Could the Euro be the SDR ?

Euro blood money

Just when I was planning a letter to the International Criminal Court, I began to find the answers on why there is so much criminality.  

It is the Euro

I understand that the court of Justice is not a bank to complain about everything which is wrong with the Euro. There are simple things which the currency investors normally look at, and to which we will be looking at together in this article : these things are for instance the accounting and the investment method which is behind every currency.  

When it comes to the Euro, there is no accounting method attached to the currency, given that all the countries in the Eurozone have different fiscal systems and there is no link between them.  The Eurozone itself is not a country, and it therefore can’t have an accounting system.   It never will.  It is also surprising that the Euro wasn’t rolled out throughout the European Union for stabilizing the currency.   The more people contribute to the currency, the more interesting the currency is for the currency investors.
When I say that no accounting system is supporting the Euro, the questions which arise are  :

  1. Which efforts are supporting the currency ?  
  2. What and how is the currency supported ?     


When I say that no investment method is supporting the Euro, I mean by this that I can’t find a rational behind the slow rate of growth and employment in the European Union and the extraordinary appreciation of the Euro particularly in 2016, when the Greek crisis was really bad.

In my humble opinion, I believe that given the very high external debts in most of the Eurozone countries no country in the Eurozone is supporting the Euro.  

In the financial world, they make us believe that “a joint Eurobond could be, essentially, another way of allowing weaker euro zone economies to benefit from association with stronger economies.   It could also bring the region’s fiscal integration closer”, says an article from CNBC, which questions what exactly the Eurobond is

Given the fewer debts in the rest of the European Union countries outside of the Eurozone, I think the Euro is stabilized by the contributions from the countries in the European Union, that are outside of the Eurozone, like Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and perhaps the bigger regions like Poland as well.   

However, the GDP per capita in the European Union  countries outside of the Eurozone indicate that these are not the economically the most dynamic countries of Europe.  They are being presented as the least industrialized countries, if not the poorest.  Yet they have fewer debts than the countries in the Eurozone.


A booklet or a flyer about why investing in the Euro would be advantageous is also missing !

As so little is known about the Euro, then perhaps something else must be stabilizing the currency, and in my opinion it is all the criminality which I am denouncing on Allah Ghaleb, such as the looting of the government funds.  I know this because that is what they wanted me to help them do by disposing of the projects for my country Morocco and by forcing me into joining a non-profit organization.  See handover of dossier about Daniel C. Renson, a member of a mafia which I incriminate. I turned a deaf ear to all their proposals.

Given that there is no accounting system, no markets and and no exchange attached to the Euro, the Euro must be stabilized with the proceeds from the illegal migration, the sales in false papers, the human traffic and the prostitution-slavery through lounges like Mawazine and Sheherazad lounge, the drug trade all over the world, the cancer, the HIV, the terrorism, the civil wars everywhere, and the illegal weapons trade everywhere including in the European Union.

For proving this, the Justice system should look at the women in the prostitution-slavery. The majority of the victims of the prostitution are women from Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary, to name a few countries.  The victims mostly arrive in Belgium attracted by the promise to find a job and to earn money in an honest way.  So far  I have never heard of Belgian prostitution-slavery victims in Poland, in Romania or anywhere in the world, including Morocco, to name a country outside the European country.   The prostitution-slavery does not exist in the other direction.  It makes of Belgium a the platform for the prostitution-slavery.   

For keeping the injustices against the people from these European countries quiet, they kill the victims and they pay insiders to the police and the Justice system for masking the crime, by labeling it differently, for keeping it quiet.  Like one Belgian critic told me “they find a dead body with two bullets and they label it as a suicide”.  Since we are unable to count the victims, I am suggesting to count the cold cases.   

Inside the Euro-zone there are countries such as Greece, Spain, Cyprus and Italy from whicnh no sex-migrants are exported, but where the sex is part of the tourism deal.  The tourist pays the invoice with all the (sex)services included outside the tourist destination, and then he or she travels to the tourist destination to get this type of “fun”.

That is the economy behind the Euro, in my opinion because that would explain the absence of an accounting system.  

The Anna Lindh Foundation could also be an explanation for the irrational appreciation of the Euro on the markets.  It is only very curious that the Moroccan government never earned a cent on their invests in the Eurobond and that Egypt’s economy didn’t improve with an Anna Lindh Foundation on it’s territory.  I have requested its shut-down in Alexandria as a preventive measure against occult terrorism funding.  I mean, when you don’t understand the ins and outs of a financial institution on your territory, don’t keep it standing there.  It’s what I suggested to Sweden.  It could be funding operations against your establishment.


The Euro Needs Massive Migration

If you are still not intrigued by the Euro, then know that the criminality is directed against all the migrants, especially those from the “third world countries”.  These are the people who have been supporting the Euro without realizing that the legal troubles which are created against them, such as accusing the people of falsifying the travel visas, and fining them for this.  It is how the Euro is being kept very strong.

I have made this connection in a letter to Belgian State Secretary for Asylum and Migration, Mr Theo Francken, about an investigation of an entry visa to Belgium for my nephew who was living in Morocco.  My parents filled out the necessary documents with the Antwerp administration, and I requested an investigation to Mr Bart De Wever, the Mayor of Antwerp.I requested an investigation to Mr Bart De Wever, the Mayor of Antwerp.   My nephew was arrested at arrival in Brussels for his visa.  He may ignore that it was probably a fake one. which may have been corrupted at some point and most likely by people who work for the Belgian State.  

Instead of sending the young man back to Morocco, he was given the time to phone his aunt in Antwerp and to request my father to pay the fine.  My father did this as if he were the criminal, and the chances are that it was recorded by the police as he had committed a crime.  In this way my family would appear as people who have had trouble with the legal system.

The bottomline is that my nephew was allowed into Belgium, possibly with the intention to affect the whole entire family with legal cases, simply because they were unaware of my nephew possibly being illegally present in our house.   In this way they will have our family pay during many long years the fines that are basically related to a very large scale setup in which absolutely the entire country of Belgium was participating.

On 17 April 2017, I have also brought the problem to the awareness of the Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vice Prime Minister Mr Didier Reynders, to confirm if Belgium has ever issued a visa for my nephew.  I wrote to him about the same two years ago, I am still waiting for his answer….

I am encouraging Mr Francken to investigate thoroughly this dossier to find out whether there is a parallel market for forged Belgian identity cards.  This dossier will provide guidance to the responsible people who have chosen to enrich themselves or their banks with that kind of cash flow.   The tracks may run up to the Euro.


That would explain why the foreigners are massively being attacked all the time, while the European people were being spared.  That is where the racism was coming from.   An excellent model of scam is Emgoldex, a parallel market of gold bars in Brussels in which a foreign nation as well as a big number of foreigners get rolled.

The scammers made it look as if Emgoldex comes from Dubai to inspire trust with the potential buyers of the gold bars.  They use Dubai because they know that Belgium doesn’t inspire any trust with any foreigners who are living here.  Since it is a parallel market, the risk of buying gold is to get in legal trouble.  Lots of foreigners signed up because it was a member-get-member program.   The amount of economic and financial racism is excessive.

The same amount of racism appears again in mergers with stockmarkets and aquisitions of banks between Belgium and any country.  When I learned about an MoU between Dubai and Brussels, and this during a time when eight Dubai princesses were sued by the Belgian Criminal Court for slavery. I have warned the authorities of the dangers of “going to bed” with this country.   You will likely stay in bed because of the diseases, while they run with your money… It’s just another kind of slavery.   This is the country which is concerned with human rights and which finances all the international governments.  I wrote “the Amnesty International report about discrimination against the Muslims in Europe […] says that Belgium is not your friend, and that human rights don’t exist in Belgium“.
All the above examples of criminality explains how one group is making money and why there is no relevant investment method attached to the Euro, such as a stock exchange which symbolizes the efforts of the companies in a country or a region attached to the currency.   


In the Godfather of Morocco on page 7, I recommended to the King of Morocco to call all his people back   


I knew that Belgium was amassing lots of money with injustices, by trapping the immigrants in intricate legal dossiers and also by slapping and fining companies such as ArcelorMittal (Indian) and Ford (USA), by rolling investors such as Ping An in the Fortis scandal and Pattok Chodiev who was exceptionally well-served but also rolled by his lawyer and mayor Armand De Decker, who would have changed the laws for this man only.  The same lawyer Mayor has tried to attract 500 Chinese companies to Belgium, most probably with the intention to engage them in fine-slavery (meaning having them pay high fines all the time because they are foreigners), because that is how a few people make money in this country.

Well, if being in this country is such a pain to live in, then let’s go home, now !


But, if all the foreigners in Belgium would return their countries all on the same day, the whole of the Belgian economy would collapse.  Today, I realize that the effect of moving the immigrants back, particularly the Moroccans, would cause this collapse instantly .  That was the precise calculation I made when writing the the Godfather of Morocco.  I have reinterated the same demande to organize a


Imagine what this would mean for the Euro


A Currency Has an Owner  

For complaints about the Euro or the SDR, one would turn to the owner.   It could be a central bank or an individual.  

Here is the thing: the owner of the Euro and the SDR are unknown.  In this case, one needs to seek the judgement from a monetary authority.   The only known monetary authority in the world so far is the IMF.  The IMF is not concerned with criminality and not obliged to solve it.   The IMF is the owner of the SDR and in my view it is a criminal organization in itself.  

You will be convinced of this after reading the 158 questions that I have asked to the Managing Director of the IMF, Miss Christine Lagarde and which remained unanswered.

Given the nature of the criminality, IMF might be the owner of the Euro as well, or not?  The culture which binds them is the same.

The Greek debt crisis in which the IMF was closely interfering in comparison with the European Central Bank shows that the IMF is the most concerned with the Euro. It should be illegal.


The ICC is the place for complaining about both the currencies and the crimes.  Just the simple fact that the contributions of the European people go to somewhere else than to the people and the governments of their countries is sufficient criminality, because that is where the sovereign debts are from.  

These are criminal debts

Sex-slavery and the silent killers like HIV and cancer, fraud, scams, corruption, bankruptcies, blood diamonds and ivory, and the related deaths and disappearances are sufficient reason for going to the ICC.  
Recently, I have been able to connect the sex-slavery business with the SDR and you will find a brief explanation on my freedom project video.

In the video I denounced the SDR as a fake currency which is massively supplied to the developing nations and which no bank in the world use.   


The SDR  is not the currency for prosperity in any country


I have also been wondering against which currency the SDR was actually being exchanged, because it is a fake composite.  There are four currencies which are related to the SDR, these are the US Dollar, the Japanese Yen, the Swiss Franc and the Euro.  The Euro is likely the last currency against which the three other currencies are exchanged, eventually.  

The high debts in the Euro-zone show that the Euro is not the currency for prosperity in the European Union

Therefore the Euro and the SDR might be related.  That would be in my opinion the explanation for the lack of transparency of the IMF.  Read more…

The Euro is a measurement for HIV

In “Arguments for the Reengineering of the IMF”, I have been suggesting propositions to solve the SDR problem in most of the developing countries, who every time they make business with a country from the West, they have to pick up huge loans from the IMF or from the World Bank.  Their central banks receive those loans in SDR and that is the end of the track for all the countries.  There are central banks of which the reserves consist of more than 90 % of SDR, such as the central bank of the Philippines.  SDR is synonymous for debt.   Because of the debt, people find no jobs.   Many women from the Philippines are massively attracted by a job in the European Union and they are shipped to Europe by boat.  Most of them run the risk of being turned into sex-slaves on the way to Europe, if they make it there alive.  


Though this could dramatically change if all the countries in the South take hold of the SDR and if they agree on making it an recognized currency in their banks.  The Philippines would become one of the richest countries in the world.  That was my suggestion in “Too Big to Save”.  Otherwise, why worry about the masses of SDR if something happens to it’s value.  It has no value anyway on the financial markets.  

So, I don’t understand the hesitation just to pull the plug and disconnect or to make it a multicultural currency


The Euro was a success for as long a nobody understood the economic engine behind the currency.   It is from the moment when the sovereign debts began to rise unreasonably throughout the Eurozone with weak and negative growth perspective, while the Euro remained stable and it was even indicating strong growth, that everybody understood that the Euro was connected to something totally different than to the GDP of each of the Eurozone country.

The Euro must be secretly connected to criminality

Someone would be instantly busted if the secret were revealed that these two are truly connected. It would show the true nature of this currency.        

The Euro is the explanation why the criminality has been rising everywhere in the world, particularly in countries that own Euro bonds, such as Morocco.  Morocco has a relatively performing economy despite the fact that this country entirely depends on traditional industries such as the agriculture, the fisheries and the tourism that are unable to absorb the very high rate of youth unemployment.  For doing much better, they need to develop other sectors of activity and expand internationally.  

The Euro create a gaping hole in the Moroccan government budget, capable of swallowing the entire country into debts.  The person who did this, had heard about improvements arriving for the country and he disabled the government’s capacity to fund the initiative.  That person needed criminality in Morocco and he offered Eurobonds to the Moroccan government in 2007.   To date, the government earned nothing and will likely never earn one Euro-cent.  We are talking about approximately 70 billion USD which were spent on bonds in Euro which never yielded and so far, nobody has been arrested.   


Yes, like any currency, the Euro  is connected to banks, enterprises and jobs for the people, as well as to conditions for getting the job.  The conditions are, for example to go to bed with HIV and cancer beasts first.   First you have to sleep with individuals from or marrying into the group who owns the Euro and then you will be given a job, mostly to help increase the value of the Euro so to make it seem like a normal currency.  They need your clean face to hide their dirty faces behind their dirty money.

It is necessary to know for whom you wake up every morning. You have to decide how to make your money grow. Is it by investing to build more to prisons or more businesses ?  Are prisons a market ?  If yes, for whom ?  Choose for the Euro is like not choosing for free trade agreements TTPI or CETA.   

No, you are not necessarily working for another country, in the case you think that Belgium is the culprit.  The Belgian people are just like you also victimized by the same scam.  It could be very big banks that are based on big injustices against entire nations including the peoples of Europe. This explains a strong euro and an astronomical sovereign debt. Debt is for the people to settle by working for nothing as slaves. The Euro is not for them, but for someone else.

What must be done to reduce the debt of France for instance ? It will be necessary to increase the confidence of the investors in the country of France not in the Euro.

The risk is Avengeance  

The high number of incoherences – which I summed up above – about the Euro indicate an equal number of high risks related to the Euro. The hidden financial risk of the Euro is that it will decline when the criminality has been taken on vigorously in all the countries.    One must expect an extraordinary devaluation of the Euro, as the awareness spreads of its true value.

That is how simple my judgement is of the Euro; which affects 19 countries and 340 million people.  However, since there is no logical connection between the European Union and the Euro, I believe that a Europe is possible without the Euro just as the Euro is possible without Europe.

Naima Mouali, President of the United Chambers of Commerce and Industry


Read also : My Honest Opinion About Stock Market Mergers with Belgium and EMGOLDEX, the Black Market of Gold Bars in Belgium


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