On Why Belgium Revokes my Residence Permit

It is so that I can’t receive funds from abroad. So that financially I am wiped.  It is that simple !

Without a valid identity card or an address, the financial institutions are unable to verify my identity.  It is just another way for cutting the flow of funds towards me and indirectly my country, Morocco.   They know that I want to invest in Morocco.

It was done with the intention to disable the banking convenience for me

This is the country which wants me to show them the light to transform the economics by new standards, just like I want for New Morocco.   This is the country which wants me and to do something together with them.  It looks like I will have a lot of work only for changing the mentality towards making sustainable decisions.  The current mentality is that they make people want to do nothing for the “Belgian State”.  The decision-making is therefore unsustainable, with the creation of disadvantages, obstructions and delays, leading to stress and conflicts.

That is why as a response, I decided to keep out the Belgian State from the  New Morocco presentations in Marrakesh at the COP22

The series of set backs just doesn’t stop for me in this country. The obstacles they made were supposed to make me lose.   Had they just let me do what I wanted to do 30 years ago, I would have become a proud Belgian lady looking after the good luck of the future generations in Belgium, with education.  They would eventually have been proud too, for having produced me.  The system is destructive because it reflects the beliefs in this country, and the awareness of this fact by the general public is virtually absent.

I want to be around other people in another system

I have been denied education and jobs.  I worked myself up differently.  It was by avoiding absolutely everything funded by the “State of Belgium”.  The expectation is that I should now give something back which I never received from the Belgian State

The good side of this incident is it reveals more about the “Belgian State”. Yet, I am willing to make a huge difference between the “Belgian State” and the “Belgian people”.  It is about a few in opposition with the rest, instead of having everyone on their side,  without needing the corruption of anybody.   In addition, absurdly enough, the “Belgian State” lives in Morocco.

Let me know what you think and what you would do, if you were in my shoes, because I have no clue what I have done to this country to deserve such sanctions.

Naima Mouali


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