Report on the Attack and Robbery of the INLA-fighter in Antwerp

Tuesday 14 February 2017

Padraig O’Hanlon phoned me up from the police station to let me know that he was attacked and robbed of his purse with his identity card and his keys. He called over one hour ago.

He didn’t tell me how it happened, but it was in the street.  He reminds me a lot of all what happened twice to Bart Schram, my Indian associate.

I immediately thought that this might have happened in the context of the competition for the funds.  I am keeping my luggage at his place.  They want the keys to enter the apartment and to get hold of plans or of electronics. They are doing to him what they did to me, which is why I don’t want to have an address here.

If my number is being listened into,  I think the mafia spotted me perhaps based on a phone call that I received this morning from my host.  He was out and I was inside the apartment.   

Since my father advised me to leave I have been quiet on where I was hiding to avoid that my email reaches the wrong people.  There are some people out there who use my explanations for causing more trouble for me.  Perhaps the clue which might have caused  the criminals to track me down is the bathing house.  I talked about this last weekend, to explain why I was going to slow down.  Those who have been following my story know that only at one address the bathroom was not working.

Perhaps I have been located based on the  internet IP address of the nearest server of Telenet, with the help of people working at Telenet, the Internet provider that I currently use.  I am using an account together with many other people.  

This event seems to coincide with emails from Agnes Bron requesting me to connect with her,  Ever since the meeting with Yekaa Fouti who I met at the Youth for Human Rights meeting of 2013, and who was traveling to Morocco possibly for meeting with Azoulay and for collecting money from him, I knew that Miss Bron was part of the mafia who was after my projects for looting government funds.     

Wednesday 15 February 2017

Furthermore, Attached is the police declaration of my host,  (the victim), following to the violent attack by two men in which his purse was robbed, on 14 February 2017, at 13:05 H.  

He informed me that the two perpetrators were Moroccans.  He told me that at the police station they immediately contacted their colleagues who were was in the neighborhood of the attack to spot the youngsters according to his description.  He transmitted the description to his friends in the police force.   

I immediately brought to the attention that the violent robbery was not a coincidence, and that it might have happened in a broader context, related to the investment projects that I am working on.  The man who is sheltering me is not sufficiently aware of the projects and the investments.  He might not be telling the police, and I don’t feel like making it known to the police that I am hiding at his place.  

On the day of the attack, Padraig didn’t think the attack had anything to do with our lives and the things we try to do for improving our world.  One day later,  when I arrived at home, he said that the violent robbery was not a coincidence indeed.  He has been informed yesterday that two young men were seen at the airport of Zaventem, taking a flight to Morocco (to Tangiers – he told me).   

On Tuesday, the day of the attack, I advised him to go to the hospital even if he thinks that he was not hurt.  He refused (because he thinks he is made of steel, you see).  I insisted and I explained that I am planning to charge André Azoulay with the attack whether he is responsible or not, I really don’t care a damn.  All I want is to make him pay large sums for this one too.  

He didn’t believe that we could win. His stubbornness betrays his unintelligence.

On Wednesday, the day after the attack he admitted that he started to feel a pain in his shoulder, because they smacked him against the wall of a house, and he had crushed his shoulder.   I suggested to go to the hospital again and to make a case of it.   He was still refusing to do that.  

Today,  I will be receiving the description of the two men directly from the victim.   I have not had much time to sit and discuss that aspect with him.  I will collect the details tonight and I will tweet the full story tomorrow to the airports and to the police..  Please make sure they keep sure they keep the tapes of the CCTV camera at the airports of Zaventem and Tangiers, to recognize them in the same way like the perpetrators of the Zaventem airport attacks.

I hope they can catch the youngsters because all the clues related to them will run up to Azoulay.  

It will be an illustration of what the right wing party were complaining about all the time, which is that there is a connotation between Morocco and criminality, which unfortunately seems almost natural for some.  We need to do something about it immediately.



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