Raïs Al Sisi: Make Him Fall Before He Makes You Fall


Brussels, Friday 14 April 2017


President Al Sisi, Raïs el Jamahiriya el Masria,


My condolence to the all the people of Egypt, Jews, Christian and Muslims.  Losing anyone hurts all of us.   What happened in Tanta requires a firm response.  

How about just shutting down the Anna Lindh Foundation in Alexandria right now, as a response to the murder of 45 Christians in a Church ?   it probably seems an irrational suggestion because of invisible link between the Anna Lindh Foundation and the DAESH or ISIL ?

Then how rational is bombing a church and killing as many Christians as possible to cause deep religious divisions in the society ?   How rational is it to keep  the Anna Lindh Foundation open on your territory ?   Does it help your country and people in any ways ?   Did it reduce the poverty ?  Did it increase the literacy ?   Than what is it doing in your country ?   

Allow me to recommend to just close it.  Sometimes, you must do like this.  It might help in preventing future attacks that could be much bigger  against your people and against the tourists who love visiting Egypt.


Today, I have sent a letter to Sweden with the same request and to help catch the Godfather of Morocco as well.  His real name is André van Lidth de Jeude.  His name is not André Azoulay.  He is the founder of the Anna Lindh foundation.  He is a Dutch citizen and not a Moroccan also.  


Dear President Al Sissi, the name André Azoulay is mentioned in a crime report of the Belgian Federal Police, in which a witness confirms that His Excellency André Azoulay is a Dutch from a family which has always attempted to enter the noble spheres in Europe.  I is the van Lidth de Jeude’s family which lost reputation and the noble degree in the Netherlands and in Belgium.    

I believe that André van Lidth de Jeude’s individual secret was to elevate himself to the royal class of people and to give back to his family the noble grade.  He tries this by infiltrating the royal house of what he believes is a “developing country” with “backward people”, with the intention to marry a princess and to give some of his “superiority” to them.  

He would then be able to say “I am from royal origin”.  With that, he would have an easier access to the other royal households in the world, particularly in Europe.  He is competing with everyone who has the royal status.  

He would have used his royal status for doing in the royal sphere exactly the same things like he is doing now, which is organizing (white) marriages for the papers to live in the West, like he is doing with the whole of Morocco.  The human traffic (prostitution-slavery) is incorporated.  

You can imagine how much money he would have been making by doing the same trade with the royal human traffic.  I mean with this that he would have been trading – or selling off – the members of the royal family for large sums to his highly criminal friends in Belgium, not only for the papers but for gaining the royal title as well.  

That is according to me the reason why he continues to stick around the Moroccan Palace forever.  Normal people would love to try something different after working as an advisor for four or five years.  He has been in the same job for over 30 years or so.  He does not want to evolve like all normal human beings.   

Morocco has been keeping him alive and healthy, and only God knows for what reason they were giving him so many privileges.  I wouldn’t give any privileges to someone who bosses me around and who prevents me from doing with my life what I want.  I don’t favor his kind of people, because they are profusely intolerant and full of hate against everybody.    I find that people who spread hatred should not be kept around in the Royal Palace.  In addition, he may have bought his way in with blood money produced in Northern Ireland, through which he impressed the Moroccan who thought that he was just very rich, without ever questioning how he got rich.  

It is the case of Northern Ireland which betrays that he was financing the armament and the fake identities for all the militias.  I found two witnesses : one is a crime report from the Belgian Federal Police with his name on it and stating that he was making deals in Belfast.  The other one is a Northern Irish fighter who – just like me – seeks to witnesses against him at the International Criminal Court in the The Hague.

The fact that it didn’t work out for him as he had hoped made him resentful of all the Moroccan people, including the Royal House.

He thought that we were stupid people.  He discovered that the Moroccans are not so stupid as he thought, but he tries to make them stupid by preventing the education for them.  It made him the most dangerous person for our lives.  The Moroccans too are being slaughtered every day in his international human traffic network, just like the Christians in the Middle-East


Today, I announce with pride that he can forget his dreams.  He will never be a Moroccan or a prince.  On the contrary, he will fall very low.    Why do you think he needs to hide so much truth about himself ?  It is because he hates us all.   This means that he is not our friend.

He is our Enemy

The prison is where he belongs.  May I recommend to use my ICC Reference number : OTP-CR-322/13.  Please use it for filing against André Azoulay and André van Lidth de Jeude.


I was born a few weeks before His Majesty King Faruk died.  I am laying all my hope in your hands, dear President Al Sisi, Rais el Jamahiriya el Masria for saving our civilizations.   Please do your people a favor. The truth is that you will rise like a Pharaoh, Egypt will rise like it was once doing when the Anna Lindh Foundation fall.  Make Azoulay fall before he makes you fall with masses of demonstrations on Meedan Al Tahrir.

We make him fall on Meedan Al Tatweer (click to visit my Meedan Al Tatweer)

Thank you.

Salam aleikum fi rahmatu Allah wa barakatu


Naima Mouali


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