9 Deaths in 1 Month Pushes INLA Activist to File Lawsuit Against André Azoulay with the International Criminal Court



Since 13 November 2016, Mr Padraig O’Hanlon, an ex-INLA fighter has been receiving news from Belfast about his former comrades being assassinated, one by one, since 13 November 2016.  One of the victims was shot dead in Antwerp, and was transferred and buried very quickly in Belfast, before an investigation locally in Antwerp was completed.

For some reason the ex INLA activists are being eliminated and no investigations are being conducted by the police in Northern Ireland as well, a witness said.  There are too many reasons such as the numerous identities these men have been using “for their safety” during the fights and after they fled Northern Ireland.  The risk is that their true identity would be revealed, and this is one of the reasons why their assassinations are being silenced.

Could it be the ULDP starting the fights anew ?

There were moments in the beginning that Mr O’Hanlon thought the war is gradually starting again.  After a thorough reconsideration of the financials and the logistics of the INLA and the IRA during the fights, too many links towards Belgium began to appear for Mr O’Hanlon, after which his changed his opinion about the ULDP.  You will find the links in the following press releases :

Press Release – Ex-INLA Interview Reveals Northern Ireland Conflict is no Celtic Mysticism (11-27)

Press-Release of Interview with Ex-INLA Fighter (1-10)

Padraig O’Hanlon has met in person someone in Belfast who was identified as Mr André  Azoulay, the current Advisor to His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco and a highly influential member of the Moroccan Istiqlal party.  Mr André Azoulay is the Founder and the former president of the Anna Lindh Foundation, a foundation which is very unique as it is the only one in the world which succeeded a presence in nearly all the great capitals in the world.  André Azoulay is also the Governor of the Province of Essaouira, one of the most beautiful parts of Morocco, which he transformed in a very busy tourism destination. He is known to be a mover and shaker.

While the government of Morocco and the Moroccan people naturally stand with awe behind their compatriot, Mr André Azoulay, there is shadow side about Mr André Azoulay which is widely reported about, yet curiously received with disbelief by the whole of Morocco.  Mr André Azoulay has been since more than half a century a symbol of co-existence between the Jewish the Muslims.

If by any chance Mr Azoulay has been cheating and deceiving with the lives of any Moroccans, then that is a different story.  In that case, he should logically expect witnesses à charge and in support of Padraig O’Hanlon  and all the people of Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Silencing any Moroccan witness in the same way like silencing the ex-INLA fighters today will result in highly violent clashes in Essaouira, at least

Press Release – Ex-INLA Interview Reveals Northern Ireland Conflict is no Celtic Mysticism (11-27)

Press-Release of Interview with Ex-INLA Fighter (1-10)

Padraig O’Hanlon is getting his act together to file official complaint at least in Belgium and with the European Union.

We hope and pray that the person who Padraig O’Hanlon has met in Belfast, and who was obviously interested in a financial participation with the INLA, was erroneouly identified as Mr André  Azoulay.

Naima Mouali, a compatriot of André Azoulay and the President of the United Chambers.


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