To President Hollande: Do You Think Azoulay Is a Murderer ?


Translation of  Au Président Francois Hollande: Pensez-vous qu’Azoulay est un assassin?


Dear President Holland,

My best wishes for 2017, that it be a year of confirmed prosperity and peace in France and elsewhere.


On July 17, 2016, after the attacks in Nice, I suggested to check the families of the terrorists and to make them pay sums of money to the families of the victims, for example.

Recently Turkey applied this measure after the killings in the Reina nightclub in Istanbul. By checking the wife of the perpetrator they were able to tracked him down and to prevent another attack.

The recommendations for Nice should also be applied to gang leaders, or mafia chiefs and / or their financiers, to end organized crime, while remaining humane with the families of terrorists.


One chief could be His Excellency André Azoulay, adviser to His Majesty King Mohammed VI. The role of orchestration of attacks was confirmed by M Padraig O’Hanlon, a veteran Northern Irish fighter. He met Mr. André Azoulay in Belfast for the funding and for the arming of his militia by the FN (Fabrique National in Belgium). His militia is INLA (Irish National Liberation Army). Now, Mr. Azoulay would have presented himself under a different identity in Belfast. The name he is using now would be a false identity.
On this subject, I have the honor to share with my correspondence with the Dutch sovereigns, His Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima, concerning His Excellency André Azoulay, because he is a Dutch and the name “André Azoulay” would be an identity that he uses for the orchestration of organized crime as of Morocco.

The daughter of André Azoulay is Audrey Azoulay, the Minister of Culture in France, whom I admire very much. She has talent and she has great qualities. Could you check with her if her father has a different name ?


Mr O’Hanlon saw His Excellency André Azoulay on TV in a reportage on the COP22 conference (7-18 / 11), last November in Marrakech.  He is indeed the person with whom he spoke in Belfast. I took recordings of his declarations to make His Majesty King Mohammed VI  listen to them. I have the honor to share with you the letter to His Majesty Mohammed VI.
Recently I obtained from a high-level Northern Irish source information which is much more compromising for the image of the adviser of the King of Morocco. Mr. André Azoulay would be guilty of the murder of two sexually abused boys. The veterans of the INLA militia would have preserved the blooded clothes that André Azoulay was wearing when he was committing the crime.

However, in my eyes, André Azoulay remains an innocent man as long as there is no evidence of guilt.  My position is different compared to his own with me. In the past he had ordered the Belgian Criminal Justice to charge me with the falsification of visas and passports and to condemn me before I had the opportunity to prove my innocence.  Instead of the Belgian Justice proving my guilt, they kept me busy with proving my innocence because they had no proofs. They began to make the evidence themselves afterwards, and without success.


To put an end to the doubts and the polemics around Mr Azoulay, I sent yesterday a letter to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to request the recovery of the clothes worn by André Azoulay during the murder of two children and to have the DNA tests carried out. I have the honor to share the letter with you.
I hereby wish to enforce the recommendations for Nice, which is to rely on the family members of a suspected terrorist for obtaining the truth. Our goal is to carry out DNA tests on his daughter Audrey, to determine whether the blood on the clothes is that of Mr André Azoulay or not. It is in this sense that you can apply the recommendations for Nice in your government, dear President Hollande.


As the employer of Audrey Azoulay, the French Minister of Culture, will you be able to assure your minister’s cooperation in this crucial global inquiry for the rule of law, democracy and the freedom of the people of Europe ?  As Minister of State, she represents all the values of the European Union.


This is how you can effectively end the Islamic State, Daesh, Al Qaeda, like la France already does in an exemplary and admirable way.

In thank you for your cooperation, dear President Hollande.  Congratulations.


Your sincerely,


Naima Mouali, President of the United Chambers


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