EMGOLDEX, the Black Market of Gold Bars in Belgium


On 4 November 2014, I notified to the Belgian Federal Police a black market of gold currently being developed in Belgium through an online shop named EMGOLDEX.

EMGOLDEX stands for ” Emirates Gold Exchange”.  Beware ! It is a Web shop where you can buy gold bars, through Physical Metals (apparently a bank in Munich).  This is not about jewelry in gold, but about gold bars produced by companies of precious metals such as Umicor, Perth Mint and Osceola Gold Inc.

This concerns a good that is tightly controlled by all the central banks of the world. I have found that EMGOLDEX is not a registered company (in Belgium), and it is therefore not controlled by the National Bank of Belgium…  but the sales and promotion are happening in Brussels, so what is going on ?  

I thought the FBI or the CIA might be interested to look into this, as I am sure they are watching other online shops that sell gold bars, mostly without a gold certificate.


EMGOLDEX is in Dubai and I noted down the address : it is “Sheikh Ziad Road, Jumairah Lains Towers,  Indigo Tower, 704, PO Box 340531, Dubai”.   There is no phone number and I got hold of a copy of the certificate of incorporation.

Ras El Khaima_certificate of Incorporation

RAK (on the certificate) means Ras Al Khaimah.   Ras Al Khaimah is one of the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates and it is rules by His Royal Highness Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi.  The United Arab Emirates is considered the lease conservative area from all  the Gulf Countries

I discovered about EMGOLDEX through an invitation by a lady named Christine Meeûs. She called me up several times to convince me to look into the EMGOLDEX deal.  She told me that every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7 PM onward, there are meetings held for people to register in order to buy gold bars abroad.

I was advised about it earlier by my colleague Bart Schram, who was very excited about it, until after my visit.  He enrolled himself and a few other people, and he offered to sign me up and pay for me.  I resolved to have a look for myself first.


girl-114441_1280I went to the meeting which was held in a red area of Brussels, and it was surprisingly at OXFAM.   There were lots of immigrants probably risking their social pensions in something which looks like a scam.  They were believing in it, because the meeting was being held in an OXFAM location.   OXFAM is a trusted development cooperaton partner.

I appreciate very much that the immigrants are being encouraged into making investments for sure, and to own gold, but I didn’t want to get involved.   There was a lot about EMGOLDEX which was not right and I don’t think the immigrants should be encourage to do the wrong investments.   They could all get into legal trouble, and that is what EMGOLDEX was likely aiming to achieve.

It is like a kind of plan for justifying an ethnic cleansing, if ever they are accused of causing the Belgian banks to fail and the gold market to crash.

I was supposed to be a target

I am attaching the brochures that I’ve taken when I went to the meeting last week Tuesday 28 October 2014 to 19 hrs to Traders Street 37, 1000 Brussels, in a hall of OXFAM.

Based on the brochures and the propositon, my conclusion is that it is a racist swindle which targets the immigrants in particular. I have identified the possible owners through some characteristics that I have found previously in similar illegal businesses.  You can perhaps guess whom I’m thinking of ….


Yeah right, I think of Daniel Renson could be a prime suspect, because the EMGOLDEX presentation looks a lot like Mr Renson’s style of presentations.  Now he is really going much too far.   The police must have arrested the man in 2014, and in 2017.  He is still running free.  He is mentioned in police reports and he reportedly executes and burries the women in the prostitution-slavery, since decades here in Belgium…   

They never questioned him once

No wonder he will go very far in the criminality, so far that he can’t be stopped.


I didn’t say a word at the meeting, because Bart advised that there were spies who were looking for answers to something, but there were also good people.  There was something strange going on.

Someone was looking for answers and they are trying to get to the answers in this extremely disrespectful way

The speaker, who is Albert Delbecq was a familiar face who may have tried to spy before, but I never made contact with him.  I played as if I’ve never seen him, because he could be a contact of Mr Renson.   (Albert Delbecq is a French man who ‘s activity is real estate and mortgages, he said to me once.  Could he be whitewashing funds from human traffic by providing them under the form of mortgages ? )

I found a picture of someone who looks almost precisely like Albert Delbecq, only this man is much younger.

Albert Delbecq look alike_edited_edited


I advised the police before going there.  They drove by the place a few times.  I didn’t stay long, as soon as I had the brochures in my hands.   I think Miss Meeûs has tried to be helpful and to advise me of the group-purchasing being rolled out to the Belgian Diversity in the wrong way and with the wrong commodity.

So this is the right time for me to take vigorous actions to make sure Mr Renson and his friend Mr Azoulay in Morocco, get arrested, because

I was supposed to be a target for legal trouble, as they were competing for the group-purchasing

They must be the people who were after the group-purchasing of electricity

That is not all : they were possibly raising money for financing of international terrorism as well.  The full analysis was originally drafted in Dutch.

I refused to enroll in Emgoldex on 28 October 2014  

On 20 November 2017, I was evicted from my home


I am sending the certificate of incorporation of EMGOLDEX to HRH Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi It might be fake, but the chances are that it is real and that people could mistake it for Emirates GoldExchange.   I will instruct not only to start imposing taxes in the Ras Al Khaimah and to destroy the Free Trade Zone altogether, because it is inspired on plans which I had in 2005 for creating free trade zones in Molenbeek, not in the Emirates which is a free trade zone itself !

I think the mafia has been earning huge amounts of government money from the Emirates for the creation of free-trade zone in Ras Al Khaimah just like they did in Munawara city with the electronic palm trees or umbrellas.  Afterwards, they may have organized the prostitution-slavery in those free trade zones in the Emirates, with the migrant girls from Europe, because that is what they are used to do in Belgium.

Their activities consist of robbing everyone, attacking the immigrants, prostitution-slavery, engaging in negative propaganda against somebody, paying throat-cutters and traitors, training terrorists, killing the Jews and the Muslims, making wars, committing fraud and forgery, setting people up, trapping children, poisoning the citizens, etc…

For covering up their hideous nature, they want absolutely everything we make like, they want the wealth of our stockmarkets, our financial models for keeping things going right, our business models such as the group-purchasing, our women, our land, our sun, our see, our houses, our fruits and vegetables, our flowers, our biscuits, our recipes for fighting the cancer…

They need to be thrown out on time

For this reason I will be demanding the Ruler of the United Arab Emirates to evict absolutely all the Belgian companies in Ras Al Khaimah.  It is the only guarantee for not having any of those activities in the United Arab Emirates

“Today a milimeter, next year a kilometer” said Benjamin Hoffman, a Jewish caterer in Antwerp.

I just can’t forget his words and I like the video so much in which the Jews and Muslims protest against narcosis before the ritual slaughtering.  If you let them change your economy with one inch, you and your people will be finished in no time!

On 28 April 2012, I addressed to His Excellency Mr Al Turifi, Chief Executive Officer of the Securities and Commodities Authorities (SCA) of the United Arab Emirates, to keep Belgium out of their stock exhanges for as along as Arab companies will not be allowed on Euronext on equal footing with the Belgian companies.

The letter contains remarks about an Memorandum of Understanding between the SCA and the Financial Services and Markets Authorities of Belgium.   There was question of joint listing, securities, futures contracts, options, etc.   What securities is the FSMA referring to ?  There was technically no mutuality possible in matters investments, when you know that whitewashing of crime funds is the essence of Belgium’s finance.

The letter also means to raise the awareness about questionable business practices in Belgium and it advises to protect the information at the SCA.

The chances are that many years later the United Arab Emirates will regret the deal with Belgium.   The aim of my letter was to force a change before it was too late.

Stop au racisme

Defying racist business and finance practices with



Naima Mouali, United Chambers of Commerce




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