The Make Believe About the Jews


This article is a letter to Prime Minister Nathanyahu, in which I denounce a “compatriot” who works as the Advisor of His Majesty te King of Morocco.  If I am putting the word “compatriot” in between quotes, it is because there are very strong doubts that this advisor to the King of Morocco is a Moroccan.  He positions as “Jew”, and I have doubts about this too.  That is I sent a letter to Israel, to attract their attention on this royal advisor in Morocco, who says that he is a Moroccan, and at the same time he wishes he could see all the Moroccans in oven, just like they did with the Jews during World War II.   This royal advisor is likely a Nazi who continues big efforts to spread antisemitism in the Arab nations.

I have traced his origins, which I will reveal in another article soon.  He is a member of a Dutch aristocratic family of which the nobility was downgraded.  To upgrade it back to where it was 400 years ago  (as one of the most influential families in Europe), this person had the devious idea to penetrate Morocco, to position as a Jew and to mingle with the one of the largest existing Jewish communities, which is the Moroccan Jewish group.  He rose high in grade and he made himself likeable in the highest spheres.  From there, he targets the Moroccan Muslims, most probably to radicalize them and to get them believe that “the Jews are bringing misery for their lives”.

We know better than that.  The true objective of this infamous Advisor to the King of Morocco is Western Sahara, given his involvement in Mawazine, a human traffic business involving prostitution-slavery and illegal migration in Belgium and Morocco.  He wants to get rid of the Moroccans with cancer, HIV, migration and with radical terrorism.  He rolls everybody.  I filed his criminal business models.   For this, he needs to distabilize Morocco with something… With his antisemitism, for instance, making us believe that the Jews get rich in this way.

Only he got very rich in this way to pay terrorists, possibly including the Polisario.  Last February, I requested that he gets fired and arrested for lying about his origin.  I have also informed Israel to protect themselves against this fake Jew.   To limit his catastrophic influence on politics, business, finance and on Peace in general, I requested the withdrawal of his Jewish or Israeli passport.

He is still there.  Please discover his meanness and ask yourself if this is Judaism.

He does everything for the Sahara, SO DO I !

Naima Mouali




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