Does the Maastricht treaty cover weapons and soldiers as well ?


To the attention of :

His Majesty King Philippe of Belgium, The Honorable President of the United States, Mr Barack Obama, His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco

Click here to read the full article To HE JC Juncker : Does Europe Close Her Eyes On Armed Conflicts ? 




In my letter to His Majesty King Salman I mentioned my doubts about any money from the USA being sent to Northern Ireland, and that the chances are it is Belgian money.

Mr O’Hanlon said they were receiving money in Belgian Franc and that the money was coming from Hoboken in the USA. He afterwards corrected that it was in US dollars.   I am very curious about who the Northern Irish Catholic community is in the United States.  Note that there is a Hoboken in Antwerp…. and people like him  were made belief that this is in the USA.

Your Majesty and Mr President, whether dollars or Belgian francs it looks like a fiscal fraud in every case.  May I bring to your awareness the whitewashing which could be part of the entire criminal mechanism. If the true nationality of Mr Padraig O’Hanlon is determined, then this would also determine all the rest of the story concerning the conflict in Northern Ireland.

Mr Padraig O’Hanlon has expressed his determination to testify against His Excellency André Azoulay at the International Court in The Hague.

Yours sincerely,

Naima Mouali, President of the United Chambers


Click here to read the summary and to listen to parts I to X of the interview

and parts XI to XXVII


Allah Ghaleb will remind humanity of all the configurations specific to the Enemy, while being taught the right ones, which the Enemy shuns just like legal and official things.  The Enemy has a severe tendency to make his own laws that are egoist by nature, unhealthy and unfit for the human beings.  The mentality manifests a lack of values and it will always exist in this category of humans.







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