INLA Preserved DNA Evidence of War Crimes in Northern Ireland



This is an extended letter to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.  Click here for the handwritten brief.


Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland,


On Twitter, I will be sharing with you our latest developments in the research about the Northern Ireland war. From a financial viewpoint it becomes more and more clear that is was a mere money laundering operation, which unfortunately cost lives of innocent people, which is revolting and absolutely unacceptable. That is my personal opinion, based on the few elements that I have had the chance to learn from Padraig O’Hanlon, an ex-fighter of the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA). A financial investigation by the Court of Justice will prove if I am right or wrong. The step by step show @unitedchambers on Twitter outlines the current findings.

Ever since I presented the first series of interviews, I have been guiding Padraig O’Hanlon, the former INLA fighter into re-thinking the whole question. From believing that it was a religious war, he evolved into believing that the war was about a lucrative business given the relationship between the visitors from Belgium who he received in Belfast and the funding which his militia received in Belgian francs. From believing that the Protestant ULDP has placed the bomb in which his pregnant wife-to-be Maureen O’Connell perished, he evolved into believing that the bomb was actually placed by the “Belgian State” or André Azoulay, who suggested investment in the organization of the INLA, a couple of months before the attack. The same man was also supporting financially the ULDP and supplying arms from FN to this militia. The chances are that Azoulay was financing all the militias (IRA, Provo’s, INLA, ULDP at least)

Starting from 13 November 2016, when I started the interview, nine fellow-fighters including the wives have been killed, mostly by assassination One INLA fighter was killed in Antwerp. They published nothing in the news about all the killings and no investigations were opened. Mr O’Hanlon explained that they were using fake identities and an investigation would reveal who they are, and that is why they simply get buried. Mr O’Hanlon has been leading a restless life as he felt that he could be the next target.

In that period, he noticed Mr André Azoulay on TV in a conference in Marrakesh and he wondered what he was doing there. He indicated that this is the man who visited INLA in 1976. That is when I realized that the killings of former INLA and IRA, and any militia in Northern Ireland will likely continue, without anybody being able to stop the massacre. The only way for stopping this, would be to start judicial proceeds, and that is the point in which we are today.

I have explained to Mr O’Hanlon what the consequences will be for him of going to Justice, which is that he could get arrested. Mr O’Hanlon agrees to cooperate with the judicial authorities and to witness against André Azoulay for multiple murders.

Mr O’Hanlon represents other witnesses and victims from Belfast who reported other deaths imputed to Mr André Azoulay. He allegedly committed at least two murders in Belfast of children, for which he has been sought by the police in Great Britain since 1976.

There were INLA members present in the neighborhood of the children when they were beaten to death. Mr André Azoulay was allegedly accompanied by one member of the IRA who has seen the whole of scene. They will search to see if the man is still alive, and they will confirm this.

Attacking children is not part of the war, and nearly every everyone disagreed with whzt was happening. I have been informed that the INLA has been keeping in a safe place in Belfast, the evidence of crimes which they didn’t agree with, for future use.

Among the evidence are the clothes which Mr André Azoulay was wearing while he was allegedly beating the children to death. He attracted the attention as the INLA witnesses saw him coming out of the house where he killed the children wearing different clothes than when he went inside. They also noticed that he had wounded one of his hands which he wrapped around a cloth.

The clothes are preserved in a safe place. The INLA declares to be willing to show the hiding place of the clothes stained with blood which His Excellency Mr Azoulay was wearing. His clothes have been preserved together with the clothes of other people – mostly of INLA – who were killed. The INLA declared to make the clothes available for judicial investigations.

Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, the DNA technology was not available in 1976 when the crime was committed. Now the technology is available and it must be applied on urgent and complex cases such as war crimes.

The information which the INLA shared with me is reliable. Although the INLA was an illegal militia, they did the right when it comes to His Excellency Andre Azoulay. Nobody liked him.

May I request the United Kingdom to recover this piece of evidence for realising a DNA research by several laboratories in the world :

  1. to verify if the stains in the clothes correspond with the DNA of Mr Andre Azoulay, and
  2. to compare the various results in order to dispel doubts.

I humbly thank you Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

Faithfully yours,

Naima Mouali, President of the United Chambers of Commerce and Industry




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