Fruit Carrier San Cristobal Is Shipping Women to Benelux


Dear Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission,

I have been investigating Ina Valstar.  Disgruntled Insiders to the prostitution-slavery milieu of Antwerp confirmed her participation targetting Polish and Russian women.  I was on the lookout of Moroccan victims too, to nail down Mr Lucien Leuwenkroon in Morocco.  The witnesses are happy to help me doing this and they revealed that a Panamese fruit carrier is on it’s way with women on board for the prostitution-slavery.

The name of the ship, they said is San Cristobal and it is wearing a Panamese flag.  The Captain’s name is Pablo Hernandez and he is from Colombia.   The crew is mostly from the Philippines and too poor to refuse any job.

The women are from the Philippines, Thailand, there  Polish, Russian women and they reported the presence of two Moroccan women.

They were unable to tell with precision from where the ship was departing and where it is going to.  The destination is either of the two ports of the Benelux : Antwerp or Rotterdam.   It is due to arrive this week (10 March 2017)

They said Miss Ina Valstar used to be involved in this business in the past, when she was living in the Netherlands, her country.  She fled to Belgium in 1983.   She is supposed to play “the Madame” when the girls arrive.

Her helper is Mr Daniel C Renson who finishes off the girls who have seen the faces of Ina Valstar’s violent clients.

I will keep you informed when I get more details.

Naima Mouali






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