Human Trafficking, Property Theft in Developing Countries and Migration are related

It wasn’t until I had researched the case of Thai women in Belgium, who married Belgian men, with whom they curiously weren’t making any  children, but who were seeking to retire in Thailand by setting up a shop or a restaurant and do exports with Belgium, that I understood that it is all about owning a piece of land over there. Thailand does not sell parts of it’s soil to the foreigners except in the case of a marriage with a Thai.

When listening to the stories, of the Thai, often victims of human trafficking, with which a secret mafia at the National Bank of Belgium raises capital, I began to understand more about all the problems which were created for me in Belgium, during all my life. They are related to a farmland of my grandfather.  They tried their human trafficking model on me, perhaps for getting easy access to the farmland of my grandfather, but I am no easy catch.

My grandfather was simply thrown out of his land by the Moroccan gendarmes, one morning, in 1973.  That is around the time when the Polisario Liberation Front was founded.   The attention of the Moroccan authorities was turned to what was happening in the South (Western Sahara).  Through this, nobody was looking at what was happening inside Morocco where the farmlands were being robbed by gendarmes (people working officially for the government) who embarked on the farms to intimidate the poor – like my grandfather – in various ways, until they give in.

The dispute about the farmland remained unresolved, to date.  The neighbors of my grandfather reported that the people who bought up most of the land in the area where my grandfather had his farm, are Belgians.  They are growing red and black berries, and strawberries in that area, and they are employing the impoverished Moroccans, in that area, perhaps the sons and daughters of the people who lost their farm.

The workers tend to appreciate their European bosses better than the Moroccans bosses, who treat them like the gendarmes do.  It makes the whole of Morocco want to migrate to live with the Europeans, because they think they are friendlier.  However, the property theft, the migration and the human trafficking are related businesses.   once they arrive in Europe, they find something else, like prostitution-slavery

You will find the full story here

Written by: Naima Mouali, President of the United Chambers,  twitter : nahema@nahemamine


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