Happy Throne’s Day Your Majesty King Mohammed VI

Your Majesty King Mohammed VI



Happy Throne’s Day


A while ago I promised a new economy.  In the meantime, our portfolio has increased with an at least 200 billion USD worth Multidimensional Diamond Life Incubator

The title “Diamond Life” comes from the song “Smooth Operator” by Sade a British-Nigerian pop star who was my idol in the 1980ies, for her simple and very chic cocktail style.  Sade mentions the “diamond life” in her song which we aim to offer in the Diamond Life Incubator.

This project concerns the design of tourism concepts for allowing international visitors to experience a diamond life.  This is also a project which will set the standards required in all the tourism business. It aims to train and prepare a Diamond Life hospitality category as well as to stimulate the overall diamond trade in the world, and the growth of the existing sector in Antwerp.

I am advising Their Majesties King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium of this opportunity as well as the Mayor of Antwerp, Bart De Wever who has a vision for New Antwerp.  So how about a new diamond center for Antwerp ?  

I have also advised Qatar about innovative investment combining tourism and precious stones, as this country has a history of investments in Belgium  

I will continue to advise the whole world to participate in this investment.


The idea came to mind originally when I had a vision to stimulate collaboration among the diamond traders and the jewelers all in one place, to which international visitors should be attracted, like explained in CENEBP.  It’s an incubator, so it should not be too expensive for the jewelers to start and grow a business in a highly secure environment, where banks can have their safes.  

My vision of the Multidimensional Diamond Life Incubator would be a jewel for the Trump Towers portfolio, in which you too might be very interested.  I am dedicating the Diamond Life Incubator to all the victims of the wars and terrorism


Read more in the Diamond Life Incubator leaflet


In this context, I have the honor to supply a copy of my first about building many world trade centers in the USA and elsewhere, as a response to the 9/11 attacks in 2001, and my second letter to His Excellency Donald Trump Junior, in which I propose the Diamond Life Tower, as a sample world trade center.


With the Multidimensional Diamond Life Incubator a diamond life will not be exclusively for a small group of very rich people. Given the perspectives of millions of new jobs in the world and the savings which the people and companies will be making in many areas such as the energy, the transport, the telecoms and the water, most workers will have a residual budget to spend on international travel, on gifts like diamonds tailored to their budgets and their likes, or investment in their national golden mints.



Naima Mouali, President of the United Chambers of Commerce


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