Belgian State is not allowed in the Opening of New Morocco at COP22

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English briefing of the letter “L’État belge n’est pas admis à l’ouverture du Nouveau Maroc, à la COP22” to the attention of His Majesty Mohammed VI, the King of Morocco.


Your Majesty King Mohammed VI,

On 20 June 2016, the Belgian State has withdrawn the permit which they arranged for me in February 2016, on the basis of a reference address.  The reasons for the withdrawal are unclear according to the local police (Quiten Matsyslei – Antwerp).  They kindly advised to re-apply with the immigration services.  I suppose the “Belgian State” wants to find out about my next steps and who I am connected with so that they can destroy them.  That is the reason why my residence permit was withdrawn.  I know the “Belgian State” by heart.

I was not advised previously about this decision.  I had to discovered it following the need for a public shelter, recently (on 2 and 5 October 2016).  I am telling you about this in my latest letter entitled : “L’État belge n’est pas admis à l’ouverture du Nouveau Maroc, à la COP22” (the Belgian State is not allowed to attend the introduction of New Morocco at COP22).   If it wasn’t my personal circumstances, I would have never known about the witdrawal. You will find further details in

L’État belge n’est pas admis à l’ouverture du Nouveau Maroc, à la COP22 .

The expiry date on my identity card says 27 January 2021. So basically, I am not responsible for my illegal status in this country.  As much as I would like to get regularized, I must decide on how I am using my day time, given the time left for making a success of the COP22 event in Marrakesh and of New Morocco.

New Morocco is my priority.

I am legally not bound to care about the Belgian State 

When I will be presenting the New Morocco, I will not allow the attendance of a delegation of a country which declared a war against me, since I was a child, which has destroyed all my relationships and all my chances for leading a decent life, as well.  I am not planning to open the door to pirates who have been stealing my intellectual property at least since 1992, when I  began the cross-cultural instructions at the United Business Institutes.

I am fully aware that it is a handful of angry people in Belgium doing this to me, and not entire Belgium which counts good people too.  My experience is that these angry and envious few have always succeeded in getting their way with the help of the whole of Belgium.  Now, everyone in Belgium, including the Belgians of Moroccan origin, will have to pay for a criminal few at the Belgian government.  They should not think that I will give any instructions on a new economy to them.  It is unfortunate, I must make a tough decision for the first time ever, while they have been taking much tough, repressive and extra-judicial decisions against me during more than 30 years of my life without explaining what their exact problem is.

They have sank my chances for getting at least a university degree, never mind the many jobs they refused to offer.  They have screwed with my chances for becoming a wife and a mother too, with who I want.  They have slain me with heavy legal accusations which took me 25 years to figure out from which sources it was coming.   I have quietly worked myself up, and then the same people began robbing all my innovations… because they know that if you accuse someone during one decade of heavy crimes which the person never committed, and if you separate two lovers, you will attract a long term curse and big amounts of vengeance too.

Do they expect me to appreciate them for doing all this ?

Your Majesty, if they think that they have been reasonable people with me, then I think that I am being very reasonable by requesting to make sure no Belgian delegation enters my COP22 program and no Belgian will enter New Morocco altogether for at least 50 years.  That is the equivalent of time during which my life has been kept on hold in Belgium.  It is not by renewing the damned Belgian residence papers that I will get my life finally moving, but by becoming a permanent Moroccan resident that my life will finally change.

I have full understanding, should you not support my point of view regarding the Belgian State with whom Morocco has a “friendship”.  I am taking this decision freely while I am only representing myself.   Please know that I have never insulted the Belgian State.  I have never been part of any political party or activity.  I have never organized or encouraged anybody into taking such position or similar against the Belgian State or any State in the world, and I will never do so.  I am not interested in politics and in creating obstacles.  I am only interested in solutions, in talents, growth, entrepreneurship, finance, commercial exchanges, partnerships, and prosperity.   All I am doing is kicking out of my way a big obstacle.

All I am asking is that Morocco should not hesitate one second to totally remove anyone who tries to interfere with our plans for New Morocco.  I believe that all the Heads of States in the whole world agree with my suggestion to just eliminate anyone who interferes with your people’s wealth and prosperity.  Morocco would have been a wealthy country if they had followed just this simple rule.


Your Majesty, the “Belgian State” is actually in Morocco too.  It’s a financial and economic absurdity which must be discarded as quickly as possible.  It is the disgusting discovery that I made in 2009 when I sent my industrial plans to Mr Nizar Baraka and which someone very high up in the Moroccan administration was leaking across the world, and particularly to Belgium. Apparently nobody in Morocco knew anything about the extent in which Morocco was being dominated by a mafia at the National Bank of Belgium which governs the IMF, the United Nations and the World Bank.  In Morocco, that mafia has the face of Mr André Azoulay.

May I recommend to make sure to remove anyone who formally or informally represents the Belgian State, or who plays the double role of representing both the Moroccan and the Belgian State ?   The Kingdom of Morocco has one person working at the royal palace fulfilling an important double role for both countries, which is unconstitutional.   Only one of the two roles is fake.   It is the one of the Advisor to His Majesty the King of Morocco which is fake.  The degree of his treachery reveals that he is not a Moroccan subject.  Yet, I believe that he should be judged and punished as a Moroccan and under the name “André Azoulay”.   Too bad for him, if it was all fake.

The reason why he is in Morocco is because in Belgium, he would not have survived.

Despite all the protection, he dares to attack us.  The whole world is indeed wondering why Mr Andre Azoulay has not yet been fired and when he will be fired.

Please have a look at my letter to you in French L’État belge n’est pas admis à l’ouverture du Nouveau Maroc à la COP22 .   I will be really very grateful if you could have my repatriation arranged starting from this month, not only for me, but for a great deal of our Moroccan people who are getting increasingly entangled with hostility in Belgium.  It is better to help them move out because otherwise, they will be challenged with all sorts of provocations to make them aggressive.  They will be led in the same way like I am being led to respond in punishing ways that I don’t like, but because I have to.  I have to change radically with Belgium to sanction the long term injustices on behalf of “the Belgian State”.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, should  you have questions or if you need more information.

I remain yours faithfully,

Naima Mouali

Founder of the  Anaccell Corporation 

President of the  United Chambers and Innovation Consultant