I Have Been Wiretapped All My Life in Belgium

This screenshot was taken while in Antwerp and while answering a call from someone in Antwerp.   On the screen it ‘Liege’.  I took a screenshot to show the person who was calling me up that all the phone communications with my number were being wiretapped by   enemies in Liege.   I only know one person from Liege and that is Daniel Renson, someone who I never trusted.  I suppose he wants to know who my contacts are with the intention to hurt them.  Perhaps someone in the municipality of Liege might.play a role in listenig into my private conversations.  I really don’t know what they expect to hear because I am not going to discuss any business plans over the phone. So, I am very glad to make whoever is listening in lose time and money with me.

I stopped using the phone.  I turn it on to using the social media.applications for contact with the external world. 

To be continued with other true hacking stories which happened to me.

I am discussing this in part one  of a video series which I uploaded for #myfreedomday.

Intro  – part one – part two –  part three

Naima Mouali



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