ingested sufficient amounts of different types of bacteria and molds.  I have noticed that he was keeping molded cheeses in the fridge because these would smell if he keeps them in the wardrobe for instance. He forgets that the molds release toxic gasses that can be lethal.
I have tried to explain to him many things that he was not doing at all, such as to open the window briefly on a regular basis in all the rooms.  He had never opened the windows.  He just never thought of doing this, and that is what stuns me.  He is keeping the bacteria locked inside where they thrive under the influence of the heat.

When I asked him to open the window he said that more flies will come in his place.  He is convinced that the flies come from outside.  I am convinced that they come from the various sources of decay in his place.  We are two separate convictions and incompatible awareness, with each a different destiny. 


The Anger Around Halal and Why Islam is Inflexible

I remember bitter discussions with certain Belgians about honor killings and on why many Muslim families are opposed to marrying into Belgian families.  The word “purity” stirs much public aversion in Belgium that one better stops talking about it.  My personal experience is that they become aggressive when you openly defend this notion. It does them something.  Perhaps the feeling of being singled out in this way.  We think it is for the better, while they naturally think negative and that it is for the worst. That is where it goes wrong.  They feel touched in their dignity.

When we choose for Halal, they think we are extremists.  In response, they become extremists too in another way.  As a response to values of cleanness, they  go around making cruel fun of every individual who does her best to be decent, pure and simple.  It is what we call profanation.  They mock around with rituals of any kind because they don’t have any themselves.  At least I have never noticed any of their own.  The Jews who have been here much longer than the Muslims can testify of this fact.

There is a good chance that it was the discussion around “purity” which at the root of the Holocaust in which the Kosher values (same like Halal) were challenged against another standard of “purity” consisting of white skin with blue eyes and blond hair (like André Azoulay – as his name indicates “blue eyes”).  The label for this standard in Belgium is Blanc-Bleu-Blond (BBB).

So what they did is they changed the focus of “purity” and they opposed normal cleansing consisting of sanitation against ethnic cleansing.  That is how far their rage could go if you don’t participate in their pig or dog-like lifestyle, like the photos are showing.  The Jews mean what my pictures say and they paid for it with their lives.

2 world wars totalling around 110 000 000 victims killed. Now, they want everyone get HIV and cancer so that they are not the only ones.

The photos (see the close-up below) are explaining why Islam privileges sharing blood and time with Muslims and with people from the major traditions (Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist), because they forbid humans to live in this way.  The photo’s are a proof that they eat, sleep and breed in a way which is unsupported by morals and values. There is no question of getting used to so much filth and carelessness.  That is inadmissible.

Photo Series 4

Let’s not even talking about letting your daughter marry someone with such habits, because there is a share of habit in this problem  ?  But let’s talk about tourism.  Would you let someone with such habits visit your country as a tourist ?   How do you know that the tourist is not full of cancer ?  The whores sleep with just anyone without knowing more of who they are and how they live.

Now that you know the extent of filth, would you stand the sex and pedophilia tourism for one more day in your country ?  If your answer is “no”, then remember that this is what Mawazine was all about.  It was at least about AIDS.

This cancer patient says he is an Irish and a Catholic.  I have not seen or heard any  existence of family members in Ireland.  I have not seen yet him pray or make a cross before the meal.  There is no sign of a cross in his house as well

He also never cleaned the water boiler to the point that the limestone around the resistor was dark brown, like chocolate, when I first visited the place.  That too is a heart of dangerous bacteria that survive above 150 ° centigrades.  The boiler itself is normally a white kettle, but I found it full of big black stains coming from handling the kettle, without washing the hands when leaving the toilet.  The same black gluey stains can be found on the knobs of the doors, the windows and the cupboards,  as well as on the interrupter.   You can see the stains on the green basin in the above photo gallery.  Other evidence is right here below :

Photo Series 5

I got myself household gloves (two pairs for 0.99 Euro cent), reusable towels (0.75 Euro cent) and vinegar (0.35 Euro cent) and sponges (0.65 Euro cent) all for 2,50 Euro thanks to Zeeman and Aldi.  I cleansed the boiler until it became like new, and then I had my first tea in my own mug.  In the meantime (about 5 days later) a black stain has started to develop again on the lid of the boiler, which open for filling it with water. His hands are that filthy and the stains are identical on the toilet seat and on the door knobs.   And he wonders where his cancer comes from ?

There is no way I can train him into becoming clean, because the list of habits which he needs to change is too long.   It is a behavior which he has unconsciously.  

The question is : why doesn’t he have the habit of cleaning something.   Why is it his habit to leave the dirt just laying around ?   It seems to me that he likes living like that, because the answer I get from him is that the dust, the cobwebs, the flies, the moths and the mold don’t bother him at all.   It is his lifestyle which is devoid of civilization to our standards.

I have been hosted by Moroccans, Algerians, Senegalese, Thai, Americans, French, and by Elizabeth (Else) who is a Belgian, but she doesn’t know who her father is.  He is believed to be a Gypsy… but I have never seen this.  She is Belgian and she was very clean, because that is how she pays her mother for having a roof upon her head.  She didn’t study much and she is not a doctor or a surgeon like the so-called Irish.  The education is different as he is higher, but in terms of purity she is much higher.

How come she is different ?  Could this be genetic ?  Else is obvioulsy a different European. This is an answer which no one can deny.  There are no cancers from her mother’s side, but Else’s stephfather died of cancer.  He comes from a different household with a different lifestyle and eating habits.  Else told me he ate every day a boulette (a huge fried meat ball full of starch, salt and animal fat, a typical Belgian speciality).

Ina Valstar (a “friend” of my mom) is a Dutch and she manages to have a clean house because she pays cleaning ladies to come every day.  My mother told me that she changes cleaning ladies very often, as good ones are hard to find.  My mother is so naive and believes Ina.  I think that Ina was recruiting candidates for the prostitution-slavery in the various VIP shisha-lounges in her area, such as Mawazine, Bab Mansour, Baghdad and Shehrazad.

Without the income from these sources, Ina Valstar would be just another pig.


How Much Poison Can the Immune System Take ?

Further above I explained that the man’s intestines are filled with cancer tumors. After observing his life style and his eating habits, I am not surprised the man developed cancer.  He does not consume any oils, no seasoning and no spices.  He doesn’t like olive oil and if he eats sunflower oil, he gets diarrhea. He also is not used to fruits and vegetables.  I had someone buy fruit juice for me and the cancer patient drank one glass and a half with me.  Afterwards he needed the toilet  every 15 or 20 minutes during the whole night until well into the morning.   

He seems to choose unconsciously for inflammation-inducing foods such as the sugarlumps that he adds to his tea, the white bread, and starch-based foods such as instant soup.  He is actually feeding the tumor and he cries when the doctors tell him that the cancer tumor is growing faster and that it is spreading to the rest of the body.

I figured out his stomach is not used to fibres and to fresh food, only putrid foods like meat and certain cheeses.   He said to me that he is a meat lover (but it is too expensive).   So it is possible that his stomach is different and that his a carnivorous.  , like a cannibal.

The first day, he showed me around his area and we entered a shop for buying bread.   I indicated a dark brown bread and said “I eat this type of bread, not grey or white”. “But it is a small bread” he argued, “we need a bigger loaf”.   “This bread is big enough and it contains more than 7 different cereals”, I protested.  “This one is also dark and bigger”, he said.  I stopped arguing.  There is no use explaining that it contains more air because of more yeast, whereas the other contains fewer yeast.

When he becomes hungry, he becomes nervous if he doesn’t eat something.   He often buys a snack and that is where most of his money goes. He returns home sooner than me because of this.   One day, he bought the dark bread on his way home.  I noticed that when he usually takes 4 slices out of the bag.   That is what he had done with the dark bread.  When I arrived home, he explained how the dark bread surprised him in taste and how full he was, after eating two slices.  He forced himself to eat the other two.  This never happened to him before.  He didn’t think the bread was so consistent. Yet he still ignores how powerful the dark bread is and what it contains.  The man is 65, and he never tried eating dark bread before in his life.

He never cooks (just like Ina Valstar who also never cooks), and you can see that from on the picture with the cooking plate which is full of dust.  Cooking is important for killing germs

The next day he avoided eating bananas with me, as well as the pumpernickel bread which I get in a Polish shop.  He obviously refused to eat salatka (a vinegar-based vegetable salad preparation from Poland).  All he eats is bread with cheese spread and butter.  Yes, he spreads tons of butter which he keeps in the fridge with the molded cheeses and things which he didn’t finish eating (by the way, I don’t use the fridge).  I made the remark to him that he is eating himself sick with bread and he answered “no, I also eat sandwiches with salads”.  Please don’t think that he means lettuce.  With salad he means a pre-packaged mayonnaise-based spread that he rubs on his sandwich.  He loves French fries with salt and mayonnaise of course, Mars chocolate bars, and he only drinks beer on St Patrick’s Day.

I just can’t keep myself alive in his way.  I don’t let him touch the bread for me or make tea for me.  He has the strange habit of licking the ustensils, such as the spoon after stirring his tea.  He doesn’t was those if there are no visible stains on them.  I wash everything out before I start.  Of course I am careful and I don’t use his toilet if I can help it.  It is really filthy, so filthy that he didn’t replace the light bulb on purpose. For bathing, I know where to go in Antwerp.  I go to admire all the swimmingpools where I have been to as child.  I solved that problem for myself.  When it comes to the old man, he never takes a bath.


His bath is out of order, he receives a subsistence allowance of around 200 Euro, besides being careless and lazy, he is too tired to clean up the whole place because of the illness, he doesn’t eat right, he is piling up huge amounts of waste, etc.

My conclusion is that there is a direct relation between this man’s personal environment and the type of cancer which he has

If you are wondering how come that people who have always been living in clean conditions also get cancer.   I honestly believe that many people get cancer through contagion.  I don’t think the research on the cause of cancer can go further if we there is a lot of resistance against the thought that it is contagious.

If the filth and the pollution contributes to getting it, then perhaps cancer should be thought of as

the pest


I Hope You Now Understand Why Islam is Inflexible in Matters Halal

The chances are that cancer is nothing new and that it is a different name for the pest. Perhaps the origin of cancer is not so unknown as was previously thought. The pest is contagious.  For staying healthy, one should avoid getting mixed up with people who have habits and lifestyles that trigger cancer for themselves and for the others.   That is why Islam forbids to live or go around with people who don’t comply to Halal standards.  Yes these are tough words for a very tough reality.


Yet despite this man’s habits, as a cancer patient he is not fully responsible for his situation.  He is normally entitled a cleaning service at least once a week by the healthcare.   He is getting absolutely nobody to help him stay clean.  It is like the Belgian health system is designed for him to rot.  The same system proposes afterwards “cancer treatments” for wiping what could have avoided with good habits, even without any means.

The Belgian State is Responsible

While cancer treatments could be expensive, a cancer patient should be given for free other supporting materials, such as detergents and things to keep himself clean.  In his house there is no q-tip (the batons that one uses  to clean the ears).  I have not noticed any tube of tooth paste or a tooth-brush.  He doesn’t brush his teeth before going to sleep and he doesn’t wash his feet.

It is disgraceful that the Belgian government lets someone with terminal cancer live in this conditions with large reserves of all sorts of bacteria is a scandal.  He is not alone.  I have met two elder women with bone cancer at the night shelter Victor 4.   They are homeless cancer patients, whereas they too belong in the hospital, just like the Turkish young man.

Belgium has the highest rate of cancer for a reason

It is the first killer

The Belgian State should be condemned for letting cancer patients live in this way, and for managing the funds of the WHO


In the next edition, I will highlight how the Belgian State tried the corrupt the Halal business opportunities in Belgium, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.  I will showcase examples in which the Belgian State positioned against Halal.  I will use everything to support the reason why the Belgian State  should be kept out of Cop22 altogether.


Naima Mouali

United Chambers of Commerce and Industry