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They Use Muslims for Hiding Their Terror-based Business 

Your Royal Highness, Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud,

Allow me Your Royal Highness to submit my handwritten request for radical changes to save what is left of the youth particularly in Belgium.

When a Muslim wants to raise money for creating a business, he is accused of wanting to commit a terrorist crime. The conspiracy has been using this strategy for competing against the Arab interests. The young, uninformed, desperate and radicalized Muslim youth have unfortunately been manipulated into making this big mistake of preparing attacks.

The conspiracy is the group of people who is leading and financing terrorist groups like Islamic State. The conspiracy are not Muslims. They are anti-Muslims and anti-Semites. In Europe they used to accuse the Jews of financial crime and misery to justify robberies against this religious group, until nearly all the Jews were wiped or they left Europe, and then it stopped. However the anti-Jewish feelings continued because the propaganda was so strong.

The same is happening to the Muslims. The Islamophobia is so strong that I don’t quite think it will disappear. The terrorism has made it strong. But our ignorance about the persecution of the Jews, and our inability to curb the violent extremism, or our powerlessness in the face violent extremism contribute to the hatefeelings against us resulting in refusals particularly in the employment. Now the Muslims are being persecuted everywhere.

It’s a policy by a group of criminals who rely on other criminals of any nationality for becoming powerful. They seem to have roots in Belgium. As they are so convinced of their superiority, they will have to be that without the Muslims who they hate. It is that simple and that is what I want to organize. We have to make sure that they find no more Muslim to go dying for them in a war with everyone.

Their hatred for the Muslims explains why they use Muslims for hiding their own terror-based business in the world, and eventually against the Muslims, as it turns out.

The best way to stop this is to provide our youth with jobs, with another mentality about employment and with new attitudes for overcoming radicalization. That is what I promise to do.

Please read my extended letter about this for you.

Initiatives after the Paris attacks of 13 November 2016“, is an article which highlights the municipality of Molenbeek as being a platform for dangerous jihadists.

You will find many more indications in Friends or Foes of Islam part one and part two.

No Muslim should ever take the fatal decision of blowing up oneself and take many other lives with him or her.

Allow us to get officially organized to start our work next week. I will be visiting a mansion in which I will found the Center for Moroccan International Alliances.

Tbank you Your Royal Highness, Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman for anything you can do to help us, and for your time.

Naima Mouali

A Mansion in Antwerp for Founding the Diamond Life Incubator


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His Royal Highness Sheikh Tameem bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani  
Emir of Qatar



I have the honor to send enclosed a proposition for purchasing a mansion in Antwerp and for  donating it to the Center for Moroccan International Alliances, a non-profit organization which will utilize the premises.

The Center for Moroccan International Alliances is a platform for all the  associations of Moroccan abroad.  Together we will boost the travel and tourism sector in the Arab countries.

Please find a detailed letter to Your Royal Highness Sheikh Tameem.


Thank you for your time and generosity.

Salam fi rahamtu Allah wa barakatu


Naima Mouali


Lettre au Roi et la Reine de Belgique concernant la conspiration par l’Etat belge contre Dr Matta



Sa Gracieuse Majesté le Roi Philippe I de Belgique, et
Sa Gracieuse Majesté la Reine Mathilde de Belgique

Veuillez trouver la lettre en français à votre attention, je vous prie.


English briefing (in progress):


Allow me, Your Majesties, start by sharing with my last letter to Dr. Amine Matta, in which I explain the details that may concern the professional and financial activities of the doctor, which I found in the judgment No. 1214 of 3 March 1996, by the Criminal Court of Justice of Antwerp.

The same details are in my letter to His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco with the analysis of the conspiracy was behind the action in Justice against me on the basis of letters to the brother of the doctor, BécharaMatta.

I have actually demonstrated how they targeted Dr Matta by the lawsuit in 1990, I was unjustly arrested and thrown in a matter of justice for false visas and the undocumented migrants, a matter in which all the Belgian system collaborated voluntarily.

The Flemish farmers’ union Boerenbond (or rather its division of ABB insurance which was taken by the Kredietbank), had constituted civil party in the lawsuit that the Public Ministry (the Belgian State) had initiated. The lawsuit also concerns the black labor market and social security fraud given that a number of undocumented Moroccans were found working as tomato pickers.

As a business, to be a civil-party, because you feel the your business was treated unfairly in matters insurances, there must first be question of a competitor in the legal case with whom the company compares.  There was no competitor to ABB mentioned, even though a few enterprises were named.

Here is the thing, the legal action had as a goal the take-over of all commercial business belonging to Doctor Amine Matta, probably because he was seen as a competitor to the richness of Belgium or perhaps that it bothers some that he was part of the very few millionaires in Belgium and a Lebanese.  They probably Imagined that he could have workers without a contract. They do not like competition, and in the letter to the King of Morocco,I spoke on how they struck a Moroccan-Algerian bakery in Zaventem with a legal case.
To take a case to court, there must first be flaws. As they did not find flaws in my life and in the life of Dr. Matta, they began to manufacture for themselves false bases such as the visa for the brother of Dr. Amine Matta.

I found all the elements for the lies which they used in the sentence by the Criminal Court of First Instance of Antwerp,1996. They would have associated the true elements in the life of Dr. Matta with crimes which another person has prepared, and then to use those crime to accuse Dr. Matta. The other person is called John Vanlandschoote and he said that he was instructed by the Belgian State to commit those crimes.

Here is the excerpt :


excerpt from vonnis
The text says :  “given that the first accused in essence claims to have acted on instruction of the public authorities, so that – according to him – under article 70 of the Penal Code he must be acquitted from all the charges”

As I stepped out of the life of Dr. Matta between 1990 when I was arrested, and 1996, when I was sentenced, and because of this, the effects of this legal action against me, which actually intended serious damage to Dr. amine Matta, were neutralized.

After 1990, they sought to worsen the matter on the basis of other artifacts, both for Dr. Matta and me.

  1. In my opinion, (and I will be brief on what concerns me) they brought over Mahjoub Inerhmi from Morocco with a forged visa, given that he was arrested at Zaventem airport on his arrival.  The falsified visa for Inerhmi Mahjoub, yet still exist in principle since it had to hand in his travel documents to someone in Belgium, before leaving to Holland.  It was a staging in order to have the Court of Justice confirm the false accusations against me for white marriages and the visa forgery.
  2. For Dr. Matta, who is an anesthesiologist at UCL Saint Luc in Brussels, and who is from Lebanon, a country where they cultivate illegally psychotropic plants, they had planned – I think – of accusing him of exporting stolen cars that are stuffed with drugs, in addition to the falsified visa which the Via-Via had arranged for the brother of Dr. Matta.

The element “drug” does not appear in my Justice dossier but they tried to introduce it. Moreover during the search in my room, they opened the mattress and bags of garbage,but they found nothing.

I did not know how to explain to others this nonsense or to claim that the prosecution or the Belgian State attack me on false bases. There were chances that Dr. Matta himself doubted me more than the Belgian State, especially if he notices that when the lawyers themselves do not dare to think that the enmity comes from the establishment that therefore, there must be is indeed a truth behind the charges. Nobody thinks that in a state of law and a democracy such errors can happen.

Without any documents from the Court of Justice I did not tell anyone about my problem. I just got a copy of the judgment in 1996, because before that moment, no lawyer was willing to help me get a copy of the file, so that I wouldn’t know what was in it. Meanwhile, I preferred to keep quiet and concentrate on a different future. They stole that future too.  I am discussing this in a letter to Isitqlal Party, a Moroccan political party to which His Excellency André Azoulay is affiliated.
To prevent that I would show the Court sentence to Dr. Amine Matta, they arranged that he would be busy with a new woman in his life. Her name is Najat Sabir, who was a divorcee, and an adopted child from Morocco by a Belgian family, she has made efforts to come into my life at the same time like in the life of Dr Matta, in summer 1996.


Many Moroccans like my mother, were rolled by these visa situations to help the life of a family member. For humanitarian reasons, they are often willing to pay the price it takes to bypass blockages in the Belgian administration. Now it is a well thought out and a well coordinated trade, to guide foreign citizens to make the fatal choice unaware that they are actually being trapped into law cases.

The massive number of arrests, convictions and all sorts of court sentences such as fines and other penalties by the Belgian Justice of Moroccan citizens amounts to several thousand, with as a results impressive crime statistics for this particular group. These statistics are then used for  convincing the employers not to hire that particular nationality there and for instilling prejudices against Moroccans. Thus the conspiracy against the people of Morocco is a serious matter in Belgium, where all the services of the country participated, with the intention to radicalize the people from this group.  They succeeded in producing an impressive amount of Syria fighters, who understandably would rather die in Iraq or in Syria than to live in Belgium.
Someone had to pull the alarm which nobody wanted to hear.  All the complaints were silenced.  I remember a time that even the Embassy of Morocco in Brussels and the Chaabi Bank of Morocco were not ready to believe that the crime figures among foreigners were false.  They were actually taking sides the Belgian government and institutions, and they too began to punish the Moroccans from their side as well. They trusted in Belgium.

My suggestion to put a definitive end to this situation for citizens of Morocco is the Maghrexit.The HIV element, which I highlighted in the dossier concerning Saliha El Baghdadi will make a lot of Moroccans flee in no time.


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Thank you, Your Gracious Majesty King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, for your kindness and your time.

Please accept the expression of my deepest respect.

Naima Mouali

President of United Chambers and Innovation Consultant

A Revision Is Needed of the Bretton-Woods Agreement …


…according to Disney World standards, this time.

Tourism has been the object of many power struggles during the past 50 years, because the tourism destination countries have poorly deliniated their products and services, and they were relying on the wrong investors for their tourism infrastructure.

For improving the existing, I wrote a letter today to His Excellency Bob Iger, the Chief Executive Officer of the Walt Disney Company for a partnership with the Aurum Helix Group.

Together we must start by helping many countries, like Morocco, redefine their tourism sector. We must delimitate and specify the characteristics of what tourism is precisely and what a country ought to get out of it.

We must organize a conference and propose a charter to many countries, and have it signed, just like they have signed the Bretton-Woods agreement for instance, or the COP, the Paris agreement on Climate Change, of which not everyone is convinced.

By the will of the Almighty, we will achieve an unanimous agreement at least on what tourism is and how they understand it for their countries.  We will also convince what their central banks should expect in terms of income and expenses. The aim of the conference is to end the power struggles around tourism for good.

While we have Halal as the standard in all the Islamic countries, we need a standard for building parks and resorts, for managing them, for the hospitality, for the marketing and the selling of the service on foreign markets, and for making the hospitality profitable in full transparency. We need a model.

Disney World and Disneyland are the answer.

Go to letter.

Naima Mouali, President of the United Chambers