Questioning Cancer Funding ?


They Said the Streets Were Paved With Silver and Gold is an article is about the gigantic cheat and deceit by  social and health care system in Belgium.  It highlights the cheat and deceit around cancer locally in Belgium.  It puts into evidence the condition of one cancer patient who struggles for survival with very little financial resources to take care of himself.

Yet Belgium excells in matters cancer treatment, with multidisciplinary approaches and what have you.  It’s the world leader with record breaking discoveries about a disease of “unknown origin”.   Belgium receives praise and encouragements as well as large contributions from the international community to continue the research and development of new cancers and treatments.  Find out more in “They said the Streets were Paved with Silver and Gold“.

The aim of this article to call the humanitarian aid contributors to agree on organizing a tender to award contracts to audit companies to verify how the funds are used and to locate the resources, given that we know the address where the funds arrive. For more, read They Said the Streets Were Paved With Silver and Gold

Naima Mouali 

United Chambers of Commerce and Industry


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