She Has A CETA / TTIP of Her Own

Excerpt of They Said the Streets Were Paved With Silver and Gold

“I never believed in the State of Providence (SoP).  I think the SoP was a policy by the very mafia of illegal migration and international human traffic, because this idealized picture of a perfect social situation is what causes migrants to drown with masses in the Mediterranean.   This mafia is supposed to be secret, but their own carelessness has led to revealing who they are.   It is a mafia inside the National Bank of Belgium, which is financially ruling all the international organizations such as the European Commission, the European Central Bank, the United Nations, the IMF, the World Bank, the WHO, the ILO, the WBG, NATO, IAEA, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, European Investment Bank, IBRD, EBRD, Interamerican Development Bank, the  European Agency for Nuclear Research, the International Red Cross, the Federation of the International Red Cross, the OPEC fund for International Development, the Food and Agriculture Organization, the United Nations Procurement Unit, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the UNESCO, the UNIDO, UNICEF, FIFA, UNHCR, OCHA… just to name a few.  With all these organizations and more, it looks like they have a CETA or TTIP agreement of their own.  Perhaps this is why they don’t need another one.”

By controlling financially all these organizations, Belgium offered herself the freedom to use them for developing business deals, while all the other countries are not allowed to use these organizations for the international expansion of their businesses. Belgium uses these organizations for supporting her development cooperation with the developing nations and for deals related to copper, ivory, diamonds, mink and caviar. It has been observed that Belgium tends to trade wirh countries against whom an embargo was decided by the international community, and while no other country does.

Hence the expression “Belgium has a Ceta / TTIP of her own.  She does not need another one.  Her agreement consist of freedom for her alone, as well as a Justice system which she uses for attacking and for beating the competition“.   For a better understanding, I recommend reading the full article : ” They Said the Streets Were Paved With Silver and Gold “.


The same article highlights  :

Questioning Cancer Funding ?

Belgian Social System Was Created to Host Political Asylum Seekers


A book named “Allah Ghaleb, the Enemy in Facts and Figures“, which describes all the tricks and tactics used by a financial mafia inside the National Bank of Belgium is currently in the making.  The purpose of the book is to promote an innovative enterprise analysis tool based on DNA-Business-Finance concept for avoiding bankruptcy, and for increasing the shareholder value.  Anyone will be able to do that by spotting liability creation upfront.  That is what the DNA-Business-Finance concept is about.

This tool has helped in tracing the owners of the IMF, World Bank, the United Nations, the European Commission and the Euro.   It is a system for collecting data and for arranging it in such a manner to uncover the psychological X-ray of organizations and people.

Allah Ghaleb aims to advise goverment leaders and their administration, central banks, commercial and investment banks, multinational corporations, small and medium-sized ccompanies and anyone to who wishes to protect his or her wealth. Please support the production of this book.  Learn more by visiting the Allah Ghaleb website.


Naima Mouali

United Chambers of Commerce and Industry




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