A Strategy for Fighting Prostitution-Slavery with the Market Rules

The United Nations estimates the total market value of illicit
human trafficking at 32 billion US dollars (ILO, 2005).

clothing-34302_640When your country is plagued by criminality such as prostitution-slavery

lace and corsets

which is often controlled by a mafia – and you don’t know how to  curb a rising illegal trend, then you might want to solve the problem by simply applying the rules of the free market.  

The classical rules of the market involve the offer and the demand, the buying and the selling, the pricing, the competition, the jobs, the hiring, the marketing, the image, the positioning, the prosperity etc.  These rules apply on the black market as well as on the regular market. This strategy does not make legal what is illegal.  My personal opinion is not to make prostitution legal, but to hurt the business with rules that match the black market, such as trust-formation and unlawful competition.


santorini-1578463_1280When your country depends on tourism, you might be interested in reading “Who is Selling the Sun to Whom”, and ask yourself if your country is making the earnings it deserves from the international tourism.  Or is another country making the profits inside yours ?  You should check the sales procedures at the hotels.  Find out about the owners and test for your self if they offer “escort services” illegally.  

girl-876698_1280One way for solving the prostitution-slavery is to increase the market price for the service offered, and to have it exceed the one which is practiced by the mafia in your area.   You could also increase the hiring price, to make sure they find no more women who want to work for them as slaves.  Your women are picco bello and they are not under stress.  Their women are hungry and beaten up, and they will change jobs fast.

supreme-court-building-1209701_640A government can do that by the constitution of a very big and fake mafia, which may consist of people from the army forces, including men and female soldiers, and international people, actors and actresses, as well as professional prostitutes.  As the pimps are numerous, you have to be numerous too.  You might also want to invest in rival bars and brothels, to bankrupt the one’s that are owned by the mafia.

love-1137271_1280You could have the fake mafia “embark in the country with the girls for sale”, just like the real mafia is doing it.   It should show on the girls that they are better off than all the other hookers in the market.  The other hookers will ask “how much do you get paid ?” .  A good answer which will make them come swarming is “I get paid 5 Euro every day without working.  For every client, I get 25 Euro for two hours, the boss gets a lot more.  A full night is 500 Euro… I staging-258627_640don’t have to work for the rest of the month. I buy what I want.  We also get checked by the doctor every week, that is why we are a bit more expensive… and we get to see other countries as well… You want see my boss or not ? ”

The mafioso in the international criminal network  will never give between 25 Euro and 500 Euro to any  man or woman of any tourism destination  because what he wants.  That is how he gets very rich to the point of owning banks and supplying loans to entire regions and countries.  He only wants :


amsterdam-2551_1280For 5 Euro You will have all the harlots coming, get some arrested for other reasons than prostitution, like the fact that her knickers were unclean, that the color of her bras and  her string don’t match, that the client found toilet paper still hanging in her but, or that her skirt was not short enough.  Make sure the harlots don’t see the link with the police with the new pimps.

police-710286_1280Once in the police station, question them, “who do you work for ?   How did you end up in there?   What nationalities did you serve ?   What does the client expect you to do ?   Did you ever get a request to travel abroad?    To which country ?  And to do what there ?   Did you ever bring other women into this business ?   Do you get paid for that ?  Why do you do this kind of job ?   Don’t you think that you are giving a bad image to your country when you do these things with the tourists ?   Did you know that this is illegal ?  Then why are you doing it and encouraging others to do this too ?”


They will never come to your country again

Becoming cheap is the worst thing you can do to yourself.  It is unfortunate, but you will all have to become sex mafiosi yourselves.  To solve the problems in your country, you will have to get in there and participate.  All it takes is to know where to start and where to stop.   Apply the income for building the future prisons.   The hookers are not difficult to find.   For them it doesn’t make a difference whether they work for the mafioso or for the government.  In some country, it was almost the same.  Not any more.


They will have to sell everything and leave

Keep doing the business until the situation becomes too expensive for the mafia to stay in your country, and then they will have to go somewhere else to have a profit margin.  They will try to find another country, but absolutely no country will let them in.  That is where I would like to get them, because I am asking all the countries to do this and to exchange experiences. 

Then you can have a good laugh at them

Have several different mafia’s operating and fake competition between them.  The mafia which you need to keep out is only one.  It’s orgin is West Europe.  It has always been the same mafia since the down of time, and their description – how they look, what their interests are and how they behave –  is in all the Holy Scriptures.   They are very famous under the name Satan.  It is the same one which is running this horrible business in all the countries in the world, because they have the means to invest in all the countries, to build hotels everywhere and to corrupt the local governments and police, to have them collaborate with them.   They are not unbeatable.  

mooring-rope-238925_640One danger is that this mafia will resort to enslave the small children instead of the women.  The governments must foresee strategies to make this impossible.  When it comes to children, perhaps a holding a referendum on the capital punishment will definitely keep this mafia out of your countries.

The current estimated amount needed to combat the prostitution-slavery on global scalee is 670 bn USD per year until the complete disappearance

Written by: Naima Mouali, President of the United Chambers,  twitter : nahema@nahemamine



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