You Want to See How Karma Works ?


How come that the American Indians have boomerangs and they understand why it returns when you throw it on someone’s head, and how come that the Buddhists and the Hindu at the other end of the planet understand the same.  They call it karma ?

The Muslims call it Sharia

Sharia is the noun for the law of the Universe or the Cosmic law

They don’t know what that is in Belgium, because of they knew this, they would never have structured their banks against the Cosmic law.  If they have never seen how it works, they will see it now.  And if you have never seen it too, then come to Belgium for the Cosmic show.

If their plan was the seizure of my grand-father’s farm land with futility, then I’m going to seize all ABSOLUTELY ALL that the “Belgian Government” holds anywhere in the world, with all the stakeholders, and claim the compensation for the policy of the “Belgian State” ruin others.  In this way their policy becomes bearable for all and not only for them.”

That is how karma works

Read until the end : “Could This Be His Last Christmas” ?

Naima Mouali

United Chambers of Commerce and Industry




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