Belgian Social System Was Created to Host Political Asylum Seekers

The Belgian social system, named OCMW / CPAS was believed to be created for helping economically fragile individuals, like widows, students, single mothers, and also working class people of which the income is insufficient.  The aim of the social system was to prevent people from turning to criminality for their survival, and to strengthen the social and economic tissue.  That is not the case today, and the statistics are lacking to prove how efficient or inefficient the Belgian social system is.  

It is a reality that the Belgian social system supplies social help and funds much quicker to the foreigners from developing countries, like the newly arrived refugees like the Syrians, the Kurdish, the Yezidi, the Egyptians, the Libyans, and above all the asylum seekers from any country who’s application was approved, than to the Belgian natives, the citizens from the European Union. The Belgian natives are very easily turned away, or they are asked to repay the help they get. 

Today, I understand that it is a deliberate policy for stirring hatred on behalf of the Belgian people against the foreigners and To refuse the chances of social succes of the latter.  This might explain the very high rate of racism in Belgium. 

Very early in my life, I have been advised by parents of my class mates – who were mostly from the upper-middle class – to keep out of the social system and to rely on the private sector as much as possible.  They warned against prostitutions being manufactured by the social system, just like in a factory.   

I did my best staying out of it.  When I was evicted, I needed at least to gain information on the conditions for the social housing.  I was refused help from the OCMW in Zaventem, where I began to explore the Belgian social system for real.  The OCMW is run under the authority of the local municipality and eventually under the supervision of the Mayor in person and his deputies.  

I have been making observations of the social system and I concluded that the whole Belgian social system is run by a highly political mafia.  It is the same mafia which informally runs and guides the IMF, the World Bank and the United Nations.  In Belgium there are war lords among the mayors, just like during World Wars I and II.  Today, they conduct their wars in other nations.  That is why it makes more sense that the social system was not created for supporting the people of Belgium.   

The people who work and contribute to the social system turn out being denied access to it, the day when they need it.  That is why I believe true aim of the Belgian social system was created to host political asylum seekers and for taking care of people who are guilty of murder and other crimes in their country of origin. Examples of such people are blood diamond traders, ivory traders, drug smugglers, slave traders or human traffickers.  So, if you are looking for heavy criminals and traitors in your country and to bring them to Justice, try looking for him or her in Belgium. 


Therefore, social help from the Belgian social system is not about “rights”.  It is a carrot and stick approach. For more, read the article named “They Said the Streets Were Paved with Silver and Gold”.

It makes the people who escaped DAESH, wars, famine and persecution feel safe and happy about Belgium, indeed.  There is no question they will ever criticize this country.   But it makes them criticize their own countries for all the bad luck which happened to them and for not having the same social system like in Belgium.  

Because of the social system taking care of absolutely everything, the foreigners tend to cooperate – often as volunteers – with the Belgian State much easier, to which they explain everything in their country, very often it is against the interest of their countries of origin, given the powerful influence of a mafia related to the IMF inside the National Bank of Belgium.  The foreigners don’t know this.  They cooperate mostly in the belief that the Belgian State will help their country improve and for keeping the privilege of the social house which they pay between 170 and 250 Euro for two bedrooms, in addition to a monthly social pension.   The Belgian State improves their countries indeed, with “development aid cooperation” for “developing an economic tissue”…. “with tourism and with big loans for the infrastructure”.   

This corrupt social system got spread to the rest of Europe through the European Commission in Brussels.  A corrupt social system is a system which works for some and not for the others. Yet I believe that the European Commission is in the best position to guarantee that the Belgian social system functions for everyone and not only for the people who have never worked in Belgium before. It is not logical that they have more social rights than the locals.

(to be continued)

Naima Mouali

United Chambers of Commerce and Industry


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