How Lack of Co-Existence Is the Culture with the Belgian Public Transport Companies (brief on letter to Belgian Sovereigns of 21 July)

On 21 July 2017 I sent a letter to the Belgian Monarchy.  I took the opportunity n that letter to wish them a pleasant Flemish holiday as well  (11th of July), in which the Flemish heritage is commemorated and celebrated.  

In my letter, I said how I am pleased to hear in the royal message that the economy in Belgium is  doing very well.  But I think that if the Flemish heritage were celebrated on a daily basis with foreign tourists, the economy would be even better, as many foreigners are attracted to the beauty of Flanders, by the fine arts, the delicious Flemish food such as the pancake with brown sugar or with pear syrup, the Luikse waffle with whipped cream, the waterzooi, the vol-au-vent and the fried potatoes, that are all so delicious and so simple recipes.

There is a variety of handicrafts in Flanders with a lot of future like the lace and the embroidery that threatened to disappear while there are so many people who would love doing this the whole day, every day. Urgent solutions are needed for these crafts. Even the ordinary football in which Belgium  is a champion, attracts masses of foreign viewers. A whole economy could thrive on these simple things without sacrificing victims and without much capital.

In order to talk about the big capital too, because it helps run the economy faster, we do not have to look very far:

There is an existing diamond sector in Antwerp that be can develop better to attract more tourists from around the world who have the capacity to put thousands of dollars on the table. Here too, the art of cutting the diamonds is threatened to disappear or move to countries that are more open to tourists from all over the world and also to the Jewish community, which has been holding diamond tradition alive for centuries.

Wealth is everywhere. But if you look at what the others have, you no longer see what you have. That has happened to Morocco. There was a period when everyone wanted to be like Europe without looking at the local wealth. No, we do not want to be like Europe. We would rather be like Africa, or just like Morocco, where you can also be a Jew or a Christian without hiding it.

I made time to make a greeting card that represents co-existence.  I wish a happy national day tyo the entire Royal Family of belgium and all the Belgian people, including Wallonia and Flanders of course.

Not everyone in Belgium feels about the National Day in the same way like in many other countries.  I was at a public place when I was preparing the greeting card.  When they were closing, I wished a nice National Day to all the visitors. They shrugged their shoulders. There were some comments about money for the Palace and a preference for Europe as an identity, because “if in all the countries the national feelings become important, then there will be wars again”, on person said. I forgot to ask “to fight for what and for whom?”

“But what if the Euro disappears tomorrow, which face will be on the mint ?” I asked. “The King” was the answer of the others.  One bystander said, “his face is already on the stamp, but I have to spit on it first before I can use it,” he said in a spotting way.  I was amazed. I am citing this in my letter to show to the whole world how certain people are thinking in this country.  More importantly, I want to show to the Moroccans the example that they must not follow.

Without the sense of a nation, a homeland and an identity there is no (cultural) heritage.  “The heritage is like a family business in which the values ​​are passed on the next generation. That type of heritage cannot be elected by the people”, I said.  No one said a word anymore.  “What is there without a national feeling?   No economy, no progress and no modernity. Nothing “.  That is the real answer.

I did not talk about banks with them. For them I do not make time. A bank requires transparency, because as long as everything is blurred, misunderstandings are being disseminated, which jeopardizes the unity of a nation. At the end of the letter I get back to co-existence and how to measure it with money or banks.

The exemple of absence of co-existence in Belgium which you can measure with money is De Lijn, the Flemish public transport company in relation to the Brussels public transport company.  I will show you this example with the case of Miss Colette Dongmo.  

Miss Dongmo wants to become an airhostess.  She lives in Brussels city center and she was applying for a job with the airlines that are mostly located in and around the airport area (Zaventem airport, Diegem, Machelen).  As the airport is called “Brussels Airport”, you would normally think it is part of Brussels, and you would expect that the bus ticket which you buy in Brussels is valid until the airport.  

One day Miss Dongmo was traveling from the Brussels city center to the Brussels Airport area with De Lijn to the Lufthansa offices in Diegem.  Miss Dongmo received a fine by the controllers of De Lijn who stepped up the bus in Diegem.   Miss Dongmo was perfectly entitled to travel with the bus, yes, “but only until the border of Brussels”, the controller said, as if he spoke about a national border.

The question is “where is the border ?”

As Miss Dongmo has no source of income, she experienced the fine as an unexpected loss for her income.  She mentioned the amount of 170 Euro to pay as a fine.  She was crying tears about it, and how much bad luck she was having in her life.  It is rather the country which is organized to cause bad luck for everyone.   The absence of co-existence is only one odd in a whole system consisting of only odds.  

Good luck requires to completely breaking away from this environment   

While Miss Dongmo was previously unkind, unthankful and disrespectful towards me, she suddenly needed me for writing a letter to De Lijn, for solving the fine or for doing something about the amount, as if I were a lawyer.  You will find the full story and the email which I addressed to De Lijn in Letters2KingM6.   

Miss Dongmo has a subscription for Brussels public transport (STIB-MIVB), with the ability to use the Be-Rail trains and De Lijn buses. In the letter to De Lijn, I played on the lack of unity between the various public transport companies in Brussels. According to STIB-MIVB, Miss Dongmo can get to Diegem with her subscription, according to De Lijn she apparently cannot.

The fine and the absurd pricing outside the illusionary borders of Brussels is not a decision of the Palace but the government. The government is the boss of De Lijn. The coexistence or lack of coexistence can be measured on the basis of the absurd fine, because Mrs Dongmo had valid subscription from another operator.

If we dig further on who the boss is of the government, of De Lijn and of the STIB-MIVB, then we will find someone who wants to make sure Miss Dongmo continues to spread her legs more easily by impoverishing her with all kinds of fines, because that’s his culture. This is his criminal system. It’s someone for whom co-existence, marriage, business, fine arts, and style have no value except for the nice image, for the beautiful picture, or for the illusion. But he is himself not a nice person at all.

De Lijn is the cultural heritage of this man…. I am still talking about His Excelleny Andre Azoulay, the Godfather of Morocco and Belgium, and possibly the protector of Miss Dongmo.

When it comes to the  image, Mrs Dongmo herself is exactly like him.  If we dig into her cooperation in the hacking of Twitter and Google, we will soon know who is the true boss of De Lijn and the Belgian government.

I have ended the letter to the Belgian Sovereigns with a suggestion for making economy of Belgium more prosperous :

What do you think of a multicultural diamond incubator for encouraging the international tourism ?   Let’s say that we can attract the richest people from China with this.   Could this not fill the banks to help the population in Belgium ?   Is not far better than handing out fines for the litter in the streets (for filling the banks) ?

Naima Mouali


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