Human Rights Don’t Exist in This Country

Excerpt from They Said the Streets Were Paved With Silver and Gold in which what causes the drama of  mass migration and refugees to perish in the Mediterranean see, in a desperate search for a better life in the European Union.

When I ask any immigrant why he or she came to Belgium, they answer that in this country they give you money, they give you a house to live in, “they have many more hospitals and schools for the children than in my country” and “the medical care is either free or refunded”.  That is why Belgium is better than my country” they answer.  “Here in this country, you have ‘rights’, you know… They give you your ‘rights’… It is not like in my country or in your country Morocco… If you don’t have money to corrupt let’s say the police man or the clerk at the municipality, you get nothing done, whereas here in Belgium, you don’t have to do that for getting something done”.

The social system also gives them a living allowance.  Here, they have the State just giving them money.  Most of them send part of it to their families, back in their country.  When a  family can suddenly afford to buy the things which were previoulsy too expensive for them, and they get noticed by the neighbors and other family members, that is how a reaction in chain is set into motion getting entire communities wanting to move out of their awesomely rich and beautiful villages, to get in Europe, and to become a sugardaddy on their turn, with remittances.

Go to They Said the Streets Were Paved With Silver and Gold to read the full article

Tell me about human rights in Belgium where I was denied education, marriage, jobs, unemployment benefits, the right for a legal defense and fair treatment at Justice.  I was arrested and condemned on false basis.  I was denied access to my files by the defense lawyer André van Lidth de Jeude, who is a relative of André Azoulay.

The latter is a Dutch national.  For becoming incredibly rich, he has chosen to operate under a false identity and nationality, as the adviser to the King of Morocco, as the governor of Essaouira and as a Moroccan.  Before engaging on such a kamikaze tour, he should have checked the Moroccan constitution to see if the capital punishment still exists.  Now, he is likely to be arrested, trialed and judged as a Moroccan.


I was denied copyrights, income, health care, housing, freedom of speech, freedom of movement.   I was denied EVERYTHING in Belgium.  I was denied decent housing.  My phones were bugged and my e-mail accounts were spied upon.   I became homeless and now I am denied the residence papers.  It leaves you to wonder where the human rights are in this country.

In the 50 years that I have been in this country, I have never seen the democracy that they are talking about the whole day

So, when certain immigrants compare Belgium with their country, and when they speak with much praise about Belgium, then I get the feeling that they are in a different country that the place where I have been practically all my life.  It’s a place that I have not chosen and where I don’t want to be for the rest of my life.

If this were a true democracy, then how come that the workers go on strike, each time the Church rings the bells ?   There are far too many strikes and demonstrations to assume that we are living in the best democracies in the world.

It’s all illusion

Belgium is not my best friend, and human rights don’t exist in this country

I am not alone in observing serious violations against the human rights in Belgium.  Many Belgian natives have been denied essential rights such as the fiscal rights.  They are unable to protest against the high rate of income taxes in this country amounting to 50 % of your revenues.   What the Belgian State does  with the money needs to be investigated.  The recent revelations concerning the involvement of the Belgian State (most probably through Dexia Municipal Holding) in the Panama Papers scandal,

In My recent article They Said the Streets Were Paved With Silver and Gold I am denouncing the condition of a cancer patient, who has to live with 5 or 6 Euro per day, whereas the legal survival  allowance in around 30 Euro per day.

Go to They Said the Streets Were Paved With Silver and Gold to read the full article

I am still talking about Belgium.  Yes, the country which is in the heart of  Europe, and one of the founder of the European Union, the North Atlantic Treaty Organizations, the United Nations and the Organization of the Economic Cooperation and Development.  This is the country of which They Said the Streets Were Paved With Silver and Gold


The truth is that there is an amount of evil in this country, which does not exist my country and I am sure of this.  I have been observing all the possible tricks and techniques which the Belgian State uses for pushing people down and for hiding such practices in this country.   I have been a victim of such practices and I am summarizing my findings in a book named “Allah Ghaleb”.

Allah Ghaleb aims to advise government leaders and their administration, central banks, commercial and investment banks, multinational corporations, small and medium-sized companies and anyone to who wishes to protect his or her wealth. Please support the production of this book.  Learn more by visiting the Allah Ghaleb website.


Naima Mouali

United Chambers of Commerce and Industry


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